Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits and Flexibility – Paul Zaichik



Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits and Flexibility – Paul Zaichik


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Extreme STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY can now be Yours! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits and Flexibility DVD! ON SALE NOW! FREE RESISTANCE BAND WITH EVERY DVD!!! 

Combining years of research and experimination Paul Zaichik brings his best selling Strength & Flexibility Book to life!

"I had purchased Paul's " Everything You Wanted to Know About the Splits DVD" and was very enlightened by his technique. I tripled my flexibility." – Craig Breuwet

"Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to Mister Zaichick, as I used to be fairly flexible but tore a hamstring a while ago overstretching, and as such did not stretch for a long time and lost most of my flexibility..

I ordered Mr Zaichicks dvd and book in the hope of regaining my flexibility and am pleased to announce that on the VERY FIRST DAY, I got my right leg open front split back!!! and maybe 3 inches from right leg true front split!!!

Side and left leg still has a long way to go, but i'll keep plugging away,  anyway thank you very much Paul!!! " ~alextricks

Learn from the master himself how to achieve:

  • A True Front Split
  • An OpenFront Split
  • A Side Split

Everything you need to know is compiled in this incredible 2 hour, information packed DVD. Simple and straight forward, with easy to understand percise instructions and follow along routines that you can do along side Paul Zaichik himself from the comforts of your home!

"It's just a hair short of two hours..and two hours with Paul is like four hours with most of the time-wasters that sell DVDs. This is nothing but moves-moves-moves, with short, insightful explanations about the underlying common aspects of all the stretches for any given muscle. I know more about stretches now than after all the other books and videos I've seen, put together.

This is the single best exercise DVD out there, for it's combination of quantity and quality. I have no doubt that he has continued to find a wealth of other high-quality exercises that he hasn't had a chance to release.

I wish he'd put together a series for TV: "Wake up in the morning and work out with Paul". Maybe he's not show-bizy enough to do that, but I enjoy the way he lays it out. There's almost no time for a casual comment, with the program so filled with pertinent information." – Lazur

As stated previously this DVD is your one stop for ALL the knowledge you need, to achieve the flexibility that you have dreamed about for years!

Learn how to make your life's long dream of doing a 180 degree front split, side split and true front split come true!

Find out how to:

  • Warm up the RIGHT way!
  • Maintain Perfect Posture (the secret of world's best athletes)
  • A variety of Stretching Exercises that will safely guide you into your 180 degree split!
  • Prevent Common Injuries
  • Develop Flexibility That Todlers Will Envy!
  • Get rid of common pain in lower back, knees and hips
  • Learn how to develop splits and secure the new flexibility

Get Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits and Flexibility – Paul Zaichik, Only Price $27

When I bought the manual, I emailed Paul and told him that if this is another B.S I will make sure people know about. I also told him that If I get my split before my birthday, October 18th, I will also scream it out loud. Well listen up, today is October 2nd, I did a full split and it feels GOOD. That's right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Rockettone

If I would have found this website earlier my flexibility training would have been different and safer. Better late than never. -Frank Wilson, Pushmataha, Oklahoma

I just got elasticsteel book yesterday. This morning I practised all the exercises on the book. Surprisingly I didn't feel pain in my low back pain and hip when I attempted side splits as shown in the book although I have been suffering back pain and hip injury for about 17 years which was results of isometric stretching method which I learned from stretching book by another "expert".  – wolvie

Hello. I've been working on the exercises fromElastic Steel for a week. I simply can't believe the results. Maybe this sounds like a stupid advertisement but so do the other messages I read about people that had the same experience.

Actually I noticed something "new" on my legs right after the first session; my knees didn't hurt at all, and when I finished with the hip turns I stood up, I threw a kick and I laughed!! My hips didn't click anymore, and moving my legs was just like moving my arms.

Also, I used to have a slight pain in my quads every time I attempted a front split. Guess what? It's not there anymore; all the previous exercises you do before the split seem to have kind of fixed it or whatever. So, now you know, if you still have some problems with your hips or something similar keep on doing the conditioning exercises and the techniques explained in the book.

Never give up. Thank you Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards. -Daniel, Buenos Aires, Argentina"

Find out how to take the advantage of your body’s natural wisdom to painlessly boost flexibility. Thanks to Paul Zaichik's brilliant easy to follow and understand instructions, the power of "Secret Flexbility" knowledge can now be yours!

