Cultivate Course – Shana Bresnahan

Original price was: $1,497.00.Current price is: $59.00.

Cultivate Course – Shana Bresnahan

Original price was: $1,497.00.Current price is: $59.00.

Create a Thriving, Profitable Online Community for Your Course, Membership, or Coaching Program


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Create a Thriving, Profitable Online Community for Your Course, Membership, or Coaching Program
(without the stress and overwhelm)


Get Your Time Back and Equip Your Community Leader With Proven Frameworks, Proactive Strategies and Streamlined Systems That Increase Your Reach, Retention, and Revenue

Are you tired of spending all day every day in your community?

Are you feeling the tension between managing your community and marketing your business?

Do you have a community manager that is constantly looking to you for guidance?

Do you feel like your team is reacting to your community instead of leading it?

You’ve been focused on growing the business and getting people into your programs.

You haven’t taken the time to think strategically about your online community.

Your community manager (if you have one) isn’t taking initiative and proactively working to create a thriving community. 

Things were fine when the community was smaller, but as it begins to scale, more people is only amplifying the problems in your community. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed, not excited whenever you get another notification.

Maybe you’ve even hired people to try and provide relief, but it’s only added to the stress as they’re constantly looking to you for guidance. 

If you’re still doing this all yourself, you’re probably feeling the tension of trying to maintain the community while bringing more and more people into the program. 

It’s no surprise that the community you very much wanted to create is now dragging you and your team down.

There’s never been training on how to not just manage, but cultivate a thriving community for your online course, membership, or group program. 
Until now… 

My name is Shana and I know the challenges you face when trying to grow and manage your online community.  


Because for the last 10+ years I’ve been helping national brands and the world’s leading online entrepreneurs create and cultivate thriving online communities. (Plus I’ve started and led many online and in-person communities of my own). 

Everything from trying to navigate the day-to-day of community management and handling the inevitable conflict that arises to developing proven strategies that activate community members and keep them engaged for longer.

And don’t get me started on the struggle to manage a growing community of thousands while trying to invest time in audience and list building… or a launch… it’s a LOT.  It’s no wonder that even the most skilled entrepreneurs and online business owners are feeling an immense sense of overwhelm.

That’s why…
I’m Sharing Everything You Need To Manage a Thriving Online Community Based on My Decade of Experience

(whether you’re the business owner or community manager)

it all starts with community

I’ve been researching and speaking about online communities since 2008. My background in marketing and passion for community led me to not only lead my own communities online, but to share my strategies with thousands of business owners.

I’ve worked hand-in-hand with the 7 & 8 figure online entrepreneurs you know and love – taking their communities from surviving to thriving while empowering their teams to think proactively and leverage proven systems. 

My decade of research and boots on the ground experience led to the development of my Community Cultivated™ Framework. 

In the past, I’ve taught this framework and training during a 2-day in-person workshop. Some of the top names in the online course, membership, and coaching space have invested $10000+ to send their teams to this workshop. 

My clients invest tens of thousands more for me to work with them one-on-one to implement what I’m going to be sharing with you in this program. 

I’ve curated my best and highest impact community strategies, systems, frameworks, and tactics into this program.


Kara Loewentheil
The Clutch

Shana knows how to create and maintain community and how to teach your staff not just what to do, but how to THINK about their roles.


Corrine Crabtree
No BS Women

Shana taught my community managers how to think like a member and how to frame resources and messaging in a way that has not only made our community culture stronger, it’s increased our retention rate significantly.


Becky A. Davis
Bosspreneur AcceleratHER Academy

I now have a community manager, I learned how to prepare and train her, and we created our community language.


My belief is this…

When I help you or your community manager create a thriving community (without the stress and burnout that’s so common to community leaders), you’ll be able to help more people make more progress. Together we’ll be creating connection and belonging in a world where loneliness is a pandemic. 

That’s the kind of impact you started this business for, right?

But…If You Burn Out, Check Out or Can’t Grow Your Program, Then All The Time and Money You’ve Invested Goes to Waste

The long term health and sustainability of your business is 100% dependent on your ability to help your members make more progress and stay longer.  

