Hypnotic Symbolism – Jonathan Chase

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Hypnotic Symbolism – Jonathan Chase

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Hypnotic Symbolism

An Advanced Video Tutorial – Completion Certification from Academy of Hypnotic Arts worth 10hours CPD accepted by your training authority.

Created by Jonathan Chase in 2001 aligned with Chinosis – the Symbolism modality is one of the first, and remains one of the most successful, hypnotic approaches for working completely content free

Hey It’s Jonathan Chase,

Thanks for taking a look at this tutorial.

You know when I first started using hypnosis to help remedy people’s problems I did all the usual stuff like regression to cause, talking to the subconscious via Ideo Motor Responses – we called it talking fingers back then – and trying to make the conscious adult aware of the mistakes of the foolish past. . .

And to be honest it worked for me, but, there were times when I just couldn’t get down to roots to shift the weed.

So being a stage hypnotist I’d revert to direct hypnosis which also had its hits and misses.

Then I stumbled across an old sales and marketing CD I’d had for years and which reminded me that although our conscious thinks in words and linguistics, our subconscious is all about patterns and symbols.

To cut a long story short. . . 

I figured that rather than trying to use language, which means turning symbols into words, or making the subconscious illogical and emotive symbols make sense, why not try just changing the symbols.

That led to the subject of this tutorial… a simple system for change I’ve been using for nearly 20 years and one that’s worked to resolve and remedy Social Anxiety Disorder, Tourette’s, PTSD, Symptoms of Physical disease and trauma, more phobia’s than you can shake a swinging watch at and… well we’re still finding out. :-

Neuro Hypnotic Symbolism as it was originally called, that’s right NHS

is a totally clean content free system you don’t need to know what the client is thinking.

You don’t need to be good at thinking up the right questions.

In fact you don’t lead at all.

The only questions you’re asking is how does that feel.

And you use subjective units of disorder to do that.

These are subjective so even then you’re not leading with questions like

“are you…?”

“is this…?”

Because of the fact that you are a hypno-whatever using your intuition, their subconscious mind is going to use imagination and then interpretation to answer the question in the way You have led them to think and create. Entranced or not.

All questions lead and if you get the question wrong you’re screwed, and so are they.

Then you have to decide where you are going to take that.

You will have to judge.

Get Hypnotic Symbolism – Jonathan Chase, only price $47

With hypnotic symbolism there is no judgement, no assumptions or preconceived situations.

Other than the real fact that the client is responding to a pattern of connections they have made.

Without them having to imagine anything just use what’s there.

One of the problems of asking the subconscious mind questions or having a conversation with It, is that it will Have to Answer; either by waggling a finger, or by speaking, and you have no idea whatsoever at all whether that’s even close to the truth or not.

With Symbolism we are actually using the neurology as well as the psychology of how habits form.

And an unwanted or unproductive behaviour or belief are just habitual thought patterns.

These are not sickness or illness and don’t need therapy.

Even if they’ve gone as far as creating a physical symptoms that has become part of your actual neurological structure with muscle memory.

I personally don’t agree with question asking and analysis because you’re working with a system that is pretty well patterned to get the answers wrong.

And the real advantage of symbolism is that you can do it yourself without trance, without hypnosis.

  • Work faster
  • Work with less stress
  • No need to analyse or guess
  • Negates Fear of being deeply Hypnotised
  • No regression so no abreactions to deal with
  • A complete System entirely empowers the client
  • Can even be used outside of hypnosis if it’s a bad day!
  • **BONUS content Jonathan working with different issues using Symbolism

What You’ll Learn

Hypnotic Symbolism Tutorial

  • Hypnotic Symbolism the Key to the Mind
  • Introduction to Symbolism, How it works in the subconscious
  • Reality of imposing visuals, Emotional responses, groups, how to obtain symbols
  • Hypnotic Symbolism Cheat Sheet
  • How to setup a session of Symbolism with the Client using the Cheat Sheet. Talking SUDs. Testing Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis is a state of mind not a state of eyelids. How to overcome client’s pace and the Perfect Place

Live Interaction Q&A

  • Q&As examples and attendees experiences
  • Live attendee interaction Q&As + Live demos
  • Live group demonstrations + business
  • Business client relationship

Bonus Live Demonstrations

  • Symbolism for stop smoking with not easy to hypnotise Jake
  • Removing Exam anxiety with Symbolism – Amanda who has now passed her MA with honours and is teaching at last
  • Live session in class with Real Client removing a spider phobia with Symbolism

Get Hypnotic Symbolism – Jonathan Chase, only price $47

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