$100K Youtube Small Channel Blueprint – Social Media Capitalist

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $26.00.

$100K Youtube Small Channel Blueprint – Social Media Capitalist

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $26.00.

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$100K Youtube Small Channel Blueprint – Social Media Capitalist

HURRY! YouTube May Soon BAN This Message… I’m revealing to you The Secret “$100K Small Channel Blueprint”… … That I use to generate over $31,487 of passive income every single month on autopilot from a small YouTube channel of less than 300 subscribers.

To get started, you need just three simple things:

#1: A smartphone that you can record short little videos with.

#2: A YouTube channel which is 100% Free to create.

#3: A Google Drive account which comes with a free Gmail account.

That’s really it… and all you have to do is copy this “Secret Small Channel Blueprint,” and you could enjoy a life of time, wealth and freedom in less than a year.

Sound impossible? It’s not!

To make it work…

You do NOT need to know anything about online marketing (in fact, the less you know, the better… since you won’t be biased)…

You do NOT need a website…

You do NOT need to create a webinar…

You do NOT need any money to get started…

And you do NOT need a lot of free time.

But you DO need to know how to convert a small amount of YouTube views into money (including which videos to create, how to create them, and the fastest way to turn viewers into cold hard cash)…

This is where I can help.

But if you’d rather watch your dreams about making 6 figures a year by working less than 3 hours a day dissolve before your eyes like a puff of smoke…

Then stop reading right now.

Still with me?


Let me explain how easy it is…

What you’re about to see is a little-known marketing secret strategy.

Don’t worry if you’ve never made any big money online before. In a minute, I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the entire process.

It’s as easy as pressing record on your smartphone (or even sending a quick text). Anyone can do it…

But here’s the catch…

Please know, this isn’t a “get rich quick” method. Nor is it a bunch of “feel good” nonsense.

This will only work if you’re willing to create short little 5-7 minute YouTube videos a few times every single week.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a YouTube channel or if you don’t get many views…

Because this strategy extracts big amounts of money from a small amount of views…

Plus in a second, I’ll give you free access to my Guide To Getting Started On YouTube that will help you set up your channel properly so that you can experience massive growth rapidly.

Why YouTube?

Put simply, YouTube is an absolute goldmine for small online entrepreneurs.

It’s the largest video platform in the world with over 1 billion monthly users…

But here’s a key about YouTube that separates it from every other Social Media Platform…

It’s the second largest search engine in the world, only behind Google.

I’ll explain why this is so important in a second, but know that YouTube is easy to use and it’s easy to make money from when you have the proper system in place.

As I’m writing to you today, I’ve made millions of dollars for my businesses from YouTube alone.

And here’s the truly exciting part…

I’ve been able to create a brand new simple strategy that will work for anybody even if they are just getting started on YouTube.

A strategy that has allowed me to generate over $30,000 of passive income every single month, from one of the smaller YouTube channels that I’ve created.

I’ve done this while still traveling the world and working less than 3 hours a day.

Imagine… over $1,000 a day from working less than 3 hours a day.

That’s over $300 an hour.

I can tell you from personal experience that you probably aren’t going to make that at your average day job.

Don’t worry I’ll show you how to easily do it in a second…

But here’s what you need to know right now…

*** YouTube won’t be easy for long… with marketing platforms like Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords getting harder… More people will flock to YouTube… and once YouTube realizes how easy this strategy is, they may step in and add some regulations. But as of right now it’s wide open.

It reminds me of back in the day when people were getting clicks for pennies on Google and turning those clicks into millions of dollars…

That was until Google implemented its infamous “Google Slap” and now it’s one of the most difficult platforms to profit from.

“$100K Small Channel Blueprint” Step #1 Build Your Tribe Of Loyal Followers With Bracelets & Charms The first step of this blueprint is to build a loyal tribe of followers.

Because YouTube is a seek engine, it’s miles the first-rate platform to apply to develop your tribe.

That is due to the fact you could use it to discover the troubles your marketplace is actively looking for proper now.

If you visit the YouTube Search Bar proper now and kind in a hassle which you offer the answer to, it’ll vehicle mobile populate with all the troubles your perfect clients are actively searching.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say I’m a canine trainer, then I might look for what maximum humans with puppies want assist with.

I name this the Bracelet & Charm method.

The fundamental hassle key-word “How To Train Your Dog” is the Bracelet key-word and the sub hassle key phrases like “How To Train Your Dog TO SIT” are the Charm key phrases.

Next, I create brief 5-7 minute movies some instances per week on the one’s Charm key phrases… giving some suggestions or hints to assist my perfect clients to resolve those troubles.

This permits me to construct an honest courting with my prospects, emerge as their hero earlier than I ever cause them to any form of offer, and earn their trust.

They then begin to expect that I actually have the solutions to all in their troubles.

You don’t want a huge channel to do this…

In fact, I handiest have 262 subscribers at the channel that I use to generate over $30,000 greenbacks a month of passive income.

“$100K Small Channel Blueprint” Step #2 Weed Out The Freebie Seekers Next, I want to provide more help to the rospects that need it but at a premium price.

So here’s what I do…

In every YouTube video, I offer my viewers the opportunity to get a free coaching call with me, in the hopes that they will purchase my product or service by the end of the call.

