Hypnosis Scripts A-Z Scripts

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $38.00.

Hypnosis Scripts A-Z Scripts

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $38.00.

Most obviously of course is the size of it.  This is the BIGGEST manual or book that we’ve ever put together.  It’s colossal!




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The Ultimate Hypnosis Script Collection with over 625 Scripts and 1000+ pages of:

  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Instant Inductions
  • Depth Tests
  • Session Inductions
  • Deepeners
  • Analytical Vehicles
  • Session Scripts
  • Metaphysics Scripts
  • & Awakenings

In other words EVERYTHING you would ever need in one HUGE Manual!.

Get Hypnosis Scripts A-Z Scripts – Anonymous, Only Price $42

What Makes Our Hypnosis Scripts Different?

  1. Most obviously of course is the size of it.  This is the BIGGEST manual or book that we’ve ever put together.  It’s colossal!

  2. Each of these scripts was written by trained Hypnotherapists of the American School of Hypnosis and associated hypnosis schools of the American International Association worldwide. Over 200  lay people, college grads, instructors, doctors and mental health professionals.

  3. This manual is a combination of “brand-new” scripts as well as an assortment of the best ones from 7 to 8 of our past hypnosis script manuals no longer available to the public. They’ve been edited, updated and compiled into one massive publication designed to save you time and money. Purchasing this many scripts separately would cost thousands of dollars.

Why Is This Important To Know?

Each individual author has their own style of writing so you won’t see much repetition. You’ll find the variety refreshing and may find some techniques that will surprise you.

Since they come from various backgrounds, most are very familiar with the subjects they’re writing about rather than having just one author writing about everything.

Here’s What’s Included:

