Million Dollar Joint Ventures – Bob Serling

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Million Dollar Joint Ventures – Bob Serling

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Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express

The fastest way to make 6 to 7-figures a year brokering joint venture deals

Joint ventures are an exceptional way for anyone to make serious money, even if you don’t have any previous experience. But most people who’ve tried to broker joint ventures have ended up being disappointed.

That’s because there are a number of significant problems you can encounter with JVs. And the most damaging problem is actually caused by the way most so-called experts teach you to do joint ventures.

But that’s all about to change.

You see, in the next few pages, I’m going to show you a simple 4-step system for making 6 to 7-figures every year by brokering joint ventures. Most importantly, I’m going to show you an entirely new, different and much easier method for achieving this than you can find anywhere else.

So in the next few minutes, we’re going to do 6 things…

  1. You’ll see exactly how using The Express Rule of High-Profit Joint Ventures simplifies the JV brokering process dramatically
  2. You’ll also see how this simplification gives you two important benefits:Express Benefit #1: The ability to find and close high-quality JV deals in just a couple of weeks – instead of the 3 to 12 months it takes using other methodsExpress Benefit #2: A built-in, dead simple “accelerator” technique that turns every JV deal you broker from a one-shot project into multiple projects that get repeated every year. So your profits continue to grow and grow.
  3. I’ll take you through the entire system step-by-step so you immediately “get” why this new method dramatically outperforms the old ways of brokering joint ventures
  4. We’ll look at a number of real world case studies of the results some of my previous students have produced
  5. I’ll lay out all the components and tools you get in this program
  6. You’ll have an opportunity to enroll in the program if you’d like

The current state of brokering joint ventures

Brokering JVs can be a powerful way to make six and seven-figure profits with no cost and no risk. But the biggest drawback to this is that JV deals can be time-consuming and difficult to make happen.

For example, in the promotional materials for my previous program, you may have seen the case study of one of my students who made $828,000 on the second JV deal he brokered. But if you listened to the entire case study, it took him a full year of hard work and persistence to bring that deal together.

And that’s pretty typical with most JV deals. You can usually expect it to take 3 to 6 months or more to put together larger deals.

Besides being time consuming, this can quickly get very frustrating. So I decided to see if I could develop a way to eliminate the stumbling blocks that cause JV deals to be so time-consuming. And to accelerate the entire process so you can find and close lucrative JV deals in just 2 to 3 weeks rather than the 3 to 6 months it typically takes.

Here’s what I discovered…

First, I’m sure you’re familiar with the 80/20 rule which shows that 80% of the profits your business generates are produced by just 20% of your marketing. BUT — when it comes to joint ventures, this math is even more unevenly tilted.

Because for JVs, 95% of all profits are produced by just one type of joint venture deal

And once you understand exactly how this extreme tilting works, you can use it to broker highly profitable joint venture deals far more quickly and easily. So let me show you exactly how and why brokering deals for this single type of joint venture dramatically outperforms all others.

There are at least 14 different ways to structure joint ventures. Some of them are more difficult than others, and even though they can be extremely profitable, they are all time consuming.

That’s because when you’re dealing with two different companies that will each promote the other’s product, there are all kinds of complications. One major complication is that each company wants the other to promote their product first. And negotiating just this one point can be extremely challenging.

Then there’s the problem of when each side will promote the other side’s product. Because the more successful your JV partners are, the more booked up their schedules are. So you can easily wait 3 to 6 months to get a promotion out, and sometimes more.

You also have to deal with the trust factor, or the lack of it. This lack of trust is the main reason why so many deals that looked so promising get derailed or fall apart.

Every step of the way, the companies you put together don’t know each other and they probably don’t know you. So it’s extremely easy for either or both companies to get the jitters and decide to pull out of the deal.

This is always based on fear rather than reality, but fear is a powerful force to overcome, so you constantly face the possibility of having your JV deal fall apart at every step in the process.

The solution to creating the single type of Joint Venture
that substantially outperforms all others

Now, what I’ve just shown you is THE critical piece to removing all the difficulties from brokering JV deals. And understanding this is what led me to discover The Express Solution that makes my new method so powerful and so easy to use.

So I’m going to repeat this critical point again…

When you’re dealing with two different companies that will each promote the other’s product, there are ALWAYS all kinds of complications

And more importantly, eliminating these complications is what changes everything. That is The Express Solution that makes brokering joint ventures much easier and much more profitable than any other method — even if you have no previous experience.

