Celebrity Syndicate 2023:Training + Recordings +Templates – Mark Lack & Mike Balmaceda

Original price was: $2,997.00.Current price is: $619.00.

Celebrity Syndicate 2023:Training + Recordings +Templates – Mark Lack & Mike Balmaceda

Original price was: $2,997.00.Current price is: $619.00.

Mark and Mike have generated a combined 9-figures in revenue between their businesses and for their clients


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Join the exclusive Celebrity Syndicate 2023 program, presented by renowned experts Mark Lack and Mike Balmaceda. Gain access to cutting-edge training, insightful recordings, and customizable templates to help you build your personal brand and achieve celebrity status. Learn the strategies and tactics used by industry influencers to attract a loyal audience, monetize your expertise, and make a lasting impact. Unlock the power of personal branding and take your career to new heights. 

Celebrity Syndicate
Partner With Celebrities, Influencers & Brands To Generate Millions In Sales and Millions of Leads.

Mark and Mike have generated a combined 9-figures in revenue between their businesses and for their clients. We’ve partnered up to fill the massive demand in the market place for people who have large audiences but don’t know how to best monetize them. Now after millions in sales and leads we are sharing our secrets behind closed doors for a select few.

The Million Dollar Opportunity…
…and who this is perfect for.

We know this won’t be for everyone, but if it’s for you, you’ll know!

The Demand
In the last few years demand for celebrities, influencers and big brands wanting to create online masterclasses, memberships and courses has skyrocketed. Currently there is more demand than people who can professionally service everyone who is looking for a one-stop shop partnership.
The Opportunity
You have the chance of a lifetime to leverage existing businesses (yours or someone else’s), in addition to existing skills you may already have…to capitalize on a multi-million dollar opportunity that I really believe any resourceful entrepreneur can pull off after learning an almost turn key process we are sharing.
The Process
We have done this enough times now we have the process, every step, dialed in. The training, templates and resources we will give you cover every step so you can literally copy our business model and feast on the demand that we can not service. This won’t last forever so timing is critical.

What Would Partnering With BIG Brands Mean To You?
Imagine being partnered with the top celebs, influencers, experts and brands earning millions…

You could gain MASSIVE credibility within your industry amongst your peers.
Give you the opportunity to create generational wealth for you and your family. 
​Create the opportunity for you to grow real Enterprise Value to your business and brand equity that could be sold for a large sum.

Proven Results Built on Real Experience
Mark Lack and Mike Balmaceda have combined 20+ years experience earning combined 9-figures online.

Mark Lack

Mark has worked with dozens of celebrities, influencers and the top thought leaders in the world on creating more impactful ways to serve their communities while also creating additional revenue streams that align with their core brand identity.

Having generated 9-figures in online sales for his clients and partners, Mark knows the best practices, strategies and paradigm shifting methods for rapidly growing and monetizing online brands and audiences. Mark is going to share with you his greatest business model to-date and how it’s quickly on the path to being a grand slam enterprise. 

Mike Balmaceda

Mike has been promoting products online since he was 14 years old. He has tested and failed more than most and that is what makes him so effective. He knows what works online when it comes to structuring offers, marketing them, and selling them.

Mike was the marketing genius behind one of the largest internet marketing program launches in the world. Generating over $57M in 8 months and $25M in 14 days. His strategies, tactics and insight is worth millions and tens of millions to his elite clients and partners. Mike is going to break down his processes, best practices and frameworks for creating the best marketing, copy, hooks, funnels, and everything you’ll need to level up your business and any future partnership deals.

Pick Your Experience With Us

Learn The Process
You’ll be able to apply everything to copy our model…

Instant Access to our templates we use for deal memos, firm offers, project concept pitches, and more.

Who This is Perfect For…


Our “Battle-Tested” Legal Contracts


Instantly have our Enterprise Management Agreement (E.M.A.)
The enterprise management agreement is what we send as our final contract with ALL the terms of the deal in it. This is the holy-grail because partnerships this big have a lot of detail, nuances, and terms. It is essential you nail the agreement and deliverables for clarity on both parties side. Our EMA is battle-tested to the point our last A-list celeb client just signed and send it back within 30-minutes. You need this EMA to succeed.

Instantly have our Referral Agreement (R.A.)
One of the secrets in this business of partnering with big influencers, celebrities and brands is the relationships and referrals. Whether it is with an agent, manager, agency or just someone you know in your network. Having a strong referral agreement is key to everyone feeling safe and confident they will get paid after they help introduce and close a deal. The commissions in this business can be 6-figures per month just from a referral so having a lock tight solid referral agreement is critical for everyone.

Our Million Dollar Templates & Frameworks


Marketing, Copy, Funnels, you name it…
Whether you need some ideas and frameworks around designing and building your marketing assets, advertisements, sales funnels, writing high converting copy, knowing what parts of the funnel we’ve already tested that convert best to help you avoid the costly trial and error… You can rest assured you’ll receive all our best materials to make the process easy, and as turn key as possible for you, and your next project. 

Deal Memos, Project Conception, Firm Offers… 
When you are dealing with celebrities, influencers and big brands who are pitched every week a new opportunity, you really need to have a concise attractive way to get their attention and convey your pitch. This is why our deal memos, project conception and firm offer templates will make it easy for you to know exactly how to properly communicate with them each step of the process – from the first outreach. 

Smart Entrepreneurs 
Recognize BIG Opportunities!

The difference between where you are now and the financial results you desire often times results from pivoting or innovating.

To Summarize This Opportunity…

You are going to get…

This once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the exact formula, strategies and paradigm shifting ways of thinking for how to radically grow your own business, in addition to revealing how to copy & paste our partnership framework.

​Know exactly how to get 50/50 partnerships with celebrities and big brands or influencers to create & run their offers.
Walk away with our turn key, copy & paste templates and marketing / offer creation frameworks to earn millions.
​Know exactly how to generate these partnerships through our special outreach methods we’ll share with you.
​​Have the chance to earn millions, level up your credibility and partner with people you never thought possible.

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