Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo



Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo


  1. You only have one chance to make a conversion. There’s only one point in this funnel where you get to promote an offer
  2. After you make the sale, that’s it….
    It’s the advertiser who has their contact information and gets to market to them over, and over again.
  3. There aren’t that many “levers” to increase your profit.
    Yes you can create better ads and landing pages, but they’re not a huge advantage if someone else can rip them off.

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How to Build Profitable Six-Figure Campaigns WITHOUT Cloaking, Shady Offers, or Dropshipping

  • STOP living campaign to campaign and START building assets
  • MASTER how to drive HIGH-QUALITY traffic
  • START having consistency in your campaigns

Introducing the LEAD GEN ENGINE™

The detailed online course that’s designed to take someone from zero to profitable in 2019 using white hat strategies.

This is the A-to-Z guide that you’ve been wishing for.

Less theory, more examples. Learn from recent case studies.

This system will work…

  • Even if you’ve never launched an affiliate campaign before
  • Even if you don’t have any technical skills
  • Even if you’re not a great copywriter

This is a NEW way of running campaigns that fixes all the problems of traditional CPA campaigns.

We’re bold enough to call it Affiliate Marketing 2.0.

Get Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo, Only Price $227

Do you remember how excited you were when you first discovered Affiliate Marketing?

You knew that there were a lot of options when it came to making money online, but affiliate marketing stood out because:

  • You don’t have to deal with the headaches of inventory, clients, and customers. You just focus on marketing
  • You specialize in paid traffic. This means you don’t have to spend years creating free content
  • You’re not trading your time for money like a freelancer or a consultant. Once a campaign becomes profitable, you’ll be making money while you’re sleeping.
  • And one of the best parts is flexibility. You don’t have to waste hours a day stuck in traffic. Work WHEN you want. Work WHERE you want

Sounds amazing, right?

But as you start trying to learn affiliate marketing, you start to realize that things are a lot harder than you imagined.

As a newbie, it can feel like you’re on your own and no one really wants to help you.

You’ll join some forums or Facebook groups hoping to find some information, but it feels like the blind leading the blind.

Everyone’s giving bad information to one another, and you don’t know who to trust.

Following the wrong advice means you’re going to lose money.

And it feels like the people who actually ARE making money are keeping all the secrets to themselves. So it starts to feel like a secret society, and you’re an outsider.

You have the ambition and the work ethic, but you can’t go 100% unless you know you’re on the right path.

Can you relate?

It’s rough out there for a newbie. I get it.

And what if you’re one of those guys who has figured out how to become profitable?

First of all, congratulations!

But if you’re like a majority of affiliates, lately it feels like feast or famine.

Life’s awesome when the campaigns are crushing it, but in the back of your mind you’re constantly wondering “How long is this going to last?”

And something always happens.

You’ll catch yourself worrying “I hope my account doesn’t get banned!” or find yourself thinking “The offer’s down? I just started running it!”

Consistency is a problem in this space.

One reason is that your winning angles and landing pages are all over the spy tools, making it easy for copy and paste affiliates to rip off your hard work.

If your top offer goes down, then your entire campaign might be dead. Sometimes the alternative offers just aren’t good enough, so now it’s time to start over again.

And if you’re crushing it, you might be using some tactics that are on the aggressive and shady side.

Sure, it’s making money, but in the back of your mind, there’s the fear of being sued.

Is this something that you’ve been worried about before?

Or maybe you’re starting to get burned out from playing a “cat and mouse” game with the traffic source, and you’re wondering whether there’s a long-term future in this.

Making a ton of money is great, but we all want to build something that lasts, right?

There’s an unspoken truth right now in affiliate marketing: it’s going through MASSIVE changes this year.

They’re the type of changes that are going to affect this space for years to come.

Here’s what I mean:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2001 - BoxSkill

Take a look at these headlines that came out a few months ago.

What can you conclude?

Governments are putting massive pressure on traffic sources to clean up their acts. This means stricter policies and rules.

