Breaking Into Wall Street Premium (BIWS-Premium) – Breakingintowallstreet

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $139.00.

Breaking Into Wall Street Premium (BIWS-Premium) – Breakingintowallstreet

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $139.00.

Now You Can Master Excel, Financial Modeling, and PowerPoint to Break Into Investment Banking and Fast-Track Your Way to Promotions and Top Bonuses


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Develop your knowledge with the Breaking Into Wall Street Premium (BIWS-Premium) – Breakingintowallstreet course. Purchuse at here with price $497 $139. You will get the full course with the same content as Salepage.

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“Now You Can Master Excel, Financial Modeling, and PowerPoint to Break Into Investment Banking and Fast-Track Your Way to Promotions and Top Bonuses”
Master Excel, financial modeling, and PowerPoint

302 videos (with subtitles), detailed guides, Excel/PPT files, and more

Complete 10+ detailed global case studies

No other training provides the same conceptual and practical expertise

Prepare for interviews and the job

Detailed study plans give you different pathways to course completion

Gain an Advantage by Mastering the Three Topics that Matter the Most in IB Interviews and On the Job:

You can read endlessly about how to prepare for investment banking interviews, internships, and full-time jobs, but it’s always a mix of “soft skills” (communication ability, writing emails, etc.) and “hard skills.”

The BIWS Premium package gives you a leg up over everyone else with detailed training for the three most important “hard skills” in investment banking and private equity:

1 Your ability to answer technical questions and build financial models.

Technical knowledge is required to win finance internships and full-time jobs today. You need to understand the concepts at a deep level so that you’re prepared for any question that comes up – especially at firms such as “elite boutiques” that love to ask outside-the-box questions.

And you also need the accounting, valuation, and financial modeling skills on the job since you’ll be spending a good chunk of your time valuing clients, potential clients, and potential investments.

The Financial Modeling lessons in this package walk you through 10+ case studies, ranging from simple, 30-minute exercises up to 3-hour models, and they explain everything step-by-step with video tutorials, notes, written guides, and more.

2 Your skills with Excel, including the key shortcuts, formulas, and formatting tricks.

All financial modeling work is done in Excel, so you need to be quick with the key shortcuts, formulas, and formatting – or you’ll be stuck at the office at 4 AM wondering how to fix the color coding in your model or set it up for printing.

Our Excel training walks you through everything from the basic navigation shortcuts up to VBA and macros to automate your workflow – and you’ll get our custom Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and macro package to make you even more efficient.

Along the way, you’ll get plenty of practice exercises to ensure that everything “sticks.”

3 Your PowerPoint skills, including quick alignment, formatting, the slide master, and more.

In most investment banking roles, you spend a lot of time drafting presentations for clients and potential clients… which makes PowerPoint just as important as Excel.

But people tend to assume it’s “easy” to use – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Using the program efficiently for business purposes is completely different from inserting cat animations or drawing pictures.

You’ll boost your productivity by 10x if you master the key shortcuts to align and format slides and you have plenty of example presentations and pitch books to work from – so you get both of these in spades in this training.

Oh, and you’ll also get our full macro package, which automates 25+ common tasks in IB presentations, and you’ll even put it into practice with a dozen exercises where you use thee macros to fix slides.

Our BIWS Premium package is designed around these three critical topics.

Yes, there’s a ton of other stuff in the package, including investment recommendation templates, sample pitch books, practice quizzes, and the end-of-course certification quizzes…

But if you master the core Excel, PowerPoint, and financial modeling skills, the rest is icing on the cake.

What You Get – And What the BIWS Premium Course Will Do for You…

When you’re interviewing for internships and full-time positions at investment banks, you’ll always get a few questions over and over…

How good are your Excel skills?
How much do you know about accounting?
Can you walk me through a valuation or DCF?
What happens in a merger model or LBO model when you adjust the assumptions…
How would you describe your financial modeling skills?
Can you show us a sample presentation you’ve created? How are your PowerPoint skills?

Master practical financial modeling skills based on well-known global companies and deals, not abstract theory.