Creating a thriving community that has a culture of progress is essential to retention and ascension for our online programs. 

But how do you create a thriving community?

And more importantly, how do we equip and empower a team to bring that vision to life?

That’s where my Community Cultivated™ Framework and this program come in. 

This program will help you maximize your profit and multiply your impact through the power of community.

Creating a thriving community boils down to 4 key elements.
When done right with the right strategy and the right plan, people stay longer, are more engaged, and make way more progress… all of which means a more profitable, stable online program.

What’s the value of keeping 20, 50, 100 new members this year?

What’s the value of cutting your refunds in half?

What’s the value of 10 or 20 more raving fans?

What does that mean to you and your business?

But nothing is more valuable than the peace of mind you get when you’re so confident in your community culture and team that you can truly unplug and take time away to do what you love with the people you love the most. 

Maybe you’re thinking about this for yourself.

Maybe you’re thinking about this for your community manager.

Maybe you’re thinking about this for your future community manager.

Whether you want to uplevel your community strategies or equip your community manager, this program is for you!
This program will not only teach you how to create a thriving community, it will equip you with proven systems and frameworks that save you time.

You’ll get access to…

•Bite-sized trainings that teach you the high-level strategies and day-to-day tactics that you can leverage to make managing a thriving community a breeze.

•But it’s also a collection of community resources, real-life examples, and proven frameworks that simplify the implementation process.  Just imagine the time you will save.

•This is an essential training resource for novice and seasoned community creators and managers alike. You’ll get access to timeless and proven strategies that apply no matter what platform you use for your community.

•These aren’t the latest trends and tactics. You’ll be creating community systems and strategies that will outlast the ebbs and flows of your industry. 

•You and your team will be empowered to make better decisions when issues arise in the community & grow your expertise so you feel confident in how you support your members.

•And most importantly, it’s going to help you fall in love with your community again so you can serve more people – all while making things easier and far less stressful.

Keeping Your Existing Customers Is Far More Profitable Than Gaining New Ones!
If we just talk numbers, joining this program will become one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Because if all you do is get 1 idea to bring in or save a few new customers a year… it pays for itself.

Do you think that what you’re going to learn will help you gain or keep enough new customers to pay for itself and more?

Of course it is! And so much more… 

That’s not accounting for the time saved using our proven systems.

That doesn’t include the confidence you’ll gain in knowing how to leverage your community to help your members make more progress.

Or the stress that will be eliminated as your team begins to take ownership and leadership within your community.

The world is already chaotic enough. Your community should be a place that not only breathes life into your members, but to you too. 

That’s why now more than ever, it has become increasingly important to know how to create a safe community space and cultivate a strong culture.

So how do you know if you’re ready for this program?
This program is not for everyone.

I want you to be confident in your investment so let’s talk about who it’s for and who should hold off for now. 

Who this is for.
This is for online business owners that…
Who this is not for.
It’s not for online business owners that…
But if you have a growing community and you’re ready to go from…

•Reactive to proactive community management

•Managing your members to activating them

•Focusing on engagement to supporting member progress

•Being stuck in execution to strategically driving retention

• Overwhelm to calmly and confidently leading your community

This is for you! 

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Cultivate…


Uncover the 3 hidden foundations you have to understand before you can effectively create and cultivate a thriving community.

You’ll discover:

• Why communities are like super-glue fusing your customers to your brand

• 3 psychological needs that create an irresistible community

• The 6 phases of member growth—and why getting people to the final phase isn’t the goal







So if you’re an online business owner and you want a thriving community and empowered community team without the stress and overwhelm, it’s time to join us in the Cultivate program.

Beyond the strategies and tactics, you’ll get access to our swipe files and templates to make implementing what you learn even easier. I’ll also share the behind-the-scenes of the systems and processes used to make these strategies come to life.

You’ll be equipped to create a culture of progress within your community that leads to more results, better stories, and community members that won’t stop talking about how amazing your program is. 

Your community leaders will be equipped and empowered to move from group cheerleader to community cultivator.

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