Day Trading: Winning Chart Patterns – Ken Calhoun



Day Trading: Winning Chart Patterns – Ken Calhoun


You'll watch a trade-boosting combination of live chart patterns — explained along with the latest practical active trading strategies.   You'll get to watch a comprehensive new video to help you see all the patterns I've been training people about in our popular realtime training room.


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Here's the Story, Traders…

When this popular video was first released in 2001, literally hundreds of traders snapped it up.  Unlike others, this one is the original – featuring live realtime "over the shoulder" cam video of actual trading monitors and chart examples – no lecture or talking head theory.  It's been one of our best selling trader videos – and now, for the first time ever, it's been completely remastered in better-quality DVD. Get your copy today, traders!

In fact, our bestselling "Advanced Daytrading Video" has been so popular that we are producing the second in our "Daytrading University Pro Trader" video series, in response to trader demand. Traders have been begging to get this amazing video (originally only available in VHS format), in DVD — and now you can, too!   

Never fluff or "talking head lectures" like others, our videos reveal the "mechanics of Nasdaq daytrading" that will show you new patterns and trading plays that can help you become a more knowledgeable trader.

You'll watch a trade-boosting combination of live chart patterns — explained along with the latest practical active trading strategies.   You'll get to watch a comprehensive new video to help you see all the patterns I've been training people about in our popular realtime training room.

Back when I first produced this sensational video in 2001, I was determined to make it the most practical video available anywhere — and it's been a smash success, helping hundreds of traders learn how to trade my very best proprietary chart patterns.  

This useful, yet easy-to-understand "over the shoulder" video reveals my top original day trading chart patterns (still very much valid today!) that can give you a fast, lethal trading edge in your intraday NASDAQ stock trading.

Here's just a few of the advantages you get in this "A-to-Z trading seminar in a box" new DVD:

  • A powerful, easy to understand and detailed Nasdaq Daytrading Chart Pattern Video that covers dozens of patterns every trader should know about! See this comprehensive trader training video encyclopedia packed with powerful chart patterns, narrated in realtime.
  • Fully explained, easy to use and designed to be instantly useful in helping you improve your chart pattern breakout recognition skills. This is a fast paced, useful tape that shows you dozens of clearly identified patterns on popular stocks into the tape. It's jargon-free, specific, and easy to undertand.
  • You will learn how to spot practical chart patterns that can help you spot potentially profitable trading opportunities. If you've ever been frustrated by missing a good trade, or making errors in timing your trade entries and exits, this tape is designed to help you improve your skills and work on getting them right more often.
  • This goes far beyond any book or other tape out there. DTU's "Winning Chart Patterns" video encyclopedia is a must-have trader resource. A "mechanics guide" to practical daytrading, this tape uses examples from popular stocks like AMAT ADBE KLAC LLTC EBAY VRTS XLNX and others that are favorites with today's traders.

Here's What You'll Be Learning In This POWERFUL Day Trading DVD Release!

Pro Charts for Nasdaq Traders: Mastering the Microtrading Patterns

  • What is Microtrading? Differences between Microtrades and Other Daytrades
  • Recognizing High-Probability Trading Setups: What's Likely, What's Not?
  • Timing your Trades: Managing Fast Entries & Exits Based on Time Cycles
  • Micro-Trading Cup Patterns during the Open

Tips for Understanding the Big Picture: Sector, COMPQ & TRINQ Patterns

  • Trading Wide Range vs. Narrow Range Days: 2-Day Chart Patterns
  • Pro Index Chart Setups: Using TRINQ, COMPQ and Sector Charts Together
  • Lead Tier Stocks and 2nd Tier Follow Stocks and Patterns

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part I: Entering Chart Breakouts

  • Early Morning Breakout Patterns & Trading them Consistently
  • Cup Patterns, Intraday Highs, 2-Day Highs, and Consolidation Breakouts
  • Trading the Breakouts from 10am til 11:30am
  • Trade Management for Breakout Trading: Order Execution & Timing Tips

DTU Daytraders’ Power Chart Patterns Part II: 1/2-Day Intraday Charts

  • Premarket Chart Cups, Trends, Triangles and Open Gap Patterns
  • Bullish & Bearish Cup Patterns to Recognize
  • Trading the Open: Chart Patterns to Know for the first 30 minutes
  • Volume Reversal Patterns, Stochastics and Other Breakouts

Pract ical 1-Minute Candlestick Charts: Daytrading Candlestick Chart Patterns

  • Patterns I: Morning Stars, Three Line Breaks, Engulfing Charts
  • Patterns II: Using Dojis and Hammers to trade reversals and pivots
  • Choosing the Best Data Interval: Using 1- 2- 3- and 5-minute candlesticks

Fibonacci Retracement Bounce Chart Patterns: Using Fibo Bounces

  • Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Open Gap & Premarket Trades
  • Fibonacci Chart Patterns for Trading the First 30 Minutes
  • Fibonacci Charts on Post-10am Trades: Using Retracements on Bounces & Fades
  • Chart Patterns for Buying Gaps Down, Shorting Gaps Up

Nasdaq Day Traders Video Chart Pattern Guide: Daytrading the Reversals

  • How to Avoid Catching a Falling Knife, Bottomfishing Made Easier
  • Chart Patterns for Bounce Plays: Spotting When a Pivot Starts
  • Volume Reversal Patterns and Stochastic Bounces