So let me show you exactly how to implement this solution right now. Let’s take a deeper look at the details of…

Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express
The fastest way to make 6 to 7-figures a year
brokering joint venture deals

Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express (or MDJVX for short) is an all-new method for brokering highly-profitable joint ventures. It’s based on the proven principle that in any business area, the majority of your profits come from a small fraction of what you do.

For example, if your company sells 10 products, the majority of your sales will come from just 2 or 3 of those products. If you run 10 different ads on Facebook, the majority of your response will be generated by just 2 or 3 of your ads. And so on.

This means that if you shift the focus of all your marketing to increasing just those couple of things that produce the greatest results and eliminate everything else, your marketing immediately becomes much more profitable and takes less time and money to manage.

So the driving factor in developing this new method of brokering joint ventures was to identify the 2 or 3 most profitable aspects of joint ventures and focus the entire system on those things only, while eliminating everything else.

As a result, you’re going to do a lot less work than you would with the old, conventional method… it will take you a fraction of the time to land a great JV deal… you’ll work with higher quality clients… and you’ll make more money by doing less.

And that’s a powerful combination if I’ve ever seen one!

Now, as I said, the MDJVX system is really simple. All it takes is 4 steps to do everything you need to find and close highly profitable JV deals.

So let’s take a look at the system now. I’ll start by listing all 4 steps of the system and then I’ll take you through each step in more detail.

Step 1: The Solution — The Express Rule of High-Profit Joint Ventures

Step 2: Effective prospecting for ideal JV clients

Step 3: The MDJVX sales presentation

Step 4: The “accelerator” technique for converting every JV deal from a one-shot project into multiple projects that get repeated every year

So those are the four Steps that make up the entire system. And just by looking at them, you can see that this system is extremely simple.

I’ve intentionally designed it that way so you can realistically be brokering JV deals in just a couple of weeks rather than the 3 to 6 months it typically takes. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the details for each Step.

Step 1: The Solution — The Express Rule of High-Profit Joint Ventures

As I’ve mentioned, for any business, just a small fraction of what you do produces the most sales. This is often called “The 80/20 Rule” because roughly 2 out of 10 things you do produce the majority of your results.

However, when it comes to joint ventures, the math is even more radically tilted. There are at least 14 different types of joint ventures — and many have multiple variations. Yet, in my examination of what works best and what is less effective, only one form of joint venture substantially outperforms all others.

So the actual math for joint ventures is that 95% of all your profits will come from working just with this one type of joint venture

And that’s great news, because it means that every aspect of finding and closing JV deals gets immensely easier. Plus, there’s a second mathematical tilt that works in your favor with my proprietary process…

95% of your best JV deals come from working with just one type of client

I hope you understand the full impact of this. As simple as it sounds, identifying this single type of JV deal and the single type of client that produces the greatest results took me years of trial and error.

But once you understand the profound value of this, brokering highly profitable joint ventures shifts from being a complicated challenge to a simple, repeatable and totally enjoyable process.

And it’s all done by making just a couple of small changes that deliver massive benefits.

Express Benefit #1 – You only work with one type of joint venture

Remember, every problem that derails joint ventures comes from one source only — friction between the List Side client and the Product Side client. But there is a very simple, counter-intuitive way to eliminate all of these problems and all the friction with one swift action.

And that action is to eliminate one of the sides, either the List Side or the Product Side. Which side do you think we eliminate? Take a minute to think about this and pick either the List Side or Product Side before reading the answer in the next paragraph.

The answer is that we eliminate the Product Side. Which means that the only type of JV deal you ever do is a List Side joint venture.

Why? Because the List Side already has a relationship with its subscribers and customers. And the bond of trust they’ve established is what makes it easy to sell more products and services to that list.

Express Benefit #2 — You only work with one type of client

If you’re only brokering List Side joint ventures, than the only type of client you ever want to work with is…

Get Million Dollar Joint Ventures – Bob Serling, Only Price $57

A client with a large, productive list

You see, it takes no more time to broker deals for companies with large lists than for companies with small lists. In fact, it almost always takes less time.

When you’re working with companies with large lists, the operation of the business is more stable. Without all the chaos that’s normally associated with smaller businesses, it’s much easier to close the deal and to feel comfortable that your client will actually implement the project on time.

This is critical because the bulk of your fee comes out of the profits you produce for your client. And if they don’t implement the project, you don’t make any money.

