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"With Just 3 Quick "Follow-Along" Ab Workouts Per Week, Even The Most Stubborn Belly Fat Doesn't Stand a Chance."

New and improved! The amazing abdominal training system that melts up to 48 POUNDS and tightens your abs in just 12 weeks – without starvation diets…without sit-ups…and without a single bout of long, boring cardio!

From this moment on…

Forget everything you have ever heard or read about how to lose belly and get strong, toned abs. Forget everything you have ever believed about how sit-ups supposedly help you get great abs…how lots of cardio helps you melt away belly fat…and how a pseudo-starvation diet is mandatory to finally seeing your long lost abs.

Because – starting right now – you are about to enter into a new world of abdominal possibilities. A world where “old school” back-breaking ab exercises are transformed into NEW core strengthening miracles…

A world where long, tedious workouts are transformed into quick, and FUN fat-blasting bullets…

A world where you don’t have to eat like a carb-deprived fitness model and still lose inches from your waist – almost effortlessly.

If you’re frustrated with stubborn belly fat that doesn’t seem to budge, no matter how hard you try…

If you feel lost and confused about how to get rid of that belly fat or get sexy-looking abs…

And if you’ve tried everything you thought possible to get these results, then I’ve got great news for you…

I’m about to show you how you can finally get a flat and toned stomach without killing yourself in the gym or depriving yourself of food.

I know how much it means to you to finally feel comfortable with your body. You deserve to look and feel great and I know this well help.

Because let’s be honest – belly fat is ugly. And it’s a big fat health risk. It’s also a harsh reality that we are naturally more attracted to people who are fit and trim. It’s simply built into our DNA. Thus, the fitter, leaner, and healthier you are, the more appealing you become to others.

And whether you know it or not, people are making judgments within a split second of seeing you. Everyone does it. It’s human nature.

What’s the impression you want to leave with others…

That you’ve let yourself go?

Or, that you’re someone who cares about they look and feel?

Belly Fat – Be Gone!

Imagine the fantastic thrill of going into your closet and wearing anything you want rather than being limited to those “big” jeans or that baggy Saturday afternoon sweater…

Imagine slipping into your favourite skinny jeans, like a bar of soap through wet hands, and enjoying each day to the fullest with unbending radiance and confidence…

Nothing can hold you back. You look great and feel even better. You look forward to entering a room and drawing the attention. After all, everyone is admiring how fit you look…

Looking great makes you feel great. You feel strong, healthy, and ready to take on the world. If you can sculpt a sexy waistline just imagine what else you can accomplish in life.

Who Else Wants Stronger, More Visible Abs…With Less Work?

Perhaps losing up to 48 pounds of belly fat is not your goal…

Instead, like a lion after his prey, you’re after the elusive six-pack. You want to feel comfortable in your skin when you go the beach or to your neighbourhood pool party. On those sticky, hot summer days, taking off your shirt can now be a no-brainer. At last, you’re free!

Imagine, you can become the “abs” guy  – the loving envy of your friends and colleagues. They can’t help it – they just want your chiseled abs. And since you’re a good guy, you toss a few secrets their way…

Almost effortlessly, you’ve also become more appealing to that special woman in your life. She just can’t seem to keep her hands off of you. She’s both impressed and proud of her MAN and can’t wait to show you how she feels!

But your strong abs are much more than just sculpted muscles that are nice to the touch and look at…

They’re a symbol of your hard work. They reflect a mysterious alluring power that lets others know that you’ve cracked the code to looking and feeling great. They want to be like you. They want to know what you know.

When you tell them what you’ve done…stripping away a few extra pounds of lazy belly fat and getting stronger, toned abs while actually doing LESS work in the gym and WITHOUT a single sit-up… they’re astonished!

More Than Great Abs – A Bullet-Proof Core


As great as fitting into those slim clothes and showing off your abs can be, having a strong, bullet-proof core is just as important because…

You want the most out of life.

You don’t want to be held back by nagging low back injuries or a flabby out-of-shape stomach that prevents you from doing what you love most.

You want to be able to workout without worrying about “throwing out your back” or playing your favourite sport without tweaking a muscle.

That’s why proper abdominal training is more than just one-dimensional “old school” exercises (like sit-ups)…

It’s about building a strong foundation deep inside your core that becomes your platform of limitless possibilities and a lifetime of vitality.

