Cracking Superhost – Sean Rakidzich



Cracking Superhost – Sean Rakidzich


Cracking Superhost – Sean Rakidzich


  • Instruction Manual For Course (Watch Me First)(6:23)START
  • Welcome To Cracking Superhost (Make Sure To Watch)(4:08)START
  • Intro(1:17)START

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Cracking Superhost – Sean Rakidzich

Cracking Superhost - Sean Rakidzich

Course Curriculum


  • Instruction Manual For Course (Watch Me First)(6:23)START
  • Welcome To Cracking Superhost (Make Sure To Watch)(4:08)START
  • Intro(1:17)START
  • What is Airbnb?(1:12)START
  • Notes About The Course(1:11)START
  • Cost To Start(2:15)START
  • What you Will Need For This Course(1:04)START
  • Assess Property Potential(3:29)START

Property Acquisition

  • Welcome To The Property Acquisition Section(1:08)START
  • What You Need Before You Start(10:24)START
  • Do You Need A Website?(5:32)START
  • Where To Find Properties(8:07)START
  • Research – Supply ( 2 Videos)(22:13)START
  • Research Demand (2 Videos)(30:24)START
  • Research – Secret Shopping(47:16)START
  • Three Areas of Market Research In Review(1:03)START
  • The Script Intro(2:07)START
  • Script for apartments(18:09)START
  • The script for houses(16:50)START
  • How To Negotiate(26:01)START
  • Closers Crash Course Workshop (5 Hours)START

Setting Up Your Property

  • What To Do Before You Buy Your Furniture(2:12)START
  • Buying The Furniture(3:21)START
  • As it arrives(2:26)START
  • Bedroom(5:07)START
  • Kitchen(10:42)START
  • Interior Design and Beds Layout Tips(6:42)START
  • Yard(2:27)START
  • Utilities(2:47)START
  • Supply storage(7:17)START
  • Security and signage(3:08)START
  • Readiness Review(1:56)START

Optimizing Photography

  • Welcome To The Photography Section(7:11)START
  • Types of Photos We Are Going To Take(6:50)START
  • Photography Basics(4:38)START
  • Bracketing(12:06)START
  • HDR Editing(25:04)START
  • Shooting With Your Iphone(9:41)START

Going Live/Maximizing Listing/Customer Service

  • Creating an Airbnb listing(38:03)START
  • House Rules(3:48)START
  • Check in guides(2:53)START
  • The First Message(3:54)START
  • The 4 Message System(7:51)START
  • How To Handle Your First Booking(5:12)START
  • What To Do When Guest Checks Out(0:57)START
  • How To Handle Property Damage or Theft(10:30)START
  • How To Handle A Guest That Won’t Leave(2:43)START
  • How To Deal With Lost Keys(4:27)START

Optimizing Listing For More Profit

  • How To Upsell Guests Introduction(3:00)START
  • The Art of The Upsell(12:43)START
  • The Sales Process(8:46)START
  • How To Sell Tide Pods(2:53)START
  • How To Use Your Calendar To Make More Money(10:35)START
  • How To Deal With Theft(6:38)START
  • Affiliate Links(7:11)START

Pricing Strategy

  • Welcome To The Pricing Strategy(1:25)START
  • Airbnb Pricing Definitions(9:58)START
  • Introduction To Dynamic Pricing(5:49)START
  • Introduction To Length Stay Discounts(6:59)START
  • The Cleaning Fee(4:26)START
  • How To Use The Multi Calendar(10:49)START
  • Other Hosts Prices(5:57)START
  • Considerations of No Cleaning Fee(5:57)START
  • Pricing Techniques With Rule Sets(29:48)START
  • Split Strategy For Larger Homes(5:34)START
  • Booking Velocity(13:10)START
  • SEO Turbocharged Strategy(16:34)START
  • How To Fix Bad Reviews(4:13)START

Becoming a Superhost

  • Whats A Super Host(2:27)START
  • Superhost X Factor(1:43)START
  • Going Above and Beyond(4:04)START
  • How To Ask Guest For Review(1:42)START
  • Reconcile Payout(0:49)START
  • Con Artist(6:17)START

Scale and Automate

  • Inventory Control(12:13)START
  • Hiring And Managing Housekeeper Relationships(14:59)START
  • 5 Step Housekeeping System(12:28)START
  • Deep Cleaning System(30:49)START
  • How To Deep Clean A Carpet(13:32)START

Resource Files

  • Resource filesSTART

Past Coaching Calls

  • Sean’s one on one coaching callsSTART
  • July 2020(92:24)START
  • August 2020(257:50)START
  • 2020(393:01)START
  • November 2020(305:36)START
  • December 2020(351:56)START
  • January 2021(381:14)START
  • February 2021(205:39)START
  • March 2021(297:06)START
  • April 2021(460:49)START
  • May 2021(659:54)START
  • June 2021(590:23)START
  • July 2021(462:42)START
  • August 2021(914:30)START
  • September 2021(358:04)START
  • October 2021(135:47)START
  • November(439:04)START
  • December 2021(435:34)START
  • January 2022(327:16)START
  • February 2022(238:40)START
  • March 2022(119:42)START
  • April 2022(170:46)START
  • May 2022START
  • June 2022(202:06)START
  • July 2022START

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