In addition, larger lists produce higher sales and profits. So your share of the profits is exponentially greater for less time and effort!

Now, this is all great, but so far it’s just theory. So let’s take a look at a case study that demonstrates how each of the Express Benefits works in the real world.

Case Study: An actual List Side only JV deal

I’m currently working with a client who has a list of 47,000 paying customers. Every one of the people on his list has actually bought something from him. So right away, I’ve accomplished both requirements for a highly profitable JV deal.

FIRST — I’m working with the List Side only as my client

SECOND — My client obviously has a large, productive list

I’m brokering deals where we’ll sell other products to his list once every month. The majority of these are other companies’ products, but some are my client’s own products.

My goal is to earn an average of 25 cents in commission for every client on his list every month as my share. Which means I’m making $11,750 per month in commissions — or $141,000 annually.

Now, it doesn’t take very many clients like this to make serious money as a JV broker. Plus, it takes very little to line up all the products or services I’ll ever need to sell to his list. All I have to do is go to Amazon or Google and search for the best-selling products in categories similar to what my client sells.

For example, if you have a client that sells a superior type of diaper for babies, it’s very easy to find dozens of other products that parents of newborns also need. And when you approach the companies that sell those other products and say, “I have a client with a list of 47,000 customers who have bought their diapers. They would like to sell your bottle warmer to their customers. Are you interested?”

What do you think the answer is going to be?

Quite frankly, you’ll never find an easier way to close a deal.

Step 2: Effective prospecting for ideal JV clients

Now that you know that the ideal JV client — and the only type of client you ever want to work with — is a company with a large list, let’s take a look at how you find this type of client on a consistent, systematic basis. There are 3 effective prospecting methods for doing this.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #1: Your existing relationships with businesses

For most people who are just starting out, this is the method I recommend using first. If you know business owners who have large lists, you’re miles ahead of the game. This is how some of my previous students have brokered highly profitable deals right away even though they had no previous experience.

For example, one of my students was a business attorney who had been in practice for many years and was making 7 figures from his law practice. He had an active client roster of hundreds of businesses.

Now, not all of these businesses had lists that were large enough to meet the qualifications we’re looking for. But enough of them did to make brokering JVs very lucrative for this student.

All he did was approach those clients who he knew had the right size lists, and using my presentation materials, offered to make their businesses much more profitable by engineering JV deals. And because of the trust he already had with his clients, he was able to put together a number of large deals right away.

Now, I don’t know the exact numbers he produced, but within six months, he had made so much money doing this and had so many other deals lined up, that he closed his law practice completely! He then devoted his time exclusively to brokering joint ventures.

For his next step, he used a complex technique called a “Constellation Joint Venture” that puts many JV partners together into a single deal. He actually had about 60 companies participating in a single deal.

That entire project took 8 weeks from start to finish. And it was a grueling, labor-intensive 8 weeks. But it was well worth it, since he made $1.4 million in profit for that 8 week period.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #2: Warm prospecting with email

This is the least effective method and it does take time and effort to do properly. However, it costs nothing and it can work well. So if you don’t already have strong connections with qualified prospects, then you’ll want to start by using this method.

Essentially, it consists of sending a very compelling email that uses specific information from the prospect’s web site and points out ways to substantially increase the profits generated by their web site. By taking the time to research this information, your email is “warm” in the sense that it is extremely personal, not just a mass mailed piece of generic copy.

When prospects see the depth of the specific details you’ve included about their site, you set yourself apart from all the generic pitches they normally receive and a number of those prospects respond by replying to your email or calling you.

Many of my students have used this prospecting method very successfully. But again, while this method does work, because you don’t already have a relationship with these prospects, this is more time consuming than the first method.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #3: Build your list
by giving away a compelling bait piece

This is the most effective method of generating a consistent stream of highly qualified prospects for your JV brokering business. And it’s the only form of prospecting I personally use anymore, because the list I’ve built from this is big enough and responsive enough to provide all the quality leads I need.

So I recommend that everyone begin to use this right from the start. However, it does take some time and effort to build a quality list, so it usually isn’t something that will generate business for you right out of the starting gate.

The process itself is simple. First, you create a compelling bait piece — a report, video, or white paper packed with really useful content.

The measuring stick you want to use is that the free content you’re giving away should make people say, “That was so great, I easily would have paid for it”. You then give this bait piece away in exchange for someone opting in to your list.

