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Generative Trance Package – Stephen Gilligan


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Stephen Gilligan

Generative Trance Package

Description: 13 MP3s, 1 PDF.

Introductory Trance: Preparing for a Transformational Journey.

This hypnotic process cover the three steps in the preparation phase for a generative trance journey:

(1) centering, (2) setting an intention (positive, succinct, resonant), and (3) gathering resources.

The three dimensions are then hypnotically interwoven to prepare the way for a transformational journey. (25 minutes) TC09-1

The Celtic Cross, Rhythmic Repetition, and Generative Trance: A Self Hypnosis Process

This self-hypnosis process uses the Celtic Cross process to open to a generative field of awareness.

The self-hypnotic technique of rhythmically repeating awareness statements ( “Now Iím aware that I see/hear/feel “) is then

used to explore how to creatively accept and open beyond what is happening in each moment, thereby generating a path of new solutions. (27 minutes) TC09-2

Giving Self-Suggestions in Generative Trance: Spinal attunement

This trance process explores the somatic embodiment of the core generative idea, An inner presence is waking up.

The four basic parts of the process are:

  • (1) developing a generative somatic state (through spinal attunement),
  • (2) Identifying and giving self-actualizing suggestions (e.g, self-healing, self-love, self-care),
  • (3) body relaxation ( “nothing to do in the body except relaxation”) and
  • (4) mental release ( “nothing to cling to in the mind “)

These four parts are interwoven into a generative trance exploration.(31 minutes) TC09-3

Preparation Steps for Generative Trance.

This generative trance process explores different aspects of moving into a generative trance:

  • aligned focus through spine;
  • breath coordination;
  • relaxed concentration;
  • opening to the infinite superconscious through the gateways of mindbody centers and multiple charkas, adding intentions;
  • erasing obscuring phenomena; extending realized self into the future;
  • noticing transcendentalsupport;
  • and gratitude for all. (20 minutes) TC09-4

Transforming Obstacles to Self-Love

This generative process explores how to transform negative obstacles by nesting these contexts of woundedness within deeper contexts of wholeness and healing.

This is a tantric process of transformational healing by lifting a pattern from lower levels of consciousness into higher levels. (21 minutes) TC09-5

Ideomotor Signals in Generative Trance.

Exploration of how to develop ideo-motor signal communications with your creative unconscious in generative trance.

Suggestions for trusting the intelligence and wisdom of the unconscious bodymind.(20 minutes) TC09-6

Spirit is waking up: The five attentional shifts in generative trance (w/ partner).

This generative trance process was done with workshop partners, though it is also powerful to do it with an imaginary partner.

The generative idea of “spirit is waking up” is realized through “the five attentions” of generative trance:

  • (1) somatic centering (“opening the channel”, artistic awareness, and feeling at home),
  • (2) softening and releasing the muscle body (to open to the weightless “spirit body” or “chi body”,
  • (3) opening to the field with a radiant awareness (with open eyes), beyond problem, person, or other content;
  • (4) energetic entrainment with an “other”, and (5) erasing phenomenological content.

A very powerful practice. (37 minutes) TC09-7

Bringing Self into the World Through the Center

This generative trance process first develops the four directions of the Celtic Cross, in order to channel Spirit through what Jung called the “fifth direction” of the center opening into the world.

This moves to the rhythmic dance of bringing the Self into the World (“ìnner to outer”) and World into Self (“outer to inner”).(22 minutes) TC09-8

Integrating Classical and Quantum Fields of Consciousness

This brief generative trance process guides the listener to sensing and integrating the awareness of the conscious mind with the awareness of the creative unconscious, then utilizing the deeper unitary space to set and realize a generative intention. (11 minutes) TC09-9

Consciousness is Waking up through You: The Center as a Portal for Transformational Awakening

The process starts with “therapeutic detachment” from the basic parts of the “ego performance self”: body, mind, history, feelings, culture, and family.

Awareness of the evolutionary arc of cosmic consciousness is suggested, and the center as a channel to align with that arc is explored.

Attuning to that primary channel, you can release and transform negative patterns. (24 minutes) TC09-10

The Generative Somatic Mind:

A Quantum Field for Integrating and Creativity

This generative trance focuses on the generative somatic mind as a unified field of subtle awareness that carries infinite creative possibilities.

The meditation then explores how the polarities of a goal and its obstacle/problem can be experientially realized as the two sides of a deeper transformational unity, so you can “make love, not war” within the dance of consciousness.  (19 minutes) TC09-11

Opening the Day : Connecting Beneath and Beyond the Ego Observer

This brief meditational trance invites a sensual self-awareness, detached from the normal ego-observer, resting in a deeper field of knowing.

This deeper intelligence can calm, purify, erase fatigue, and prepare for a great day.  (14 minutes) TC09-12

Three Point Attention Method for Generative Trance.

In this process, the three point attention technique guides the listener through the four steps of generative trance:

  • (1) preparation (center, intention, resources),
  • (2) shift attentional state,
  • (3) transformational change, and
  • (4) returning to ordinary world

(29 minutes) Recording  2009-13

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., is a licensed Psychologist practicing in Encinitas, CA.

Stephen was among the group of students that gathered around the founders of NLP during its formation at U.C. Santa Cruz from 1974-1977.

Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson became his teachers and mentors.

After receiving his doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University, Stephen became one of the premier teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

Motivated by his experiences as a therapist, a teacher, and by his own quest, he developed a new practice of radical awakening incorporating Ericksonian psychotherapy, Aikido, Buddhism, meditation, and the performance arts.

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