After all, what’s the point of having great abs if you’ve created more damage to your lower back in the process of acquiring them?

It’s for this reason that most ab training programs are not only less effective than what I’m about to show…

They’re also more DANGEROUS!

At last, you CAN lose belly fat, get great abs, and develop a rock-solid core – all at once…

Even if you’ve tried every other ab gimmick on the market or feel like you’re “past your prime”.

Please understand that it’s never too late to get the results you’re after and I’m about to show you how with my Amazing Abs Solution.

But before I show you exactly how this unique program WILL help you, I feel it important to bring up a darker reality that is sadly robbing millions of people just like you of their hopes of a trim and toned body…

You Can’t Get Great Results On Your Own


As important as it is to be self-motivated and determined to reach your goals, the simple truth is that you cannot do it alone. No one can – not even me. We all need a structured plan to follow. We all need a coach who can show us the way.

But the right coach is even more important.

As the great Vince Lombardi once said…

”Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The coaches who win are the ones who can motivate their players.”

And in just a few moments, I’ll show you why the coaching you’ll be getting with my Amazing Abs Solution workouts is unparalleled.

Quite frankly, no one else in the fitness industry provides motivation and inspiration like I do. That’s part of what separates me from the herd.

But don’t just take my word for it…

One of my clients, Chris Vagai put it this way…

Having Yuri in my earphones, motivating me to push for that one extra rep, to hold the plank for 5 more seconds, allowed me to push myself! Like Yuri always says, NGU! NEVER GIVE UP.”

Another one of my other clients, Jenna, had this to say…

“Yuri doesn’t know this, but he’s actually travelled a lot more than he thought in the last 2 years. He’s been to Canada, the US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, China, England, and St. Lucia, … all on my iPod!

As elite athletes know, there is nothing like having your favourite coach “next to you” as you complete your workouts at home and abroad.

The consistency, continuity and familiarity of this support and motivation have been integral to my success. A friend has even started referring to Yuri as her “workout boyfriend”. (Don’t tell Yuri’s girlfriend, Amy!)”

One of my good friends and long-time clients, Wayne Smith, perhaps said it best…

“It’s like having Yuri on my shoulder, keeping me motivated, pushing me harder and supporting me throughout the ab workouts. He fills each complete workout with direction, information and guidance – and – the follow-along videos, photos, and MP3 audios are very useful to reference the ‘how-to’s” of each exercise.”

That’s just a small preview of how the unique coaching you get with my Amazing Abs Solution workouts will transform your body (and your life) with just 3 short abdominal workouts per week.

Never again will you do another workout on your own. No longer will you feel lost about what to do in your workouts (or with you diet for matter). I’ve taken all the guesswork out – now you just have to follow my proven plan and expect incredible results!

But even after reading this, there will still be some people that decide to go at it alone and hope for the best. Now I’m no psychic, but I know these individuals will fail. I’ve seen it time and time again.

When it’s all said and done…once they’re still struggling with ugly belly fat and feeling more desperate than ever…they will end up right back here!

I don’t want that to happen to you. Do you?

Aren’t you fed up with pinching your waist and amassing a handful of flab? Aren’t you tired of seeing your favourite clothes collect dust in the closet? Aren’t you tired of putting your life on hold?

Isn’t it time to remove the shackles that are holding you back from enjoying life?

If so, I’m here to help you.

But Do YOU Qualify?

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how the Amazing Abs Solution will help transform your abdominals forever, I need to first make sure that you’re the right type of person for this program.

As such, I’d like you to answer these 4 questions to see if you’re a suitable candidate for the Amazing Abs Solution:

1. Are you still struggling with belly fat or weak abs even after hundreds (if not, thousands) of abdominal crunches and sit-ups?

2Do you feel confused about how to workout properly for maximum belly fat loss and ab-strengthening results? (ie. how often to train, which exercises to do, when, and if, to do cardio, etc…)

3. Are you bored of working out on your own?

4. Are you lost when it comes to choosing the right foods and diet that will help you lose belly fat?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Amazing Abs Solution program will help you.

Tones and Strengthens More Than 43 Core Muscles – At Once!