Now, there’s a lot that goes into this and I don’t possibly have time to cover it all here, but that’s a simple overview of how the process works. There’s nothing particularly difficult about it though, and anyone can do this as long as you recognize that it will take 6 to 12 months to build a list that’s large enough to replace the other two methods.

Step 3: The MDJVX sales presentation

The MDJVX Sales Presentation is based on a single core principle: No one likes being sold to.

Conventional sales presentations with their manipulative techniques, multiple “trial closes” and false urgency are no fun for your prospect to listen to. And they’re no fun for you to present.

So why do so many sales scripts use that process? It beats me, especially because it doesn’t work very well and drives away a lot of deals that you could be making.

I replace all of that high-pressure, gimmicky sales crap with a simple presentation that’s based on a diagnostic tool that allows the prospect to calculate the amount of increased profit they’ll gain based on real numbers they provide — not on some manufactured, overblown projection I’ve come up with.

Also, here’s another little secret — and a very important one.

I never refer to what we’re doing as joint ventures. Instead, I use the diagnostic tool to reveal untapped, additional profits in the client’s list, products and marketing pieces that they aren’t aware of.


Because joint ventures are misunderstood by most businesses. So the first reaction, whether it’s stated out loud or silently, is often, “No way. There are too many ways other companies can cheat me out of my fair share.”

I eliminate those perceptions by talking instead about what clients are most interested in – increasing their profits with no cost and no risk. Once this diagnostic session is completed, which takes about 15 minutes, because the prospect has defined how much profit they stand to make using their own figures, closing the deal is a simple matter of asking the client if they’d like to try to implement the JV deals on their own or if they’d like my help.

And a high percentage of the time, they choose to enlist my help.

Step 4: The “accelerator” technique for converting
every JV deal from a one-shot project into multiple projects
that get repeated every year

This final Step in the system gives you a powerful advantage that you simply don’t get from other forms of joint ventures — or other joint venture systems. Because you’re working only with List Side clients, you avoid all the complications, misunderstandings, and significant problems that normally occur when pairing two or more businesses together.

So once a deal is complete, there is rarely any negative feedback from your client. Instead, there’s a very satisfied reaction from gaining additional profits with no cost, no risk, and just a minimal amount of effort. So it’s very easy to take that exact same deal and run it multiple times every year.

This is the “accelerator” that turns every one-shot project into multiple, high-profit projects that can be run year after year

My goal for each client is to have 4 great deals that we offer to their customers, rotating through them 3 times each per year. Those deals are repeated over and over (some for many years) until the profits they produce begin to fade.

Then, I find another product to replace the fading product in the rotation. This approach makes your life infinitely easier than chasing down new projects every month for every client. And it locks in reliable profits month after month both for your client and for you.

How to start brokering JV deals of your own

So that’s how the entire Million Dollar Joint Venture Express system works. Now, with everything I’ve shared with you here, you can do this on your own with some level of success.

But quite honestly, it would take you a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. And even then, you still might not get everything right.

The other option is that you can duplicate my entire process and start closing lucrative joint venture deals in the shortest time possible by becoming a member of my Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express program.

So let me show you what’s included in this unique program.

Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express was originally presented as a 6-week coaching program priced at $5,750 per seat. It consisted of in-depth training, all the marketing tools and legal agreements you need, and personal support designed to have you successfully closing JV deals in the shortest time possible.

During this program, I shared everything I do to produce a six to seven-figure yearly income with joint ventures. And you’ll get all of this too in the new version of Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express.

You’ll be able to avoid the serious and costly errors that most people make with the conventional approach to joint ventures… focus only on those few tasks that get the best results as quickly as possible… and get personalized training, advice and support that will dramatically accelerate your success.

We’ll start with the basics and rapidly advance to the intermediate and advanced techniques. The purpose of this is to get you out in the real world brokering JV deals as quickly as possible.

Because this is accelerated training accompanied by a step-by-step blueprint for successful JV brokering, it’s quite possible for you to land your first deal within just a few weeks.

Here’s what you get in Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express
— all available on a Members Only training site

The complete set of MDJVX training materials

This includes all of the training materials that were included in my ultra-exclusive coaching program. Nothing has been left out.

This is comprehensive training with everything you need to start successfully brokering highly profitable Joint Venture deals in the shortest time possible.

