Explorations Beyond The Body & Intensive Training System – Steve G. Jones


Explorations Beyond The Body & Intensive Training System – Steve G. Jones


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Here’s a summary of each of the 14 audio modules:

Astral Projection Module 1

What to Expect (Track A)

The Ideal Astral Setting – You will learn how to create a special space for practicing astral projection so that the process is always streamlined perfectly.

Astral Preparation Sequence One – Learn how to prepare for astral projection by attaining a deeper level of consciousness.

Astral Preparation Sequence Two – Discover the secret to the most important part of the process which is disassociating the connection between the mind and body in the 3rd dimension while remaining connected in the 4th dimension.

Delta Track (Track B) (1 to 4 cycles per second rhythm)

Astral Projection Module 2

The Art of Breathing

Breathing Basics Phase One – Here you’ll learn the basic breathing methods used in Astral Projection and its modus operandi which will help you to both relax and properly prepare for projection.

Breathing Principles Phase Two – By learning the principles of breathing and maintaining control of your relaxation, you will be able to consistently astral project whenever you desire.

Breathing Mastery – Here we’ll focus on specific breathing techniques that will equip you with increased focus, concentration, and projection energy.

Astral Protection – Essential to this process is the ability to relax, spiritually cleanse, and protect yourself. You’ll learn exactly how to do just that and more in this module. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself and deal with elementals and dark entities.

Astral Projection Module 3

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Energy 101 – Here you’ll learn all about the power of energy and why it is so essential to astral projection.

Energy Work Pre-Phase – Here you will learn how to prepare for energy work which involves mentally cleansing your thoughts and emotions and create higher awareness when breathing.

Energy Work Phase One – Here I will teach you how to focus on energy and rid your thought process of all distractions so that you can create the perfect mind-state to astral project.

The Power Of Energy Restoration – Discover the secrets to raising and storing energy so your journey can remain constant for as long as you desire.

The Power Of Daytime Affirmations

Astral Projection Module 4

Clearing Your Chakras

The Truth About True Chakra And How It Will Change Your Life – Here you will learn exactly how critical the Chakras are to astral projection.

The Relationship Between The Chakras And The Body – Learn why achieving astral projecting is almost impossible without the alignment of the Chakras.

Chakras And Emotions – Now through the power of Chakra alignment, you will no longer lose control over your emotions which will further enhance your mental awareness for easier astral projection.

Chakras And Mental Health – Discover the impact of the Chakras on your mind and all that it controls and why if this step is missed, your journey will never begin.

Astral Projection Module 5

Raising Your Kundalini

The Power Of The Kundalini – Here you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to use this new found power source.

The Purpose Of The Kundalini – Here you’ll understand why this power is needed to achieve the ultimate stimulation of the astral body.

Kundalini Activation Technique One – Here you’ll achieve the state of out of body experience while tapping into this infinite energy source.

Kundalini Activation Technique Two – Here you’ll release the Kundalinii within and achieve the state of pure bliss.

Kundalini Activation Technique Three – While in the alpha-state, you can use this technique to flood your body with pure energy allowing yourself to rejuvenate and refresh.

Kundalini Activation Technique Four – Here you’ll experience the Kundalini as you activate the seven energy centers along the spine.

Astral Projection Module 6

Astral Projection Trance Work

The State Of Trance – A trance state is an altered state of consciousness where brain activity reduces and you will gain crystal clear focus. Learn how to achieve a light trance state in alpha, full trance state in theta, and deep trance state in delta.

Dynamic Dormant Consciousness – Here you’ll learn to achieve the physical state of sleep while remaining consciously awake. Your mind will be quiet and your body will be deeply relaxed.

Complete Mental Clarity – An essential part to astral projection, mental clarity provides the platform for the experience to take shape.

Astral Projection Module 7

Astral Projection Hypnosis Session Binaural Tones

Enhanced Trance Work – This hypnosis recording is specifically designed to help you transfer from beta, to alpha, to theta, and finally to the deepest trance state, delta.

Delta Level Mind Navigation – You are guided to the Delta level of Mind through the use of a very advanced and highly effective method of hypnosis using binaural tones, which are low-frequency pulsations that produce relaxation to fully enhance your hypnosis experience.

