Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Khalid Hamadeh



Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Khalid Hamadeh


Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Khalid Hamadeh

After you’ve completed the Core FB Marketing Course, you will have opened up a world of possibilities. To help you scale even further, I’ve put together a set of advanced techniques in this 100% optional companion course.

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Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Khalid Hamadeh

Introducing, “Advanced Facebook Ads Course: Accelerating ROI

After you’ve completed the Core FB Marketing Course, you will have opened up a world of possibilities. To help you scale even further, I’ve put together a set of advanced techniques in this 100% optional companion course.

Course has officially launched! In the Accelerating ROI course, you’ll find tactics like:
  •  Reversing audience saturation: once your results start to slow down, here’s how to decrease your cost per purchase, increase your ROAS, and scale your revenue.
  •  iOS 14 and Onwards – Advanced Strategies: Adapting measurement, media, creative, and more – for a post-iOS14 world, and beyond that – build resilience towards future industry privacy updates.
  •  Level up your creative retargeting structure: Increase ROAS by adopting a new creative structure that converts your audience better, in a post-iOS 14 world
  •  Conversion funnel diagnostic: Identify weak points of your conversion funnel & deploy prescriptive tactics to overcome those deficiencies.

And that’s not even half of it!

This course is ideal for:

  • Intermediate & Advanced Facebook marketers
  • Spending minimum $1,000 per month on ads
  •  These tactics are not designed for beginners (the original course is better for that)

eCommerce focus, best designed for:

  • Digital marketers
  • eCommerce owners
  • Agency owners & media planners/buyers
  • Online education and Information Product marketers

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction & How To Go Through This Course(1:50)
  • Why I Built This Course(13:41)
  • Course Curriculum(3:04)

Workbook & Campaign Templates

  • Download: PDF Playbook & Workbook
  • Download: Advanced Campaign Templates

Section 1: Reversing Saturation & Unlocking Growth

  • What is Audience Saturation?(10:16)
  • Tutorial: Using The Inspect Tool(12:43)
  • Causes of Saturation & How to Audit(16:48)
  • Action Plan & Unlocking Growth(29:54)
  • Region Expansion & Campaign Structures(12:08)

Section 2: Purchase Data Segmentation

  • Purchase Data Segmentation Intro(3:23)
  • Segmentation Matrix(9:06)
  • Advanced Prospecting Campaign Structures(10:41)

Section 3: Retention & Loyalty Structures

  • Intro to Retention Strategy(7:32)
  • Dedicated Retention Structures + V1 Campaign(12:31)
  • Email Marketing Sequence(4:49)
  • Advanced Retention & Loyalty Structures (V2 + V3)(17:05)

Section 4: Retargeting – ROAS Optimizations

  • Retargeting Optimizations, Frequency, Lookback Windows(22:13)
  • Supporting Tactics + Cross-Channel Principles(14:53)
  • The iOS 14 Retargeting Gap(13:20)
  • Advanced Retargeting Campaign Structures(19:55)

Section 5: Conversion Funnel Diagnostic

  • Conversion Funnelling Tactic Overview(15:21)
  • Tutorial: Custom Metrics in Ads Manager(14:15)
  • The Conversion Funnel Diagnostic Tool(12:09)
  • Path-to-Purchase Optimization Tactics(24:50)

Section 6: Advanced Creative Structures & Competitive Evaluation

  • Creative Variation Strategy(20:54)
  • Case Study, Execution, Examples(19:51)
  • Competitive Evaluation Methods(14:39)

Section 7: Creative Optimization & My Copywriting Formula

  • Converting Features Into Benefits(8:55)
  • My Copywriting Formula(11:49)
  • Creative Optimization Checklist(15:59)

Section 8: iOS 14 & Future Tracking Updates

  • Intro + Scoping the Impact of iOS 14.5(18:46)
  • The Consequences of iOS 14.5(15:48)
  • Future Updates: The “Death of the Cookie”(8:53)
  • Comprehensive Action Plan(21:55)
  • Retargeting, Front-Loading PII Collection(12:08)
  • Offline Events & UTM Parameters(19:04)
  • Tutorial: FB’s Dynamic UTM Builder(5:08)
  • Measurement Mapping & CAPI(13:00)
  • Colleague Perspectives & Key Takeaways(9:23)

Section 9: Conversions API (CAPI)

  • What is CAPI? How It Works & Key Benefits(18:05)
  • Tutorial: Setting up CAPI with Shopify(3:05)
  • Integration Options + Best Practices(25:02)

Section 10: Overcome Scale Risk With Cost Capping

  • Combatting Scaling Risks & Inefficiencies(12:13)
  • Should You Use Cost Capping?(5:59)
  • My Strategy For How to Roll Out Cost Capping(9:08)
  • Minimum ROAS Capping (Value-Based)(8:27)
  • Parallel Structors, Proxy Capping, and Key Takeaways(9:10)

Brand + DR Strategy

  • The Impact of Branding on DR(7:12)
  • Performance Branding(4:50)
  • The 4 V’s: Vision, Voice, Values, Visuals(18:53)
  • Ad Optimum’s Research & Key Takeaways(3:10)


  • Congratulations on Completion of the Course(1:08)

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