Recordings of the live group coaching calls

During the coaching version of this program, I conducted three live coaching calls with the group members. Each call ran for 90 minutes.

These calls focus primarily on answering all your questions — and specifically on implementation. The key goal is to answer any question you might have and help you get as many JV deals done as quickly as possible.

All three Q&A coaching calls were recorded and are included in this program. You can listen to them online or download the audios. Either way, you’ll have access to them as often as you’d like.

The MDJVX Marketing Toolkit

This is a complete collection of every marketing piece you’ll need to broker your JV deals. You’ll get initial contact pieces, call scripts, emails, sales presentation scripts, the MDJVX Diagnostic Tool, legal agreements and more.

All documents are completely done for you. Plus, each document is in Word format so all you have to do is open a document, cut and paste and you’re ready to go.

If you were to hire a good copywriter to create a complete collection of marketing documents like this for you, the cost would easily exceed $35,000. But you get them all in cut-and-paste format as an advantage of being a member of this unique program.

BONUS #1: Real life case studies of best practices
you can model for your JV brokering business

I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to improve your success rate is by modeling the success of others, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

So this program includes case studies of some of my most successful JV deals, deals of many of my most successful students, as well as deals of the members of this group as they report back with their results. Each case study includes step-by-step instructions for ethically modeling these successful techniques for use in your own JV brokering deals.

BONUS #2: The MDJVX Quick Start Guide

While the material in Million Dollar Joint Ventures Express is specifically designed to cut your learning curve to the bare minimum, any time you start something new, it can be difficult to keep everything in order.

But that problem is solved with this short, handy guide. It lays the JV brokering process out in the exact step-by-step order you should use it in.

So you never have to worry or dig through a mountain of material to make sure you’ve got everything right. Just check the list included in this guide and you’ll always be right on track.

OK, so that’s all the components that make up the program. Now let’s take a quick tour of the actual content of the training materials.

Get Million Dollar Joint Ventures – Bob Serling, Only Price $57

Section 1: Overview of the MDJVX system and effective prospecting

In this Section, we’ll cover Step 1 and Step 2 of the four-step system.

Step 1: The Solution — The Express Rule of High-Profit Joint Ventures

I’ll cover exactly how The Express Rule of High-Profit Joint Ventures works — and most importantly, how it applies to every business. You’ll get thorough training on the single form of JV structure to use in order to find and close JV deals in weeks rather than 3 to 6 months.

You’ll also get a crystal clear definition and detailed profile of the one type of client that generates 95% of the most profitable joint ventures — the only type of client I ever work with. Next, I’ll cover a number of real world case studies you can model to find and close these types of joint ventures in the shortest time possible.

Plus, you’ll get every marketing document you need for finding and closing high-profit joint ventures.

Step 2: Effective prospecting for ideal JV clients

You’ll receive in-depth training on all 3 methods of effective prospecting for highly qualified JV clients.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #1: Your existing relationships with businesses

You’ll get my Relationship Matrix Form that makes it easy to create a long list of the existing relationships you already have. Even people who don’t think they have any existing relationships are surprised to see how well this tool produces a long list of quality connections.

Then you get the exact emails to use for contacting these prospects and getting them to eagerly agree to hear about your services.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #2: Warm prospecting with email

You’ll discover exactly how to find and contact prospects in a way that immediately converts them from cold calls to warm prospects. The difference is that warm prospects contact you and are pre-qualified and fully prepared to talk about how you can help them.

Working with this type of prospecting does require some time and effort. But at the same time, it makes it possible for anyone to prospect effectively for joint venture clients — even if you don’t have any previous experience or existing contacts.

In addition to the process itself, you also get all of the contact emails and the follow-up script done for you and ready to go.

MDJVX Prospecting Method #3: Build your list by giving away a compelling bait piece

This is my absolute favorite way to prospect and the method I’ve used to build a multi-million dollar business. You’ll receive in-depth training on every aspect of leveraging this method to build your own highly responsive prospect list.

I’ll show you how to quickly create the two types of bait pieces that have the most value to prospects. How to use these bait pieces to attract pre-qualified prospects. What traffic sources work best with this method (most of them are free).

Plus, you get copies of my own most successful bait pieces you can model… all the marketing documents you need to implement this strategy… and much more.

Section 2: The MDJVX sales presentation

This Section’s training covers the third Step of the system. You’ll receive thorough training on the exact script and MDJVX Diagnostic Tool you use to close a high percentage of JV deals without any pressure or manipulative sales tactics.

