Comprehensive Home Study Option Trading Course – Price Headley


Comprehensive Home Study Option Trading Course – Price Headley


Accelerated Options Training To Help You Profit NOW!

This is THE complete home study course you can own and benefit from again and again. Learn through seeing and hearing the materials thoroughly covered by a passionate teacher!


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Accelerated Options Training To Help You Profit NOW!

This is THE complete home study course you can own and benefit from

again and again. Learn through seeing and hearing the materials

thoroughly covered by a passionate teacher!

Let Price Headley be your guide as he walks you through all of the proven strategies that have served him so well over the last 15 years. Learn the concepts from introductory to advanced and use your remote to replay any topic to hear it again. The power of instant access and replay means you should be able to absorb every single morsel of this potent education.

Don’t buy another arm-load of books that are going to present complicated topics that often conflict book to book. Learn proven options trading concepts and tactics this year! Own this course now so that you can add all of the market-tested knowledge and systems to your trading arsenal.

6 Reasons To Own This Course:

1. Knowledge is Power – When you’re trading options, the more you know, the better. You can read many books by different authors and then try to reconcile the often conflicting views that comes from a broad range of “expert” authors on this subject. Or, you can get it all in this ONE course from this ONE expert, learning all topics by visual observation as opposed to reading comprehension (always a challenge with a complex financial topic).

2. Price’s Holistic Training Approach – This course is complete, with all of the most important topics to developing a solid options trading foundation covered within. Plus, NOBODY is as passionate about this subject or as good at teaching it than Price Headley.

3. Boost Your Confidence – Price is not a content producer more interested in selling than actually delivering value. Instead, he is a bona-fide options master, who puts every innovation he develops up against the ultimate judge: impartial, quantitative backtesting.

4. Profitable Proven Trading Systems – Price’s entire professional life, nearly 20 years, has been in the relentless pursuit of proven systems & models. By owning this comprehensive course, you can enjoy a highly-accelerated knowledge transfer.

5. Your Own Research Department – Everything you’ll learn, including numerous proprietary stock & option charts, indicators, scans and trading systems – are available at The website reflects the teachings.

6. Go Into the Zone – It can be done in options trading. A highly knowledgeable options trader can get into a groove. The key to getting there is to sharpen up your mind with expert knowledge and then practice everything that works for you.

If you are not satisfied with your current trading results,

it is time to get this course and learn from the master!


DVD #1 – Secrets of Successful Market Timing, Part 1

Price Headley has proven again and again that the future direction of the stock market and individual stocks can be predicted in advance. For nearly 16 years, Price has developed proven methods for early trend identification and optimal timing of entry and exit. You can see the “best of” summary of these learnings in less than 4 hours on the first 2 Videos.

DVD #2 – Secrets of Successful Market Timing, Part 2

Price begins this session with a rich focus on investor sentiment and trading psychology. He stresses the importance of quantifying market sentiment, so that you can make objective trading decisions. Price teaches you how he creates his own sentiment indicators and utilizes Bollinger bands to increase the accuracy of the signals. You will learn much about quantifying sentiment indicators! And why it’s important to understand when the crowd has identified a trend, as that often signals the time for you to exit.

DVD #3 – Technical Indicators, Part 1

Price shows traders how to select momentum stocks poised to accelerate into orbit with new breakthrough indicators. In this segment, he will introduce you to his proprietary Acceleration Bands indicator. He’ll show you the formula for these bands, how they differ from Bollinger Bands, and give you the exact entry and exit rules for riding hot stocks to maximum profits and how to get out before the bubble bursts.

DVD #4 – Technical Indicators, Part 2

Price reveals another new trading breakthrough, as he shares his Percentage Above The Moving Average system. His testing has helped him discover that when stocks surged a certain percentage above a key moving average, these stocks are likely to go into orbit and defy natural laws by going much further than anyone would expect. These stock signals are truly rare, which is ideal for traders and investors who want to focus on a few higher quality opportunities.

DVD #5 – Technical Indicators, Part 3

This Video completes the detailed technical indicator presentations begun on Videos #3-4. You’ll absolutely love Price’s efficiency ratio indicator! He thoroughly covers it to help you zero in on the best-trending stocks, bull and bear. Price also shows you how to measure the Relative Strength of a stock versus the overall market, which can provide an important clue to the which stocks will lead or lag on the next major market move.

DVD #6 – Option Strategies

On this video, Price reveals powerful option strategies that can help you gain exciting leverage of 10 to 1 or more. Combined with his proven directional strategies yielding the strongest momentum stocks, you could utilize the cumulative learnings to aim for an absolute fortune. Throughout this lesson, he keeps things very simple, illustrating a common sense approach to options that has served him (and his subscribers) so well. For Price, options are all about gaining more leverage in a directional play or in simply capturing premium when prices are range bound. This video reveals exactly how to do that.

DVD #7 – More Options Strategies, Plus Option Charts & Scans

This video is loaded with more advanced option strategies for professional traders. Price delves into combination approaches such as Butterfly, Iron Condor and Ratio strategies, answering a variety of questions along the way. You’ll learn how these strategies can generate income for you in choppy, sideways markets. Price then shares his unique Option Charts approach- something you absolutely should not miss!

DVD #8 – Index Options & Futures Strategies

Index options and futures provide several benefits to active traders. In this video, Price shows you how to gain huge leverage using the vehicles that have outstanding liquidity. Moreover, stock indices and futures have potential tax advantages too. Price discusses his favorite option strategies using indices, plus indicators he uses to day-trade Emini Futures.

DVD #9 – Trading Psychology & Money Management

You can have the Holy Grail of all systems, but if you do not cultivate the proper mindset in your approach to gains and losses, you will not be successful. In this power-packed video, Price describes the psychological challenges all traders face and how you can identify and overcome your own issues in trading. Price gives you a detailed questionnaire which will allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses with recommended exercises for each key area. Price also recounts other excellent resources for getting your mindset into a zone so that you can be one with the markets, flowing with the trends rather than fighting them.

DVD #10 – Creating A Trading Plan & Putting Your Plan Into Action

Price discusses the 10 key questions you must first answer as you begin the process of developing a written trading plan. Many traders think that success is mostly about finding the right system to guide their entry and exit. In this video, Price shows you that entry and exit are only two parts to the equation and there are a number of other areas that must be addressed. This video includes highly valuable education on developing an objective trading plan, and how to execute it in your own trading.

“Phenomenal! The information that is packed on these DVD’s is worth far more than what you are charging! It is so obvious that Price has a thorough knowledge about what he is talking about, and his enthusiasm and passion about his trading system are so encouraging! The thing I like about DVD’s is that I can go back and view them over and over. It is amazes me that there are so many additional bits of information that I pick up the second and third time through. Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge Price!”

-Carol L. 

“An organized way to approach a trade, where the decision making emotional moment does not need too much thought as the hard work has already been put in. With clear stops and clear targets and even clearer set ups, trading has suddenly become much easier.”

-Kapil D.

“I thought the DVD set was good. Not really alot could improve on Price’s work. Kicks the ass off other providers who pass themselves off as options traders…”

-Blake H.

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