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Beyond Sleight Of Mouth – Michael Breen

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Developed from his applications of NLP in the business world and designed for use in everyday conversations, this method turns ordinary NLPers into conversational change wizards in days!

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Beyond Sleight Of Mouth - Michael Breen

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Dear Reader,

It’s taken me 10 years, but I finally got him to spill the beans…

For decades Master Trainer Michael Breen has been at the top of the field of NLP.

He’s renowned for his incredible language skills, innovative change methods and his ability to quickly change people’s minds using ordinary everyday language.

From CEO’s of billion dollar companies to elite sports athletes, political leaders, and A-list celebrities, Michael Breen has been invited in to the corridors of power and success in ways few other NLPers ever have.

Because he can do something most NLPers can only dream of:

Rapid conversational change with zero arm twisting, canned language patterns or any sight, sound or smell of NLP as you know it.

To his clients the work is invisible, quick and lasting. All they can track is:

“When I speak with Michael, problems just disappear. Things become easy.” –

And like magic they do.

So several years back I took out my iPhone and wrote down 3 questions:

  • How is he able to do conversational change so quickly?
  • What unique approach does he use that creates such brilliant results?
  • Can anyone learn it?

First thing I noticed is Michael’s conversational change method never looked or sounded like traditional Sleight of Mouth.

How could that be possible possible?

I started tracking our conversations more closely.

I pulled out my old Sleight of Mouth chart (you know the one with the 16 boxes that Robert Dilts developed) and kept a copy with me, for whenever we spoke.

I played back Michael’s workshop recordings… looking for clues.


He wasn’t using fixed language patterns.

His change conversations were much more dynamic, fluid and conversational

It was almost like he wasn’t working to change beliefs at all.

Then I started thinking:

Was he using some NEW model…?

He’s always innovating and challenging NLP dogma so I figured maybe this he was.

I watched closely as he talked with others over lunch, coffee, in the office etc.

Time after time after time I’d see someone sit down with Michael, talk about a problem and then moments later “Boom”…

…this look would come over their face of…

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

As quick as a snap of their fingers, their long time problem had disappeared.

The rigid assertion of reality they came in with, that had been causing them problems for years – was GONE.

Substituted with a straight forward plan of action.

It was mind bending to see how quickly this could happen.

On the phone, in a business meeting or in front of hundreds of people in a training room – it didn’t seem to matter; this stuff just WORKS.

I had to know what he was doing and how it was doing it.

It was such a contrast to what I’d been exposed to as conversational change in NLP.

You see, NLPers who don’t know the real secrets of conversational change are envious of those who can do elegant conversational change magic.

Perhaps you’ve seen lighting quick examples that occurred so quickly and so naturally it looked like the speaker was using completely different NLP toolset than what you were exposed to.

Richard Bandler

Michael Breen

Tony Robbins

Spring to mind.

But advanced conversational change skills don’t have to be ONLY for NLP’s super-elites.

Today is your chance to join an elite group of communicators… and finally become one of the envied ones.

Because after a decade of pursuing and pleading with Michael Breen to spill the beans for the rest of us…

… I’m pleased to say today you have the unprecedented opportunity to learn…

“The Most Direct And Advanced System

For Conversational Belief Change”

(That You Can Use Anywhere, With Everyone)

It’s a system that Michael Breen has been refining and streamlining for over two decades.

Developed from his applications of NLP in the business world and designed for use in everyday conversations, this method turns ordinary NLPers into conversational change wizards in days!

Yes, days.

(Sidenote: Beyond Wizard is Master, which takes a bit more time to achieve but is lots of fun.)

It’s the exact system Michael uses when working with:

  • Business leaders,
  • Elite athletes,
  • Royalty,
  • High-performance coaching clients,
  • Sales professionals,
  • Advertising agencies
  • Senior politicians
  • and anyone who wants to communicate more effectively with others

I could understand why he was so reluctant to teach this system because as Michael told me:

“Once you get this, the questions of generating conversational change, asking “killer questions”, using Sleight of Mouth Patterns will just vanish.” 

And they really do.

It’s why when a well-known celebrity said to Michael…

“I can’t go on stage because of my stage fright”

or a senior business leader said:

“I can’t give a key presentation to the board”

or a veteran sales manager said:

“This is hopeless. I’m never going to persuade anyone to go along with my ideas.”

He smiled.

Because on each occasion, the client he was there to help, was just moments away from their problems disappearing in a puff of linguistic smoke.

When you learn the real secrets to conversational change you don’t struggle to come up a strategy to change their beliefs…

…you don’t wonder what to say…

…you don’t worry about which Sleight of Mouth pattern to use…

…you don’t fret you’ll be caught using covert techniques…

…you don’t doubt that a client can change beliefs effortlessly…

None of that.

It’s dead simple.

Once you know the real secrets.

And that’s what Michael reveals for the first time ever inside our all new training…

So what is it?

It’s the golden ticket to elegant and advanced conversational belief change!

