Guided Healing 2015.03 – 2015.08 – Elma Mayer


Guided Healing 2015.03 – 2015.08 – Elma Mayer


Your WHOLE Life Aligns – because each month, we run your Whole life through the filter of the monthly topic. Zillions of things shift that you were not even aware needed shifting!



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What Happens, Every Month?

Your WHOLE Life Aligns – because each month, we run your Whole life through the filter of the monthly topic. Zillions of things shift that you were not even aware needed shifting!

You Activate Automatic Healing. As all the bits and parts of your issue begin to Align with Wholeness, an avalanche of momentum begins. Your flow to Wholeness opens. And that’s what “healing” is: Alignment with Wholeness!

You Plug into Your Power Source – beyond what you “think” or “trust” or “can or cannot” do. This ongoing monthly Alignment tunes you up, and the momentum moves you into more and more healing.

You Open to Joyful, Massive Energy Shifts… you sense infinite spiritual opening, you power up into your power, you flow into your flow, you heal into the healing state, you Aligninto ever greater Alignment.

You Align your Specific Issues.  These powerful group healing sessions are not just a wash of generic energy for the whole group. They Align your specific, unique needs… and it’s super-affordable!

What is “Guided” Healing?

You will be “Guided” – to find the hidden disconnects and distortions in your issue. Your Infinite Self, and mine, will do the guiding! Together, we Align with Wholeness. It’s really easy and fast… if you do it the Now Healing way. No need to analyze, dig, or pinpoint the root cause. No need to “sense energy” or “trust your intuition.” This works even if you do nottrust or believe.

Don’t worry, I’ll do most of the work! (Actually, the healing field does the work – but I’ll show you how to get into it – it’s super easy and fast). All I ask is that you do your best to follow along, to “enter” the healing commands to your Center. You cannot do it “wrong” – your energy will shift.

When you participate in your own healing, it’s so much more powerful. You are telling “the universe” that you’re not kidding around, you are committed to your healing.

You’ll be able to use the Now Healing commandsyourself, with just a little practice. It takes about 3 minutes to learn. Then… you can apply the commands in your daily life, even when you are not listening to these teleseminars.

“Wow! this is my first guided healing session and quite frankly I feel reborn! When you read out my question- just the reading of it- caused a huge shift for me and I knew and felt that healing had occurred and it (the issue I have been obsessively focussed on for years!) would never be the same again.

I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this. Thank You Elma for now healing and for your integrity, I’ve come accross lots of slippery types in this area in the past so I really appreciate your honesty.” – Kate, Australia

Why do you Need “Ongoing” Healing?

Often, using Now Healing, you can simply “zap” a problem once, and it’s healed forever. But… new “opportunities” for healing your life will keep coming up. And even if you are totally happy with your life, your health, wealth, and wisdom… you can always use even more expansion into Wholeness!

Healing is NOT a static state – we are always healing. Even if there’s “nothing wrong.” Life depends on ongoing healing. If we stop healing, then disease, decay, and distortion take over. That’s why I designed this powerful periodic program – to keep course-correcting your Alignment with Wholeness.

What Issues and Problems do we Work On?

Each month, you’ll “bring” your issue that’s related to the topic. But… much more will shift! As the Guided Healing happens, huge changes ripple out into all of reality.

What Kind of Issues? Of course, we work on all the usual issues that every other energy modality addresses: all kinds of Physical stuff – aches and pains, injuries, chronic conditions etc… Plus all kinds of life issues, like Emotions, Mood, Relationships, Finances, Work, Spiritual Growth, etc.

But Now Healing does it differently. We Re-Integrate all those life areas with each other.

So when we work on your “single” issue… everything else in your life gets Aligned too.

Get Continued Support – and “Energetic Maintenance” – Every Month!

Get Profound Shifts – beyond what you think you need!

  • Each month, I tune in to your needs… and I give you Alignments that will open you to Wholeness and Healing.
  • Each month, you choose the “issue” or healing intention that you want to work on, that’s related to the monthly topic. But…
  • The healing “solutions” are beyond your conscious awareness. Instead, they are found at your Center, in the healing field… that’s where Wholeness happens!

Get Elma Mayer – Guided Healing 2015.03 – 2015.08 on right now!

Get a Vital Tune-Up of your Energy Field – Often!