Shorting Chart Patterns to Learn: Chart Patterns for Selling Breakdowns

  • Bear Cup Patterns on the Open
  • Fading the 10am Tops: “Hanging off a Cliff” Chart Patterns
  • Shorting 2-Day Low Breakdowns: Your Best Short Trade
  • Descending Triangles and Consolidation Breakdowns

Warning Signs: Chart Patterns Every Trader Should Watch Out For

  • Using Pivots & Reversal Patterns to Exit With Profits
  • 4 Chart Patterns to Avoid
  • Intrarange Trading vs Breakout Trading Differences To Know
  • the Redlight "Caution Charts"

Bonus Video Tracks: Tips to Help You Succeed at Trading

  • How to Set up Your Own Advanced MultiMonitor Daytrading Station
  • Sector Chart Pattern Trading: Relative Strength Patterns to Recognize

Traders, this DVD is now shipping – we hope you'll enjoy it. You'll learn a lot from this one — the feedback has been uniformly positive from other traders who've gotten it. See the testimonials below. Thanks – Order your copy today!
Traders' Testimonials – See What Others Have Said:

Your video was very informative – I learned alot. Having your screens to view while you explained the thought process was excellent. A very important piece in the puzzle of learning to trade! – Dave K.

"Ken makes reading the charts fun and informative" -Gary C

A sincere note of appreciation to you for creating the most informative and instructive videos available on daytrading. …They pull all the information together PLUS add many critical insights that were never mentioned by others. It was extremely valuable to be able to "look over the shoulder of a professional trader" while trades are entered and exited profitably AND the reasons for the trades are clearly and logically explained. -Allan S

Your last video had the most clear and precise instructions on how to trade. The patterns were defined so that anyone could follow them.. It was excellent. – Sammy B.

"I recently purchased the "Winning Chart Patterns" video. Like other Daytrading University materials, I found this video to be loaded with practical, usable information presented in a logical, easy-to-understand format backed up with numerous clear examples. I especially like being able to see the actual chart patterns on a monitor with Ken carefully explaining and annotating each one in detail. It is just like standing over the shoulder of a professional trader at work. I highly recommend this video." – Tony M.

Winning Chart Patterns- " I have seen many video on trading ,this is the Best, thanks Ken, hope to see another one soon." -K.A.

Hi Ken, Your both videos are superb. I enjoy them periodically! -Mircea D.

Your tape offered me a rare opportunity to experience and observe the actual trade set up. Your setup before the
trade open, chart preparation and approach to actual trading, all the helpful information that your tape showed clearly will enhance my trading in the future. Thank you. – Elizabeth C.

Hi Ken, good to hear from you. I really enjoyed your latest video, Winning Chart Patterns. The charts were very sharp and your explanations were very clear, especially the Cup / Handle, Breakouts & Time intervals. – Bill D.


Special "Behind the Scenes" notes from Daytrading University

Whew! Finally finished. The Winning Chart Patterns video is complete.  As a follow up to the bestselling Advanced Daytrading Video, producing this new one was both challenging and rewarding to develop for all of you. It's always gratifying to be able to share my techniques with an ever-increasing group of traders, thanks to all of you who ordered the original vhs version of this training video; I'm sure you'll enjoy the DVD version even better!  

I even made it easy to get to each part of the DVD with a super-clear menu system.

FAQs: Winning Chart Patterns for NASDAQ Day Traders DVD

Q: How is this video different from your others?  Is there any overlap?

A: As with all my videos, there is virtually zero overlap of techniques or examples – all of my videos are specifically designed to complement each other, so you learn as much as possible.  It would take literally months of full time one-on-one coaching for me to teach you all I've learned about day trading these past 7 years… I condense the "best of the best" into each of my videos, so that they form a complementary system (much like different courses on any university campus) – all with stunning real-world charts to learn from.

Q: Is this useful for forex, or eminis, or options, or trading commodities?

A: Though I'm sure traders of all kinds can benefit from this, the patterns revealed here are for NASDAQ stock traders.   I still believe that because of the wide choice of stocks available to trade, and specific setups that are unique to stocks, stocks remain the best choice of trading instruments for active traders.  That's who this DVD is designed to help the most — active stock traders.

Q: Are these patterns still useful, even though they were captured a few years back?

A: Absolutely!  The reason we're called "pattern day traders" is because we like to search for winning trades using repeatable, consistent chart patterns — the ones that we're confident will produce more wins than stops for us.   So all the patterns revealed in the "Winning Chart Patterns for NASDAQ Day Traders" DVD are still very much potent patterns that are exceptionally useful for all stock traders to learn about – fast!

Q: What's the best way for me to make the most of the Winning Chart Patterns for NASDAQ Day Traders DVD?  How can I best start using the patterns quickly?

A: Great question!  I'd start by memorizing 3-4 of the patterns you see revealed, then looking for similar ones during a 1-week time period using actual charts in the current market.  Then test out the patterns for yourself – you'll be amazed at how consistent they can potentially be for your trading!

New "direct to video screen" video technical wizardry allowed us to take the video output of the Matrox G450 DualHead card directly into our Sony Digital Video Recorder for crystal clear trading charts video of all the narrated chart patterns we share with you in this solid 118-minute must-have DVD.

It's visually clear, easy to understand and practical. As always, let me know if you have suggestions or requests for upcoming trading DVD topics, I've been producing several each year to help traders worldwide.

Best wishes for successful trading,

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