Votre opportunité de devenir un assistant de changement de conversation qui peut changer les esprits et les points de vue avec facilité et sans torsion de bras, sans modèles de langage en conserve ou sans odeur de PNL…

It’s your chance to become one of the envied ones who can persuade and influence your friends, family, colleagues or clients conversationally in a way few other people have ever developed the skills to.

It’s everything you need to go beyond Sleight of Mouth and develop advanced persuasive powers that rocket your communication skills to the top 0.1%.

No more wondering what to say… no more figuring out which language pattern to use, no more getting stuck or stumped even when you hear someone express a very rigid worldview.

Those problems are over for you.

Because with Beyond Sleight of Mouth you’ll have the tools, thinking skills and advanced communication toolkit to change lives.

You’re going to learn how to…

Go Beyond Sleight Of Mouth

  • Move beyond canned patterns: Learn how to generate Sleight of Mouth and many more reframes by combining two of NLP’s most powerful frameworks for conversational change.
  • More Options for Your Toolkit: Discover how there are many more than 14 Sleight of Mouth patterns taught in master practitioner trainings and traditional SoM courses. (In fact there are potentially hundreds of SoM reframes you haven’t even heard of… discover how to create them here.)
  • Do Conversational Change Magic: Discover the underlying structure that is expressed in every statement someone makes; and the rules that once you learn, allow you to do conversational change magic.
  • Gain Mind Blowing Insights: Prepare for ‘mind blown’ moments several times throughout this training as Michael shows you the precise step-by-step way to do ‘conversational change’ that doesn’t require you to believe in beliefs! (Yes, you read that right.)
  • Blow-Past Limitations: Blow past your limitations about how easy it is to change beliefs and the nature of creating change – as you update the way you’ve approached Sleight of Mouth with Michael Breen’s incredibly elegant and powerful way to reframe conversationally.
  • Covert Conversational Change Skills: Most students of Sleight of Mouth can be spotted a country mile away; because they all use the same 14 structures. For the first time ever, Michael shows you how to go way beyond traditional SoM revealing how to use the Meta Model and Framing Tool to do rapid change work, that even to many NLPers will seem invisible.
  • Real Secrets of SoM: Discover the real secrets to becoming highly skilled with Sleight of Mouth that most students will never know AND how you can use this advanced toolkit with anyone and anywhere, entirely conversationally.
  • Major Time Saver: Discover why you don’t need to analyze someone’s belief systems to have them take on a new belief. This is a huge time and energy saver. You’re clients will think you work magic and your opposition wonder why they can’t tie you down.
  • Mindset UPGRADE: Why the best conversational change experts don’t ask “what can I say to make the client change?”, but instead ask this one killer question that changes the frame in an instant from them to you… and is far more powerful.
  • Freedom From Canned Language Patterns: When you learn to reframe in the way Michael shows you; you’ll no longer be stuck to canned SoM language patterns but free to create tailored and personalized patterns to the person you’re interacting with – far more potent.
  • Discover Secrets Not Available Anywhere Else: Learn what experts of conversational change do that isn’t covered in ANY book, course or live workshop you’ve ever attended or read about in NLP (or elsewhere) — learn it first. Be first.
  • Treasure Trove of Possibilities: Learn new ways and perspectives to discover and introduce new and more powerful reframes that traditional SoM trainings miss… when you can do this you’ll never be stuck for ways to challenge and transform beliefs.

It’s begins by…

Discover How To Change The Believing Brain 

The human brain wants to believe.

With incredible speed it looks for and finds patterns from a world rich in data. But the brain isn’t passive nor is reality quite what it seems…

Perception as you’ll discover is constructed. The brain has a formula by which it comes to believe. Discover how it works and elegant and direct conversational change opens up before you…

You won’t just be learning Sleight of Mouth; you’ll be learning how ‘reality’ works so you can change it…

You’ll Learn To:

  • See The Invisible: Discover the fundamental forms of how people come to create their conclusions and how the brain is fooled to forming game-rules using a universal human process you can tap in to … to change or install new thoughts and behaviours … Powerful.
  • Track The Code: Discover how our minds works to code our game-rules and how remarkably easy it can be to change beliefs (your own or others), once you know the secrets of how the brain works to create a person’s reality…
  • Program The Mind: The astounding insight about language that you’ve never known but changes everything and will make you a much more intentional communicator and skillful programmer when you use this insight to your advantage…
  • Leverage Linguistic MagiK: Discover the “first act of magic” that most students overlook about language that is at the heart of using language powerfully to change minds and beliefs. Learn how language constrains how and what we think
  • Tricks of the Believing Brain: The surprising discovery from neuroscience about how the brain is tricked in to believing things and how by you can use this golden nugget from science to prime the ‘believing brain’ to take on game-rules and change old ones, in minutes..
  • Bend Reality: Why with elegant use of language, skilled communicators can create ‘realities’ that don’t exist that people are utterly convinced are real – and how the great persuaders, influencers and con-artists use this feature of language to bend reality and shape the future… (You want to know how this feat of magic works so you can defend yourself from it too.)
  • Go Beyond Language Patterns: What Michael recommends you do to become much, much better Sleight of Mouth that doesn’t require a single language pattern!
  • Take The Transformational Challenge: Take on Michael’s challenge to discover a more direct way to help people to change their minds and improve your life by getting rid of the ‘middle men’ most change agents introduce when it comes to reframing…
  • Force Multiplier: The simple trick the brain uses to create certainty that you can use too, to amplify, support and reinforce new and better points of view aka form NEW game-rules
  • Power Moves: How you can leverage a person’s own map/model of the world  to cause them to take on a new game-rule or bust an old one. Works spectacularly.

