Happiness, Healing, Enhancement – George W. Burns


Happiness, Healing, Enhancement – George W. Burns


Edited by internationally recognized psychologist, author, and therapist trainer George Burns, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement: Your Casebook Collection for Applying Positive Psychology in Therapy provides thought-provoking yet realistic and practical contributions from practitioners…



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Praise for Happiness, Healing, Enhancement

"Filled with good strategies based in research, compelling case material, and most importantly, practical advice, this book belongs in the library of everyone interested in what it means to live well. It provides not only ample food for thought, but for action."
—Christopher Peterson, Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

"If you are a therapist, a coach—or if you want to help yourself and others flourish—then this book is a must-read. It is an important theoretical and practical contribution to the field of positive psychology—and, in fact, to the field of psychology as a whole."
—Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier and The Pursuit of Perfect

A practical guide to applying the principles of positive psychology in your mental health practice

Edited by internationally recognized psychologist, author, and therapist trainer George Burns, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement: Your Casebook Collection for Applying Positive Psychology in Therapy provides thought-provoking yet realistic and practical contributions from practitioners of positive psychology from around the world who share how they have translated solid, positive psychology research into sound clinical practice.

Organized to make searching for a particular diagnostic category or therapeutic outcome fast and easy, this guide features:

  • Contributions from some of the world's foremost positive psychology clinicians, researchers, and teachers, including P. Alex Linley, Betty Alice Erickson, Robert Weis, Antonella Delle Fave, Richard G. Tedeschi, Robert Biswas-Diener, Michael D. Yapko, and Bill O'Hanlon
  • Examples and strategies including a "Putting It into Practice" feature that illustrates how readers can immediately apply the therapeutic applications covered in each chapter

Building on the proven benefits of the positive psychology movement, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement will teach you new skills that will strengthen your practice of therapy and equip your clients with the pathways to overcome challenging problems and live a full, satisfying life.

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Acknowledgments xiii

Quick Reference Guides xv

Introduction xvii

Part One Happiness 1

Orienting Toward Happiness

Chapter 1 Strength Spotting 3

Finding and Developing Client Resources in the Management of Intense Anger
P. Alex Linley, George W. Burns

Chapter 2 We Will Be Laughing Again 15

Restoring Relationships with Positive Couples Therapy
Maria de F. Perloiro, Luı´s M. Neto, Helena A. Marujo

Chapter 3 What Is Right with Him? 29

Ericksonian Positive Psychotherapy in a Case of Sexual Abuse
Betty Alice Erickson

Chapter 4 The Why, Not the What 40

The Positive Power of Intrinsic Motivations in Client Goal Setting and Pursuit
Helen Street

Instilling Hope

Chapter 5 From Here to Where You Want to Be 51

Building the Bridges with Hope Therapy in a Case of Major Depression
Jennifer S. Cheavens, Amber M. Gum

Chapter 6 You Want Me to Fix It? 64

Using Evidence-Based Interventions to Instill Hope in Parents and Children
Robert Weis

Chapter 7 Putting the Lid on the Divorce Monster 76

Creating Hope-Filled Narratives with Storybook Therapy
Joy Nel

Utilizing Client Resources

Chapter 8 Development through Disability 88

The Unfolding and Sharing of Psychological Resources
Antonella Delle Fave

Chapter 9 From Vulnerability to Skillfulness 100

Leisure and Positive Intervention in Therapy with Adolescents
Teresa Freire

Chapter 10 Do You See the Forest or the Tree? 113

Utilizing Client Interests and Strengths in a Case of Asperger’s Syndrome
Diane Yapko

Part Two Healing 125

Moving Beyond Depression

Chapter 11 Now I Can Get on with Life 127

Pleasure, Engagement, and Meaning in a Case of Major Depression
George W. Burns

Chapter 12 Empowering Lisa 139

The Power of Metaphor for a Depressed and Suicidal Teen
Ramona Garnier, Michael D. Yapko

Chapter 13 Can Helping Others Help Oneself? 151

Reflections on Altruism, Health, and Well-being
Carolyn E. Schwartz

Building Mindfulness and Acceptance

Chapter 14 Doing Nothing, Changing Profoundly 164

The Paradox of Mindfulness in a Case of Anxiety
Craig Hassed

Chapter 15 Laying Out in Anxiety 176

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Values-Based Living
Robyn D. Walser, Maggie Chartier

Chapter 16 Playing with the Moment 190

A Frame Theory for Positive Outcomes in Anxiety Treatment
Reid Wilson

Transcending Trauma and Pain

Chapter 17 Can You Be Happy in Pain? 202

Applying Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Hypnosis to Chronic Pain Management
George W. Burns

Chapter 18 Charting a Course to New Beginnings 214

Decoding Signals of Persistent Traumatic Stress Reactions in a Shipwreck Survivor
Roderick J. Ørner

Chapter 19 A Surprise Attack, A Surprise Result 226

Posttraumatic Growth through Expert Companionship
Richard G. Tedeschi, Lawrence G. Calhoun

Part Three Enhancement 237

Exploring New Approaches

Chapter 20 Sunsets and Seashores 239

Nature-Guided Therapy in Positive Couple and Family Work
George W. Burns

Chapter 21 A Dream of Creative Menopause 252

A New Neuroscience of Brief Psychotherapy for Solving Puzzles of Biology and Psychology
Kathryn Lane Rossi

Chapter 22 Can We Play Again? 267

Applying Positive Psychology Principles in Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy
Beth L. Pearson, Tori Sacha Cordiano

Finding Tools And Techniques

Chapter 23 Inspiring Change 279

How to Use Tools of Intention for Positive Outcomes Stephen R. Lankton

Chapter 24 A Positive Way of Addressing Negatives 291

Using Strengths-Based Interventions in Coaching and Therapy
Robert Biswas-Diener

Chapter 25 There Is a Fly in the Urinal 303

Developing Therapeutic Possibilities from Research Findings
Bill O’Hanlon

Communicating Happiness, Healing, Enhancement

Chapter 26 Soaring to New Heights 315

Outcome-Oriented Metaphor in a Case of Severe Phobia
George W. Burns

Chapter 27 Are There Times Not to Use Positive Therapy? 328

Some Concluding Thoughts
George W. Burns

Author Index 334

Subject Index 336

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