How TF Do I Start – Hyla Nayeri & Adrien Bettio

Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $69.00.

How TF Do I Start – Hyla Nayeri & Adrien Bettio

Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $69.00.

The course is final sale. We cover everything from manufacturing to influencer marketing to social media to mindset.. this course really has it all, and as it is taught via video, we are unable to offer refunds once access is given


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Module 1: Welcome to How TF Do I Start?

  • Introduction(2:00)PREVIEW
  • The 437 story(3:10)PREVIEW
  • How TF Do I Start? WorkbookSTART

Module 2: The Business Idea

  • Lesson 1: Idea Generation(8:06)START
  • Lesson 2: Market Research: Competitor Analysis, Positioning Map, etc.(5:08)START

Module 3: Manufacturing 101

  • Lesson 1: What to Look for in a Manufacturer(14:18)START
  • Lesson 2: How to Find a Manufacturer(9:31)START

Module 4: Manufacturing 2.0

  • Lesson 1: Design Process – From Techpack to Final Sample(7:49)START
  • Tech Pack Walk Through(4:00)START
  • Lesson 2: Logistics, Quality assurance and Costing(6:05)START

Module 5: Building a Collection

  • Lesson 1: Our Experience + Approach(5:03)START
  • Lesson 2: Building the PO – #Units, Sizing Breakdown, Pricing(7:12)START
  • Costing Example(12:11)START
  • Purchase Order Walk Through(4:52)START

Module 6: That Cash Money

  • Lesson 1: Funding your business(5:00)START
  • Lesson 2: Finding resources to fund your business(3:53)START
  • Lesson 3: Risk and Reward(6:18)START

Module 7: Branding is KEY

  • Lesson 1: Establishing Branding(2:10)START
  • Lesson 2: Visual Identity(2:59)START
  • Lesson 3: Naming your Business(4:45)START
  • Lesson 4: Differentiating from competitors(6:14)START
  • Lesson 5: Branding Consistency(2:44)START

Module 8: Ecommerce Tips

  • Lesson 1: Getting Set up(2:58)START
  • Lesson 2: Uploading product + descriptions(3:03)START
  • Lesson 3: Landing Page Tips(2:31)START
  • Lesson 4: Becoming a trustworthy brand(4:21)START

Module 9: Operations

  • Lesson 1: Packing + Shipping(14:31)START
  • Lesson 2: Customer Service + Policies + FAQ(4:16)START

Module 10: Social Media Marketing + More

  • Lesson 1: Brand Exposure(1:37)START
  • Lesson 2: Social Media Platforms(2:19)START
  • Lesson 3: Growing through IG(4:21)START
  • Lesson 4: Instagram growth Hacks(5:17)START
  • Lesson 5: Value Proposition(5:22)START
  • Lesson 6: Tik Tok for your brand(4:50)START
  • Lesson 7: Creating Conversion(8:11)START

Module 11: Influencer Marketing + Celebrity

  • Lesson 1: Everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing(1:27)START
  • Lesson 2: Paying for Influencers(8:13)START
  • Lesson 3: Finding Influencers for your brand Part I(3:52)START
  • Lesson 4: Finding Influencers for your brand Part II(9:13)START
  • Lesson 5: Influencer Outreach(7:44)START
  • Lesson 6: Influencer Gifting Part I(3:14)START
  • Lesson 7: Influencer Gifting Part II(2:56)START
  • Lesson 8: Large scale influencers(5:44)START
  • Lesson 9: Celebrity gifting(7:21)START

Module 12: Launch Day Marketing

  • Lesson 1: Launch Day(3:16)START
  • Lesson 2: Selling Out(2:50)START
  • Lesson 3: Keeping the customer after your first order(2:37)START

Module 13: The Boring Stuff

  • Lesson 1: Incorporation(6:00)START
  • Lesson 2: Accounting(8:17)START
  • Lesson 3: Legal(2:25)START
  • Lesson 4: Human Resources(3:02)START

Module 14: Mindset

  • Lesson 1: Entrepreneurship: The Importance of Perseverance + Hustle(4:37)START
  • Lesson 2: Goal Setting – How We Goal Set, Use Vision Boards, and Use Manifestation(5:07)START

Module 15: Self Development

  • Lesson 1: Routines(1:49)START
  • Lesson 2: Balancing life as an entrepreneur(2:05)START
  • Lesson 3: Reading for an entrepreneur(1:16)START

Module 16: The Hard Parts No One Talks About

  • Lesson 1: Entrepreneurship Lifestyle(2:44)START
  • Lesson 2: Fear of failure(1:37)START
  • Lesson 3: Motivation as an Entrepreneur(1:18)START
  • Lesson 4: Successful brand > my health + happiness?!(2:10)START
  • Lesson 5: This shit ain’t easy(3:08)START
  • Lesson 6: You are more than your brand(1:48)START
  • Lesson 7: No one is perfect(2:47)START
  • Congratulations on Finishing How TF Do I start?(1:13)START

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Industry Terms 101START
  • When to pay yourself a salary?(1:33)START
  • When to hire your first employee?(0:53)START
  • Best Marketing Dollars?(1:13)START
  • How to approach Press or PR as a small brand with little cash?(0:46)START
  • What tools do we use for planning, execution and operations?(1:07)START
  • Hiring tip(1:22)START
  • Best business book?(1:31)START
  • Tips on balancing business with current job/school(1:34)START
  • How to pick someone’s brain?(1:35)START
  • How did you start building your business network?(1:13)START
  • Next Steps(0:31)START

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