Passion Product Formula – Travis Marziani

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $119.00.

Passion Product Formula – Travis Marziani

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $119.00.

Always Know The Next Step To Start Your Business
✔ Live Weekly Calls So You Never Get Stuck
✔ Have An Entire Community Help You Launch Your Product
✔ Short Cut Your Results With 1 on 1 Coaching
✔ Bonus Courses To Scale Your Business Beyond Amazon


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✔ Always Know The Next Step To Start Your Business
✔ Live Weekly Calls So You Never Get Stuck
✔ Have An Entire Community Help You Launch Your Product
✔ Short Cut Your Results With 1 on 1 Coaching
✔ Bonus Courses To Scale Your Business Beyond Amazon
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I Want To Share With You The Secret I Discovered

I was depressed and stuck in a dead end corporate job when I first heard of the idea of passive income. The idea is if you can create a business that runs on autopilot and gives you the money you desire, you will be able to experience the freedom of spending your time and money on the things you truly love. Inspired by this I quit my Job February 13th 2013 to start my first ecommerce business; and since then I’ve done over $5,000,000 in online sales allowing me to be my own boss, make my own hours and spend my life doing things I am passionate about. 

It wasn’t always easy, the first 6 months of starting my first business was the loneliest & most challenging period of my life. I didn’t have a mentor or anyone around me helping me to build my business. I struggled because I never knew the next step to take, and I would often go in circles wasting my time. I didn’t start having success with my business until I realized having a mentor and a community around you is the key to success.  

That is why I started this course: Passion Product Formula, to help you gain freedom through Ecommerce using the proven system I developed over the last 8 years that has helped hundreds of students quit their job and gain their freedom. I want you to be part of our growing community of Passion Product sellers that will all help you to create & launch your product and make it a success.

Old school Amazon private labeling & wholesale techniques most “gurus” are teaching just don’t work anymore . I realized if you want to make money on Amazon right now you need to create a  brand and actually create a unique product you’re passionate about.

I want to teach you how to create a passive income business you will love so you can experience the freedom you deserve.

117 Step By Step Video Lessons ($997 Value)
Lifetime Weekly Q&A Access ($997 Value)
Lifetime  Private Facebook Mastermind Membership ($997)
Step By Step Checklists To Start Your Amazon Business ($97 Value)
2 Free 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions  ($500 Value)
My Google Ads. YouTube & Facebook Course ($1,491 Value)
Bonus Shopify Marketing Course ($997 Value)

The Course
A leading Amazon FBA Course with all my proven methods and techniques that made me succeed in Amazon. A complete and comprehensive guide to support during your ecommerce journey.

Value = $997
1 on 1 Coaching Sessions
Enjoy 1 on 1 consulting calls with Travis himself or a Certified Passion Product Formula Coach. Use these opportunities to ask any more complex questions or worries you have about your business and current situation. Have them give you direct and personal advice on how you are doing and what you should be doing next or better.

Value = $500

Training Q+A Calls      (Lifetime Access)
Join the weekly Q+A calls to ask all of your questions to Travis and engage in interesting discussions with your fellow course mates, getting to know them and learning from their questions, hustles and mistakes. A truly unique opportunity that most courses don’t offer and you can have access to this amazing support for lifetime!

Value = $997
My Personal Checklists & Worksheets
Use my personal documents, checklists and spreadsheets to launch and grow your Amazon business. I have created tens of them to guide you through the journey of launching a business, from idea generators to hiring steps to a complete course checklist to always be clear on your next step!

Value = $97

Facebook Mastermind Group (Lifetime Access)
One of my favourite features of this course is the Facebook Mastermind Group, this is a place for you to network and get to know other like-minded people, engage in interesting discussions about Amazon FBA and E-commerce, share your journey and learn from other members’.

Value = $997

This Course Will Teach You:

1. How to Come Up With A Winning Product Idea (Using My Personal Formula)

 Discover how to transform your passion and hobbies into actual products that can be sold on Amazon. I will teach you my personal proven methods to find winning products that will be extremely profitable. Use my step by step process, the Idea Generator, to easily come up with tons of ideas for businesses you are truly passionate about. Create a product line and brand you love to have a business you enjoy working on.

2. How to Test To Make Sure Your Idea is Amazing

I will teach you 5 proven techniques to guarantee your product will be successful without spending a dime in product research softwares. Learn how to set up social media to validate your product idea while creating a tribe that will support you and your product through the journey. Combine all of these methods to be 100% sure your product will be successful before you even launch!

3. How to Create A Powerful Brand

I’m going to share with you 7 proven steps to creating a powerful brand. These are the same secrets that companies like Apple or Nike use to turn their customers into lifetime fans. These are tested techniques that will allow you to charge more for your product and convert customers into raving fans that will buy from you over and over again.

4. How To Get Your Product Manufactured

Finding a manufacturer is extremely easy if you know how to properly search for and contact them. I will also show you how to avoid the common pitfalls new sellers fall into costing them thousands of dollars. Learn how to build credibility, talk with confidence and handle a negotiation to be able to contact the best manufacturers and get the best possible rates for your product. 

5. How to Crowd Fund Your Idea so You Don’t Spend a Dime

I’m going to tell you a secret, you actually don’t need any money to start an Amazon business, I did it with almost no money from my pocket and I want to show you how you will do it too. Use crowdfunding to raise the capital you need for your product and build a strong following that will buy your product as soon as it launches. In the course I share the exact email templates I used to launch my Kickstarter as well as all my secrets to make sure your crowfunding campaign will blow up sice the first day. There is absolutely no risk in launching a business this way!