  • Routine renewal – and getting rid of energetic gunk periodically – is incredibly healing.
  • The energy-field maintenance component of your health is probably more important than diet, exercise and a good attitude.
  • It’s also much easier than making lifestyle changes… and it has much bigger, more immediate effects. Yet it’s almost always overlooked – even by holistic and alternative practices. A monthly tune up is essential!

Get Simple, Clear and Easily Reproducible Techniques.

  • Use these fast tools right away, to instantly transform any issue… yourself!
  • And even better, keep using them, to continue healing all aspects of your life.
  • These take-aways and techniques are easy to use – and effective – even if you don’t consider yourself a “healer.” (You are one, whether you know it or not!)

“I have bought just about every program you have ever offered, and honestly couldn’t live without them.I fall asleep every night listening to a recording from my [annual] member’s audio library.

Each one is a miracle in itself, as are you!

– Cebe, NYC

“Once again, Elma’s breadth of understanding of the energetic world blows me away! Just participated in her “Peace” Guided Healing Teleseminar, and thought there would be nothing new or revolutionary. I was SO WRONG!If you haven’t been hanging out with Elma on her monthly calls soaking up the genius & the amazing shifts you’re missing out.

She’s a real master and a lovely human being to boot!

– Rudy Hunter, Healer, NY

“Elma, your shifts are pure magic” – Rick Lefever, Hypnotherapist, OR

Heal the Hidden Blockages that keep Your Issue Stuck.

(Hint… It’s NOT about your “Subconscious Beliefs!”)

We clear ALL the hidden stuff that you are not aware of. Not just your so-called “subconscious beliefs” which are only a tiny fraction of possible blockages.

It’s not about belief, it’s about morphic resonance – which is way bigger than mere “belief”.

There’s a huge universe of unknown resonances, beyond your beliefs. Like… ancient ancestral patterns, morphic memory, resonance with earth & cosmic energies, your biofield, your central nervous system’s connection to your brain & mind, your sensations’ connection to your emotions, your connection to your Infinite Self and your life’s highest expression… to name a few!

None of those are “beliefs” – and yet they affect your field  – and your entire future.

We work with ALL of these “unknowns” and many more – with no need to pinpoint them, or find their “cause.”

It’s not just more Information… it’s Transformation

  • Your energy will shift, every time!
  • Most participants report immediate changes, from the Live calls, as well as the Replay recordings.
  • You won’t shift only one area. Every part of your life will Align – it’s all inter-connected.

You won’t get just a bunch of information, or advice, or useless blather, or theories, or analysis of your problem…

You won’t get more To-Do tasks that you then have to take action on…

Instead, you’ll get real transformation… that ripples out into reality, instantly!

Plus… It’s Easy and Affordable.

These monthly Guided Healings are designed to be a low-cost way to access huge amounts of healing.

  • Spend just a fraction of the cost of a private session.
  • No need to leave home.
  • No experience required. (But you’ll get experience, and learn self-healing tools, as you do this!)

Don’t Miss the Next LIVE Call – Enroll Now!

WHEN: First Saturday of each month, at 9am Los Angeles, noon New York, 11am Mexico City, 
1pm São Paulo, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin & 
Johannesburg, 7pm Bucharest, 9:30pm Mumbai,
 midnight Perth & Singapore. Sunday: 1am Tokyo, 2am Sydney. NOTE: Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times.Replays are available – see below.

Upcoming Teleseminar Calls

Sept. 1 [Replay Available]Five-Element Balancing for your Bagua, Brain, Back, Bones, Bowels, Beauty, Bliss, Best Friends & Billions of Bucks!


October thru March – Discover the Now Healing “Top Ten Tools” to:
Oct. 6: Heal your Health & Body
Nov. 3: Heal your Wealth & Money
Dec. 2: Heal your Love & Relationships
Jan. 5 2019: Heal your Energy, Biofield, Lightbody, Photons
Feb. 2 2019: Heal your Life Purpose & Taking Action
March 2 2019: Heal your Emotions, Mood, Thoughts, Traumatic Memories

Bring YOUR specific issue to each call… and we will turn it around. 

In this six-month miniseries, you’ll not only…

a) Receive incredibly huge healings for your specific issue… but even better, you’ll also…

b) Deeply know these “secret” Now Healing Tools. Have them at your fingertips, so you can use them yourself, anytime, on anything.