It’s easy to see that the industry’s heading towards becoming more white hat.

Have you noticed this trend?

Some of the shady tactics that affiliates have been using the past few years just won’t work anymore.

The higher-converting offers of the past are finding it harder and harder to get merchant processing.

I know a lot of people tried out e-commerce and Shopify dropshipping the past few years, but the model has become oversaturated.

Profit margins for dropshipping are disappearing.

And no one signed up to deal with the headaches of customers complaining about long delivery times.

Am I right?

I’m painting a grim picture here.

And I know what you’re thinking: ”Is affiliate marketing dead?”

NO, IT ISN’T. Not by a long shot.

Whenever there are BIG changes, there are BIGGER opportunities.

While most people will say that the industry is “dead,” there are always a few affiliates who see—and seize—the opportunity.

They ADAPT and crush it.

While some guys are complaining and wishing things were like they were in the “good old days,” another group of people see an opportunity and spring into action.

They start experimenting with NEW strategies.

Yes, affiliate marketing is frustrating right now. But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make money in a way that didn’t require cloaking or running aggressive offers?

That means instead of wasting time trying to hide from the traffic sources, you can put all of that time effort into marketing.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re living campaign to campaign, and as soon as your campaign dies, you don’t have anything to show for it.

That’s a frustrating feeling, isn’t it?

But what if you could run campaigns in such a way that allows you to build assets?

Imagine being able to make money from that campaign that you stopped running last year!

It seems too good to be true, right? But this isn’t a fantasy.

This is how some super affiliates are making money right now.

Are you interested in learning how?

Keep reading!

By the way, let me introduce myself.

If you’re reading this, th en you probably already know who I am.

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2002 - BoxSkill

My name’s Charles Ngo, and I’ve built a strong reputation for excellence in affiliate marketing over the past decade.

I started running my own campaigns over a decade ago and have generated millions in profit doing so.

I’ve gained recognition in the industry from my blog and from speaking at the best conferences this industry has to offer.

And a few years ago, I started my second company, AFFcelerator, where I taught my methods to a select group of students.

I’m proud of my success, but I’m even prouder knowing that I’ve helped create several millionaire students from my methods.

So, check it out.

In 2017, I held one of my Super Affiliate Intensive Workshops in San Diego.

It was a three-day, face-to-face program where I taught students everything I know about affiliate marketing. (Btw, I stopped offering this program in 2018.)

A ton of amazing students took part in that workshop, but two guys stood out to me.

These two guys were asking me questions non-stop. They were like sponges, soaking up every bit of knowledge that they possibly could over the course of the three-day workshop.

Their names? Peter and Tyler Day.

I just knew they were going to crush it judging by the types of questions they asked.

Several months later, I hopped on a call with them to see how they were doing.

My jaw dropped.

Before taking my Super Affiliate Intensive, they were doing around $3,000 a day in revenue.

They took everything they learned from me, applied it to their campaigns, and added in ruthless aggression.

In 2018, they scaled some of their campaigns to $30,000 a day.

I know plenty of guys doing those kinds of numbers, but they’re (A) doing it in a black hat manner or (B) doing some Shopify Dropshipping with massive revenues, but barely any profit.

Peter and Tyler said, “Nope, we’re not doing either of those options. “

I started trying to pick apart their strategies.

The more that I picked their brains about their system, the more I realized that this was the “next wave” in affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the results that they’ve gotten so far in the previous months. This system is what’s working NOW.

In fact, their revenue numbers are much higher than what’s shown here. Due to NDA’s, they’re unable to show income derived from joint ventures with their email lists.

In the past month:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2003 - BoxSkill

In Quarter 4 2018:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2004 - BoxSkill

Revenue from a single day in January 2019:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2005 - BoxSkill

Get Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo, Only Price $227

Affiliate Marketing 2.0 in a Nutshell

You might be wondering what this mysterious system is and how it works.