6. How To Properly Legally Set Up Your Business With Tricks that Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

The legal side of starting a business is usually a big unknown for new sellers. I will prove to you how you don’t need to hire a lawyer to set up your business, I will show you step by step how to get all the business licences, trademarks, paperwork and certifications you will need. Be careful because most people spend to much money in setting up their businesses, but it will be extremely simple to avoid this common mistakes and create a solid legal foundation for your business if you follow the path shown in this course.

7. Three Tricks I Used To Set Up My Product In Amazon That Tripled My Sales

 When the big day finally arrives and you are ready to launch your product on Amazon, you have to make sure to set your product up for success. Learn the secret tips and tricks I have learned over my years of selling on Amazon, to master the selling techniques of this unique platform and skyrocket your product to the top of the listings! Use my PPC techniques, SEO secrets and structure to succeed on Amazon. As any other platform, you need to make sure you know how Amazon works and what it likes and doesn’t, avoid getting stuck and not growing without knowing what you are doing wrong.

 8. How To Get a Huge Spike of Sales and Reviews from Day 1 on Amazon

The key to success on Amazon is getting a lot of sales and reviews in day 1. The stronger you enter on your first day the easier it will be to succeed in the long term and keep the momentum going. I share my proven system to get hundreths of sales in the first day by creating a following of raving fans that will buy from you and leave reviews as soon as your product goes live! 

9. Scale Your Business Beyond Amazon

Amazon is the best and quickest way of setting up a business and earning money online, but if you want to build an empire it’s important to learn the techniques to scale your business. This includes Shopify, Google and Facebook ads and YouTube. Amazon is a great platform but if you want to scale your business through the roof you will have to learn how to properly leverage the entire internet to help you market your product and grow your business-.

This Course Covers:

Module 0: Introduction

✔ Welcome to the Course: get to know how the course works and what you’ll learn

✔ The Passion Product Formula Process: My personal method I use to sell on Amazon

✔ The #1 reason most Amazon sellers fail

✔ My powerful techniques to build a Mindset ready for success

✔ The secret technique I use to reach my goals

✔ The 10 Books most important books for business success

✔ The 5 things to ensure your success during this course

Module 1: Create An Idea

✔ The obvious yet little known secret all great ideas share

✔ Start seeing ideas around you, change your brain to perceive business ideas in your everyday life

✔ How to find your multi-million idea

✔ My own product ideas, get inspiration or even steal them

✔ Product Research: Discover profitable products on-demand on the market

✔ My full proofed method for coming up with profitable ideas using the Idea Generator

Module 2: Validate Your Idea

✔ Guarantee your product will sell using my proven validation tool

✔ Ensure success by proving your product will work

✔ Create your first product, manufacture a Mock-Up of your product to test and show everyone

✔ My top 3 books that will show you how to consistently create winning products

✔ Use my 100 point product validation template to guarantee your product will be successful

Module 3: Create Your Brand

✔ Create a Powerful Brand, differentiate yourself from the competitors and have people recognise you immediately

✔ Get to know your customer, discover your ideal client and learn what makes them buy

✔ Learn how to destroy your competition by creating a unique selling proposition

✔ Design a brand that will create loyal followers

✔ Figure out the product design that will make your customers buy

✔ The book that changed my life and taught me how to create a premium brand so I could double my profit

✔ Step by step checklist for creating a powerful brand

Module 4: Create Raving Fans

 ✔ Grow A Tribe of like-minded people that love your product and will support you anytime

✔ Discover where your customers hang out online

✔ My top technique to reach out and build relationships with your ideal customers

✔ My system to collect your potential customer’s emails and handle them automaticaly

✔ Build your social media presence: start an attractive profile to show the world your passion product

✔ How to come up with killer posts for your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or your social media of choice

✔ How to powerfully leverage Facebook groups to have people support you during your launch

✔ How to scale your group like crazy to get an awesome community around your product

✔ My number one book to build relationships with your customers and turn them into raving fans 

✔ Step by step system for building your Tribe

Module 5: Create Your Business

✔ Run your business on Auto-pilot using my proven system

✔ Tripple your productivity by hiring a Virtual Assistant

✔ My system to hire a rockstar virtual assistant in half the time

✔ Avoid all legal issues with your business by properly setting up you company using my guide

✔ Get all the permits and paperwork you need to legally start your business

✔ Set up a TradeMark for half the price without hiring a lawyer

✔ Define the path your business will take towards success

Module 6: Crowd Fund

✔ The little known fact to get influencers and blogs talking about your product

✔ My exact email sequence to get your customers banging on the door the day you launch

✔ Create a Kickstarter, fund the launch with the money of your fans, to increase your leverage and assure first day sales

✔ The 3 part template to the perfect kickstarter video that will make people buy

✔ Know what to do on Launch Day, the proven procedure to follow on the most important day

✔ How to keep the momentum from the launch day going 

Module 7: Production

✔ Build credibility by identifying your products with a UPC code

✔ Find the perfect manufacturer and contact them with credibility

✔ Talk with manufacturers the right way, build healthy relationships and negotiate the best rates

✔ How to handle manufacturing problems and fix them on time to avoid massive losses

✔ How to plan production, order the right amount and get the best rates

Module 8: Amazon Launch

✔ The secret technique to maximise sales through keyword research using Amazon SEO

✔ How to launch a product on Amazon, the unique procedure to increase your sales on launch day

✔ Create your Sellers Account and set it up correctly to optimise your results and avoid problems

✔ The secret Amazon listing tricks to skyrocket your listing on the Amazon rankings

✔ Amazon’s most powerful tool, discover the magic of PPC and learn all the intricacies of this complex tool

Module 9: Bonus Shopify

✔ Take control of your customers and start selling on your own e-commerce store

✔ Understand Shopify to increase leads and create a killer system for conversions

✔ My personal tricks to design an amazing website that will show your product to the world

✔ Discover how to leverage your clients to turn them  into loyal buyers 

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