Arm Rising and Falling
Body Sway on Ground
Chevreul’s Pendulum
Finger Test
Hand Clasp
Locking Elbow
Magnetic Fingers – Attracting
Magnetic Fingers – Opposing
Postural Sway
The Golden Egg Suggestibility
Arm Pulling Method
Circular Arm Method
Faith Healer (Sitting)
Faith Healer (Standing)
From the Arm Bending Test
From Handclasp Test
From the Pendulum Test
Hand Release Method
“Hypnotic Nerve”
Laying in Bed
Push Head Sideways
Shake Hand Method
Shoulders, Instant  Induction
Active Muscular Relaxation
Analytical Body Scan
Beach Induction
Body Scan (simple)
Breath Induction
Eye Strain Method
Fog Induction
Garden Induction
Garden Scenery
Magic Cloth
Massage- Induction
Progressive Relaxation
Sunset Induction
Underwater Induction
Walking in the field
Across the Sky
Arm Drop
Bubble Deepener
Comfortable Slide
Crystal Funnel
Elevator (Department store)
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves II
Garden Adventure
Garden Scenery
Gazing at the Stars
Indirect Deepener
Journey from the Meadow
Lake Visualization
Leaves Falling
Moving Sidewalk
Mystical Stairwell
Outdoor Happy Day – Friends
Pool of Clarity
Relaxing by the Stream
Sand Castles
Sinking in the Sand
Snow Falling
Spelling Number Countdown
The Spiral Staircase
Stairway to Beach
Vacation Packing
Winters Day
Wishing Well
Daisy – Depth Test
Magnetic Hand
Spot on the Hand
Yardstick Test
Bolts in Box
Choose a Name Vehicle
Choose a Safari Vehicle
Clock Vehicle
Computer Keyboard
Conveyor Belt
Create Your Utopia
Drawing in the Sand
Familiar Names
Field of Flowers
Floating Induction
Going on a Picnic
White Board Vehicle
Grocery Shopping
Keyboard Mall
Mall Script
Name Search
Number Countdown
Renaming Your Body Parts
Seashell Vehicle
Shopping (Analytical)
Shopping for the House
Song Script
Sticks and Tones
U.S. Map Vehicle
Writing in the Sand
A Purpose Driven Life
Abundance II
Abundance III
Accepting Non-Sexual Nudity
Accelerated Studying
Addiction (guilt and shame)
Anger Control
Anger Control (Analytical)
ADHD – Adult
African American Racial Affirmations
Alcohol – Negative Messages
Anger Management
Anger / Temper
Anger Controlling
Anxiety about Medical Procedures
Anxiety Control
Anxiety Control
Anxiety of Interacting With Others
Anxiety of People
Anxiety – Spending While Shopping
Anxiety Release
Appointments on Time I
Appointments on Time II
Arthritis Reduction
Assisting my Spouse
Atkins or Similar Type Low Carb
Attracting Money
Attracting Your Perfect Soul Mate
Awakening Feelings
Awakening – Massage Hypnotherapy
Bad Mood (release)
Back Handspring
Becoming Romantic / Charming
Bed Wetting I
Bed Wetting III
Believe in Yourself
Better Nutrition
Blushing I
Blushing II
Body Image. Positive
Breast Enlargement
Burning Memories
Breast Reduction  – Bodybuilding
Cancer, Eliminating
Cancer Pain Reduction
Career Change
Changing Eating Patterns
Change Now
Chakra Healing
Chewing Tobacco, Quitting
Chi-Kung Enhancer
Christmas Spirit
Choosing the Issue – Changes
Chronic Pain Management
Cigarette Funeral
Claiming Your Total Worthiness
Claustrophobia, Moderate
Clutter Script / Disorganization
Communicating With the Sub
Competitive Sports
Completing a Task
Computer Anxiety
Concentration Script
Concentration for a Child
Confidence I
Confidence II
Confidence III
Confidence IV
Confidence V
Confidence VI
Confidence and Determination
Confidence, Empowerment
Confidence for Therapists
Confidence, for young women
Confidence in Meetings
Confidence in Your Abilities
Confidence, it’s Yours
Confidence Transformation
Confidence, Walking with a Walker
Confidence While Performing
Confident Speaking
Confrontational Drivers 
Contact Lens Anxiety
Control Freak – Letting go
Control Issues
Controlling Worry
Control Negative Emotions
Cool Down Hot Flashes
Create Your Own Paradise
Create Wealth
Confidence – Inner Healer
Creating – Heart’s Desire
Creativity I
Creativity II
Creativity – Self-help Script
Creativity Talent
Dancing (with partner)
Daily Duty
Loss of a Loved One
Dealing with Divorce
Debt, Managing
Decision Making
De-Clutter your Life
Deep Relaxation
Dental Distress
Depression – Filling the Void
Depression – Parts Method
Depression to Happiness
De-Stress and Exercise
Detaching Oneself
Developing Intuition
Developing Peace in Life
Diabetes: Type 1
Doctor and Needle Phobia
Don’t Rock the Boat
Drinking More Water I
Drinking More Water II
Dream Recall
Driving Anxiety
Driving Exam Success
Drug Abuse
Drug Addiction
Easing Someone from Your Mind
Eating After Dinner
Eating Disorder
Eating Disorders/ Body Image
Eczema -Wonder Ointment
Ego Strengthening
Eliminate Obsessive Thinking
Enhancing Calmness
Energy Boost
Enthusiasm for Piano Skills
Exam Anxiety
Exchange of Energy
Excuses, No More
Exercise I
Exercise, Motivation
Exercise, Self-Care
Face Lift
Fear as a Car Passenger
Fear of Bees and Wasps
Fear of Cats
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Confrontation
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Dentist
Fear of Dentist & Doctors
Fear of Failure
Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying in Planes
Fear of flying -Turbulence
Fear of Friday the 13th.
Fear of Heights
Fear of Others Vomiting
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking II
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Roller-Coaster Rides
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders I
Fear of Spiders II
Fear of Success
Fear of Success, Overcoming
Feeling Positive Everyday
Feeling Rested after Sleep
Feel Your Body
Fibromyalgia Script
Finding Love Script
Finding Lost Objects
Finding Purpose
Food for Health
Football – Linebackers
Forgiveness of Family
Forgiveness of Self and Others
Gambling Addiction
Goal Prioritization
Going to Bed Relaxed
Goal Writing
Golf Improvement
Good Night’s Sleep
Good Speller
Grinding Teeth
Guilt and Forgiveness
Guilt Release
Gymnastics Champion
Hair Loss
Happiness in Life
