Essentials of Elite Performance – R-Phase



Essentials of Elite Performance – R-Phase


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R-Phase lays the groundwork for the rest of the Z-Health curriculum in terms of concepts, drills, and assessments. It is designed to provide the best entry point and transition from where you are to a neurocentric approach to your work, and look at pain and performance through a neural lens. It will immediately change your practice and training as it delivers tools and assessments for the neurology of voluntary movement, posture, and motor control, and how that plays out in real people.

It is a foundational course that will challenge your paradigms in the best way possible.


  • Fundamentals of applied functional pain and performance neurology that you will use in every client session for the rest of your career.
  • Sensorimotor integration principles for high-speed pain and performance changes.
  • Neurocentric assessments for laser-focused client programming.
  • How to transitioning clients and your business from a biomechanical to a neurocentric model.


Clarity – Knowing exactly how to blend what your client wants with what you know they need in order to help them succeed more efficiently and quickly. The professionals we work with are lifelong learners who are searching for emergent information that they can trust. Our neurocentric approach helps bring clarity to both your work with clients AND your business.

Competence – R-Phase begins with the simple concept that “movement is the basic currency of life, health, fitness and performance.” By learning about movement at the neurological level you will quickly develop your ability to “read” a client’s brain/body interface and determine how to best help them reach their goals.

Confidence – Z-Health professionals tend to be very DRIVEN to find solutions that work and, as a result, are constantly seeking better answers. Using precise neurologic assessments will provide you with the confidence that the work you are doing with clients is safe, effective, fast, and powerful.


From Day 1 you will be learning specific neurologically-based gait and movement assessments that will give you tremendous insight into why clients move the way they do, as well as a path for helping them improve.

In addition to movement neurology and assessments, R-Phase is filled with specific motor control exercises for every joint in the body that will help you successfully integrate your biomechanical background with movement neurology.

While it is tempting to focus on “advanced” work – every elite professional knows that better basics are really the secret of high performance.



  • Key structures and neural pathways of human movement neurology.
  • Sensorimotor integration as a key to improving pain and performance.
  • Neurogait assessments that will quickly allow you to understand what is happening in both your client’s brain AND body.
  • The “Opposing Joint” concepts for high-speed pain relief.


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