Why am I doing this? Because I don’t just want to do guided healing TO you. I want to guide you to actually DO it yourself. So I’ve developed this set of incredibly easy tools.

It’s a Swiss Army Knife of healing tools. Convenient, fast, portable, a life saver, and even a planet-saver… if you put them to use!

  “It’s unbelievable how “things” shift… …even when one thinks this month’s topic has nothing to do with me.”   – Glori

Enroll Now

Monthly Membership

$27 per Month

This is a monthly subscription. $27 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel – see below.

Enroll Now – Best Value

Annual Membership

Value: Over $2,376. Over 76 hours of healing in the Audio Library ($2,052) plus Bonuses, plus 1 Year of Calls (12 monthly calls = $324)

$297 per Year

This is an annual subscription. $297 is automatically billed each year until you cancel – see below.

What’s the Difference between Monthly & Annual?

Monthly membership is the Most Affordable – in the short term. It’s great if you only want to try it for a month – or a few months. Or if you can’t afford the Annual fee.

Annual membership is the Most Incredible Value! You get over $2000.00 worth of healing, for a ridiculously small fraction of that. Can you afford to live without the amazing goodies in the Annual Membership? Details below…

Monthly Members get:

  • An hour-long Guided Healing Teleseminar with Elma, every month. New topics monthly – Elma tunes in to you and the audience, to give you the most relevant topics for your Wholeness.
  • The Replay (Audio Recording) For each month that you are a member, you can download that month’s Replay (and keep it forever). Important Note: If you want ALL the past audios, not just the ones that happen during your Monthly membership, choose the Annual option below.
    Each audio is a powerful healing session that you can use again and again, to transform different issues – and heal even deeper layers of shifts. Yes, the Energy Shifts stay active and effective in the recording… because the transformation is a field that you access as you listen. It works beyond time and space.
  • Discounts! 33% Off for products and home study courses, and 20% Off for private sessions. To get your discount, enroll in this membership first, and get your coupon code (found in the Members’ Dashboard). Then, make your other purchases in a new transaction (be sure to type your coupon code into the shopping cart, and click “Apply.”)

Annual Members get the Best Value in ALL of Now Healing!

Over $2376 in Value:

  • Everything Monthly Members Get (See Above).
  • One Month Free, Each Year – $324 Value! Save $27 off the regular price of $324 per year (12 months x $27). Annual Members pay only $297 per year.
  • Bonus 1: The Entire AUDIO LIBRARY – $2056 Valueand Growing! Over 76 hours of Guided Healing (Valued at $27 each) with new topics added monthly. Exclusive! This is the ONLY place you can get this unique one-of-a-kind healing, on a vast number of topics. Details–>
  • Bonus 2: The Seven Transformations  – $197 Value!Tap into the power of these Seven Universal Energies to transform your specific problems – and your Whole Life. The Seven Transformations are 9 audios + 81-pg pdf book:
  1. Transform Time
  2. Upgrade Space
  3. Yin Yang Balance
  4. Align with Air
  5. Balance your Water
  6. Focus your Fire
  7. Evolve your Earth Element
  • Bonus 3: Various Short Audios and Videos – Priceless! Topics include: Evolve Your Old Patterns; Detox and Elimination; Healing Others; Healing Animals… and more.

EXCLUSIVELY in the Audio Library:

“I got the annual subscription and downloaded previously recorded sessions and I have to tell you, they are powerful and life-changing! I had been wanting one on abundance! But they are ALL pertinent. What a treasure trove.” – MPS, Portland, Maine

Membership Details

Joining this membership is the only way to access these live monthly teleseminars. They are not sold separately.

This is a subscription series. When you join this recurring membership, your credit card will be charged either monthly or annually (depending on the option you choose), until you cancel your membership.

It’s easy to cancel – just email us at least 5 business days before your next billing. Important: There are no refunds on the unused monthly or annual portion of your membership. So if you only want to try out a month or a couple of months, choose the Monthly option, not the Annual.

Please enroll at least 24 hours prior to the teleseminar. If you wait until the last moment, you may not get in. To access your live teleseminars and member content, visit the Members’ Dashboard.

What if I cannot attend the live teleseminar? No worries! Listen to the recording and get all the energy shifts that apply to you. Many people attend this way! Monthly members, make sure to DOWNLOAD each month’s audio within 3 weeks.

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