Apply Insights From Neuroscience

That Fast Track Conversational Change…

Modern neuroscience has a lot it can teach us about how to the brain forms and changes beliefs.

To go beyond fixed Sleight of Mouth language patterns it will helps to know about and use the natural process your brain uses to create and change game-rules.

You’ll Learn:

  • Neurological Magic: Learn the mechanism of how the brain goes from having an experience to ‘this is how the world is’ (a strongly formed ‘belief’, aka game-rule)
  • Key Insights From Neuroscience: Discover the two laws from neuroscience that play a key role in how our brain and nervous system puts our game-rules together, maintains them and triggers strong emotional responses on cue… so you put the same system to work for you.
  • Hot new research about the brain and it’s neural structure that raises serious questions about the unconscious, sub-conscious and other ‘middle men’ that must be changed to change. Discover quicker and more direct ways do conversatinal change that free you from having to believe in imaginary models
  • Recombine Frames: How the connection between neuroscience, anchoring and mathematics literally go hand-in-hand and create our game-rules and how you can use this insight to take apart or put back together how someone comes to hold a given game-rule or even wire up new ones
  • ReActuality: The vital difference between reality and actuality that every student must know and how by changing the syntax of language and how it functions so you can do elegant reframing  and create rich worlds for people to experience.
  • Mind Controlled: The radical idea about our thoughts and the nature of mind that once recognized frees you up to explore life in new and exciting ways. It’s like the weight of the world just got lifted off your shoulders.
  • Weird Science: Discover the must know insights from neuroscience about how the brain prunes and creates connections, maintains our ‘beliefs’, creates narratives and tricks us in to thinking our thinking is reality… (some things are stranger than fiction)
  • The Believing Brain: Learn about the process by which people are lead to believe what they do; get this and you’ll have many ways for coming up with angles on which to change the frame they’re holding. Powerful.
  • Bypass Beliefs: Why even strong feelings of certainty can be made to shift in the snap of a finger; because of this one simple yet profound distinction…

With solid foundations in place you’ll be ready to…

Master NEW Rules And See Your Influencing 

And Conversational Change Skills Soar 

Like Never Before!

(Go Behind The Curtain & Discover Closely Guarded 

Secrets Of Elite Communicators…) 

Robert Dilts did a great job of coding the original 14 Sleight of Mouth language patterns that can be used for belief change in 1980. Fast-forward 38 years: What we’ve learned about the brain, beliefs and how people change has changed a lot.

Beyond Sleight of Mouth takes your skills to NEW heights; teaching for the first time ever, the underlying thinking strategies, rules and tools that let you create many more than 14 language patterns…

As Michael shares inside the course; there are hundreds of different Sleight of Mouth patterns possible – and many more which have yet to discovered.

With Michael as your guide, you’ll discover the real secrets to how magicians of linguistic magic in 2018 do conversational change… that looks effortless.

To become this good, you need to master new rules, tools and Beyond Sleight of Mouth fundamentals. That’s exactly what you’ll learn here.

You’ll Learn:

  • Uncover the essence of what game-rule are, how they function so you can change your own or other people’s thoughts with ease… entirely conversationally and with zero arm twisting or strong-arming someone to your point of view.
  • Frame Control: Discover what a frame of references is, how it works, how to track them and what to pay attention to so you can find multiple ways to shift, change and transform the frame to discover new possibilities.
  • Escape From LaLa Land: Discover how many NLPers and personal development ‘experts’ have unknowingly ventured in to LaLa land and never made it out; and how you can free yourself and greatly improve your life by making a new choice
  • Provocative Insights: Watch and learn as Michael shares provocative insights about how easy change can be, how to avoid common traps and pitfalls most NLPers have bought in to, and how to avoid them
  • Jump Past Other NLPers Limitations: The 1 thing that will keep you stuck in other people’s level of development and how to avoid it
  • Myth Busting Secrets: Let Michael liberate your mind and seriously upgrade your thinking, patterning and Sleight of Mouth skills by debunking several common popular myths widely promoted as ‘true’ about beliefs, belief systems and Sleight of Mouth that are flat out wrong and stifle your progress with the toolkit. Get the newest insights you’ve been missing…
  • Go Before Beliefs: What is a belief – discover powerful insights about beliefs that blows the hinges off what most people think about beliefs. This is pure gold!
  • Stop Analyzing Beliefs; Do This Instead: Why you don’t need to analyse someone’s beliefs if you want to help them; and what experts of conversational change do instead to change people’s minds.
  • How do they believe that?: Discover how human beings come primed to fool ourselves in to believing our beliefs and ignoring evidence to the contrary even if it’s to our detriment…. And how to change it so you can have a richer, happier and more successful life today
  • Simple, Effective & Enduring: The two types of thoughts you need to know and the three things to pay attention to, to create elegant change fast that’s simple, effective and enduring
  • Vital Insights On Beliefs: The surprising distinction shared by beliefs and gravity, that is fundamental to working with and transforming people’s beliefs or your own
  • 3 Vital Skills every SoM wizard has mastered that catapult your ability to change beliefs with ease…