But that's not all!!! You will also learn:


Unlike any other work on stretching, this DVD details a very important aspect of flexibility training; Tissue relaxation through the use of massage. Paul demonstrates how to precisely massage each muscle and tendon responsible for split flexibility. Massage is a privileged secret companion to stretching of many elite athletes.

It has long been proven that any time you take two people of the same ability, stretching side by side, the ones whose muscles are loosened through massage will get faster and easier results. It's a fact – massage is a tool that can take your flexibility beyond a wall that you have hit years ago.And in this very video you will learn two types of massage techniques. Each is capable of giving you an ability to stretch further and deeper every time you stretch.

"Got the book on the thursday before christmas and have spent the last 3 weeks concentrating only on side split conditioning exercises. anyone who read my previous post will have read that my hips were in agony & i was stuck at about 1 foot away from the side split.

Today i decided to do the whole routine for side split including massaging with the castor oil but i didn't really expect to see much difference. the result ???.

I even had to shout my wife to come and see me as i was so excited. I ABSOLOUTLEY LOVE YOU PAUL !!! six inches away from the split.(six inches) i couldn't beleive it, anyway for those of you unsure about whether the program actually works get stuck into the conditioning before you bother with stretching( my mistake over the past 16 years) and you will honestly see results. Cheers paul! -Sean"


Posture is a much neglected part of training. May be it should not be.Think about it. What two types of physical performers are most know for their flexibility? Dancers and gymnasts. Guess what? Have you seen their posture? As a rule of thumb, they have perfect postures. Most flexible people, place great value on posture.

Coincidence? Of course not. Muscles are more relaxed when posture is maintained, and hence are less resistant to stretching. Extended length conditioning come to mind; two basic rules here:

  1. Resistance to stretching is less when the muscle is strong in specific ranges.
  2. Properly warmed up and strategically fatigued muscle tissue much more welcoming to adoption of increased length.

Proper Warm Up!

Have you ever watched a mixed class of students stretching, in martial arts class? The youngsters who can do the split at the beginning of a class can do it at the end just as well or better. The adults on the other hand who suffer to get into the position at the begging of class still suffer at the end.

Unfortunately most flexibility challenged don’t get more flexible with each passing month. Most of them would, if only they had warmed up properly! Even with those poor quality stretching instruction that are now the norm; "Alright guys, spread you legs. Reach for your left foot and now for the right, and now reach forward. Ok, done with stretching, moving on.” Sounds familiar? Unfortunately most instructors are not experts in flexibility. If they were, you would be splitting with ease and not reading about this DVD!

Basic Stretches"Paul gives you step by step instructions on what to do to get that flexibility! I love his program! I was trying to get a split for years now, but to no avail. I've tried so many different programs that claimed to work but didn't, but Paul's method is the best!" – Mandy Rogers, USA

If you have read the book, you know the power of progression. You know how the right sequence can uncover your flexibility potential. The book contains only one sequence, the fact is, it’s not the exercises that you use that matter but which muscles you stretch in relation to others.

The DVD covers all the stretches for a specific muscle in the scientific sequence. You get to pick the exercises that you like for each muscle group. You also get a sample routine to follow, while you are choosing the most comfortable exercises for you.

Deep Stretches

These are split specific stretches. Armed with split specific warm up and the massage techniques, split specific stretches will melt your legs into the split faster than you ever thought possible.

Conditioning Exercises

Here you will learn moves that give your nervous and muscular system strength and confidence that allow you to achieve splits safe and fast!

Every exercise is demonstrated as body weight resistance first and then with the resistance of the elastic band. You get a choice of the exercises so; you always stay interested and focused throughout your training all the way to full splits.

Joint Rotaions

The commonly ignored joint rotation is demonstrated in the proper sequence. This is an essential part of the safe and effective warm up.

The goal of this DVD is straight forward and simple. It was made with only one objective in mind.

To enable you to achieve full splits.

 As a by product you will experience an improved posture, stronger and more defined legs and mid-section.

 An ability to relax.

 Learn to be in control of your breathing.

 You will also get rid of impurities from your lower body.

 What worked for thousands will work for you, if you devote yourself to this program.  

Get Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits and Flexibility – Paul Zaichik, Only Price $27

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