Beyond Delta – After this empowering session, a portal will be opened to final frontier of Delta and far beyond.

Astral Projection Module 8

Believing in Yourself and Confronting Fears

The Mastery Of Thought Erasing – Learn how to clear your mind so that you stay relaxed throughout an out of body experience.

Barrier Shattering – Here you will learn how to recognize negative subconscious thoughts and rid yourself of barriers that could prevent you from projecting.

Complete Astral Confidence – Learn to exude confidence in yourself and in your ability to achieve astral projection.

Overcoming Fear – In this lesson, you will learn to confront fears so that you can confidently move forward in experiencing astral projection and welcome the unknown as opposed to fearing it.

Astral Projection Module 9

Preparing for Astral Projection (Track A)

Astral Pre-Phase – You will now learn how to induce astral projection and prepare for the unknown.

The Astral Experience – Here you’ll gain a clear understanding of what astral projection will look like, feel like, and what you will hear as your astral body exits your physical body.

Astral Timing- Learn all about reality fluctuations and real-time zone.

The Physical Return Journey – Here you will learn how to return to your physical body in a safe manner.

Astral Projection Experience (Track B)

It’s time for your first conscious out of body experience! This track will take you step-by step through getting out of your physical body.

Astral Projection Module 10

Out of Body Experiences

Astral Etiquette – Just as certain general rules apply in the 3rd dimension, here you’ll discover the dos and don’ts in the astral planes.

Astral Answers – Here you’ll find all of the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about astral projection.

Kinesthetic Astral Travel – Here you’ll be exposed to the typical Sensations of Astral Projects so that they do not seem foreign or intimidating.

Astral Focus – Here you will be taken through specific exercises to keep you grounded while your Astral Body is not and help you to cope with Reality Fluctuations.

Astral Projection Module 11

Exiting Your Physical Body & Associated Fears

Astral Improvement – Learn the exact steps to bettering yourself for the astral plane.

The Impact Of The Brow Chakra – Understanding the significant role of your brow chakra is critical to your astral experience. Here, I explain the concise reasons and how to harness that energy.

Astral Separation Phase One – Here you’ll discover various “rope techniques” which will help loosen your astral body.

Astral Bravery – Traveling to the 4th dimension can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. Here I’ll cover common fears and ideas on how to overcome them.

Astral Projection Module 12

Your Beliefs and Astral Projection

The Force Behind The Astral Outlook – Discover the role of your faith and beliefs and the impact they will have on astral projection.

Astral Engagement – Here I’ll show how to connect with other entities in the fourth dimension, which will magnify the experience even further.

Tips For Successful Travels – Here I’ll cover various aspects to enhance your experience including how to avoid physical distractions and the difference between focus and overexertion.

Modifying Perception Techniques – Learn how to change your perception while exiting your body, which will help diminish fears related to astral projection and calm intense feelings. You’ll also discover the difference between your heart chakra and your heart rate.

Astral Projection Module 13

Astral Sex and More

Astral Sex 101 – Here I’ll cover the basic principles involved in sexual activity in the astral planes.

Astral Morals – Learn the moral limits while discovering the endless possibilities of astral sex.

Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection – Discover the difference between lucid dreams and astral projection and why you should never mistake one for the other.

Astral Mapping – Here’ll you’ll discover the secrets to arriving at desired destinations & navigating in the astral planes.

Real Astral Feedback – Here I will go through many emails from people with questions about astral projection so you can learn exactly what to expect during conscious astral projection.

Astral Troubleshooting – If you are struggling to get your full astral body out of the physical body, this troubleshooting guide will give you the right solutions.

Astral Projection Module 14

12 Strand DNA Activation Hypnosis

This empowering hypnosis session is designed to provide you with a higher level of understanding and skills (both inside and out), thus improving your capability as an astral projection student and enhancing everyday life.

Wow, You Gotta Try This

Wow you gotta try this. If you have ever thought about Astral Projection, this is the program for you. I have been Astral Projecting most of my life, but unable to control when and what to do after I got there. This program laid it all out. From what it is and is not. From meditations to proper breathing every thing. You will not believe the things you will do and see. You will learn to fly across the street to across the universe!! I have tried other programs most of them were only music driven meditation cds with no other help. Guys you got it right!”