With unnecessary abstractions and NLP dogma squared away, you’ll be clear to…
Do Elegant Conversational ChangeDiscover What To Do (And When To Do It)

Quickly, Directly And With Minimum Fuss… 

So You Can 

Here’s where you get to observe the mechanics of conversational change magic up close.

Learn the advanced skills of conversational change that you can apply to any personal or professional area of life.

You will discover exactly what to do and how to do it, to take any assertion of reality someone says and generate dozens of different Sleight of Mouth reframes to change it.

You’ll discover insights and the thinking skills for generating many more patterns that are not taught on any other training.

You’ll Learn:

  • The Conversational Change Formula: Discover Michael’s radical and better way to reframe that requires zero middle men or creation of unnecessary abstract thinking in order for a person to go ahead and simply change their mind and their life.
  • The Big FIVE Data Points: The 5 data points that if you focus on will enable you to dramatically increase your ability to influence others and do conversational change with grea
  • The First Frame: Discover the first thing you must do anytime someone comes to you with a problem or challenge.
  • Power Moves: Discover the two power moves to changing ‘limiting beliefs’ fast
  • What and where to focus when you hear cause-effect or complex equivalence patterns – so you can generate possibilities to shift and change it with ease. Side Benefit: You’ll also become far more persuasive whenever the need requires, when you can do this.
  • Precision Belief Change: The #1 thing Michael is concerned when he hears a client’s belief – and why he doesn’t concern himself with mapping their ‘belief systems’
  • Impossible – Meet Possible: Learn the first step to do if someone thinks something is impossible for them to do. Do this for your friends, family or clients and they’ll come to you again and again for how you make problems and limitations literally vanish!
  • What you must always keep in mind when you work with others.
  • Killer Questions: Discover master change agent questions to ask anytime you hear someone express a belief that seems to stopping them from having what they want. Use these and you’ll slice through even ‘strong’ beliefs like butter…
  • Elevated Inner Game: Discover why Sleight of Mouth is not fight club! And why when you approach SoM in the way Michael recommends you’re friends, family and clients will value your input much more.
  • Master the Mindset of A Master Change Agent: Uncover fundamental axioms and frames Michael holds as true about people, possibilities and change, that once you adopt can transform your life and your clients
  • The 2 power moves that underpin the many variations that make up the SoM patterns. Get good with these two and you’ll be able to help people change their mind and their lives with far greater ease.
  • Story Control: How people use narratives to bind their limitations and where to go to transform them. Learn where to intervene to change the story… change the story; change the behaviors.
  • The 1 key mindset that that lies at the heart of SoM you must do well; if you want your SoM patterns to be accepted with ease
  • Transformational Insight: The remarkable insight about people helpers and conversational change that many people helpers, trainers and coaches miss that makes changing beliefs much harder (and slower)
  • Meta People Patterns You Need To Know: Discover powerful meta patterns of how people ‘do screwy’ to keep themselves from changing their mind and how to use these 3 patterns, in combination with SoM, to create powerful reframes that cause even the most ‘resistant’ people to try a different way of looking at things
  • 3 easy phrases you can use to inject new ideas and introduce more useful ways of looking at things.
  • Advanced Sleight of Mouth Knowledge: Discover what is more important than knowing any one SoM pattern … once you discover this and use it for yourself, you will move beyond traditional SoM to create patterns tailored perfectly to what you friends, family and clients need to hear to go ahead and change their minds with zero resistance.
  • The Truth About The Best SoM Pattern: How to know which SoM pattern is the best… it’s not what most people think!
  • Gold Dust: Why what people don’t say can be some of the most useful information they give away that you can use to transform limiting beliefs and change minds, often with just one question…
  • Tips & Tricks: The 4 questions Michael recommends you ask yourself that unlocks the path to a far easier life when using the toolset.
  • Master New Skills: Discover the one pattern Michael uses to work very quickly in finding penetrating insights, questions and killer SoM patterns (this one pattern has made him a highly valued consultant, executive coach and world class influencer hired by Madison Avenue.
  • Quicker Belief Change Work: Tips and tricks top conversational change experts use to change client’s game-rules in a snap!

