Notion Mastery – Marie Poulin

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $199.00.

Notion Mastery – Marie Poulin

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $199.00.

Progress through our core curriculum at your own pace with the support of live events, office hours, and an active community of fellow learners.


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Unlock your potential with the world’s best Notion training

Streamline your workflows and learn how to build effective workspaces with the world’s leading Notion experts. Progress through our core curriculum at your own pace with the support of live events, office hours, and an active community of fellow learners.

You’ve gone down the Notion rabbit-hole but quickly got overwhelmed. You binge-watched how-to videos on YouTube for hours instead of writing those blog posts you had planned.

You see the potential of this powerful, all-in-one productivity tool, but don’t know how to fully harness it.

Maybe you tried loading some of the pre-made templates into your account, and got frustrated because they’re not useful enough on their own. They’re not part of a bigger more integrated system.

Templates ? A System
Any of these sound familiar?
You feel scattered across a ton of different tools and tech
Things often feel like they’re falling through the cracks
Your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or local files are a mess
You waste a ton of time trying to remember where you’ve saved your files
You feel overwhelmed, like you can’t keep up with your obligations
You don’t have a consistent system for saving files or tracking your tasks
You don’t have standard documentation or templates
You make lists of goals and ideas at the beginning of the year… that you never revisit again

If you find yourself feeling scattered and spread across different tools, platforms, apps, and paper planners…

We promise there is a better way.

Notion offers you a way to integrate all of your tasks, documents, activities, habits, ideas, and creativity in one place.
It’s the most versatile and customizable platform for personal and professional organization + productivity—one you can use to run every area of your life and business:

build a second brain
task management
client collaboration
strategic planning
daily journaling
documentation + SOPs
idea generation
research + exploration
content management

If you don’t already have well-established systems, processes, and routines, you’ll simply recreate the same dysfunctional patterns from your old tools within Notion.

You’ve got to design your system in order for Notion to truly shine.
That’s why I created Notion Mastery
Hi, I’m Marie Poulin, Notion Ambassador and Notion Certified Consultant.

When I tried Notion for the first time back in 2017, it didn’t quite “click.” I knew it had potential, but wasn’t sure how to harness it.

As a long-time Evernote + Asana + Dropbox + Google Drive user, I was frustrated that my planning, tasks, files, ideas, and resources felt messy and fragmented.

It wasn’t until I tried using Notion to help me manage my permaculture diploma that I began to see what was possible, and why this tool was so incredible.

I took a chance and moved everything over to Notion, and it was a complete game-changer. I was finally able to build a system that worked for my ADHD brain.

I could now visualize all my work and commitments in one place, and got better visibility into where my time and effort was going (compared to where I thought it was going).

But even with years of systems training and design experience, it was still a time-consuming challenge. Notion is wildly open-ended, and if you don’t already have well-established systems, processes, and routines, it’s easy to recreate the same dysfunctional patterns from your old tools within Notion.

Since 2019, I’ve taught thousands of people how to use Notion to design their life and business operating systems and workflows, and have built a team that specializes in workflow optimization with Notion.

We’ve condensed our best practices and workflows into a robust online course and community to support you through the process of going from scattered to streamlined with Notion.

Let us show you what is possible with this incredible tool!

“Marie is one of the most knowledgeable Notion users in the world”

“When Marie showed the Notion team what she was able to build with the product, it blew our minds. She’s both a world-class expert and an exceptional teacher who has helped hundreds of people unlock organization and productivity with Notion. She makes things possible with this product that are even beyond my imagination.”

Ivan Zhao

CEO and founder of Notion

If you’re ready to stop procrasti-planning and playing whac-a-mole with your to-do list, join us in Notion Mastery.
Conquer Notion’s learning curve

Start with a complete walk-through of Notion’s most powerful features (and wildly time-saving quirks!).

Build better planning systems

Create practical planning and review processes for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks + goals.

Reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm

Design your workflow to reduce friction and make prioritization and decision-making quicker and easier.

Design a custom workspace that works for you

Learn how to design custom dashboards that are tailor made for you and your style.

Improve team collaboration

Get everyone on the same page with stellar documentation, custom dashboards, and workflows that work.

Supercharge your knowledge management system

Improve your resource management, note-taking, and idea management.

Create a practical + sustainable workflow

Know where everything lives and minimize your decision fatigue and context switching.

Surprise + delight your clients

Share beautiful and practical collaborative dashboards with clients.

Get inspired

Get a sneak peek into a variety of workflows, examples, SOPs, and templates from community members and in our weekly office hours and workshops.