Well, I’m going to explain it to you rather than hype it up.

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s what a traditional affiliate marketing 1.0 model looks like.

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2005 - BoxSkill

You buy traffic, send them to your landing page, and then you send them to the offer page hoping they convert.

This is a simplified model, but most campaigns work this way.

This makes sense so far right?

And it has made A LOT of money the past decade.

But looking at the model, some flaws are obvious.

  1. You only have one chance to make a conversion. There’s only one point in this funnel where you get to promote an offer
  2. After you make the sale, that’s it….
    It’s the advertiser who has their contact information and gets to market to them over, and over again.
  3. There aren’t that many “levers” to increase your profit.
    Yes you can create better ads and landing pages, but they’re not a huge advantage if someone else can rip them off.

You’re super reliant on one offer, and your only “lever” is to get a pay bump.

Are you following what I’m saying?

Just because it has made people a lot of money the past decade, doesn’t mean it’s the perfect model.

Times are changing, and it’s time to adapt.

You know why CPC’s keep rising each year? It’s not just because there are more affiliate marketers in the space.

Mega companies like Samsung, Apple, and Netflix are buying more ads which drives the prices up.

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2006 - BoxSkill

If costs are going up, then the only way to stay profitable is to increase your revenue right?

What happens if you’re using the traditional CPA model?

You don’t have many options of increasing your revenue outside of a “pay bump.”

So, what the Day brothers did was figure out a way to combine affiliate marketing with email funnels, in order to generate more conversions per customer.

Here’s the Lead Gen Engine Model in a nutshell:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2007 - BoxSkill

Take a minute to look at this diagram.

Don’t worry if it looks complicated, we’ll break everything down step by step.

But looking at this diagram you can already see how many more opportunities you have for the conversion.

Let me explain how the system works:

You’re Running White Hat, Lead Generation Offers

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2008 - BoxSkill

This system focuses on promoting white hat lead generation offers.

Lead generation means you get paid when someone fills in their contact information (name, address, phone number, etc.)

These offers are much easier to convert because you’re not trying to make a sale. You don’t have to convince anyone to whip out their credit cards.

You’re just getting them to fill in a form and you get paid.

What do I mean by white hat?

It means that you’re promoting an offer that’s allowed by the traffic source.

One misconception is that people assume that ALL lead gen offers are white hat. Not true.

We want to avoid some lead gen offers like biz opp products and credit cards. Running those kinds of offers can be risky and can cause your account to be banned.

Can you imagine the headaches of your account getting banned?

Instead, we think you should work WITH the traffic source and think long term.

Some white hat lead generation offers we recommend include:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2009 - BoxSkill

See that?

Fill out a few fields and you get paid.

That’s much easier to convert than trying to convince someone to whip out their credit card right?

Also…notice anything about the offers mentioned? None of these are fad or trendy offers.

They’re evergreen. These are solid offers that have been around for the past decade, and will still stick around.

That means if you’re going to put the work in on these offers, it can last for a long time. I don’t see a future where people will stop wanting mortgages or car insurance.

You’re Buying High-Quality, Targeted Traffic

Where are the customers coming from?

This system focuses on Facebook as a traffic source – they have the high quality of traffic anyone where the best targeting ability.

I’ve seen some people want to make money WITHOUT Facebook. I can understand that they can be difficult to work with sometimes.

But almost all the top affiliates in the world still choose to work with Facebook.


Because other traffic sources like pops, native, etc. come with their own set of problems such as…

Low QUALITY Traffic

Some traffic sources are plagued with fraud and non-converting traffic.

(Traffic sources are made up of different websites. These websites get paid whenever someone clicks on their banners right? Well, some of these websites try to cheat the system by hiring people to click the ads all day. Trust me, none of these guys are interested in signing up for your offer)

You can spend $100 on traffic and $24 of the traffic was fake bot traffic.

It’s a LOT harder to profit right?

Yea it sucks, but a lot of traffic sources don’t have the resources and technology to prevent this from happening.