But that’s not all, along the way you’ll also learn…
Master Advanced Reframing Skills

& Strategies Not Available Anywhere Else 

In Language Guru Beyond Sleight of Mouth Michael reveals the exact strategy, tools and advanced skills he uses to do conversation change in a fast, organized and easy to learn way.

This information is not available or taught anywhere else. It’s revealed in full for the very first time inside this training ONLY.

You’ll Learn:

  • Secrets Revealed: Discover exactly how the Meta Model and Framing Tool allow you to generate many more Sleight of Mouth patterns than you’ve ever known… and discover ones not coded previously.
  • Magic Trick: Discover the magic trick that once you take on as a practice will make you much more effective and convincing when influencing and persuading others. Hint: This trick is something masters of mass persuasion use to change the beliefs of millions.
  • Meta Skills: Master the key skills that allows you to use the Framing Tool and Meta Model dynamically and in the moment to change beliefs
  • Undo The Glue That Binds Beliefs: Uncover the ‘glue’ that keeps people’s maps and models of the worlds together and how to alter what sticks to what using conversational SoM
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Watch as Michael takes you step-bystep through the Meta Model to generate dozens of ways you can follow to create a tremendous variety of alternative frames of reference that make changing beliefs as breeze…
  • Go Much Further: Go far beyond merely using the Meta Model as a tool to ‘fill in the blanks’; and discover the thinking patterns that empower you to create SoM patterns beyond the traditional 14 SoM patterns taught in other SoM trainings
  • Deeper Insights & Greater Results: Learn secrets about the Meta Model and how it functions that 99.9% of NLPers don’t know (including many master trainers) but which elite practitioners of conversational change use to find better ways to change minds and bust beliefs.
  • Never Get Stuck: Discover the dynamic nature of the Framing Tool as it applies to Sleight of Mouth so you can use it to generate a vast range of new frames of reference with ease and always have another place to move so you never get stuck
  • More Options – More Possibilities For Change: Always have more options of places to go and things to move to, so you can dynamically and rapidly alter a client’s frame of reference and blow out their beliefs…
  • Old School NLP: Discover old school NLP game Michael used do for fun on weekend that will change your life…
  • Think On Your Feet: 4 questions that when you apply will seriously sharpen your ability to think on your feet and come up with better frames of reference on command
  • The Training Trifecta: The three ways you must be able to move your brain on command if you want to be able to generate a wide variety of possibilities
  • Resource Catalyser: Discover where Michael looks to find new and better ways to help his clients discover better possibilities. Using Michael’s two go to tools, you can generate hundreds of more useful frames should you need to.

With these skills at your command, you’re perfectly placed to transform even very rigid beliefs.

That’s what we turn our attention to next.
Discover Tips & Elite Tricks For Working

With People With (Very) Rigid Beliefs

SoM patterns sometimes aren’t enough. We all know that sometimes people seem to cling on to their viewpoint and your best patterns and suggestions bounce off of them. The problem is not any one belief but a collection of patterns that function to keep things exactly they way they are.

These meta patterns act like a boomerang that returns home no matter which Sleight of Mouth Pattern you try, snapping the old belief in to place.

Wouldn’t it be nice change that?

That’s why Michael’s shares the 3 most important patterns you need to know about how people maintain rigid beliefs … and how you can change them.

It starts with getting to grips with…

  • The Rightness Drive: Discover how people stay stuck, often for their entire life, in the Rightness Drive and how to pop people out of it, so you don’t end up competing with it; the surest way to put the brakes on changing their beliefs and behaviour.
  • Unlock the enigma: Learn about the curious human tendency to choose to be unhappy (even for many years) over being successful and how to help people who will fight tooth and nail to be right than be successful and happy!
  • Conflict antidote: How to be effective, even with people who hold strongly opposing ‘beliefs’ to your own… (note it’s not by telling them they are stupid, idiots or evil, as we see in the news so often today.)
  • The ReAffirm Matrix: Discover how people verify and validate their reality even if their assertions are flat out wrong and what to do to help change them without triggering off the rightness drive…
  • Limitation Buster: What to do when someone fixates on limitations as to why they can’t have what they want and how to shift it using this one simple principle
  • Change agent secret: What you must let go of, which when you do will cause you to be a much more capable and skillful change agent who can respond in the moment and not be handicapped by fixed set of questions.
  • Speed Up Change: The surprising connection to system theory that many NLPers completely miss but once you get will make your work far more elegant and blindingly fast
  • Insight Generating Questions: The creative ways people (unwittingly) become their own jailers and how to help them ‘walk free’ to a better life using the power of insight generating questions and simple suggestions…
  • Extreme Views: How to interact with people who hold extreme views; if you take them on straight on you’re unlikely to change them… but you can turn the tables when you do this…
  • Tips and tricks on how to deal with people with very rigid world views like scientists – once you get this you’ll be able to ask penetrating questions that cause people to change their mind and question even strong convictions with a new frame of mind
  • How to do Sleight of Mouth at the speed of life!

