Heart Core Power – Henk Schram



Heart Core Power – Henk Schram


If there was an elegant formula to freely flow toward your goals… without getting confused by all the diverse “missing secrets,” contrived “universal laws,” and conflicting “success principles” out there…


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Critical, “make or break” question if you're trying to find the best way to manifest your desires… but get confused from all the conflicting information around the topic:

If there was an elegant formula to freely flow toward your goals… without getting confused by all the diverse “missing secrets,” contrived “universal laws,” and conflicting “success principles” out there…

… Would You Finally Feel Confident Enough To Make Even Your Biggest Dreams Reality…

Faster Than You Thought Possible?


Here’s Why Anything Short of an Enthusiastic *Head Nod* Is Costing You Big Time:

  • Every day, good people like yourself are led to believe they need some expertly-curated concoction of affirmations, visualizations, crystals, mantras, brainwave entrainment, self-hypnosis, subliminal messaging, guided meditations and the right sequencing between them… in order to “raise their vibration,” “reprogram their subconscious mind” and stand a chance at manifesting their desires… However:
  • This completely false idea often makes you jump from one shiny opportunity to the next, doing one thing on Monday, another thing on Tuesday, and something else on Wednesday…
  • Yet the only thing this “manifests” is the one habit that ensures you will not see the results you long for… because you’ll become extremely distracted and overwhelmed, thinking: “There’s so much going on… I can’t do it all… it’s so complicated I’ll never be able to get through all of this…”
  • Chances are you’ll end up exhausted, paralyzed, and stalled… bound to repeat the same lesson again and again… until you either move beyond it… or end up disillusioned, burned out, and ready to give up.

Clearly, this blatant waste of your precious time and energy rather turns you away from the very goals and dreams you’re trying so hard to manifest!

So if you really want to learn how to best manifest your desires for an abundant, joyful and worry-free life

… while being able to skip the long learning curves and endless trial & error from having to weed through all the “missing secrets” proclaimed by today’s wildly proliferating experts

… Then Relax And Keep Reading:

’Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now, when you realize that…

… there’s a much more powerful and effective way for you to manifest your desires that doesn’t involve constant overwhelm, distraction and confusion…

… you probably don’t even need all those tools and techniques as much as you’re led to believe…

… and best of all – you’ll see it’s a lot simpler than you think!

But before I explain how it works, let me ask you…


Get Heart Core Power – Henk Schram, Only Price $19

Have YOU TOO Fallen Victim To Today’s “Tall Tales & Information Overload” Crisis?

When you're trying your best to figure out how to best go about manifesting your desires… it’s easy to get completely overwhelmedconfused and discouraged:

You either don’t know where to start…

Or if you do, every other guru has you believe that there’s another “missing secret” you should be adding on top of everything else you’re already juggling…

For a process that’s supposed to make your life easier, you feel like you have to spin a lot of wheels:

You’re supposed to relentlessly keep your thoughts and emotions positive…

You have to stay diligent in doing your visualizations and repeating your affirmations…

And then you’re also supposed to throw additional practices into the mix, like brainwave entrainment, self-hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and meditation…

There always seems to be yet another “mind hack” you supposedly “can’t afford to miss”

Not too long ago you were still excited about the prospect of actually enjoying the abundant, joyful and worry-free life you long for… and the ease by which you could supposedly make that happen…

… but now you’re rather getting discouraged and dismayed, because this whole thing just seems impossible to keep up with.

Even moving a single inch forward seems to take ten times longer and more effort than it should…

And as you’re getting stressed out and beginning to doubt yourself… there are days when you think:

“Maybe this whole ‘manifesting’ thing is one big giant lie…”

“Maybe it’s not right for me…”

“Maybe I should just toss my dreams in the garbage and give up…”


Let’s stop all that confusion, overwhelm and frustration right here and now!

Because imagine this for a second…

What If There’s A MUCH SIMPLER And MUCH MORE POWERFUL Way To Manifest Your Desires… And You Wouldn’t Even Need All Those Popular Techniques?

Look, all those tools and techniques can have their place – but only when you’ve covered your bases.

And that’s exactly where the rub is:

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage the humongous wellspring of manifesting potency and free-spirited inspiration that hides inside you…

without having to weed your way through the complex maze of half-truths, myths, and sometimes even blatant falsehoods out there.

And let’s be real:

You may not even need (or even want) all those private jets, yachts and extravagant mansions that are often portrayed as “proof” of the kind of “spiritually-powered” manifesting capacity you have available to you…

You just want to enjoy the sense of being in total control of your life… feeling enlivened and inspired by a deeper urge from within, and invigorated from knowing exactly how to make your desires a reality.