When you master real-world techniques and you have ADVANCED knowledge, you automatically improve your chances of landing prime jobs and internships with the top investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.

To succeed in the super-competitive world of investment banking, the hardest part is often “getting your foot in the door”.

BIWS Premium lets you gain advanced-level knowledge via video-based training and case studies based on client advisory presentations, stock pitches, investment recommendations, and more.

BIWS Premium combines our three most popular training courses into one complete package, all at a deep discount:

Excel & VBA


Core Financial Modeling


PowerPoint Pro



These are the skills you need to get the top jobs and beat out other candidates… and the skills you’ll need to advance up the ladder, move to lateral roles, and move to buy-side opportunities such as private equity and hedge funds.

You’ll Start by Mastering the Key Excel Shortcuts, Formulas, and Formatting, and Then You’ll Learn How to Automate Your Workflow with VBA

Intro, Setup, and Navigation Lessons teach you how to optimize your system and Excel setup, navigate, use the ribbon menu and the format dialog box, and use the key shortcuts for cells, rows, and columns, including absolute and relative references and naming and jumping to cells.
Formatting and Printing Lessons cover the key shortcuts for formatting, built-in number formats, date/time/text manipulation, and how to clean up data, set up custom number formats, format financial models, and use conditional formatting.
Financial Formula and Lookup Function Lessons teach you logical, arithmetic, and financial functions, as well as lookup functions, INDEX, MATCH, and INDIRECT. You’ll also learn about array functions, OFFSET, sensitivity tables, Goal Seek and Solver, circular references, and XLOOKUP and dynamic array functions in Office 365.
Data Manipulation and Analysis Lessons teach you how to use data tables, sorting and filtering, Power Query for importing data from the internet, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, and database functions. You’ll also learn how to use pivot tables and Power Pivot to slice, dice, and aggregate data according to different criteria, and you’ll practice customizing the tables, creating visualizations, and using Calculated Columns and Measures to build KPIs.
Chart and Graph Lessons cover graph setup in Excel, ranging from the basic line and column charts up through dynamic charts with checkboxes and scroll bars. You’ll learn how to create charts that are specific to investment banking and finance roles, such as valuation multiple graphs, football field valuation charts, price-volume graphs, and waterfall bridge charts for analysis of companies’ financial results.
VBA, Macro, and User-Defined Function Lessons cover programming concepts such as loops, range and cell manipulation, variables and constants, arrays and dictionaries, and string manipulation. You’ll create macros for “Input Box” cell creation and the color-coding and printing of financial models, and then you’ll expand on those by writing macros to cycle number formatting, change the decimal places for numbers with different formats, flip the signs, and flash fill right and down. You’ll also write macros to toggle the error-wrapping of formulas, toggle absolute vs. relative vs. mixed references, go to the min and max of a range, create Tables of Contents, and create Price-Volume Graphs.
Next, You’ll Master Accounting, Valuation/DCF Analysis, and M&A and LBO Modeling with Financial Modeling Case Studies Based on Companies and Deals Across the Globe

Module 1: Modeling Overview and Core Concepts

In this introductory module, you’ll learn what “financial modeling” means, how you use it in real life, and the core concepts required to understand the rest of this course, including the time value of money, Present Value and Net Present Value, the Discount Rate, and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Module 2: Accounting Concepts and the Financial Statements

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of accounting, including the three financial statements, cash vs. non-cash revenue and expenses, and how companies record short-term and long-term changes. You’ll also learn about CapEx, leases, and M&A accounting.

Module 3: Accounting Summary, Interview Questions, and Financial Statement Analysis

This module gives you a summary of the financial statements and practice interview questions so you can test your knowledge (along with solutions in our “interview question” 3-statement Excel model). The lessons also cover financial statement analysis.

Module 4: 3-Statement Modeling Case Studies from Templates (30 Minutes and 60 Minutes)

In this module, you’ll complete two 3-statement modeling case studies with varying time limits and difficulties based on companies in different industries and regions (Monster Beverage in the U.S. and Stadler Rail AG in Switzerland).