Of course that’s not all, you’ll also learn…

How To Avoid Sleight Of Mouth Pitfalls

Beyond Sleight of Mouth holds great opportunities to transform your life and propel your communication skills to new heights. The trick is to avoid the most common pitfalls to conversational change and grab hold of the opportunities.

That’s why we’ve covered that too…

You’ll Learn:

  • What NOT to DO: Why expert influencers never pluck SoM patterns “from the air” but instead learn what their strategy that is far more powerful and can make changing a person’s beliefs (even long held ones) occur literally in a snap!
  • What to Avoid: The one thing you should avoid doing with SoM that is a sure fire ways to lose friends and gain enemies!
  • How To Avoid Frame Bounce: Ever talk with someone and no matter what suggestions or recommendations you made they didn’t do a damn thing? Right. It happens. But not when you know how to avoid the dreaded ‘frame bounce’…
  • Sidestep Common Pitfalls: Discover why you never want to ‘drag someone to the truth’
  • Turn Opponents to Allies: The number 1 trap most students who learn Sleight of Mouth make — that practically guarantees you might ‘win’ an argument but are sure to lose big in business and in life; because you made one critical error over and over again…

Throughout this training you’ll watch and see Michael reframe dozens of times old ideas with new; changing your beliefs about what’s ‘true’ and possible and delivering…

Detailed Expert Examples Of
Conversational Change In Action 

Join Michael as he goes deep in to the world of reframing. Follow along step-by-step as he demonstrates SoM patterns with real world client examples so you can learn the magic for yourself and develop the skills to blow out limitations with ease.

You’ll see and here:

  • Case Examples: Listen as Michael shares advanced conversational belief change in action, using Sleight of Mouth in business with real people, in ways you’ve not heard SoM used before.It’s so good and so invisible to the uninitiated that I even decided to create a special expert analysis deep dive video… 
  • Expert Analysis: To make sure you don’t miss a thing I’ve created an expert analysis video that shows you the step-by-step strategy that allows Michael is able to do rapid conversational change. Learn it for yourself, see your results soar!
  • SoM But Not As You’ve Known It: Most students of NLP think SoM is just 14-16 patterns, so they can’t notice when it’s happening right in front of them. Watch as Michael demonstrates elegant SoM response to a common presenting problem “how can I get in to a relationship, I’ve been out of it for years but can’t seem to meet anyone.”

Of course along the way you can’t help but learn to…

Arm Yourself With Knowledge 
To Stop Being Triggered

Fact is today people are getting ‘triggered’ to react with strong (and frequently very negative) emotions to what they see in the news, social media and experience in day to day conversations. From Trump to Brexit, millions of people have been trained to react by masters of reframing.

It’s time to beat the manipulators at their own game.

Learn the tricks and tips of how this mass persuasion process works, and take back control.

Discover how to…

  • Protect Yourself: Discover how in everything from Trump to Brexit, mass persuaders have been using frame control and frame manipulation to trigger strong emotional re-actions in voters… when you know how it’s done, you can choose to stay sane in an increasingly mad world…
  • Spot Trigger Frames : Language can and does affect how you experience your world. In the wrong hands language can be used as a weapon to dominate and control. With Beyond Sleight of Mouth you’ll learn how to detect when someone is using presuppositions and frame games to affect you.
  • Be Armed With Tools To Detect, Block & Transform Assaults: When you know how to use the toolkit Michael shows here, you’ll be more than capable to detect loaded presuppositions, block sneaky verbal assaults (should you face them) and transform potential conflict in to dialogue.
  • Take Back Control: Ever find yourself being triggered and feel bad after watching the News or engaging in social media? It not an accident. Find out how you’re triggered and take back control using a handful of questions and you can liberate your mind and make your life better.

But that’s not all, because…

Beyond Sleight of Mouth Training Is NOT
Like Any Other SoM Trainings

Language Guru – Beyond Sleight of Mouth is very different than other Sleight of Mouth Trainings.

It’s NEW, unique and advanced… and I think you’ll love it!

Here’s why:

1. It’s Advanced Conversational Belief Change Training For 2019, NOT 1980…

The 1980s feels like it was a long time ago. And it was…

Back then the Internet didn’t exist. Cell phones the size of a large brick had just been invented and CD players had just come on the market.

NLP in the 1980’s was just going through a decade of innovation. Robert Dilts coded 14 Sleight of Mouth patterns and published it in a book in the early 90’s. And that’s for the most part where Sleight of Mouth stayed.

Most trainers took the patterns and taught them as a fixed set of canned language pattern responses one can say. Almost no one in the field took the technology any further.

But Robert’s work was (like all great NLP should be) a beginning, not the end.

Unfortunately very few trainers in NLP applied the NLP models to Sleight of Mouth to unlock the secrets to conversational reframing and show how the Sleight of Mouth connects up to the rest of the NLP toolkit.

And that’s what Master Trainer Michael Breen has done with Beyond Sleight of Mouth.

