Launch Gorgeous Workshop Series – Julie + Cathy

Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $299.00.

Launch Gorgeous Workshop Series – Julie + Cathy

Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $299.00.

The introduction of AI into the online market is shaking everyone and everything up


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Town Hall Meeting Notes + The 2023
Launch Gorgeous Coaching Experience

Is it just us or does everything in our digital world feel like it’s been tossed in a Vitamix and pulsed on high for a few minutes? ??

The introduction of AI into the online market is shaking everyone and everything up. No matter what side of the fence you sit on (terrified we’re all going to get overrun by robots all the way to fully immersed and loving every second of it), one thing is true:

The online world is about to get louder and more crowded.

There’s about a 1-2 year window right now where we’re still in the happy land of most of our content being generated by real good ol’ fashioned humans, but that’s going to change…fast. 

Here’s the good news: Humans crave connection. And as long as you have an audience and community of people who know about you and your business, you will be able to grow – through word of mouth, referrals, testimonials, and brand loyalty. 

But it’s going to get harder and harder to build a personal or course brand if you’re fighting for attention in the never-ending-content-machine that is AI. 

Truth is, we planned out our entire roadmap for our 2023 coaching experience before ChatGPT came and blew up the Internet.

But our instincts on what to do this year were spot on.

This year, we want to focus on helping you grow an audience. To that end, we’re doing something we’ve never done before.

Normally, we run 2 Launch Gorgeous cohorts a year: a Spring Experience and a Fall Experience. And the funnels and ideas are completely different.

This year, we decided to do ONE longer Launch Gorgeous experience, broken up over TWO time periods to make it manageable for the 1 person solopreneur… ALL focused on audience building.

For this year, we wanted to focus on two tried and true ways to build an audience…

Free 3 Part Workshop Series Funnel

5 Day Free Challenge To Launch Funnel

In this funnel, you run a free weekly workshop (3 weeks in a row) and get to build rapport and run ads for much longer than you could for a webinar! At the end you have a TON of goodwill and banked expertise and people usually reach out looking to work with you! This funnel (when we did it) brought us 3000 leads!

In this funnel, you run ads to a classic 5 day FREE challenge and at the end of the challenge, you launch a program (anywhere from $100-$3000). The beautiful part about doing both is that you have your hot-ready-to-buy happy audience from your workshop ready to do the challenge and launch with you!

Both of these audience building funnels are FANTASTIC for building rapport, creating goodwill, attracting new leads, and building an audience before a launch. They also work GREAT with ads. 

Now the beautiful part about these two audience building funnels is they can be done together or separately, in tandem with each other or not. 

You can launch an offer on the back of either of these types of funnels, or you can use them to warm up a cold audience for a launch down the line.

The sky’s the limit! 

So we’re going to bring you BOTH these funnels in the

2023 LG Coaching Experience this year.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Starting May 1st, we’re going to begin the 8 week journey to launching a free 3-part workshop series funnel.

And as true with every round of Launch Gorgeous, we’ll include the funnels, templates, copywriting, live coaching, office hours, etc.

It’s as close to done for you as you can get with the advantage of still doing the work so you learn as you do it!

This will take us right up to the end of June. You’ll leave LG spring round with your workshop series running and/or complete! 

Then it’s time for summer. Because let’s face it, summer is hard enough with kids home and schedules running amok, we don’t need to add more to our plates.

Your goal for the summer will be to keep your newfound audience warmed up with valuable emails, and feel free to sell to them any existing services or courses you have (yes we’ll give you some tips on this, and some bonuses that help you!)

?Once the summer is through, we’ll pick back up for round two of Launch Gorgeous.

August 28th we’ll start the second 8 week experience and together we’ll build a challenge funnel that leads into a classic launch!

For those doing both, you’ll get to invite all your leads from the spring to your challenge, and will also be able to run ads to the challenge for…

you guessed it… EVEN MORE VISIBILITY.

At the end of the five day challenge, you’ll finish out with a
5-day launch of an offer.

Launch Gorgeous
Workshop Series Only

For people who JUST want to learn how to do the 3-part workshop series funnel.

Launch Gorgeous
Workshop + Challenge Both

For people who want to learn the 3 part workshop series AND also learn the 5 day challenge that leads into a launch!

And just like in the Spring round, we’ll include everything you need. 

Lots of people ask us
“How much time does it take out of my business to do Launch Gorgeous with you?”
and the answer is always the same…

There’s no “learning for learning’s sake” in Launch Gorgeous. It’s an experience that’s meant to help you BUILD your business with a ton of shortcuts.

So rather than thinking about how much extra time it’s taking to be in a program, think about the time you’ve ALREADY earmarked for marketing. That’s the lifeblood of a young business anyway right? You do that part alone, or have LG supercharge and shortcut your efforts!

Each Launch Gorgeous round is $3000 normally.
This includes live coaching, course materials, funnel templates, ad and social strategy, and more. 

However, since these are so interlinked (going together like PB&J), we’re selling them as a package, giving a discount to those who are ready to do BOTH rounds with us! Both rounds of LG will be $3200!

Of course, you can just purchase the spring round if you wish.

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