Low Amount of Traffic

You’re probably not putting in all this work to make $50 a day right?

Well, if you choose to work with a smaller traffic source, some of them may not have the VOLUME for you to make four figures a day.

I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Someone decides to start on a smaller traffic source. They eventually understand it and start profiting.

The problem?

They can’t generate more than a few hundred bucks a day because there’s just not enough traffic.

So, they have to start all over again on a new traffic source. All their knowledge ends up wasted.

Isn’t that a huge waste of time?

If that’s the case, why not start on the best traffic source in the world?

Few Targeting Options

 Most traffic sources out there don’t have much targeting ability beyond what websites your ads appear on.

This is a big problem because you’re promoting lead generation offers.

If the advertiser says your lead quality sucks, they’re going to cut you off from the offer. No one offers more precise targeting options than Facebook.

Internal Traffic Teams

Did you know some traffic sources have an internal media buying division?

It’s an uncomfortable truth in this space – some traffic sources have teams within the traffic source running affiliate marketing campaigns.

It’s a way for them to generate more profit.

Do you know where they’re getting their campaigns from? Guys like us.

They’re watching everything that affiliates are doing on their platform.

And guess what?

They’ll use your creatives against you, look at your profitable SITE ID’s, and play dumb. It’s hard to compete against these guys since they have drastically cheaper traffic costs (they own the traffic source).

Do you think this isn’t fair?

They don’t care. It’s all about the money.

So why put yourself in a no win situation?

Anyways, Facebook isn’t the perfect traffic source. But I rather deal with them, than have to deal with the problems of working with smaller traffic sources.

Build an Asset by Using an Opt In Page

You got the traffic? Good.

Now it’s time to send them to a solid landing page.

Most traditional CPA methods send someone to a landing page, and immediately try to get the conversion.

This system focuses on OPT IN pages.

Instead of immediately going for the sale, you’re going to capture their email address.

This is the key that lets you promote to the person over and over again ( )

Automated Profits Using Email Funnels

This is the part that’s drastically different than traditional CPA campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make money MULTIPLE times from a customer, instead of just once?

You can do this because you captured their email address.

Once you have their email, your software (email marketing provider) can send a series of messages automatically.

The first few days you’re going to focus on giving the user VALUE. You’ll send them some beneficial information so that you’re start to build the relationship and trust.

In fact, they’ll start WANTING you to email them.

After a few days you can start printing money.

Imagine if someone is interested in learning more about universities.

In traditional CPA, you would send them to ONE offer and hope that they convert right?

Now think about a different scenario.

What if they give you their email address, and you start sending them valuable information about universities.

You’ve build a relationship and rapport. From there you can recommend multiple universities.

Last time I checked, the average person applies to five different universities.

If someone signs up to five of your offers, how much money can you make?

Now think about what kind of advantage you have over other people promoting a single offer.

Earn Passive Income with Joint Venture Partnerships

You’re going to start to build a massive email list – you can think of it like having your own traffic source (but without the random bans and any competition).

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you have OTHER experts help you make money, that aren’t employees.

Let’s say you have an email list of 100,000 people. Now you can partner with other email experts.

They go out and find offers, they write the emails, and they focus on making money. Whatever they make, you get 50%.

What’s the benefit of this?

It gives you the space to conquer.

By now, your campaign should be massively profitable. Whatever happens in this stage is just a bonus.

That means you can focus on launching new campaigns and build new lists.

Imagine having a campaign that you stopped running two years ago, but you’re still getting monthly commissions for it.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

That’s true passive income.

Oh by the way, this email list can be something that you sell.

That’s the Entire System in a Nutshell.

You can see that this is a drastically different approach than what traditional affiliate marketers do.

Get Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo, Only Price $227

The Benefits of the System

LOVE affiliate marketing.

It’s provided me a method to make more money than I ever thought was possible for myself, while letting me live in a way that’s completely free.

