Breathwork Summit 2021 – Kathleen Booker



Breathwork Summit 2021 – Kathleen Booker

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This really changed my life by allowing me to reclaim my mind and spirit when I get disturbed. It elevated my entire outlook. I know I’m supposed to be more loving, and this showed me how to start, and that there is no ceiling on this process. It was completely satisfying, fulfilling, and gave me great hope for our future as dwellers in this world. I too look forward to breathworkers being present in every aspect of business, government, and life.

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Exhale. Inhale.

2020 was quite a year…

… and it’s time to go from holding our breath to breathing fully again.

Are you ready to release the over-worry and shock you’ve been holding for so long — and revitalize your body and mind? As 2021 begins, you have a new opportunity to support your nervous system, unwind, reset, and settle into a calmer baseline.

It may be reassuring to know that — even when you’re not trying — your body is breathing. No matter how exhausted, bereaved, or stressed you are, the breath is still there.

That’s a big part of what makes breathwork so magical and essential… it’s always only a millisecond away. Like a beloved friend, the allyship of your own breath is always available to you — and it doesn’t require a gym, fancy equipment, or physical prowess.

After a year of upheaval, uncertainty, and collective fear about our respiratory health, this series provides a safe space to unwind, unplug from anxiety, and tap into the miraculous healing power of your own breath.

During this groundbreaking gathering of soulful breathwork professionals and dedicated practitioners, we’ll move from collective gasp… to deep diaphragmatic breathing again.

Together we can lay the groundwork to heal and thrive.

The Shift Network’s returning and much-loved Breathwork Summit series reveals the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing… as our extraordinary speakers share simple, yet deep breathwork practices to move you from stress, stagnation, and depletion into easeful states infused with vitality, alertness, and greater joy in life.


Exhale Into Flow, Resilience & Ease Anytime, Anywhere

The significance and effect of aware respiratory has been understood considering that historic times, and has been scientifically tested as a vital element to normal fitness.

Constricted or shallow adrenalized respiratory styles can cause continual pressure, elevated pain, disrupted sleep, and decreased immune function.

Learning to optimize your breath is important for correct cardiac function, immune fitness, neurological tone, and a lot greater. It’s additionally essential in regulating and processing tough or excessive emotions — like rage or grief — and in growing your potential for sensual pleasure.

In this collection, our specialists will lightly nudge you again into emotional fluidity — the cappotential to transport via numerous emotional states with ease. You’ll discover ways to get off the “hamster wheel” of continual worries.

You’ll additionally study new and rising breath-primarily based totally modalities which can be springing up out of essential new discoveries approximately lung fitness, shifting via grief, womb recuperation, or even assuaging a few sorts of depression.

It can take time to return back again to right respiratory after a deep shock, and we’ve all been via a chain of shocks in 2020. In this summit, you’ll lightly “heat up” your frame to respire well again. You’ll additionally listen testimonies from a extensive form of breathwork specialists and glean collective insights at the ever-developing significance of growing and preserving your exercise.

And, you’ll be in exact fingers with effusive and loving collection host Kathleen Booker, the “Jedi of Calm,” an inspiring trainer and chief withinside the breathwork global.

During this rejuvenating event, you can come to completely believe that your breath will cope with you… it’ll in no way depart you… and it’s really looking forward to you — to faucet into the wealth of consolation and nourishment to be had to you proper now.

Here’s a short sampling of what our inspiring audio system may be sharing with you…

Ayo Handy-Kendi will elegantly monitor how we benefit power in our cohesion in diversity, and the way to use a 7-step manner known as Breath Circles to Heal the Divides.

Jim Morningstar will bring deep information approximately figuring out 6 extraordinary frame themes, and he’ll proportion physical activities to launch continual subconscious keeping styles.

Join Michael Stone as he indicates how breathwork is a first-rate device for bringing subconscious conditioning and antique traumas to mild, connecting in your maximum real truths, and information your last cause in existence.

Journey into the nexus of breath and spirit with Dan Brule as he stocks three of his favourite religious respiratory physical activities and meditations.

Mireya Alejo Marcet will proportion the presents from her almost 30 years of holotropic breathwork — and the manner wherein the breath and expressive arts can provide a wealthy box for exploration.

Receive consolation and steering as Abiola Abrams stocks the approaches breath reconnects us to the Divine Feminine… assisting us get nourished and live grounded in tough times.

Experience the discharge of stigma round intellectual fitness and well being with Matt Kudish, as he illuminates techniques of respiratory that in particular calm your thoughts.

Jessica Dibb will expound on how breathworkers are “important workers,” and now that positive shadows of humanity had been revealed — what cappotential can be birthed via aware breathwork and embodiment.

With Masami Covey, you’ll delve into how your breath determines the fitness of your mind, lungs, and emotions — even as you learn how to enhance mind function, stability your apprehensive gadget, and sluggish down aging.

And a good deal greater!

Let Your Breath Usher You Into Renewed Connection to Source

The phrase for breath in lots of languages has roots withinside the phrase for “soul.” It’s what actually animates us and affords an instantaneous hyperlink into the thriller of aliveness.

Just as Rumi evocatively stated of his connection to the Divine, “You are in the direction of me than my personal breath”… the breath can cause deeply recuperation states and stories of all-encompassing grace and connection to Source.

