How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear

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How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear

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If you want to permanently eliminate the dread of using your hypnosis skills… and… finally enjoy the benefits then this program is right up your alley.

I set it up to demolish all the self-imposed mental and emotional obstacles to performing hypnosis.

Here’s what’s in the program…

DVD #1: Hypnosis Practice Foundations And How To Easily Find Volunteers

Like I said earlier, the right knowledge is key.

Fear of failing indicates improper training. You won’t feel insecure about hypnotizing others once you know (really know) the process.

In this DVD, I cover the basics so you stand on a firm foundation.

You’ll discover…

  • Why doing hypnosis by the numbers is pointless! (I present a much better way so you learn genuine hypnotic skills you can count on.)
  • The first principle of hypnosis! (Don’t worry if you’re unsure about it now. I explain it in detail during the first few minutes of the DVD.)
  • How to make hypnosis easy and natural like a stroll in the park!
  • Why your mind goes into mini-trances almost daily!
  • Three core ideas you must grasp if you want hypnosis to become second-nature!
  • A mental shift in how you look at hypnosis guaranteed to remove your nervous tension!
  • The formula proven to create the perfect hypnotic context… so… putting people in trance is no big deal.
  • The four key principles you must mentally track for hypnosis to happen!
  • Two criteria for building instant hypnotic rapport!
  • How to set expectations so subjects drop into trance without a fight!
  • Three places crawling with more volunteers than you’ll ever need or know what to do with! (Like shooting fish in a barrel… I’m tellin’ you!)
  • Which group of people to stay away from when you’re starting out! (Refuse my advice at your own peril. Because these people are the hardest to hypnotize based upon my vast experience.)
  • A specific place where the performance anxiety of doing hypnosis is at least 10 times worse than anywhere else! (Warning: Do not try hypnosis here unless you are an expert!)
  • The best place I’ve come across to corral a steady stream of willing hypnosis subjects almost on demand!
  • And lots more!

Get How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear – Igor Ledochowski, Only Price $66

DVD #2: Hypnotic frame Control And Zero Performance Pressure

The truth is spotting people interested in hypnosis is the easy part.

The hard part is convincing them to join in the fun. In general, people harbor certain pre-conceived ideas and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Your approach determines whether they flock to you or flee from you. The second DVD details my best strategies for turning semi-interested prospects into eager participants.

You’ll learn:

  • The wrong way to approach potential hypnotic subjects!
  • The right way to approach potential hypnotic subjects!
  • How to eliminate the biggest obstacle to successfully hypnotizing someone! (This “no-pressure-no-big-deal” attitude is essential if you want to reach your full potential without all the usual stress.)
  • Why people resist falling into trance… and… the smart way to invite their cooperation and lull them into a spellbinding trance!
  • Hypnotic frames perfect for recruiting participants! (Approach people in this manner and you take the risk out of them helping you out.)
  • How to drop someone into a full hypnotic trance who… at first… was secretly pretending to be hypnotized!
  • The “hypnosis book” trick guaranteed to entice swarms of people to take part in your hypnotic experiments! (Works well with inquisitive college students.)
  • The only reason you feel scared and anxious about doing hypnosis! (Eliminate this mental block — it’s easy when you know how — and everything falls into place.)
  • How your mind is killing your chances of hypnosis success!
  • How to make failure irrelevant… even when… it happens!
  • My “clipboard secret” for becoming a confident hypnotist in record time! (I bet you never thought of this… but… it can skyrocket your hypnotic abilities like nothing I’ve ever seen before!)
  • A little-known way to intrigue people into coming to your hypnosis seminar! (I’ll show you how to gather a small or large crowd enthusiastic to see your presentation.)
  • How to track your progress at hypnosis! (Wanna know how well you’re doing? Then do this and your rate of progress will shoot off the charts!)
  • What a hypnotic “pre-talk” is… and… how it ensures a smooth interaction between you and your subject!
  • Demonstration Sessions 1 & 2: Where I show you how to rivet a subject’s attention! I present four simple exercises to progressively absorb a volunteer’s total focus and create a perfect hypnotic environment. Then I explain each session step by step so you grasp all the nuances and can model them yourself.
  •  And much more!

DVD #3: Somatic Trances, Suggestion Experiments

In the third DVD, I teach you how to “skirt” the conscious mind.

The secret to hypnosis is reaching the unconscious with suggestions. What stands in the way is the “critical factor.” Which acts as a guard protecting your from danger.

I’ll reveal the quickest ways I know to sneak hypnotic commands in the most suggestible part of the mind. Then participants will do just about anything you tell them.

You’ll love this:

  • Demonstration Sessions 3 & 4: Reveal how to overload the critical factor so your suggestions slip by undetected! Again, everything is presented in detail.
  • How to deplete the critical factor of vital energy — exhausting it in the process — so it can’t perform it’s main job of deflecting hypnotic commands!
  • How to tell the unconscious mind is ready to express itself! (Hint: Pay close attention to the subtleties!)
  • The dark side of hypnosis! (Strategies for avoiding any kind of negative situation as a result of the hypnotic interaction. Don’t worry! It’s easy and I’ll show you how!)
  • How to create a body trance that allows you to dive into the unconscious!
  • A natural way to deepen trance… and… compel the unconscious to take over!
  • How to perform a hand levitation induction!
  • Why confusing the mind melts resistance and allows for hypnosis!
  •  Why you should never… ever… evaluate what’s going on with a subject until they give you their feedback! (Big mistake novices make that stunts their development as hypnotists.)
  • How to motivate subjects to come back for more sessions in the future! (You’ll build a little army of willing volunteers who look forward to getting hypnotized. How cool is that!)
  • The secret to getting flooded with referred volunteers without asking!
  • Demonstration Sessions 5 & 6: Where I show you how to affect the unconscious mind with specific suggestion experiments… so… the subject heeds your commands on cue!
  • How to keep hypnosis simple, fun and easy to perform! (I call it the “Royal Road” to amazing results with hypnosis.)
  • The most important and critical key to practicing hypnosis without fear!
  • And so much more I don’t have room to explain it all here!

You get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to transform yourself into an UNSTOPPABLE HYPNOTIST in a matter of days…

I’ll lay it on the line for you…

This program was specifically designed to dash your fears, concerns and insecurities about practicing hypnosis to pieces.

You WILL eliminate every single excuse, emotional block… and… mental restraint holding you back now.

Nothing will stand in your way.

I’m so sure of it I’ll put my own money on the line. No matter where you are on your hypnosis journey…

  • You get three powerful training DVDs! All of my strategies for breaking through self-imposed barriers faster than you ever thought possible… plus my system for easy hypnosis… so you can practice with supreme confidence… and so much more!
  • You get a convenient CDrom with full transcripts! Great as an easy reference or to reinforce critical points made in the videos!
  • You get complete demonstrations of hypnosis sessions! Not only do I show you WHAT to practice… but… I show you HOW to practice the right way with other people… and… give you the exact sessions to copy!

This is what you need to get going and start succeeding with hypnosis.

To prove that’s true, I’m removing the risk from your decision to get it… NOW!

These secrets have allowed me to…

… build a wildly successful consulting/coaching and hypnotherapy practice!

… become the world’s foremost authority on conversational hypnosis!

… train thousands of people from around the world!

… create numerous training programs for Fortune 500 companies!

… and become the number one hypnosis author in the world!

Get How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear – Igor Ledochowski, Only Price $66

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