But let's face it – there are a lot of downsides when it comes to running CPA campaigns the traditional way.

I want to get into the reasons why I feel this system fixes all the problems, and why it should be your focus.

You’re Not Relying on a Single Offer

There’s a term in business called the “Single Point of Failure.”

It means if one part of the system is broken, then everything stops working.

It’s kinda like running a pizza shop with only one oven. What happens if that oven stops working?

Sorry, but you’re not making any sales that day. Everything STOPPED because one part of the system broke.

Has this ever happened to you in affiliate marketing?

You’re promoting a HOT offer, but for some reason it goes down: Maybe the advertiser ran out of budget or they’re having merchant processing issues.

This sucks right?

You’re probably going to test out other offers, but sometimes you’ll into a situation where you just can’t get profitable with these other offers.

And now your campaign is 100% dead.

Your traffic’s awesome. Landing pages, angles, and ads still work. But the offer failed and everything else stops.

Can you imagine this happening to you?

Let’s go back to the oven in the pizza shop example. That’s easily solved by having a backup oven. If the main one has an issue, then you’re still making money.

With this method, it’s like having 5 pizza ovens instead of one.

No one’s going to sign up for five offers on a single landing page.

However this system captures their email address. Builds the relationship. And you’re asking them to sign up for the offers over several days.

And let’s talk about how to get paid more.

Traffic costs keep rising each year. One way to remain profitable is to get paid more.

Well, for most people, their only leverage is to get a “pay bump.”

If everyone else is running the same offer and getting paid the same then there’s no strategic advantage there.

Are you following me?

This system gives you MORE way to make money beyond a pay bump.

Well, imagine promoting 10+ different offers instead of just one.

You can make more money with pay bumps, promoting more offers, writing better emails, etc.

While your competition is begging for a pay bump, you’re strategically thinking instead about how to increase the Lifetime Customer Value.

Does this make sense?

You’re Promoting Everything in a White Hat Manner

If you look at the “top offers” report from affiliate networks over the past few years, you might have noticed that it’s full of shady and aggressive offers.

Healthy and beauty trials, iPhone sweepstakes campaigns, your phone might have a virus campaigns, etc.

You’ve noticed this before right?

If you’re promoting these offers, then you’re taking on a TON of risk. You risk your accounts getting shut down, and you might even be risk lawsuits / fines if you get caught.

Can you imagine if this happened to you?

And if you choose to embrace this path, you’re spending so many resources trying to keep up with accounts.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you just focused on marketing?

With all these regulations, it’s not secret that going white hat is the future.

You’re Building a Long Term Asset with the Email List

What happens if your affiliate marketing campaign dies?

You stop making money, simple as that.

Well, this new process involves using paid traffic to generate an email list.

So even if your campaign dies, now have an email list containing thousands of people who are interested in hearing from you.

It’s as simple as:

Charles%20Ngo%20%E2%80%93%20Affiliate%20Marketing%202 0%2010 - BoxSkill

You don’t need to submit ads. You don’t have to worry about bidding wars.

Wouldn’t that add a lot more consistency to your business?

You’re Building a MOAT Against Competitors

Here’s a brutal truth: If you have a profitable campaign, then the “copy and paste” affiliates will rip your campaign.

Am I right?

I love the convenience of spy tools, but they’ve made it easier than ever for people to just copy each other.

If everyone’s copying each other, then it’s just a race to the bottom.

And if an offer is blowing up, then affiliate managers have an incentive to get as many people running the offer as possible.

You’ve noticed this right?

Let me ask you this

What is your competitive advantage if other people can have access to the same offer that you’re running, and they can rip off your ads / angles / landing pages?

Having additional layers such as your emails, your relationship with your email list, running multiple offers, gives you a moat.

Doesn’t all this give you a stronger defense against copy and paste affiliates?

Once you have built up a massive email list, it’s kinda like you have your own traffic source WITHOUT competition.

