Elite Trend Trader – Frank Bunn



Elite Trend Trader – Frank Bunn


In this unique training course, I am going to teach you the key market dynamic behind all price trends.


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Elite Trend Trader

Learn To Trade Stocks, Options & Forex For Big Profits

It's All About The Trend.

In this unique training course, I am going to teach you the key market dynamic behind all price trends.

This will enable you to routinely trade the trend not only to profit from price fluctuation, but also to generate monthly income with options contracts. I will show you how to analyze and manage your positions consistently, no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways.

You will learn all the best ways to systematically maximize profit, with 'risk-based' games, price-action, and intuitive trade management. ALL the important pieces of the puzzle are laid out for you:

  • The three price structures that tell you to enter the market
  • How my structured trading approach protects you from serious loss
  • Why mastering price-action and momentum helps you let winners run
  • The market timing model that produced over 26,000 Dow points in profit since 2000!

Understanding Trend Strength will help you achieve consistency:

  • You know the preliminary risk amount on each and every trade
  • You'll set up trades with limited risk and unlimited profit potential
  • Never be caught a bear market ever again!

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Elite Trend Trader has been in use for over 15 years.

You will learn to be:

Confident in your ability to evaluate the trade setup

Relaxed because you know the maximum risk before entering the trade.

If you can analyze the trend, you can generate monthly income.

One of the greatest benefits of Elite Trend Trader is that you will learn how to use your new found mastery of the trend to trade options contracts for monthly income! Options can also be traded for leveraged profits instead of stock shares, and Elite Trend Trader will teach you how to consistently earn income from selling option premiums.

You will also receive my two (2) exclusive and proprietary eSignal EFS scripts. I am able to scan hundred of stocks and more than a dozen liquid Forex pairs in minutes to find the best trade candidates.

I guarantee by the end of the training you will possess the comprehensive trading skill set of a veteran trader and all the information you need to profit from trends.


  • KEY Market Trend Dynamics And How To Exploit Them For Profit
  • How To Manage Risk With Low-Risk, High-Probability Trend Analysis
  • How To Read The Trend In Order To Trade, Invest, Or Generate Monthly Income
  • How To Time The Market And Avoid Crashes

Course Curriculum

  • Elite Trend Trader
  • Lecture 1 – Introduction to ETT (4:19)
  • Lecture 2 – Market Mechanics + Rule of Randomness (8:07)
  • Lecture 3 – System Logic (12:32)
  • Lecture 4 – System Entries (8:40)
  • Lecture 5 – Setups And Risk Control (18:34)
  • Lecture 6 – Trade Management (12:38)
  • Lecture 7 – Low Risk Entries (15:52)
  • Lecture 8 – Advanced Filtering (9:39)
  • Lecture 9 – Price Action Reversal Patterns (11:04)
  • Lecture 10 – Options (10:16)
  • Lecture 11 – Trading The System With Options (19:57)
  • Lecture 12 – Day Trading And Forex (11:39)
  • Lecture 13 – Anatomy Of A Doubler (5:06)
  • Lecture 14 – Historical Setups And Market Moves (5:44)
  • Lecture 15 – The 18-50 System
  • Lecture 16 – Scanning The Market (8:58)
  • Lecture 17 – Scan And Script Logic 1 (2:03)
  • Lecture 18 – Pulling The Trigger (5:22)
  • Lecture 19 – Conclusion: Master The Trend, Master Yourself (6:38)
  • Lecture 20 – TC2000 Scan+Script Logic
  • Lecture 21 – ThinkorSwim (TOS) Scan+Script Logic
  • Lecture 22 – eSignal Formula Scripts (EFS)
  • Lecture 23 – eSignal EFS Implementation Procedure

Get Elite Trend Trader – Frank Bunn, Only Price $76

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