This may seem like a difficult task, but all it takes is proper product/service positioning…

More on this in a second, but before we even get to the call, I make them fill out a Google Form to prequalify them.

The trick here is to have two types of questions…

TYPE 1: Buying Likelihood Questions

These questions will allow you to get rid of the freebie seekers and tire-kickers…

So that you can get on the phone with potential customers that are serious.

TYPE 2: Root Cause Questions

These questions allow you to learn more about the deepest problems serious prospects are having…

So that you can identify the root cause of your prospect’s problems before you ever even meet with them.

This allows you to be prepared to provide them with the best and most detailed solutions — when you do get on the phone with them — making them feel like that solution is tailored specifically to them.

Time is money, especially when you are getting on the phone with potential customers…

Which is why it is important to weed out those prospects who are really just looking for a freebie or quick fix.

Keeping these major aspects in mind will help you formulate the right questions to ask when creating your specific “Pre Qualifying” Google Form.

“$100K Small Channel Blueprint” Step #3 Turn Those Viewers Into Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Once I get rid of the freebie seekers, then I schedule a call with the prospects that I can tell are serious and aren’t going to waste my time.

I will usually email back and forth with them a few times to feel them out even more.

Once finally on the phone with the prospect, I position my coaching service as the solution to their problems, whatever those problems may be.

That means my service is adaptable.

I don’t get too caught up on what my product or service is.

I am more concerned with the problems my prospect has and how I can provide them with the best solutions through my coaching service.

From there I give the prospect the opportunity to work with me personally for 8 weeks.

And I’ve Gone The Extra Mile This Time… I’ve put EVERYTHING in this special training course I’m calling The Secret $100K Small Channel Masters Course…

In fact, I’ve gone even further…

I am NOT going to send you some boring business marketing theory you don’t need.

I am also NOT going to overwhelm you with pages and pages of useless information…

Instead, I’ve boiled everything down to a very easy-to-understand video training system.

Something you can access and immediately start using to make money…

Imagine taking a mountain of coal and compressing it down to a single shiny diamond in the rough.

That’s what I’ve tried to do for you in this training system…

In short, you’ll find out: how to create videos that people need, how to get the serious viewers to take action, and how to almost guarantee that clients pay you the high value you’re worth… including:

  • The YouTube secret SEO strategy will allow you to get highly targeted views from prospects that are ready to buy before they even see your videos.
  • The secret to creating 4 or 5 figure offers that you’ll feel comfortable offering to your prospects. Offers that they won’t be able to resist.
  • The simple intake form template where I will show the exact questions you need to ask on your form to get the highest quality prospect. You will be able get rid of the tire kickers and get on the phone with prospects that are ready to give you thousands of dollars.
  • The secret strategy calls the formula so that it makes getting on the phone with your prospects a breeze. They will be begging you to take their money.
  • The scaling strategy that will help you scale your business from 6 to 7 figures and beyond by adding simple tools to your arsenal…

Remember, I’ve placed the whole thing you want in a neat little video course…

A machine which you simply watch and follow. It’s absolutely foolproof.

You’ll get 10 education videos, over 2 and a 1/2 of hours really well worth of content, wherein I’ll display you (on screen) the step by step to turning a small YouTube channel right into a huge fortune.

All you want to do is join up for a risk-loose subscription to my ebook Social Media Capitalist, and you’ll have immediately get entry to The Secret $100K Small Channel Masters Course… for FREE.

But I should warn you…

You ought to act quickly.

First, you ought to get this fact earlier than YouTube closes this down and implements its YouTube slap, in any other case you may pass over out…

Second, we plan to strictly restrict the range of folks that get entry to this facts at one time. If too many humans begin the usage of this method, it’d break the birthday celebration for all people else.

Therefore, we reserve the proper to drag this provide at any time…

I don’t inform you any of this to stress you in any way. The preference is constantly yours.

Even aleven though this provide is to be had on a first-come, first-served basis, whether or not you pick out to make investments or now no longer….

My factor is simplest which you’ve probably stumbled upon the GOLDMINE possibility you’ve constantly been looking for, and the quicker you may move, the better…

Get Free Access To My Very Best

Social Media Marketing Research

As I’ve display you, the education you obtain via Social Media Capitalist in reality ought to assist you kick-begin your own “$100K Small YouTube Channel”…

But please, don’t mistake what I’m pronouncing here…

I DON’T simply consciousness on YouTube advertising…

Instead I consciousness on any type of online and social media advertising method that has the capability to make you a millionaire…

Sometimes it can be YouTube. Sometimes it is probably a completely unique Facebook method.

Social media is constantly converting and evolving… all you need to do is seize the wave of wealth earlier than it begins.

My flagship ebook ingeniously bridges the (mis)facts hole among all of the BS this is accessible at the net proper now and the actual online cash making strategies.

By subscribing today, you’ll be part of a small and elite organization of people who get immediately get entry to my very excellent work…

Not simplest that, however I’ve organized a special “welcome package” that would assist you get commenced and revel in outcomes quicker…

So now no longer simplest will you get immediately get entry to to my latest $100K Small Channel Masters Course…

But you’ll additionally get get entry to to a few quite first rate bonuses…

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