Module 5: 3-Statement Modeling Case Study from a Blank Sheet (2 Hours)

You’ll complete a 3-statement model for Coles, a grocery retailer in Australia, starting from a blank Excel sheet in this module. You’ll learn how to find and input data, simplify the statements, and make reasonable forecasts under a strict time limit.

Module 6: Equity Value, Enterprise Value, and Valuation Multiples (Target, Vivendi, and Zendesk)

In this module, you’ll learn how to calculate Equity Value, Enterprise Value, and valuation multiples for companies, including both the fundamentals and more advanced items, such as Equity Investments, Noncontrolling Interests, Pensions, Leases, and Net Operating Losses.

Module 7: 3-Hour Valuation and DCF Case Study from Blank Sheet (Steel Dynamics)

In this module, you’ll complete a 3-hour valuation and DCF case study based on Steel Dynamics, a steel manufacturing company in the U.S., and you’ll learn how to project Free Cash Flow, calculate the Discount Rate, estimate Terminal Value, and use Public Comps and Precedent Transactions.

Module 8: Real-Life Valuation Usage and Supplemental Methodologies [OPTIONAL]

In this optional module, you’ll learn how to use a valuation in an investment banking pitch book, hedge fund stock pitch, and equity research report, and you’ll learn about less-common valuation methodologies, such as the Levered DCF, Dividend Discount Model, and Sum of the Parts Analysis.

Module 9: M&A Concepts and 60-Minute Merger Model

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including several short exercises in the beginning and a 60-minute version of a full merger model for Builders FirstSource’s $2.5 billion acquisition of BMC Stock Holdings.

Module 10: Full Merger Model (3 Hours)

In this module, you’ll complete a 3-hour merger model for Builders FirstSource’s $2.5 billion acquisition of BMC Stock Holdings. Features include a full Balance Sheet combination, an IRR vs. Discount Rate analysis, a quick valuation, a Contribution Analysis, and a Value Creation Analysis.

Module 11: Leveraged Buyout Concepts and Simple LBO Models (30-Minute to 90-Minute Case Studies)

In this module, you’ll get an introduction to leveraged buyouts and LBO models, starting with simple models that can be completed in 30-90 minutes. You’ll learn the most common topics tested in LBO case studies and how to complete them efficiently under time pressure.

Module 12: 3-Hour LBO Model from a Template (Great Canadian Gaming Corporation)

You’ll complete a 3-hour LBO modeling test based on Apollo’s leveraged buyout of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) in this module, and you’ll learn how to build a full 3-statement LBO with support for earn-outs, a complex debt schedule, and a variable exit year.

Module 13: Debt vs. Equity, Bond Analysis, and Equity Offerings (Netflix) [OPTIONAL]

In this optional module, you’ll learn about topics relevant to groups such as DCM (Debt Capital Markets), Leveraged Finance (LevFin), and Equity Capital Markets (ECM), including debt vs. equity analysis, bond analysis, and models for IPOs and Follow-On Offerings.

And Then You’ll Finish Your Training by Becoming a PowerPoint Pro, Including Shortcuts, Macros, and Templates to Triple Your Efficiency…

