Ancestral Healing Summit 2021 – Lisa Bonnice


Ancestral Healing Summit 2021 – Lisa Bonnice


The Ancestral Healing Summit series will afford you a clear pathway to reconnect with the medicinal love and wisdom of your ancestors and draw on their strength in your daily life.


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Take some moments to mirror at the lives of your ancestors and the type of conditions and instances they skilled over the generations…

… their adventures, accomplishments, lifestyles changes — and particularly the demanding activities and oppression they will have endured.

How a lot do you clearly understand approximately them?

Did you already know that the stories of our ancestors may be handed down from technology to technology, leaving imprints on folks that got here after them – inclusive of you? Many people bring our ancestors’ traumas, along side our own, in our body, heart, mind, and soul… although we’re now no longer privy to it.

Let’s experience Ancestral Healing Summit 2021 – Lisa Bonnice , Only Price $37

And, at a time like this, with a worldwide pandemic and the layers and layers of loss we’re experiencing… with the outcry to heal grave intolerance and injustices towards so many…

… at a time whilst collective trauma is at a peak, there may be a re-triggering inside us of our ancestors’ suffering, that could then appear inside us in all way of ailments, along with depression, anxiety, somatic and physiological disorders, and greater.

What if you may create sacred connections together along with your ancestors… and faucet into their information to heal your self and your lineage of vintage wounds?

All across the globe, humans have traditionally advanced relationships with the clever ancestral publications of their bloodlines to assist heal emotional, physical, and non secular imbalances inside themselves, their families, and their communities.

Connecting together along with your ancestors will let you paintings thru the reparations essential for you and your own circle of relatives to stay happier, healthier, greater enjoyable lives, at the same time as additionally reaping rewards destiny generations of your bloodline, or even our lovely Earth.

That’s why we’re pleased to ask you to the Ancestral Healing Summit series — a worldwide accumulating of main ancestral recuperation specialists and provoking instructors who can be sharing a effective synthesis of spirituality, science, and historical information and practices from round the arena that guarantees to convert your existence and your legacy and floor you into your maximum purpose.

You’ll find out new practices and insights for connecting together along with your nicely and loving ancestors to interrupt freed from the painful inheritance from the ones on the opposite aspect of the veil… heal vintage wounds embedded to your psyche… and encompass your inner most gifts.

Discover the Personal, Family & Cultural Benefits of Ancestral Healing

Science reveals that our genes hold not only the physical traits and biological characteristics of our grandparents and great-grandparents, but their memories as well…

Along with the diseases and addictions known to be passed on in our DNA, so too are our ancestors’ traumas — resulting from personal pain, natural disasters, and cultural atrocities.

The good news is that when we change patterns held by our ancestors, we become free to change the patterns within ourselves. We’re empowered to not only heal past wounds, but to use our gifts to reach our own highest potential and contribute to the transformation of our world.

YOU have the opportunity to use the power of ancestral healing and deeply integrate it into every aspect of your life.

Many people are now suffering because of what’s happening here and now, within themselves and in the outside world. That pain is also a shadow, a haunting of unresolved trauma from centuries of generations before us.

Almost everyone is a descendant of someone who lived through a pandemic. Many are descendants of those who perished at the hands of cultural genocide, those who were shackled by slavery and treated as commodities, those who were the oppressors and owned plantations, those who lived through (or died during) the Holocaust, those who tried to eliminate all people of a certain ethnicity… to name just a few of the many egregious examples in our recent history.

Today, we live with the resulting trauma and guilt that impacts all aspects of our lives. How do we stop the cycle?

During this series, our speakers will offer you a deeper understanding of your cultural identity… address racism and malice toward any oppressed group… and show you how to connect and recognize what your ancestors went through and how those circumstances are playing out in your personal life and in the enormous challenges of today’s world.

They’ll guide you through practices for working with your ancestors — processes that are accessible to everyone. You’ll learn how to connect and communicate with your ancestors to receive their guidance and support with your day-to-day problems and your highest calling… and to help you understand your role in the resolution of lingering and very real circumstances and the perpetuation of inhumanity — even if you’re not aware of it.

When you redefine your life as intimately interwoven with generations of the past, present, and future, you start to make peace with all elements of your life… opening the door to personal and cultural healing and a greater sense of wellbeing, joy, connection, and fulfillment of your highest potential.


The Ancestral Healing Summit series will be beneficial to ALL — whether you’re already immersed in ancestral healing work or just discovering it —even if you were adopted or have little information about your heritage.

Ancestral healing can improve your relationships, revitalize your spirit, catalyze cultural shifts, and awaken your consciousness to new realities. It can extend blessings not only to those who came before you, but also to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

And with the connection of ancestral healing and epigenetics (the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off), you can even change your genetic heritage.