That’s just ONE of the many benefits of the program…

And now that you’re on board, let’s have look at some more benefits that you’ll enjoy with the 12-week Amazing Abs Solution. In fact, I’m not going to unrealistically promise you world but I will guarantee that YOU WILL achieve these 4 benefits or results:

  • Burn stubborn belly fat with 12 carefully-crafted “follow-along” abdominal workouts, 3 ‘afterburn’ cardio workouts, and our 21-day rapid fat loss diet guide.
  • Lose your love handles and get a trim, toned waistline...without sit-ups.
  • Lose that last “inch you can pinch” of fat on your lower abs, and finally see full six pack abs…without leg lifts, hanging knee raises, or other crazy acrobatic-like exercises.
  • Build a rock-solid core from the inside-out, minimizing the risk of back pain or injury.

No matter your age, fitness level, or experience you can follow this program because it’s relative to what you can do…offers easier and tougher alternatives to each exercise…and gradually gets more challenging as you get fitter.

What makes the Amazing Abs Solution so UNIQUE from everything else out there is the proprietary BUILD, SCULPT, BURN formula upon which it’s built.

Get Amazing Abs Solution – Yuri Elkaim , Only Price $37

The “One and Only” BUILD-SCULPT-BURN System

No other abdominal transformation program features the soundly designed build-sculpt-burn system of the Amazing Abs Solution…

That’s just one more reason why this program produces results – time and time again…no matter your age or fitness level.

Amazing%20Abs%20Solution%20 %20Yuri%20Elkaim%C2%A001 - BoxSkill

PHASE 1: BUILD – the first 4-week phase of the program features core workouts that are designed to help you build a rock-solid foundation of deep core muscles. This is an important first step to any core-strengthening program. Otherwise, you’re essentially building a house on quicksand.

Each week, you’ll enjoy a new workout that challenges your abs more than the previous one. Thus, the workouts get more demanding as you get fitter – the perfect recipe for avoiding plateaus and enjoying continued results.

PHASE 2: SCULPT – After the Build phase, you’ll move onto the next 4 weeks of workouts, which make up the Sculpt phase. Here, the focus shifts from deep core development to sculpting and toning those abdominals that you can actually see.

Each new weekly workout will target your abs like never before. And, like with all the other workouts, you’ll see and feel noticeable improvements in less than 20 minutes, just 3 times per week!

PHASE 3: BURN – Now that you’ve built a strong core foundation and started to sculpt your superficial stomach muscles, our final phase together will focus on incinerating that layer of unnecessary belly fat so that you can actually see the results of your hard work.

You’ll Never Workout Alone Again!

Aside from the sheer awesomeness of the workouts, the best part is that we’ll be working out together. Just watch from your computer or listen from iPod or mp3 player. You’ll get to follow along in video or mp3 audio format, as I lead you step-by-step through each workout…

I’ll be your virtual trainer, coaching, encouraging, and motivating you each step of the way. Plus, you’ll see and learn how to do each exercise properly, so you don’t get injured.

These follow-along workouts are the next best thing to working with me in person and you can do them anywhere you like with nothing more than a stability ball and chair!

Here’s What To Do To Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast!

One of the reasons that many people find themselves at a loss for how to lose belly fat is because of all the misleading fitness information…

Most prominent is the belief that doing sit-ups will actually help you BURN belly fat.

This is simply wrong and, quite frankly, physically impossible…

And if you’ve been led to believe this as true, then I want you to know that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Uneducated and unqualified trainers and other so-called experts are to blame.

Now here’s why sit-ups don’t burn belly fat…

Isolated abdominal exercises are too small to rev up your body’s fat-burning metabolism. Just as a biceps curl won’t burn arm fat, a sit-up will never burn belly fat.

You can spot strengthen all you want, but you CANNOT spot reduce.

Doing ab crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts will help strengthen some of your abdominal muscles, but they won’t help melt the layer of fat over top of them.

With the Amazing Abs Solution however, you’ll benefit from 3 TACTICS that will help you burn more belly fat – safely and effectively – and eventually allow your body so on autopilot…

Fat Burning Tactic #1 – ‘Afterburn’ Cardio Workouts

As if the 12 weeks of abdominal-focused workouts weren’t enough, I’m also giving you 3 ‘afterburn’ cardio workouts to help accelerate your ability to burn fat…

As their name implies, they unlock your body’s potential to continue churning through calories for hours after your workout is done.

Sound impossible? Not at all. It’s actually quite simple since these workouts get you moving at higher intensities, allowing you to burn more fuel in less time.

No more long, boring cardio workouts needed.