An Idea That Became Way Bigger Than We Imagined

I’ve always prided myself on having the best affiliate marketing blog in the industry.

Affiliate marketing is tough to learn, and if I can make it easier for some people, then that gives me some purpose in this world.

I’m getting emails on a consistent basis from people about their struggles.

The newbies don’t know what to do.

Blackhat guys can’t make their methods work anymore.

And the Shopify dropshipping guys are starting to become unprofitable.

So it seems like the timing is right for a new method.

That’s when I realized the Day brothers system was the future of affiliate marketing (and barely anyone knows about it)

It solves all the problems of affiliate marketing.

So, I approached the Day brothers about sharing their system on my blog as a series of guest posts.

We’d cover just the BIG IDEAS.

But as we started working on the articles, we realized that we had a LOT MORE to teach than would ever fit into a series of posts.

And you can imagine how difficult it would be to teach these concepts without examples, videos, screencasts, etc.

But that was starting to become a lot more work than we were willing to put in. That’s when we realized we had the opportunity to turn this into an online course.

We each had hesitation.

The Day brothers naturally worried about the increased amount of competition, and exposing their system to the world.


There’s a reason why I’ve never created an online course before – I’m an extreme perfectionist.

If you know me, I always go the extra mile in anything that I do. I refuse to exchange my hard built reputation for a quick payday.

We went back and forth for a few months. Ultimately, we realized that the industry needed this, and it’s something that we were all genuinely challenged by, and excited to build.

This program has taken six months of non-stop work to create.

Me and my team absorbed everything that the Day Brothers know. I broke things down into an actual system, and I expanded / filled in the gaps of their system.

We’ve invested close to six-figures of our own money into the labor, building out the back end, professional videographers, quality designers, and more.

I can say without hesitation that this is the best online course ever created for affiliate marketing.

Are you ready to learn about the program?

Announcing The Lead Gen Engine

The 6-week Training Program That Teaches You Step by Step, EXACTLY How To Make Money Using 100% White Hat Strategies in Lead Gen.

You’ll have EVERYTHING that you need to become profitable in affiliate marketing. This is the program that perfectly blends theory and real world action.

Get Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo, Only Price $227

Go Inside the Lead Gen Engine™

I’ve never created an online course before.

Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into creating a world class flagship course, and on top of that, I’m an extreme perfectionist.

If someone’s going to invest their money into me, I need to make sure they get 10x their money’s worth.

You appreciate this mentality right?

I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved that with the creation of the Lead Gen Engine.

I hate courses with lazy powerpoint slides. We went the extra mile to make the content easy to understand, and easy on the slides.

The course itself took over six months to build with the efforts of 10+ people. We’ve invested over six-figures into the development of the course to make sure that it meets our premium standards.

The Lead Gen Engine contains videos, over the shoulder screencasts, case studies, printable worksheets, and more.

Everyone learns differently.

Watch the videos. Download the videos. Read the Transcripts. Listen to the MP3’s.

This course takes place over six weeks (but you do have lifetime access to the program).

Any shorter then it would’ve been information overload.
Any longer then it would’ve start boring some of the MASSIVE action takers.

Here’s what’s included in the program:


Start up, Introduction to the System, and How to Find Hot Offers

This program begins with several orientation videos. We share with you how the program was designed, and the best way to approach the content.

Next, I’ve always believed that having the right mindset is the foundation of success. We spend some time going into some of the most important mindsets that we’ve discovered for affiliate marketing success.

Next the content:

  • Lead Generation 101. How does the entire business model work from the advertiser, to the affiliate network, to us, and the audience
  • We go into different examples of verticals and offers that are making money right now
  • Examples of what Facebook likes and doesn’t like in our experience
  • We know giving you 10 different verticals that could work can lead you to a state of analysis paralysis. If we had to recommend JUST ONE for you to start with, it would be THIS
  • Which Affiliate networks have the best lead generation offers. We narrowed it down to three, and give you tips on how to get accepted
  • The formulas we use to choose which offers to run
  • Affiliate networks vs going direct. We show you different ways to go direct when the time’s right


Create Converting Landing Pages and Automated Email Sequences

You’ve found the offer that you want to promote. Awesome!