While taking what you can do further…

You won’t be learning the 14 patterns Robert Dilts coded in the 1980’s and 90’s. You’ll be discovering how to do conversational reframing with the benefit of all the insights from neuroscience, NLP and other domains that have occurred since then and Michael’s 30+ years of business experience.

Your conversational change work will be game ready for today AND for decades to come… whether you find yourself working with top CEO’s, elite athletes or your very own children!

2. Beyond Sleight of Mouth Teaches You The Elite Thinking Strategies And Skills That Generate Many More Sleight of Mouth Patterns, Not Just The Original Set of 14-16, So You’ve Got Many More Options To Reframe

No other training teaches you Sleight of Mouth in the way Michael does because just about every other training focuses on the student learning canned responses…

(e.g. hierarchy of criteria, apply to self, redefine, meta frame etc.) 

… instead of learning the formula that underpins how he (and you with training) can generate so many more than 14-16 patterns. 

You’ll learn the secrets inside this course only and how there are many more patterns than the original set coded in Robert’s original work. And when you discover how the magic works you’ll be able to generate many more reframes – causing your work to become much more direct, easy and fast…

But that’s not all…

3. Developed From Business: Designed For Use In The Real World

The origins of Sleight of Mouth can be traced back to Robert Dilts watching Richard Bandler doing his linguistic magic inside a training program.

Beyond Sleight of Mouth has its origins in the world of business.

For more than 3 decades Michael Breen has worked as an elite consultant and executive coach where simply put the standard NLP toolset had to be modified for the world of business.

In fact Dr. Bandler encouraged Michael to create the society’s very first NLP Business Practitioner and Master NLP Business Practitioner for the UK.

So Michael took apart and put back together the entire NLP toolkit, adapted specifically for conversational use in business.

He experimented with every tactic and tool to discover its strengths and weaknesses and discovered radical insights about ‘beliefs’ and belief change that lead him to take a much deeper look at how Sleight of Mouth works and how it is typically taught.

Along the way he refined and enhanced how to use Sleight of Mouth in real world person-to-person interactions in high stakes situations, where changing people’s minds conversationally, quickly and entirely naturally – is paramount if you want to be invited back.

You see, in a training room, pretty much anything goes; but in the world of business and other high stake situations it’s often not appropriate to have a person (your boss, senior stakeholder, a client etc.) close their eyes, follow your hypnotic voice and push their limiting beliefs away.

You’ve got to be able to dissolve limitations conversationally right there in the meeting — in a short space of time or the results could be disastrous for your client.

It’s was this high-pressure environment that Michael really refined and developed his Sleight of Mouth and conversational change skills and discovered things and ways to go further…

Insights and moves that few other NLPers will ever know.

But now I’ve finally persuaded him to teach them to you for a song…

(More on that in a moment.)

4. You Won’t Learn How To Fight; You’ll Learn How To Serve Exquisitely

For a long time Michael was cautious about teaching these advanced skills to others, because simple put – they are too powerful to be put in the hands of the wrong kind of people…

For years he was tired of seeing people position Sleight of Mouth as a tool for dominating others, winning every argument and beating your opponent.

He strong contested this frame. Sleight of Mouth is not fight club!

(Sure with these skills you could turn an opponent’s energy against themselves and sweep the legs right under their arguments; but why go for such a low expression of such a wonderful technology?)

Unfortunately for to many years, many students have only ever known Sleight of Mouth as a “that NLP tool to dominate and win any argument”.

Beyond Sleight of Mouth shows you what this technology is really meant for – to serve others.

You’ll learn the tools and tactics to conversational change like you’ve never known before and see how you can serve exquisitely using these tools.

Bottom line: If you get paid to solve problems, lead others, change people’s minds or help people make better decisions; Beyond Sleight of Mouth may just be the most important missing piece you’re toolbox has been missing.

5. Who Needs Covert When You Can Be Overt (Yet Invisible!)

Is it possible to persuade overtly and still be highly effective? Absolutely.

In fact – it’s exactly what Michael recommends you do.

You don’t need to shroud your actions in the cloak of misdirection, fixed language patterns and you don’t need to ‘push’ frames in; if you want them to take hold, blossom and grow long after you are gone…

In the hands of a highly skilled reframing operator (which Michael trains you to become in this course) you can be totally overt, direct and and yet the method of your belief change magic remains invisible…

Resistance to new ideas dissolve and new ways of thinking take hold in your friends, family and clients without you have to push at all.

With a few words, insightful questions and exquisite skill that you’ll learn in Beyond Sleight of Mouth – you’ll unlock the door for the person to go ahead and change their mind and keep the change…

… because people don’t resist their own thinking.

Conversational change becomes simple, direct and fast.

But that’s not all – with the tools, strategies and practice Michael shares in Beyond Slight of Mouth, you’ll become so good with conversational reframing that even other NLPers won’t be able to track what you are doing. 

I must warn you though; others may become envious of the new found skills and powers to persuade.