These short cardio workouts can be used after your abdominal workouts and, again, provide my coaching and motivation right over your headphones so you can get better results than you could on your own.

Fat Burning Tactic #2 – The BURN Phase

You’ll already be burning belly fat from the beginning of the Amazing Abs Solution thanks to the ‘Afterburn Workouts’, but the final 4-week phase of the program – called BURN – will take your body to the next level.

Here’s why…

You’ve built a strong core foundation in phase 1 (BUILD) and started to sculpt and tone your abs in phase 2 (SCULPT) so now your body is fitter, stronger, and ready for the full-body, higher intensity exercises that define the BURN phase.

As we’ve seen, exercises that engage more muscle will burn more calories.

That’s why the workouts in this final 4-week phase feature my all-time BEST fat-torching full body movements…

Strategically assembled so that even the most stubborn belly fat doesn’t stand a fighting chance.

Fat Burning Tactic #3 – The 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide

Working out properly is important for being able to burn belly fat. However, the exercise component is only about 20% of the fat loss equation…

Instead, HOWWHAT, and WHEN you eat is paramount if you want to shed excess fat and finally get to SEE your toned and defined abs.

And that’s why you’ll get my 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide when you get started with the Amazing Abs Solution today.

This 21-day rapid fat loss plan is not only loaded with 68 healthy and delicious recipes…

It’s also a very strategic, sustainable, and healthy approach to eating. It’s the same approach I use in my daily life (sometimes without even being aware of it) and it’s also proven successful with hundreds of our Amazing Abs Solution clients.

What makes it so effective?

It’s power lies in a cutting edge 5-day caloric cycling method that works hand-in-hand with your workouts….

By purposefully cycling your calories – lower on some days and higher on others – you enable your body’s hormonal and enzyme systems to work more efficiently.

If you’ve been led to believe that eating a lot (or often) is necessary to keep your metabolism “on its toes”, then I’ve got news for you.

Get Amazing Abs Solution – Yuri Elkaim , Only Price $37

The Right Diet is Imperative For Losing Belly Fat!

Exercise and bodyweight are more important for your metabolic rate than anything else but you can never out-train a bad diet.

However, the “right diet” doesn’t mean eating 5-6 meals a day like some “experts” might have you believe.

In fact, sometimes eating less (or nothing at all) over the course of a day could be the smartest thing you do from a fat loss stand point.

For instance, Uncoupling Protein-3 is a very important protein found in our muscles that is associated with fat burning. When fat burning increases so does the amount of Uncoupling Protein-3 in our muscles….

Recent research has shown that in as little as 15 hours without eating, the gene expression for Uncoupling Protein-3 increases by 5 fold! So much for needing to eat every 3-4 hours.

The 21-Day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide takes full advantage of your body’s amazing, and often misunderstood, ability to burn fat by tapping into this unique “up and down” caloric cycling system. In it, you’ll get to enjoy 68 delicious recipes organized around my proprietary 5-day caloric cycling system.

Follow this 21-day rapid fat loss plan and watch the fat literally melt off your body.

And don’t worry, all of this is made easy to understand and easier to apply in the Diet Guide and its accompanying walk-through videos.

As “calculating” as this 5-day caloric cycle is, it’s also very natural. You’ll quickly find that it actually feels effortless to follow the plan since it’s based on how your body’s natural need for nutrients and calories has evolved since the beginning of time.

Along with the 80-page manual you’ll also get 2 additional resources to help you implement the dietary strategies within:

5-Day Caloric Cycling – Walk-Through Video

In this video, I’ll hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through each component of the AAS’ proprietary 5-day caloric cycling method.

You’ll learn about how to eat in relation to your workouts and master this unique 5-day approach to maximizing your body’s use of fat.

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition – Walk-Through Video 

If you want to know EXACTLY what to eat before and after your workouts, then you’ll love this video.

This is by far the most common question I get asked and that’s why I decided to take the time and put together a detailed video showing you my “Hour Glass” workout nutrition that will make your life (and food choices) so much easier.

Sit-Ups Hurt Your Back – We Don’t Use Them!

Anatomically, the sit-up movement creates a wedging force in the bones of your spine (aka. Vertebrae), much like standing on one side of a jelly donut.

And, just as a jelly donut can eject its content with such force, so too can the cushion-like discs between your spine’s vertebrae when this repeated “wedging pressure” is applied.