~ Jeffrey Poe

Part 2: Steve G. Jones’ Explorations Intensive (9 Audio Modules Total)

Designed for those who have already gained an understanding of Astral Projection, as taught in Part 1: _Steve G. Jones’ Explorations Beyond the Body_, this second part will now equip you with the skills that will take the astral projection experience to the next level. Here you will gain new abilities, such as creative visualization, how to read the Akashic records, how to read auras, and having psych power; all of which will enhance both your astral journeys and your life in the 3rd dimension.

Here’s what you get…

  •   MODULE 1: Binaural Tones
  •   MODULE 2: Creative Visualization A
  •   MODULE 3: Creative Visualization B
  •   MODULE 4: Akashic Records A
  •   MODULE 5: Akashic Records B
  •   MODULE 6: Reading Auras I
  •   MODULE 7: Reading Auras II
  •   MODULE 8: Psychic Abilities I
  •   MODULE 9: Psychic Abilities II

Here’s a summary of each of the 9 audio modules:

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 1

Binaural Tones (1.2)

Scientifically shown to enhance relaxation, this 45 minute segment of binaural tone is designed to listen to during Steve G. Jone’s Explorations Intensive modules and while practicing astral projection to further ensure your success.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 2

Creative Visualization A

The Power Of Creative Visualization – Learn the endless abilities of your visualization.

Astral Visualization – Here you’ll gain a complete understanding of how and why visualization will help you prepare yourself for astral projection experiences.

Visual Exercises – Here I’ll guide you through various visualization exercises to enhance your out of body experiences.

Image Interpretation – Learn how to interpret images and understand the meaning and role they play in your reality.

Elevated Level Imagination Mastery – Learn how to access your inner imagination so you can create experiences before they occur.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 3

Creative Visualization B

Positive Energy Restoration – Use positive thinking and creative visualization exercises to create positive energy within.

The Dynamics Of Image Placement – Here’ll you’ll learn the role of mental images and how they will help you control emotions related to out of body experiences.

Link Replacement – Learn how to create new positive and powerful associations to gain mental clarity.

Dream Interpretation Mastery – Discover how to accurately interpret dreams and what they mean to your reality.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 4

Akashic Records A

Akashic Overview – Learn the history behind the Akashic records and why this phenomenon can only be experienced by certain individuals.

My Akashic Experience – Here I’ll disclose the details of my personal experience with the Akashic records and how what I learned will help you.

Akashic Rules – Discover the dos and don’ts of exploring the akashic records.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 5

Akashic Records B

Akashic Mastery – Not only will you become one of the few people to access the akashic records, you can become a master at reading this infinite source of information.

Akashic Ethics – Learn what is accepted and what you should avoid when exploring the records.

Akashic Understanding – Learn how to get questions answered and uncover truths of the past.

Akashic Prediction – Use the akashic records to look into your future and see what awaits you.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 6

Reading Auras I

Aura Identification – Learn how to see and interpret the meaning behind auras.

Instant Aura Reading – Here you’ll discover the secret techniques to see auras on command and gain the knowledge to diagnose people.

Individual Aura Reading – Learn to ‘read’ people based on their specific aura.

Aura Shielding – Learn why and how protecting your own aura is essential.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 7

Reading Auras II

Aura Alteration – Learn to change the color of your own aura.

The Power Of Aura Healing – Learn to promote change in others to heal and help them improve their quality of life.

Aura Specialized Techniques – Use exercises to practice seeing auras and enhance your skill level.

Aura Attraction – Learn how to attract other people to you based on the auras being projected.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 8

Psychic Abilities I

Enhanced Reading Capability – Learn how to read people’s minds while experiencing astral travel.

Organic Tuning – Learn to tune yourself into others naturally and without effort as if it’s just second nature to you.

Energy Mastery – Learn to harness your own natural energy to develop psychic abilities.

Advanced Psychic Techniques – Here I’ll show you specific exercises designed to improve your psychic abilities.

Steve G. Jones Explorations Intensive Module 9

Psychic Abilities II

Subconscious Entry – Here I’ll show you the pendulum technique which will enable you to read a person’s subconscious mind.

Intuition Interpretation – Learn how to uncover the exact meaning behind the messages from the voice within.

Future Impact Techniques – These techniques will enable you to not only know the future but how you can affect it as well.

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