Oh and people around you may begin to feel good for no apparent reason … even become more resourceful and find their problems disappear with little drama – whenever they with you. Quicker than you realise, your career and ability to communicate with others can go to new heights, previously you didn’t know was possible.

As they have for Michael, I and many other students when you apply what is taught inside this course.

Will you be one of the lucky few to learn these secrets first?

To make sure this training is a right fit for both you and us, it’s important I clear up…

Who Is This For? 

This training is for anyone who wants to:

  • Do conversational belief change quickly, directly and entirely naturally in minutes.
  • Discover secrets beyond Sleight of Mouth, and learn how to generate dozens of SoM patterns using the entire Framing Tool and Meta model to make ‘limited beliefs’ and limitations (your own, or your clients) disappear so you can create more of the outcomes you want, with greater ease and elegance than ever before…
  • Learn advanced influence and conversational reframing skills, known only to handful of NLP masters, and employed by many of the world’s elite communicators and change experts

Warning: This course will change the way you view and do belief change forever. 

(It’s also going to make belief change work, much, much simpler and easier.)

For over a decade I’ve been probing and prodding Master Trainer Michael Breen to spill the secrets of how he is able to…

… generate killer insightstransform beliefs with a single question and make client’s problems (many of the world’s most successful people and companies) disappear in a single brief conversation; all the while never using any overt or apparent NLP or Sleight of Mouth patterns.

How does he do it? And could he teach it to others?

How is he able to get invited so easily in to the corridors of power and to work with so many movers and shakers across politics, entertainment, sports and business.

Now, for the first time ever in this training, Master Trainer Michael Breen reveals secrets about belief change, reframing and Sleight of Mouth that even many master trainers don’t know!

Beyond Sleight of Mouth goes much further than teaching you a set of fixed language patterns. That’s been done extensively elsewhere. Beyond Sleight of Mouth takes your skills much further than learning fixed language patterns.

You’ll learn advanced convesational change strategies, step-by-step thinking tools, and many deep NLP insights known only by an elite group, so you can learn the exact formula Michael Breen and elite communicators know for changing minds in a snap!


This course is not for everyone.

Here’s why…

You’ll be learning advanced application of the Meta Model and Framing Tool (and several other elite skills) that require you to have prior experience with these tools and foundational knowledge of NLP.

We’ll be hitting the ground running, so prior NLP experience is a must.

So if you have no prior experience with NLP, Language Guru – Beyond Sleight of Mouth is not for you at this point.

(However if you’re chomping at the bit to learn this advanced conversational change skills and you don’t yet have the pre-requisite experience with NLP, you can fill in your knowledge in one go by by studying Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model first. )

That said, if you have already done any of the following:

… a NLP practitioner,

… a NLP master practitioner,

… an NLP trainer’s training,

or completed

Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model series

or our Platinum Audio News Club

… you’ll be well prepared to make the most of this unique and powerful training.

If you have any questions about your readiness to do this training you can contact our support team here who are happy to advise.

OK, let’s talk about what you’ll receive when you invest today.

What You’ll Receive

36 Beyond Sleight of Mouth Training Videos

MP4 Format

Language Guru – Beyond Sleight of Mouth is organised into 36 VIDEOS (MP4) which you’ll be able to watch directly after your purchase.

36 Audio Files

MP3 Format

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire workshop available in mp3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take with you on the road.

195 Page Training Transcript

PDF Format

Plus given the speed at which Michael drops big ideas in this training, it thought it was only appropriate that we include a 195 page word-for-word transcript, so you can absorb every suggestion, strategy and Sleight of Mouth example shared. Pure gold.

And you’ll also receive an extended Sleight of Mouth reframing example mindmap so you can study in detail how easily the magic can be done.

23 Page Training Assignments

PDF Format

In addition to being able to follow along with the training, we have included 23-page assignments to help you bed in your learning.

55 Page Reference Manual

PDF Format

Included with this rare workshop home study course is the complete 55 page reference manual.

Michael’s jam-packed this manual with insights, distinctions and real-world examples of change work.

Plus for a limited time you’ll also get to enjoy several excellent FAST MOVER BONUSES.

More on that in a moment.

By the end of this training you’ll have the tools, frameworks and Michael’s latest thinking to help you do conversational change and advanced reframing with ease.

Specific skills designed to take you Beyond Sleight of Mouth.

Where you’ve got dozens of options and ways to unpack and transform limiting beliefs/cause-effect game-rules (your own or your clients) and create transformation.

Easily, quickly and with zero arm twisting.

This really is the perfect skill for any business or technology professional, people helper, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, sales professional, lawyer, manager, or anyone who communicates with others for a living.

(And that’s ignoring for a moment the tremendous benefit this toolkit can have on your personal life when you use it on yourself to blow past your own limitations and limiting beliefs…)
Before I tell you about the investment to acquire these skills, I thought you might like to know more about the renowned NLP expert that is leading this breakthrough training…

Let’s experience Beyond Sleight Of Mouth – Michael Breen , Only Price $85

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