At this point in your life, you feel like you’ve earned the right to finally know how to get the synchronistic and serendipitous support of “life” and “the universe” behind you

… and how to naturally show up as the joyful, emotionally-poised, spiritually-empowered person you were always meant to be – having mastered the focus, balance and skill to deliberately CREATE the life you want…

You no longer want to feel like a perpetual seeker…

…jumping from one course to the next hoping “this will be the one” to do it for you.

So in a moment I’ll show you the one thing I know will FINALLY tip the scales back in your favor.

But for that, I’ll first need to expose…

The 3 Most Results-Killing “Manifesting Myths” You Should Ditch Right Now: (And What To Do Instead)


Manifesting Myth #1: “You must keep your thoughts and emotions positive at all times.”

This supposed ‘cardinal rule’ is pretty much the first thing every well-intended ‘manifesting’ expert tells you to follow. But unfortunately, it’s dead wrong:

Did you know that psychological research demonstrates that the typical ways in which we try to make positive changes in our minds usually yield the opposite effect?

That's right: they make us achieve precisely what we didn’t want!

Think that sounds far-fetched? Then you might be interested in discovering that cutting-edge psychology considers these paradoxical effects very real. They even have a special name for them:

Psychologists call them “ironic effects.” And the body of evidence proving their reality is growing by the day:

Scientific research into those so-called “ironic effects” shows that most of our attempts to change our minds, emotions and behavior result in precisely the effects we didn’t want.

As a quick example, take affirmations – probably one of the most widely-popularized techniques to change your thinking and neurological wiring:

Did you know that studies by the universities of Waterloo and New Brunswick into the actual effects of affirmations showed that for most people they really do more harm than good? That’s right:

Their research demonstrated that repeating positive self-statements MAY benefit certain people – like individuals who already have high self-esteem – though typically backfire for the very people who need them the most.

In other words: they only work for the people who don’t even need them in the first place. Everyone else basically ended up feeling worse from using them!

That really doesn't do us a lot of good, does it? But that’s not all…


Manifesting Myth #2: “Inner and outer transformation are made to happen.”

Have you heard about the ever-growing body of psychological science – pioneered by Harvard psychologist Daniel Wegner – that demonstrates how those “ironic effects” I mentioned literally show up all over the place, both in our minds and in our lives?

For example, these studies have shown that…:

Trying to get rid of negative thoughts makes those gloomy concerns even more central to your thinking…

Trying to change your negative emotions often makes those feelings even worse

Trying to stop certain debilitating behaviors rather makes your urge to engage in them stronger

And regretfully, the list goes on and on and on for our typical financialwellness and relationship goals… just like other areas of life:

The way in which we deliberately try to change these areas often aggravates our situation…while strangely enough – if we let our fixation slide now and again, we sometimes DO get what we want.

So as it turns out again and again:

The transformations you seek – whether inside or outside – are not things you “make” happen.

Instead, they can only be allowed to emerge by shaping the appropriate inner and outer conditions.

Obviously, that can be a little elusive… and the way to facilitate that process is a lot different from what you’re normally told to do – which becomes even clearer when we bust…


Manifesting Myth #3: “MIND power is the key to manifesting your desires.”

As those ironic effects illustrate, your real ‘manifesting potency’ actually comes from somewhere else. The problem is…:

You hardly ever hear about this power source, because most of the experts and ‘successful ones’ engage this power naturally… without realizing

… which means they’re not fully aware of the true cause of their efficacy – which has little to do with the power of their minds.

Consider this:

Did you know that there’s actual research that demonstrates that the energy field of your heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of your brain?

That’s clearly a difference of epic proportions!

This was originally proven back in 2004 by independent research at the Institute of Heartmath. And their subsequent studies – which still go on today – have only built more evidence to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

However, when trying to enhance our ability to manifest our desires, most of us completely disregard this gigantic discrepancy by focusing all our energies on changing our MINDS…

Now as strange as it may sound, that’s actually great news – because it means…:


There’s A Deeper And Much Stronger Wellspring Of ‘Manifesting Potency’ That Most Of The Popular Methods Only Scratch The Surface Of…

… And That’s Also MUCH EASIER To Tap Into!

That’s right – if you’ve come to think that the process of conscious manifesting is too elusive, complex, or out of reach…

… you’ve simply been taught wrong.

And if you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that being able to master this ability is critical to your happiness and fulfillment in life…

But maybe you didn’t know that by using the 5-Phase Heart-Core Power™ Process that I’m about to share with you, you’ll finally have the power to…:

Easily tap into that bewildering source of creative power that’s demonstrated to be at least 5,000 stronger than your ‘mind’…

Cleverly sidestep those pesky and elusive ‘ironic effects’ of your mind that only get you the paradoxical opposite of what you want…

Swiftly generate joydelight and inspiration without having to battle your own brain for it…

Completely ditch any need for will powerforce and effort to make that all happen.