This collection invitations you to take into account your direct connection to existence and the Sacred — and your innate potential to launch the beyond and embody glide and grace.

During this on line Breathwork Summit collection, you’ll discover:

Enhanced respiratory strategies to loosen up and “groom” your apprehensive gadget so you’re much less reactive to human beings and circumstances

The delights of occurring a “plant walk” withinside the tropics to proportion a few deep breaths with our fellow tree friends

Breathing practices that useful resource in womb fitness and wellness

A complete respiratory plan you could combine into your every day routine

An creation to the Toltec lineage exercise of Quetzalcoatl breathwork

Increased fitness — together with boosted immune gadget, cardiac vigor, and greater

Inspiring non-public testimonies on how breathwork is used in the back of bars in juvenile detention

Ways you could practice breathwork in challenging, high-pressure settings

Landmark approaches to apply breathwork in network constructing and interracial recuperation work

How you could boom your “mild frame” to make it greater expansive and brighter the use of the breath

And a good deal greater!

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Transforming Anxiety Through Breathwork

Video From Anthony Abbagnano

We all enjoy tension. Generally, tension may be diagnosed via way of means of positive bodily markers. Anthony discusses the way to reframe tension and speak in confidence to the various picks that tension can also additionally close down.

In this session, you may discover:

How to witness tension as an outside force

The Coherence breath technique

The Transformer breath technique

Have you ever watched carefully how a toddler breathes? Their whole frame flutters with unhindered motion with every inhale and exhale…

YOU may be that unencumbered again — via way of means of the use of your breath to shake off anxiety and pressure and completely explicit your self in a global that desperately desires greater embodied, targeted souls!

Join us for this empowering sesries. We sit up for seeing you there.
What a number of closing year’s Breathwork Summit members stated:

“I sense blessed, targeted, grounded, and excited for this epic worldwide awakening occurring proper now.”
The timing of this summit changed into so perfect! It gave me the possibility to exercise and research greater respiratory. I changed into stimulated and lifted up via way of means of all the luminaries and scientists which can be at the summit. Eternally grateful.
— Robin Clements, U.S.

“… [allowed] me to reclaim my thoughts and spirit once I get disturbed…”

This truely modified my existence via way of means of permitting me to reclaim my thoughts and spirit once I get disturbed. It expanded my whole outlook. I recognize I’m alleged to be greater loving, and this confirmed me the way to start, and that there may be no ceiling in this manner. It changed into absolutely satisfying, fulfilling, and gave me super wish for our destiny as dwellers on this global. I too sit up for breathworkers being found in each component of business, government, and existence.

— Jean Kuster, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

“… an incredible and compelling experience…”

This summit was an incredible and compelling experience for me. I feel that I’ve received a huge download of information, inspiration, and energy. This has not only impacted my personal process in a positive way, but will inform my future practice as a breathworker. Having read books written by some of the speakers, it was truly wonderful to hear their voices, listen to them speaking, and feel into the energy behind their words.

— Deborah Maddison, Bath, UK

“At last a comprehensive and understandable presentation of breathwork and all its diverse techniques and styles.”

At last a comprehensive and understandable presentation of breathwork and all its diverse techniques and styles. It makes it easy for me to choose what’s right for me.

— Louise Parsons, North Carolina, U.S.

“… reached me deeply in theory and practice and I did feel healing…”

The contents of the speakers reached me deeply in theory and practice and I did feel healing while listening to them!

— Anja, Germany

“I learned techniques to reduce my anxiety, which allowed me to experience more peace and joy.”

I learned so much from participating in the summit, and I feel so grateful for the free sessions. This COVID-19 pandemic has truly added much stress to my life. Through this summit I learned techniques to reduce my anxiety, which allowed me to experience more peace and joy. My heart is full of love for purposefulness, humanity, and compassion your sessions provided, not just for me, but for the unity of our planet through breath.

— Joanie Beaubien, Quebec, Canada

“I was mind-blown by how many experts and how much science there was out there on this topic.”

I was mind-blown by how many experts and how much science there was out there on this topic. Speakers’ experiences of how they first tapped into this knowledge and the reasons behind their journey was so familiar, it gave me a sense of unity with them, reconfirming my own experience. Now more than ever I am excited to continue the path towards acquiring knowledge that will help me help others in Egypt through breathwork. Thank you for the enlightenment.

—Hend Hafez, Cairo, Egypt

“Now I feel I am part of a much bigger reality spread throughout the world.”

After so many years of being in love with breathwork, this summit was like a dream come true. Now I feel I am part of a much bigger reality spread throughout the world. And I have learnt so much! Thank you a lot for organizing this amazing event.

— Marina, Italy

“Now… I feel confident to move forward with my own practice…”

This is my first real exposure to breathwork. I’ve heard and seen a few influencers on Instagram who do the practice and share their work but I did not have a background, history, or foundation to base it off. I knew it helped, but didn’t know how or why. Now with this deep understanding, I feel confident to move forward with my own practice and continue learning about and celebrating the breath… I am SO, so, so grateful to have stumbled upon this summit… It really gave me clarity and hope over the past week. A much-needed “breath of fresh air” amidst all the chaos and fear surrounding us right now. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I feel that this summit has opened a door for me to truly transform myself and my life.

— Samantha Flores, Texas, U.S.

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