Essentials of Elite Performance – S-Phase



Essentials of Elite Performance – S-Phase


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S-Phase is the fundamental course in developing high-level athleticism & performance for EVERY client you work with, from those with zero experience up to international-level professional athletes.


  • Modern sports-vision neurology, critical assessments, and drills focused on the most important visual skills needed by every athlete.
  • Integrated vestibular assessments and training drills designed to create optimal levels of challenge for pain reduction and performance enhancement.
  • Fundamental sports movement skills that form the basis for becoming a “natural” athlete.
  • Position- and rhythm-specific assessments to maximize the transfer of training from what you do in the gym or clinic to athletics or to the real world.


Most people were never taught to see, balance or move like an elite athlete. S-Phase is designed to remedy this problem through a clear, progressive series of neurologically-driven visual, vestibular and proprioceptive assessments and drills.

In most cases, high-level athleticism means high-level visual and vestibular skills and this is where S-Phase begins. You will learn a 12-test sports vision battery, covering over 20 sports-vision skills, that will give you tremendous insight into why your clients move the way that they do and how to implement vision training into their current activities at work, in the gym, and on the field. Next, you will explore challenging sports-specific vestibular training drills based on information you learned in I-Phase that can make all the difference in your client’s results.

Throughout S-Phase you will apply specific position- and rhythm-based assessments and drills to learn our approach to maximizing skills transfer. Additionally, we will walk you step-by-step through long-term programming and practice models that you can implement immediately to work with anyone of any age and ability.

The ultimate goal of S-Phase is to increase movement options for you and your clients. Many people, through lack of appropriate training and de-conditioning, find their movement options shrinking as they age. S-Phase will show you how to stop that trend and become a more natural athlete – able to learn and take on new movement challenges with every passing year. We will break the myth of age and time degrading your movement skills, and teach you how to excel at any age.


  • The Z-Health Sports Vision Test Battery.
  • Key neurological concepts and tools that you can use to enhance the effect of every visual drill you teach.
  • Key points and common errors of the power and speed focused athletic stances – the foundations of athletic movement.
  • Athletic transitions – how to start, stop, and change directions at an elite level – both teaching and doing.
  • Linear speed mechanics and technique – teaching sprinting for athleticism and health.
  • Visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive combination drills for rehabilitation, sports, and athletic development.
  • A neurological understanding of deep and deliberate practice as well as how to use this information in every training/therapy session.
  • Clear guidelines on age and ability-appropriate programming with a long term view on building resilient athletes of all ages.

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