Not only that, but sit-ups also create muscle imbalances in your core since they ONLY train one group of muscles (your 8-pack rectus abdominis). Over time, this can cause certain muscles to independently pull on your spine, leading to pain and postural problems.

A healthy low back is important…

That’s why you’ll be glad to know that the Amazing Abs Solution does NOT use sit-ups or other back-breaking exercises.

In fact, you’ll be shocked by the muscular balance, tone, and strength of your abs after following these safely designed core workouts.

Strengthening your abs and deep core muscles through the workouts in this system is the ultimate insurance for the health of your low back.

No Gym Membership? No Problem!

I love the fact that the AAS workouts can be done anywhere. As you’ll see in the video, I do the workouts in my backyard, in the park, by the lake, and in my basement. All you need for the workouts is a stability ball and a chair – that’s it!

It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Plus, just load the workouts onto your iPod or mp3 player and you’ll have the ultimate portability, allowing you to use the workouts anywhere you want, even while you travel.

Amazing Abs Solution – For the Man or Woman Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than REAL Results.

By now, you’ve seen that when it comes to losing belly fat, sculpting strong and toned abs, and creating a rock-solid core, there is nothing like the Amazing Abs Solution program…

But you still have a few other options…

  • You can continue training on your own and keep struggling with stubborn and ugly belly fat and weak abs…
  • You can take a chance on some other abdominal training program somewhere online and hope for the best. But watch out because many of those programs heavily revolve around old-school back-breaking ab exercises and ridiculous diets that are simply unsustainable, OR…
  • You can always hire a personal trainer to whom you’d pay at least $100/hour. But working out 3 times per week over 12 weeks would set you back a whopping $3,600.

Now why would you go and do that when you can get BETTER workouts, more structure, and greater step-by-step coaching and motivation with my follow-along Amazing Abs Solution workouts?

“Ok, I’m Ready to Get Trim, Tight, and Toned Abs…

But How Much Will It Cost Me?”

Here’s the BEST part…

Regularly, the Amazing Abs Solution program retails for $197…

But because it’s the “April of Abs” and because I’ve committed to helping at least 500 people transform their abs (and bodies) by July 1, 2012 I’m doing something absolutely ridiculous. Something I’ve never done before and will probably never do again.

So before I reveal the special (and quite ridiculous) price of the Amazing Abs Solution program – which by the way is only valid until this Friday April 27th, let me tell you about 2 free gifts that are guaranteed to accelerate your success.

I’ve shown you that using full-body movements and exercising at higher intensities is absolutely crucial to burning more belly (and total body) fat.

For that reason I want to GIVE YOU…

FREE GIFT #1: 12 of My All-Time Greatest Fat-Burning Workouts


Last December, we released a package called the “12 Workouts of Christmas”, featuring some of my best follow-along workouts for fat loss. This one-time package sold for $97 and was only available for 3 days. It’s since been taken off the market.

But since I’m determined to equip you with all the “tools” you need for ultimate success, I’ve pulled this package out of the archives, dusted it off, and am now giving it you absolutely FREE.

What’s the catch?

You get these fat loss workouts absolutely free when you grab a “heavily discounted” copy of my Amazing Abs Solution today.

With the Amazing Abs Solution you’ll be getting 12 “follow-along” abdominal workouts (in video and mp3 audio format), 3 ‘afterburn’ cardio workouts, and the powerful 21-day “Beat the Bulge” Diet Guide.

Regularly, AAS retails for $197 but when you grab it today, I’m slashing $100 OFF that price – but only until this Friday April 27th.

Which means…

You get the “12 Workouts of Christmas” for FREE when you grab the Amazing Abs Solution now for just $97. When you add up these 24 total workouts that works out to be just $4 per workout.

That’s the same price as a Starbucks latte. But will a latte 3 times per week help you get the abs you want? I don’t think so!

But that’s not all!

I’ve got one more amazing (and ridiculous) GIFT for you…

And I’m really excited to give this to you as a FREE add-on…because I know it will dramatically accelerate your results with the Amazing Abs Solution.

FREE GIFT #2 NEW Monthly Workouts, Mind-Fitness Audios, and 24/7 Access To Me (Yuri) Through my Fitter U Fitness Coaching Program!


New “Follow-Along” Fat Loss Workouts

Each month, you’ll have access to a minimum of 6 NEW follow-along workouts (with me coaching you over your headphones) to help you get stronger and leaner than ever before.

