Get Super Reliable Income With ‘Bulletproof Butterflies’ (Basic) – Bruce Marshall



Get Super Reliable Income With ‘Bulletproof Butterflies’ (Basic) – Bruce Marshall



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Do you struggle with generating consistent income through crazy market ups and downs?

With all that’s happening in the world, the market once again kicked into “crazy” mode. You’ll have to adjust your trading strategy, or watch your account balance plummet with no hope of recovery.

That’s why Bruce Marshall developed a new twist to a reliable short-term setup — so you can turn these swings into weekly income!

The goal is to set the trade, let it work, and then come back a short time later and take the gains.

Here’s an example of how it works:

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With the “Bulletproof Butterflies” setup we were in and out of the trade in four hours with $700 profit.

This is right in line with a target of making $250 – $500 in consistent weekly income.

Just imagine averaging one trade like this each week. That kind of steady cash flow can really add up.

There’s serious money in the market… with the right tools

What’s great about “Bulletproof Butterflies” is that you can profit even if the market doesn’t move as you expect. Plus, you can defend these positions easily if need be…

Bruce poured his 30+ years of experience as a full-time trader into this strategy. He made a name for himself managing 100-plus million-dollar funds on Wall Street. “Bulletproof Butterflies” is his answer to repeated questions from new and seasoned traders wanting to develop consistent income. When you trade an uncertain market, you know a nice upward trend won’t last — maybe not even a few hours. So the question becomes how to make consistent money?

Bruce sticks to what has worked for years… a time-tested butterfly strategy for any trend in the market. “Bulletproof Butterflies” are great because they’re meant to be flexible. So you don’t have to be “dead on” correct to come out on top!

You can trade them small or stack them, and they’re designed for short-term cash flow. There’s plenty of money to be made in this market, you just need the right tools.

In Bruce’s income class, you will discover:

How to “dial” up or down your risk over the life of the trade.

The complete details of this low-maintenance setup. 

Learn a simple weekly strategy that works over and over in bullish or bearish conditions. 

How to instantly tell a good setup from a bad one and properly calculate your risk vs. reward

Learn the pros and cons of trading weeklies

What to do when your trade gets into trouble.

And a whole lot more…


BASIC / $397

Strategy Class Only

This is the package to get started with your “Bulletproof Butterflies” trading plan.

Your recorded Strategy Class delivers…

How to generate consistent weekly income (even in wild markets) 

A new way to build a butterfly to withstand big price swings with minimum risk

How to defend your position from attack (and how to scale for bigger gains)

It’s fantastic for trending markets and volatile conditions… It can work for newer traders with limited capital. More advanced traders with larger accounts will love it, too.

Get Get Super Reliable Income With ‘Bulletproof Butterflies’ (Basic) – Bruce Marshall, Only Price $69

As you’ll see, it’s a beginner-friendly strategy that’s designed to crank out $250 to $500 PER contract each week like clockwork.

Bruce reviewed trades he took in real-time in the Simpler Trading Options Room with this exact strategy.

Sometimes these positions last a few days, other times you can hit your profit target overnight! But once you have this strategy in your toolbox, you can use it anytime the market gets choppy…

The market is likely to be crazy like this for a long time, so it’s hard to imagine not having it.

Now you can profit without worrying too much about market direction.

Because the class is recorded, you can review this strategy whenever and as often as you like.

PREMIUM / $697 $794

Strategy Class + Recorded Live Trading

Want to watch how Bruce live-trades Bulletproof Butterflies?

The Premium Package is the next step that takes the Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy Class and combines it with Live Trading Recordings with Bruce.

You can follow Bruce’s demonstration of exactly how to apply this strategy. These recorded live trading sessions bring together everything you learned in the Strategy Class.

During market hours is when everything you learned in the Strategy Class comes together and you finally turn knowledge into action.

It’s amazing how much you can improve your skills with these recorded sessions…

Many past students have said watching them made a huge difference.

We’ve shown from years of experience that a faster way to absorb and internalize this strategy and make it your own is by immediately using your new knowledge using live-market examples.

Class members tell us there’s nothing like being able to watch over Bruce’s screen in these recordings as he identifies “set and forget” positions for consistent profits.

ELITE / $997 $1,338

Strategy Class + Recorded Live Trading + Bonus: Position Sizing Class + Quarterly B.I.A.S Membership

The Elite Package is for traders, new or experienced, who want to launch their trading to a new level. This package includes the recorded Strategy Class, Live Trading Recordings with Bruce, and even more…

Value $197

BONUS: Position Sizing Class with Bruce

When markets get volatile, position sizing is more important than ever. This class is one Bruce has rarely shared over the years and it’s the secret sauce to how he navigates rough market conditions and comes out profitable. The detailed information he shares shows you why he actually enjoys volatile markets — more profit potential.

The name may not sound as sexy as the “Bulletproof Butterfly,” but Bruce will share how he found that proper position sizing is one of the best ways to boost returns and reduce risk.

And a LOT of traders suffer unnecessary losses because they don’t know this critical skill.

Bruce uses his 30+ years trading experience to show others how to get the most from this trading skill. Now you can apply the same tips and tricks and avoid common (costly) mistakes.

Quarterly B.I.A.S Membership

(value $347)

If watching recordings of Bruce live expands on everything in the Strategy Class, then direct access to Bruce in real time takes training to an even higher level.

The Elite Package provides your personal access to a B.I.A.S. Quarterly Membership (renewed quarterly).

We understand how trading can be a lonely adventure. It’s better when we can continue our journey together.

With B.I.A.S. Quarterly Membership, you get to connect with Bruce as he shares ideas during live chat room sessions as he’s managing real money in the markets.

When you’re a B.I.A.S. Quarterly member you get access to all of this:

Live Trading Chatroom
Connect with Bruce during market hours for setups, watchlist building, and live, interactive trading.

Trade Alerts
Download our app and receive instant updates on what’s happening in the market, including Bruce’s latest trades.

Exclusive Member Insights
Receive email notification about new information Bruce posts for B.I.A.S. members, including spreadsheet of position updates.

“Workhorse” Strategies
Bruce complements the Simpler Calendars strategy with others he uses to create a mix of trade positions to generate income in any market environment.

And so much more…as an active B.I.A.S. Quarterly member, you’ll see Bruce’s strategies in action during market hours.

And if you miss a session, don’t worry, all live sessions are recorded so you can watch them over and over again.

Why trade alone when you can get trading ideas from Bruce in real-time?

Get Get Super Reliable Income With ‘Bulletproof Butterflies’ (Basic) – Bruce Marshall, Only Price $69

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