Now it’s time for us to create landing pages to capture emails.

Imagine creating landing pages so compelling that people will WANT to give you their emails addresses and they’ll LOOK FORWARD to reading your emails.

We know how intimidating landing pages can be.

That’s why we went the extra mile to create over the shoulder screencasts to walk you through anything that’s technical.

Next is we’ll go into everything that you need to know about emails and email sequences.

In this module we’ll include:

  • The Essential Landing Page Tools: We’ll share the tools that we use in the campaigns, plus cheaper versions
  • The 9 Step Conversion Checklist: ALL landing pages that we use must include these 9 things. One of them is URGENCY. Instead of just saying it and calling it a day, we’ll show examples of it in action
  • Over the shoulder walkthroughs on setting up and hosting your landing pages. If you’re experienced then this part won’t be that helpful. But we decided to include this section due to our commitment in making this course accessible to everyone
  • BONUS: DOWNLOAD three landing pages that we’ve actually used. You’ve learned the theory, now see actual examples of it in action
  • The EXACT schedule we use to email. How long and how often
  • Not all of your emails will land in their inbox
  • Learn some legal, easy to implement tricks we’ve discovered to increase your email deliverability rate


Launching Campaigns on Facebook

All this is useless unless you know how to drive high quality traffic TRAFFIC, at a cost low enough for you to be profitable.

Love them or hate them, Facebook is the best traffic source in the world and the core traffic engine of this program.

I’m going to be blunt:

If you were to take out all the Facebook content and put it into its own course, it would be the best Facebook course on the market.

  • Your Facebook Fan Page Matters! Learn the best practices on developing a Facebook Fan Page that helps increase your conversion and build a brand
  • Do you know how to structure your campaign, ad sets, and ads? If you don’t know how to structure it then Facebook’s algorithm can’t give you solid traffic. 
    Learn the EXACT framework we recommend.
  • How to properly utilize the Facebook Pixel. We’ll teach you all the settings we use so that FB’s algorithm can find you the most targeted, and highest quality traffic
  • Are you worried about your Facebook ads account being shut down?
    Even though everything that we’re teaching is “whitehat”, there are easy to fall into mistakes that could cause your account to be banned. 
    Learn some of our best practices to avoid unnecessary Facebook shutdown.
  • How to brainstorm angles for your Facebook ads (Hint: there are ways to come up with unlimited angles even if you’re not a creative person)
  • Facebook has so many options now for running ads.
    Learn which type of Ads the day brothers focus on.
  • The single most powerful way we’ve discovered to target our audience on Facebook
  • What Campaign Objectives to choose when you launch – each one DOES affect the type of traffic you get and your costs. Learn what we use
  • The Facebook Launch Gameplan. A step by step process you can follow from beginning to end to launch your Facebook Campaigns


Analyzing Facebook Data, Optimizing, and Scaling

Buying traffic means you’re buying data.

You need to understand the data and be able to analyze it in order to know what to do next.

We have an entire section dedicated to understanding the numbers and how to make decisions from them.

And lets keep it real – you’re not here to JUST make $100 a day right?

We’ll teach you how to systematically scale your campaigns so you can get more traffic WITHOUT losing profits.

Profitable campaigns aren’t discovered…they’re built through optimization. Learn the exact split tests, in which order, that you need to do to become profitable.

  • How can you tell if your campaign has the potential to do well? 

    Easy…benchmarks. Learn the Key Metrics and Formulas that the Day brothers are looking for in their campaigns.

  • Do you get STUCK when your campaigns are unprofitable? We’re going to walk you through the immediately split tests you should be doing next
  • Is your campaign PROFITABLE? Awesome! Learn what the next steps are so that you can SCALE to five figures a day and STAY profitable
  • The SIX Methods of Scaling on Facebook – and how to increase your volume WITHOUT losing profitability


Maximizing Your List + Detailed Case Studies

By now your campaign should be profitable.