Happiness – a Higher Power
Having a Beautiful, Clean Home
Heal Helper
Healing Affirmations
Healing Body Parts
Healing Faster
Healing Script
Healing, Self
Healing – Restoration
Health, Obtaining
Health, Wholeness and Harmony
Healthy Hair
High Blood Pressure I
High Blood Pressure II
High Blood Pressure III
High Blood Pressure IV
Higher Power
Highway Hypnosis
Hoarding & Relational
Honoring My Temple
Honesty, Cultivating
How to Overcome Love Loss
Hypnosis Birthing Relaxation
IBS Attacks
Improved Hearing
Impatience, Overcoming
Self Esteem – Girls Foster Care
Increase Reading Efficiency
Infertility (unexplained)
Inferiority Complex
Influence, Ability To
Inner Strength
Inner Strength and Peace
Insomnia I – (Sleeping to Success)
Insomnia II
Insomnia Focusing Technique
Interview Success
Jealousy, Dealing With
Job Interview
Job, The Perfect One That Suits You
Just Be (Present)
Language Learning
Learning to say No
Leaving the Past Behind
Letting Go of Bad Event in Life
Letting go of Negative Thoughts
Letting Go of Unnecessary Items
Life of the Party
Listening Better
Looking Younger
Love of Nature
Loving Yourself
Low Self-Esteem I
Low Self Esteem II
Low Self-Esteem III
Magic Mirror (Self-image)
Maintaining Goal Weight Script
Martial Arts
Master Cleanse – Rapid Healing
Memory, Enhancing
Memory Recall
Memory Retention – Programming
Mental Programming Script
Messy Room (For Children)
Migraine Headache Pain
Millionaire Mentality
Money Magnet
Morning Sickness
Motivation and Confidence
Motivation for Success
Motivation Improve
Nail Biting I
Nail Biting II
Nail Biting III
Nail Biting IV
Nail Biting V
Nasogastric Tube Placement
Nerves of Steel
New-Parent Fear of Inadequacy
Noise Sensitivity
No More Coca-Cola
Ahs and Uhms when Speaking
Obsessive Behavior
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
Overcoming Writer’s Block
Owning Your Own Emotions
Pain, Lower Back
Pain Release
Pain Relief
Panic Attacks
Peak Performance
Perfect Body
Personality, Being Positive
Phantom Fears
Picking of Skin
Play Guitar
Positive Attitude
Positive Feelings
Positive Mind
Positive Thinking
Positive Thoughts Script
Pre-Game Nerves
Problem Solving
Procrastination I
Procrastination II
Procrastination Script III
Psychic Ability
Public Speaking I
Public Speaking II
Public Speaking III
Public Speaking IV
Range Qualification Improvement
Rapid Healing
Reaching Your Goals
Reacting Toward Children
Reading and Studying
Reading (for Children )
Regression to Release Fears
Regular Physical Exercise
Reinvent Yourself
Relationships, Security In
Relaxation I
Relaxation II
Relaxation for I.V.F. Anxiety
Relaxation Script – Analytical
Negative Messages – Alcohol
Releasing Pain
Relieving Stomach Pain
Remembering Names
Desires from a Past Affair
Removing Worries
Restful Sleep
Restless Leg Syndrome
Road Rage Script
Running For Office
Sales Motivation
Sales Success
School Performance
Self-Confidence I
Self – Esteem I
Self Esteem II
Self Esteem III
Self-Esteem & Food
Self Esteem, Increased
Self-Hypnosis I
Self-Hypnosis II
Self-Sabotage I
Self-Sabotage II
Sensitivity Script
Sexual Enhancer – Woman
Sexual Libido (uni-sex)
Sexual Performance Anxiety
Sexual Performance – Male
Sexual Performance Woman
Sexy, Bodybuilding Image
Shopaholic I
Shopaholic II
Shopping Addiction
Shyness I
Shyness II
Sinus Disorders
Skin Disorders
Sleep I
Sleep II
Sleep Hygiene
Sleep Well Script
Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation II
Smoking  – Higher Power
Smoking Cessation – Flowers
Smoking Cessation – Stop
Smoking – What’s Important
Smoking Cessation; Worry-Free
Smoking Withdrawal  – Initial
Smoking – 35 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 30 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 25 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 20 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 15 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 10 cigarettes a day
Smoking – 5 cigarettes a day
Smoking – Quitting day
Snore, Ignore
Social Shyness
Speaking in Public
Speaking Slower
Speech Fluency
Sports – Reach for the Gold!
Sports – Reach for the Gold! (2)
Sports Improvement
Sports Psychology (Baseball)
Sports Success
Stepping Stones
Stomach Pain, Relieving
Stop Gambling
Stop Drinking
Stopping Physical Muscle Pain
Stress Management
Stress Reduction I
Stress Reduction II
Stress Relief with Anchor
Stress, Worry,  Anxiety Script
Study Habits
Study Habits II
Studying, Accelerated
Success, Affirmations
Success Blueprint
Success Motivation
Sugar addiction
Suggestive Retention
Taking Care of Yourself
Temper, overcoming
Test Anxiety
Test Taking
The Magical Library of Change
The Muse’s Well
Thin Thighs
Thin, Think
Time Management I
Time Management II
Tinnitus I
Tinnitus II
Traffic Law Compliance
Traumatic Event (Childhood)
Trust and Confidence Script
Warmth of Nature Relaxation
Wealth & Prosperity
Weight Loss and Exercise
Weight Loss – Exercise More
Weight Loss Portion Control
Weight Reduction Script
Weight Release
White Coat Hypertension
Work – Giving 100%
Work – Leaving it At Work
Workplace Bully
Worrying, Excessive
Writing Skills
You Are Your Creator
 Responsible for Your Body
Buddha Nature
Chakra Alignment
Communicating with Spirits
Contacting Spirits
Creating a Spirit Room
ESP Development I
ESP Development II
Finding Your Spirit Guide
Future Progression
Meeting Your Spirit Guide I
Meeting Your Spirit Guide II
Out of Body Experience
Past Life Regression I
Past Regression – Corridor
Past life – Movie  Guides
Past Life  – Star Travel
Past life Transition Script I
Past life Transition Script II
Past life Transition Script III
Past life Transition Script IV
Past life Transition Script V
Past life Transition Script VI
The Spirituality Path
Wisdom from Your Intuition
Awakening I
Awakening II
Awakening III
Awakening IV

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