In this profoundly transformative series, you’ll:

  • Dive deep into the power of personal and intergenerational trauma — and the real possibility of collective healing when we address it at the root
  • Receive fascinating information about the epigenetics of trauma… and how to find resolution and peace in this lifetime
  • Draw on the wisdom of Family Constellations work to dissolve unhealthy family loyalty patterns
  • Reconnect to a sense of belonging, healing, completion, and orientation in today’s chaotic and confusing world
  • Explore the ways our ancestral stories manifest in issues of self-confidence, choosing our love partner, career, business, money mindset, and health
  • Receive supportive guidance to heal your family tree of wounding from sexual abuse or other forms of violence
  • Learn about First Nations’ complex wisdom traditions that inspire healing and personal transformation
  • Gain a sense of how racial healing work can act as a salve for both past damage and future healing
  • Transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings
  • Explore African, Jewish, Native American, and many other perspectives on ancestral healing
  • And much more…


The Ancestral Healing Summit series will afford you a clear pathway to reconnect with the medicinal love and wisdom of your ancestors and draw on their strength in your daily life.

You’ll find sessions and speakers that will inspire, educate, empower you, and expand your mind. They’ll clearly lay out the best practices and life-changing perspectives of this crucial, evolutionary field.

And you’ll be in good hands with series host Lisa Bonnice, a Program Host at The Shift Network and award-winning author.

Here’s what participants had to say about previous years’ Ancestral Healing Summit

Let’s experience Ancestral Healing Summit 2021 – Lisa Bonnice , Only Price $37

“This summit was life-changing for me!!!”
This summit was life-changing for me!!! Knowing and understanding that you can go back and change traumas in the very long past or more recent past was enlightening for me, and to have the science to back it only reinforced that enlightenment was truly amazing! Thank you so very much for this summit!
— Patty, Winnipeg, Canada

“I’m always amazed and inspired by the high quality of the speakers and subjects.”
I love The Shift Network and I’m always amazed and inspired by the high quality of the speakers and subjects. I loved that this year the Ancestral Healing Summit brought up many themes related with the Earth and land. Thank you!
— Claudia Tomaz, United Kingdom

“This course has made such a profound difference in my life.”
I am so filled with heartfelt gratitude to The Shift Network for this beautiful offering. This course has made such a profound difference in my life. I will never feel alone again. I will always feel the blessing of my ancestors’ love. Thank you with all of my heart.
— Lynda Tomlinson, Trevose, Pennsylvania

“I felt powerful shifts of awareness…”
This event was a wealth of incredible knowledge from many viewpoints about subjects that are cutting-edge and tremendously important. I felt powerful shifts of awareness and some deep healing, especially since my mother just died recently. I also experienced shifts that not only helped me, but also shifted and healed things both past and future for people I love, known and unknown. What a gift!
— Marian Long, Grayling, Michigan

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity of spiritual growth I’ve been able to access…”
I am beyond grateful for the opportunity of spiritual growth I’ve been able to access from the Ancestral Healing Summit. And completely free of charge too! I didn’t know such an outlet existed where I could be saturated with so much wisdom, truth, and spiritual teachings in one place at a condensed time. Thank you from my heart center to all involved in helping us all heal and grow on our journey. I feel blessed.
— Tina Mastin, Ontario, Canada

“The vast wealth and variety of information provided was so enriching and fulfilling…”
I am so grateful for this summit. The vast wealth and variety of information provided was so enriching and fulfilling on a subject that I had never given myself the opportunity to embrace before. But this summit has opened my eyes to a very important aspect of life that everyone should be taught. As many of the speakers mentioned, our ancestors are our DNA. We are made up of their experiences and their learnings. And they are here to support us lovingly… if only we would ask. Lisa Bonnice was an excellent host. Her questions guided the speakers to reveal their treasures in a most respectful, intelligent, and joyful way. She beautifully stayed on the sidelines, shining light on the guest speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed her questions and interactions. She was the perfect host. Thank you, Shift Network, for this most awesome, colorful, and important gathering of information and speakers on a subject that has opened up brand-new doorways of possibilities for me. Blessings to all who organized, participated, and audited these wonderful sessions.
— Susan Fisch, Quebec, Canada

“Opened me up to the possibility of connecting with my ancestors…”
So much value — mind-expanding. Opened me up to the possibility of connecting with my ancestors and gave valuable ways to proceed with doing that. I’m so grateful for the depth of this experience provided by The Shift Network.
— Anonymous, Ashland, Oregon

“One of the most inspiring summits out there!!!”
One of the most inspiring summits out there!!! I never knew or thought about my ancestors much until I heard these talks. It has brought such a rich new dimension to life, I now feel so inspired to find out all about them and try to help resolve their and our issues, to try to build a bridge between us. Thank you so very much!! Lisa is a great presenter and interviewer!!
— Petronella, Netherlands

Let’s experience Ancestral Healing Summit 2021 – Lisa Bonnice , Only Price $37

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