Boxing Footwork Instructional Video – Precision Striking



Boxing Footwork Instructional Video – Precision Striking


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The knowledge contained in this 50 minute footwork instructional video will give you the ability to control the ring and the pace of a fight (even against hyper-aggressive opponents), avoid taking unnecessary damage, fight at a higher pace while spending less energy, and punish your opponent with quick-strike offense that’ll have them regret stepping into the ring with you.

On top of all that, you’ll be able to confidently practice in the gym with proper technique and clean footwork, even if footwork doesn’t come naturally to you.

The reason why most pro boxers make it look so easy is because of their dedication to–and repetition of–good habits. I have designed this instructional video in such a way that you can watch it once, take a few new ideas to the gym with you, and immediately start evolving your game. BUT, the more you re-watch it, the more details you’ll pick up and implement, and the more good habits you’ll develop.

Many of the advantages of learning through video are said best in the 50+ reviews found on this page; boxers claiming that half of this video was worth more than hours in the gym…”It is like having unlimited private lessons on footwork.” One coach of 20+ years said, “This is by far the best footwork video I have ever watched.”

Here’s just a few of the skills you’ll learn in this session:

– A versatile push step that can protect you from your opponent’s pressure and even help you sneak in some well-placed counter attacks.

– How I solved my flat-footed problem with a simple technique my coach taught me when I first started training years ago. This can also knock your opponent’s confidence down a few pegs.

– One of the first things you should learn if you want to avoid being a human punching bag. This can also help you regain control when your opponent charges in trying to knock you out.

– A footwork technique you can use when you’re ready to trade some mobility for quick-strike offense, without leaving yourself vulnerable.

– A slight quarter turn technique that’ll get you out of the line of fire, cut off your opponent’s attack and put you in prime position to launch your own effective offense.

– How you can layer defensive techniques on top of your footwork for added protection so you get hit less, allowing you to set up your own shots and box more offensively.

– A small shift you can use on the inside that can immediately negate half of your opponent’s offense, leaving them vulnerable while they readjust.

– The most dangerous habit that beginners can develop (and even some experienced boxers) when moving backwards that will leave you predictable and susceptible to power punches.

– How to effectively land shots on a retreating opponent. This is also one of the best ways to safely close the distance on a taller opponent.

– One “advanced” movement that’s actually dead simple but will make you look, feel, and fight like a total pro.

– One concept that you need to work on if you feel uncomfortable moving in or you’re having trouble adjusting distance when you attack.

I’ll also show you a few of my favorite footwork exercises that are aimed specifically at giving you the power and endurance needed to navigate the ring and control the pace.

Footwork isn’t just physical, it also requires you to have the right mindset. At the end of this session, I break down exactly how to think about your footwork; how to practice it deliberately so that you can implement good footwork habits into your unique style and provide a solid foundation for the rest of your skill set.

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