Setup, Shapes, and Slides Lessons explain how to set up the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) for improved shortcuts and how to align, distribute, and format shapes and text, including the use of tools such as the ruler and drawing guides. This module is your “crash course overview” for the most useful bits of PowerPoint.
Text and Tables Lessons show you how to use line spacing, tab stops, and bullet points on slides and how to use tables to enhance text, shapes, and images and create unique layouts and process diagrams.
Slide Master Lessons teach you how to use the Slide Master to create “Layouts” (templates) for different types of slides and how to use it to set up headers, footers, slide numbers, formatting guides, and company logos. You’ll also learn about Sections and the Slide Sorter view.
Excel, Image, and Word Integration Lessons explain how to insert Excel models, charts/graphs, images, Word data, and custom objects such as maps into PowerPoint; you’ll also learn how to create charts natively in PowerPoint and how to set up the infamous “football field” valuation graph using tables and Excel data.
Shortcut and Macro Practice Exercises give you practice creating the remaining slides in the Jazz Pharmaceuticals presentation using a combination of built-in PowerPoint commands/shortcuts and the macro package in this course. You’ll also learn about more advanced features and slide types, such as SmartArt and “Timeline” slides.
The Bank Pitch Book Database and Editable Slide Templates give you a collection of 175+ real bank presentations hosted on the website across different industries and deal types. You’ll learn how to find useful slides in these presentations, and you’ll get a set of 50+ editable slide templates based on the best examples.
Outside Tools, Add-Ins, VBA, And Macros (Full VBA Course) – This is a full crash course on VBA in PowerPoint, where you’ll build many of the macros included in the course macro package. You’ll start with the basics, such as a macro to swap two shapes’ positions, and you’ll build up to more complex ones involving drawing guides, tables, and objects such as Harvey Balls and Calendars.
PLUS: You’ll get immediate access to our full macro package for PowerPoint, which automates 25+ tasks common in investment banking presentations, such as resizing and distributing images to fit a table. You’ll also get our customized Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and the full pitch book and slide template databases.
What’s Your Investment in BIWS Premium?

To put this in context, let’s look at your Return on Investment in this Program…

The pay for entry-level investment banking jobs varies from year to year, but it’s safe to say that even entry-level Analysts earn between $150,000 and $200,000 USD right out of university.

At the MBA level, that climbs to $300,000 to $400,000 USD. And as you progress, your total compensation only gets higher and higher; top bankers earn 7 figures annually. And every top banker had to start at the entry level and get their foot in the door, just like you today.

Compared with the potential upside, your investment in this Program is nominal.

Your investment in the full BIWS Premium program (including ALL of the valuable content and training detailed above) is just $497.

So, in other words, by investing just $497 in this course, you’re greatly improving your chances of landing a job that pays at least ~$150,000 in Year 1 – that’s just over a 300x return on investment!

Even if this training only helps you to land an internship, you’re still looking at around $15,000 for that internship at a large bank – an ROI of 30x.

There is simply no other way it is possible to get this level of training… this level of support, help, and troubleshooting on demand… this level of testing and certification… and this level of access to a community of thousands of peers…

…at ANY price!

So yes, you have to invest in yourself to gain access to BIWS Premium, but that investment will be one of the smartest, highest-return investments you ever make – we guarantee it!

We’ve bent over backwards to deliver the best, most comprehensive program on the market that gives you everything you need to make absolutely sure you get the results you want and land a great job and a long-term career in investment banking, private equity, or hedge funds.

To date, over 56,763 people have invested in BIWS training and gone on to secure lucrative and stimulating jobs in the industry. I want you to be next, and I want to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you.

Here’s What Will Happen Within Minutes Of You Signing Up

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to the 302 instructional videos (with captions/subtitles and transcripts), the detailed written guides, the exercises and practice quizzes, all the Excel and PowerPoint files, and the complete curriculum.

And you’ll have access to our expert support team to ask whatever questions you need, for a full 5 years after purchase.

This is the most comprehensive and most practical IB/PE training around, at the best price, with the best support, and with the best guarantee. This is as risk-free as an offer can come.

In fact, the ONLY risk is that you might go into an interview without having taken this course – and the candidate next to you has.

The next move is up to you.

You can hope that an investment bank hires you without Excel, PowerPoint, and financial modeling skills… good luck to you there…

Or you can confidently tell banks you’ve invested in the most advanced Excel, PowerPoint, and financial modeling training based on 10+ global case studies, authored by experienced investment bankers who have worked on dozens of deals.

I know you’ll make the right choice.

To YOUR success,

Brian DeChesare
Breaking Into Wall Street Founder

P.S. If you are seeking to gain an edge in your interviews, during your summer internship, or even during your first few years in IB, PE, or hedge funds, this course will give you that edge.

It will give you everything you need to master the technical, hard-skill aspects of the job without spending 2-3 years as an Analyst or Associate first. Nothing beats years of deal experience, but this course is the next best thing.

Enroll now, and you’ll have access to everything in just a few short minutes.

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