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Carbonate WordPress Theme – Matt Giovanisci


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12+ Years In The Making of This Theme

I'm constantly asked, "what WordPress theme do you use on your sites?" My answer has always been disappointing. "I design and coded it myself."

I built my first successful WordPress theme in 2006. I've been updating the design and code of this original theme with the goal of making it super faster and user-friendly.

Every year, I tweak the code or add something new to make it easier for people to access. As a result, this allowed me to excel at SEO and rocket up the Google SERPs.

Truthfully, most themes are bloated and built on top of slow frameworks and crappy plugins. But I understand why. These themes try to appeal to everyone. Especially people who don't know how to code.

Instead, I built this theme around some core philosophies.

Building trust online is simple. If you have a good brand name and logo on a fast website where useful content is easy to find, then your visitors will trust you.

Ownership. This means you're in full control of how your site looks and functions. I believe every website owner should know how to code. You don't have to be a master developer, but if you know HTML and CSS you'll be unstoppable.

This theme doesn't use a bunch of bloated code to make it easy for non-coders to edit. Instead, I made it easy for you to edit using pure HTML/CSS.

And if you're trying to rank in Google, this theme puts SEO at its core. If you follow the principles of how this theme is designed and put more of your effort into creating great content, you should have no trouble getting loads of search traffic.

Installing the Carbonate theme is a great place to start if you're looking to build a super-fast site to rank in Google. It's also great if you're looking to start over.

This theme has been battle-tested throughout the years. And I know it'll be a great foundation for your brand and allow you to stand the test of time.

What's included?

 2 videos 7 files 8 text files


Carbonate v1.2

How to Use Carbonate

  • How to Install and Use This WordPress Theme
  • How to Customize The Header and Navigation
  • How to Customize The Color Scheme and Font
  • 9 Recommended Plugins You Can Use With This Theme
  • How to Format a Blog Post
  • How to Use The Recommended Reading Feature
  • How to Create a Category Page with a List of Subcategories
  • How to Add an Author Box To The Bottom of Posts
  • How to Build a Custom Search Page
  • How to Create a Sidebar in Single Posts


Extra Code Snippets

  • Sub Category Page
  • Author Box
  • Search Form
  • Search Page
  • Search Results
  • Sidebar

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