However, by using paid traffic, you’re starting to build a massive email list. An Asset.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an expert monetize? It’s like you have an employee working for you…(without the hassles that comes with an employee).

  • How to find Email Experts to partner up with. We’ll give you advice on how to set up the deals, and what mistakes to avoid
  • There are a lot of email rules and regulations. Learn our best practices to email in a COMPLIANT way. (NOTE: We will tell you EXACTLY what we do, but always consult your own lawyer because we all live in different areas and have different business structures)
  • Too busy to manage and email your lists? Fortunately you’ve built an asset that’s worth a lot of money. Learn where you can sell your list and how to evaluate how much it’s worth

And finally…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually learn from real case studies showing the theory in action?

And would you rather see old case studies from several years ago, or recent ones?

You want to see recent ones of course.

This is the Lead Gen Engine difference.

We’ll provide four detailed profitable, case studies.

They’re all from 2018 which means that the strategies still work.

They’re all from different verticals so you can see how this system works for any offer.

Learn how the Day brothers selected the offers, optimized their campaigns, how they scaled it.

Get detailed by seeing actual ads and landing pages used.

If you’ve ever wondered how super affiliates take a campaign from Idea to 5-figures+ Profit step by step, then this section was made for you.


Campaign Troubleshooting, The Vault, Bonuses, and Closing

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson.

Things don’t always go according to plan.

You know who the worst affiliates are? They’re the ones who get excited…launch…and if the campaign isn’t profitable…they go ask their affiliate manager “what’s hot” and start the process all over again.

The problem is they’re depending on luck, and not developing a critical skill set.

The ABILITY to troubleshoot a campaign is what separates the average affiliates from the Super Affiliates.

We’ve collected a list of the most common issues with running a LGE style of campaign, with solutions.

Extra Bonuses

We understand that the most important thing is to give you a proven system, teach it to you, and give you guys case studies to learn from.

But what else could we do to help you increase your odds of success?

That’s when we brainstormed these bonuses that you’ll get.

6 LIVE Question and Answer Sessions

Once a week, for six weeks, we’ll be doing a live webinar where we’ll be answering your most pressing questions.

Would you benefit from hearing the answers from OTHER people’s questions?

And what if you’re busy and can’t make it to one?

Don’t worry, each one will be recorded and uploaded into the backend for you to watch anytime.

VIP Treatment at Select Affiliate Networks

As you know, high-quality affiliate network relationships are critical to your success.

Affiliate managers deal with hundreds of affiliates each, and relationships can take time to build.

Have you ever felt like you needed more support from your affiliate manager, but you didn’t get any because you didn’t send any traffic yet?

It’s a catch 22.

There is a shortcut!

The Lead Gen Engine has hand selected three elite affiliate networks to work with.

These networks specialize in white hat lead gen offers. They’ve gotten early access to the program and are familiar with the methodology we teach.

When they see that you’re a Lead Gen Engine student, they’ll know you mean business and that you have potential.

You’ll be getting the VIP treatment from day one, even if you’ve never worked with them before.

80 / 20 Copywriting Mini – Course

There’s going to be some writing involved if you’re in this space. You have to write headlines, write landing page copy, and write emails.

We’ve gone ahead and put together a copywriting mini-course.

Formulas. Cheat sheets. Psychology.

It’s the 80 / 20 of the 80 / 20 when it comes to Copywriting.

The Lead Gen Engine Private Facebook Group

Get Instant access to the Lead Gen Engine community (in the form of a private Facebook group).

You’ll network with me, the Day Brothers, Curated affiliate managers, other 7-figure affiliates, and other students such as yourself.

Don’t go through the journey alone. Get access to a squad.

Get Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – Charles Ngo, Only Price $227

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