The Notion Mastery Experience

We take you through a learning progression that starts from ground zero, and has you building your workspace up across key areas of organization, including:

Self Development
Personal Productivity
Knowledge Management
Business Operations

We provide you with a component kit and guide you through a series of projects while you make the decisions and customizations that make sense for your unique needs.

Get support at each step of the journey through our helpful community, workshops, and live office hours.

The Student Journey

We provide you with a component kit and guide you through a series of projects while you make the decisions and customizations that make sense for your unique needs. Build up your databases and workspaces one area at a time to reduce overwhelm.


Your orientation to Notion. Grab the workspace components provided (or work with your own pre-existing databases), and set up your sidebar as you get ready to build up your workspace.


Build your foundational Notion skills. A triage of sorts; getting you using Notion in practical ways, getting your data into the tool as quickly as possible, while building practical pages


Manage and manipulate your data through the design of elegant dashboards across different areas of your life and business operations.


Streamline and optimize your Notion workspace with more advanced features to further customize your dashboards. Go deeper on niche use cases.

What’s Included
Notion Mastery is a semi-guided learning journey. Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.

The curriculum and templates are accessed via member invite into the Notion Mastery Notion workspace. Yes, the program is delivered entirely through Notion!

Action-focused curriculum that helps you learn by building your workspace. Learn both Notion concepts and workflow design through a combination of text, gifs, graphics, and videos.
Ongoing live trainings, workshops, and events. Access our entire training library when you join (replays available for different timezones!)
Access to private office hours twice a month to ask any questions, see examples, and trouble-shoot or problem-solve aspects of your workspace.
A supportive online forum where you can get your questions answered, get insights into other approaches and workflows, request new lessons or templates, and connect with other Notion users.
A Solves database containing a growing library of walk-throughs and answers to complex or tricky student-requested questions and scenarios.
Formula Fundamentals: a mini course that teaches you how to work with Notion’s database formulas feature.
Weekly Review Sessions: Guided time to identify any challenges or areas of improvement, update your project progress, schedule (or re-schedule) any next actions, and take a few moments to plan the following week (Currently Fridays at 12:30pm PT).
A growing resource library of templates, examples, and use cases from a variety of industries and niches.
12 months of free updates as Notion continues to add new features, and a changelog so you can keep track of course and template changes over time.
Meet the Team
Meet the Team

When you join Notion Mastery you get the support and insights of our awesome course team and community members, each bringing their own unique perspectives, insights, and events.

Marie Poulin

Creator, Instructor

Marie is the creator of Notion Mastery, leads Office Hours and curriculum development, and regularly engages in the online community. She’s got a passion for solving tricky Notion workflow challenges, so bring your questions and she’ll help you solve for your unique needs. 

Benjamin Borowski

Instructor, Formula Specialist

Ben is an official Notion Ambassador, Certified Notion Consultant, and Notion for Teams specialist. He helps teams solve complex Notion workflow challenges and use cases at scale, and runs our monthly team-focused Office Hours and workshops.

Georgia Cyr

Course Operations, Support

Georgia is an official Notion Ambassador and the operations lead behind Notion Mastery. While she’s often behind the scenes keeping our systems humming, you’ll also see her on our live calls and within the Notion Mastery community providing support to our team and students.

Ranee Joshi

Support, Solves Designer

Ranee is an advanced Notion user who helps our community problem-solve a variety of complex use cases, whether it be sorting out tricky formulas, or helping users understand how to apply best practices to unique or custom scenarios.

Who this course is for

Notion is ideal for you if you want more granular control over your task management, goal setting, and personal knowledge management systems, and value integration.

You’re a good fit for this course if:
You’re ready to commit to Notion as a key part of your technical stack.
You are the owner of your workspace, and work either solo or with a team smaller than 5.
You generally feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your current workflow, and your task list is giving you major side-eye.
You’re looking for long-term shifts in your systems and workflows, not quick fixes.
You recognize that despite all the fanciest templates, you will still need to put in the work to customize your workspace to your own needs.
You’re willing to be patient with yourself as you learn both a new tool, and a new way of being. This may involve confronting feelings of frustration or perfectionism!
You’re NOT a good fit for this course if:
You’re still on the fence about Notion, and — OH LOOK A NEW SHINY!!
You’re rushed or panicked, and don’t have time to invest in developing a workspace that works for you.
You’re trying to get a large team onboarded onto Notion quickly.
You’re looking for a quick fix for years of disorganization and lack of good systems.
You expect/require your workspace to be perfect and aren’t interested in the work of customizing your space.
You’re looking for Notion to behave exactly like all the other tools you’re used to.
You’re concerned you might be joining a cult.

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