Fatloss Blackbook – Brad Howard



Fatloss Blackbook – Brad Howard


A comprehensive flowchart of the typical person's weight loss cycle and why people almost always end up where they started… within two years of their initial weight loss (this is priceless!)


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"How Does A 30 Year Old Man With No Personal Training Certification… And No Formal Diet Instruction… Discover The Simple Secrets That Humiliate 'The Experts' And Guarantee Phenomenal Size Dropping Campaigns…
For Anyone… Anywhere… At Anytime?

"The Final Answer: Everything You've Been Told About Fat Loss Is Dead Wrong…

Here's what you are getting ready to discover:

Part I — The Secret To Fat Loss 2.0

  • Why pleasure and pain have much more to do with fat loss than "Feel the Burn"
  • Why everyone you know fails when they try to lose body fat
  • Why "losing weight" doesn't necessarily mean losing weight
  • What exactly is Spread Theory
  • What does Microsoft have in common with people that find tremendous success with fat loss
  • The two, non breakable principles that govern ALL weight loss
  • The one thing that overweight people have in common with alcoholics and drug addicts
  • The number one quality that all successful people have – in any endeavour – and how you can capitalize on it… in less than 3 minutes time
  • The main reason personal trainers site for failure amongst their clients (it's not time)
  • The crude truth about most peoples expectations of themselves
  • The D word that will absolutely kill any chance you have of success losing body fat
  • The 9 steps to guarantee fat loss, every time
  • The 3 categories that all fat loss candidates fall into, one of which can be dangerous!
  • Plus, find out visualization techniques that kill
  • Manipulation sounds like such a bad term. How does it apply to fat loss?
  • How the Law of Singular Focus applies to fat loss

Part II – The Fundamentals Of Any Successful Fat Loss Program

  • Why your heart needs anaerobic activity to improve in function… not aerobic
  • Why your body will only look like it's supposed to perform… nothing more… nothing less
  • Why you should avoid the "fat burning" zone and concentrate on burning carbohydrates in your fat loss workouts
  • Why exercise is the MOST important part of a successful fat loss program
  • What exercises and programs trigger the highest levels of fat burn
  • What energy flux has to do with a successful fat loss program
  • What EPOC has to do with the "afterburn" effect
  • The two unbreakable rules of whether you lose or gain weight and what weight you either gain or lose
  • The Rule of 3
  • The Death of Aerobics and Steady State Cardio
  • The 5 types of cardio according to efficiency and effectiveness and why almost everyone is using the worst 2
  • Some typess of exercise actually increase steady state output BETTER than steady state cardio… why?
  • Proper weight selection for a fat loss workout based on the first law of thermodynamics
  • How to determine your daily caloric needs
  • How the "energy flux" perpetual wheel spins the pounds off and keeps the body lean and mean
  • How long to rest between workouts and why? What are the criteria?
  • How does the "afterburn" effect relate to compound fat burning
  • Guidelines of the foods you must not eat
  • Guidelines of the foods you must base your fat loss program on
  • A note on the "velocity of calories" and the effects
  • A comprehensive flowchart of the typical person's weight loss cycle and why people almost always end up where they started… within two years of their initial weight loss (this is priceless!)

Part III – Putting It All Together

  • Great diet twists for variety and to keep your body guessing
  • Goal setting that gets results
  • Exact exercise guidelines for your fat loss program
  • Exact diet guidelines for your fat loss program
  • An example of how group training flows with this program
  • A workout structure for you to follow that gets results
  • A "Black Hat" Method for fat loss… use at your own risk

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