The entire script is designed to guide your client through the diagnostic process and have them determine how much your services would be worth to them. This is done using the real numbers from their own business. In this way, the client makes an informed decision based on their own real gains, not on some questionable projections you give them.

The entire process is natural, comfortable, and gets you far better results than conventional sales presentations. And of course, you get the complete script and the MDJVX Diagnostic Tool.

Section 3: Working with your JV clients — implementation techniques
and the MDJVX “accelerator” technique

Step 4: The “accelerator” technique for converting every JV deal from a one-shot project into multiple projects that get repeated every year

This final Step gives you a powerful advantage that you simply don’t get from other forms of joint ventures — or other joint venture systems. You’ll get thorough training in now to use my special “accelerator” technique to substantially increase the value of each JV deal you land.

Most conventional JV deals are one time only — you run the project, collect your commission and it’s over. However, because the Million Dollar Joint Venture Express system eliminates all the negative aspects of conventional joint ventures, your clients are actually eager to do more business with you. And the easiest and most profitable way to do this is to repeat the exact same project you’ve already done at reasonable intervals.

You’ll get everything you need to propose and close these deals, along with advice and tips for establishing the best mailing schedules. This “accelerator” technique makes your life infinitely easier than chasing down new projects every month for every client. And it locks in reliable profits month after month both for your client and for you.

This component alone will pay you far more than the cost of this program — and it’s my proprietary technique that you can only get here.

Implementation tips, strategies and System Checklist

Now that we’ve covered the entire system, I’ll give you a number of practical tips for keeping your projects on schedule, tracking your commissions, and making sure you get paid in full.

You’ll also receive a simple System Checklist that lays out the tasks for each Step all in one place for easy reference.

So that’s everything you get in this comprehensive program. And as you can see, I’m giving you every tool you need to be successful as quickly as possible.

However, I realize there’s still one point we haven’t covered yet…

So let’s deal with the burning question

The one question that I’m sure is on your mind is, “How much money can I realistically expect to make each year by brokering joint ventures?”

The fact is, there’s no way I can give you a fixed number. But what I can do is show you a range of what some of my previous students have earned — along with an important point to consider.

Example 1: One student made $8,700 for 20 minutes worth of work brokering a simple JV for his first deal.

But the really interesting part is that he did this the second day he was in bed recovering from serious back surgery — and as he says, “doped up on Vicodin”. All it took was a call to a company owner he already knew and who trusted him and the deal was done.

While $8,700 obviously isn’t a massive deal there are two important things to consider:

First — the entire deal only took 20 minutes of his time. Just a few minutes for the initial call and a few minutes to select the product to offer to his client’s list.

Second — this is just one of dozens of deals he’s done over the years, making five and six-figures on many of them.

Example 2: Another student made six-figures his first year and now makes close to seven figures every year.

The most unique part of his story is that he first started brokering JVs about 10 years ago when he was just 19 years old. He made six-figures that first year and it’s continued to grow year after year.

So how did he achieve all this? By following the simple steps in my system for brokering JVs.

Example 3: The first deal for another student made him $2,000 for just 2 hours of work.

This student wanted to start small because he was totally new to this. So he did a quick deal that only took 2 hours of this time. And he made $2,000 for that project.

I then showed him how to get $3,000 for that same 2 hours, which would be a 33% increase with no additional work. And most importantly, I also showed him how to repeat this exact same process hundreds of times with other clients.

Example 4: Another student reports on how effective the “accelerator” technique has been for him.

Because he had many existing connections to begin with, he landed his first deal within a few weeks of enrolling in the program — and that’s from the time he enrolled, not from when the program ended. Then he landed 5 or 6 more deals within another few weeks.

Plus, by using the “accelerator” technique, within 6 months, one of those deals paid him over $250,000. And as you know, when you use the “accelerator” technique most of this is done with very little additional effort.

So those are just a few examples of the results my students have shared with me. HOWEVER — and this is critical to understand — there are also many students who have made little or nothing. Which brings us to the important point to consider that I mentioned a minute ago…

As you can see, there’s a wide range of results that various students have produced. And I can’t tell you why this happens, since they’re all using the exact same system and have been through the exact same training.

My gut instinct is that it has to do with how committed they are to applying what they learn and taking action to implement the system. But I want to make sure you have as complete and realistic a view as possible, so you can make a fully informed decision.

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