You’ll get these workouts in audio and video format so just load them up to your iPod or mp3 player and hit the gym or follow-along from the streaming videos (on your computer) in the members area and get ready for the ultimate workout experience.

Each of these workouts also comes with its own workout tracker (in PDF format) which you can print and take with you to the gym.

These workout trackers will give you further instruction for each workout, give you the layout/structure for your session, and allow you to record your weights used and reps performed. Ultimately, they enable you to track your progress over the course of your workouts.

Along with each workout tracker, you’ll also receive the pictures for each exercise in every workout – so you can print them and take them with you to the gym for a quick reminder of what each movement looks like.

These monthly workouts are quick (the longest one is 35 minutes), can be done with almost no equipment, and feature my trade secrets for creating a strong, lean, and athletic body.

I know you’ll love them!

In addition to these awesome full body strength training for fat loss workouts, you’ll also receive 2 new “follow-along” interval training cardio workouts each month that you can use outdoors or on any cardio machine to accelerate your fat loss and cardio fitness.

Now with all these great workouts, you’ll need some structured plan to follow…

That’s where your Monthly Training Plan comes in. Each month, you’ll get a new 4-week training plan that will give you day-by-day structure and show which workouts to do, when to do them, and when to take a day off.

Less is more with my Fitter U Fitness coaching program, therefore, a maximum for 4 workouts per week is usually prescribed.

Just follow the Fitter U Fitness system and you could see results like these….

Amazing%20Abs%20Solution%20 %20Yuri%20Elkaim%C2%A002 - BoxSkill

Mind Fitness Audios to Strengthen Your Mind

Your external world (and results) are a direct reflection of your internal world. That’s why I’m a huge believer in building your mental muscle…

To help you do so, each month, you’ll get a new Mind Fitness audio, which will help you build a stronger “mental game”.

If you’ve been held back by limiting beliefs, doubt, or any other mental obstacles, then these audios are a must. And there yours for FREE each month.

Unlimited 1-on-1, Personal Coaching From Me, and 24/7 Social Support

As a member of my Fitter U Fitness coaching program, you’ll also get 24/7 access to 1-on-1 coaching and advice from me within our “Locker Room” forum.

Anytime you have a question about the workouts or the eating plan, you can just post a message and I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours with an answer to your question that’s personalized for you.

Have an injury you need to work around? I’ll work with you to customize your workouts so that you’re getting effective workouts without pain or risk of re-injury.

Use the Locker Forum to connect with me and our hundreds of members whenever you need a little more motivation, support, encouragement, or anything else.

Consider the Locker Room forum your “extended” family for everything fitness and health. Too often, we are surrounded by negative people who don’t support our goals. They want to drag you down because you’re making something of your life. You need to spend less time with “poisonous” people and more time with those who will encourage your dreams.

With the Locker Room forum you’ll finally be surrounded by hundreds of positive, like-minded individuals who will give you the social support you need to help you achieve your goals.

CONSISTENCY is the most important factor in getting in great shape…and I’m going to do everything I can to keep you motivated and consistent. You’ll find that using the Locker Room on a regular basis will keep you focused, on track, and primed for success.

Now doesn’t that sound great?


And the best part is that you get to take advantage of all these amazing tools and resources to will help you better your fitness and sculpt a toned body for a full 30 days…on me!

That’s right – you get a full 30 days to try my Fitter U Fitness coaching program for yourself at no cost. The reason why I’m including it is that many clients have told me that it really helps them get more results in their body from the Amazing Abs Solution workouts. Plus, they love the variety of new workouts and the experience of having me on their headphones for on-going motivation and coaching.

So take all the workouts from the first month on me, and contact me as much as you want for 1-on-1 coaching inside the Locker Room forum…

And, within your first 30 days, if you decide it’s not right for you, just let us know by emailing us at info(at) and we’ll cancel your membership. And even if you cancel, you can keep the first month’s workouts for free, just for giving it a try.

If you decide you want to keep going, you’ll keep getting the new workouts and 24/7 coaching and support each month, and you’ll be automatically billed just $39.95/month until you cancel.

This is far less than the cost of a high-level personal trainer. And I’m sure that you’ll think it’s a great deal too once you see the quality of training, coaching, and support you’ll be getting.


Get Amazing Abs Solution – Yuri Elkaim , Only Price $37

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