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you – regardless of where you’re coming from or what you’ve already tried…

… but they DO depend on taking a straight-line, step-by-step approach that might go against everything you’ve been taught.

Yet with it, you no longer need to feel powerless over what’s arguably the most critical and valuable skill of your life. You literally can’t afford to… and you no longer have to.

But before I explain how it works, you’re probably wondering…


I’m normally the last one to seek the spotlight, let alone throw myself out there as some kind of “guru”…

But after the long and painstaking process of trying and failing that ultimately led me to these insights, it felt like my duty to share this with you…

(… if only to spare you the frustration I had to endure for so long – and that’s totally unnecessary.)

Who knew – seeking to manifest my goals by trying to keep up with every latest “missing-secret”-in-fashion and connect the dots between every piece of conflicting “expert advice” was an exercise in futility…

In fact, it only made things worse.

And when not only my mental sanity, but even my physical health began to suffer from keeping up this game… I knew a piece of the story had to be missing, and I wasn’t going to stop until I found it.

I had to.

And good thing I did…

Get Heart Core Power – Henk Schram, Only Price $19

So Pray Tell: How Does This Heart-Core Power Process Actually Work?”

Heart-Core Power is the first process for personal and spiritual growth that’s fully engineered to tap into the vast ‘manifesting potency’ that has been lying dormant in your heart

… and apply it beyond just ‘feeling better’ towards actually creating real-world transformation.

No matter what situation you’re starting from, it’s designed to help you freely flow towards your goals in just 5 simple phases:


The first thing you'll learn is that the energy of the heart can only be steered through what I call the Double I Principle™:

This is an elusive concept, because our heart energy cannot be steered directly – it's always an indirect by-product of something else.

Obviously, that can get a little precarious… However, once you see how simple it is to make this work, the heart-liberating results you seek become automatic, and as such effortless!



In the second phase you'll discover how to laser-focus the power of your heart into a totally coherent, high-intensity energy field.

This way its power will no longer be scattered in all directions like it probably used to. Instead, it now becomes completely congruent and fully aligned with the outcomes you're after.

And as you'll learn in Phase #3, that type of concentrated power makes all the difference in your results!



You can never live big with a small-time view of your potential. That's why this phase gives you the "mind-blowing" epiphanies that will totally liberate you from any remaining sense of constriction:

Once you complete this phase, you'll have a deeply-settled knowing of how your heart literally reaches into the very roots of the reality you create for yourself…

… just as much as it revives and incites the sense of vitalityinspiration and vigor that fuels and energizes the process.

Promise me one thing though: this information is exceptionally powerful, so use this knowledge wisely and responsibly… okay?



In this phase you'll learn a deceptively simple trick that eliminates any need for force, effort and will-power – and I say that in all seriousness and without any hyperbole:

You'll discover how to make the consistent alignmentpower and growth of your heart's energy not a matter of will, though rather a function of simple skill.

What's best – that makes all the wonderful effects that spring from it inevitable and almost automatic.

As a result, you'll be in total control, and the results you seek become practically effortlessAnd that gets you ready for…:



Finally, as the title suggests, this phase shares a truly illuminating, yet rare and virtually unknown strategy that invigorates your spirit and will let your heart emanate its brilliance at its full, maximum intensity.

Not only will you feel powerful, vibrant and zestful because of it… This also exhilarates the entire rest of the Heart-Core Power™ process, and gives an incredible boost to all the wonderful effects that entail. And best of all:

You can begin to put all this to work or you starting today! It really doesn't get any more straightforward than this.


Here’s A Taste Of How It All Breaks Down:

Module #1: “Heart-Core Direction

You’ll immediately be initiated into the ‘radical’ insights and principles behind the Heart-Core Power process…

… which clearly explain what really directs and shapes the energy of your heart, and how to do it in a way that gets the self-organizing forces of “life” and “the universe” behind you.

Here’s how this module helps you do that:

First you’ll discover what it truly means to leverage your Heart-Core Power to deliberately manifest your desires

… as opposed to having to rely on tenacity, grit, will power, contrived positivity, or happenstance… (or the inability of those who do it naturally to accurately explain how to model what they do.)

Next I’ll show you the outrageous reason why your thoughts, emotions and beliefs (positive or negative) don’t matter much in the manifesting process – completely contrary to popular belief… and what really determines the results you manifest.

You’ll also discover the biggest pitfall when it comes to applying your natural-born creative powers… and how not knowing about this ‘trap’ will likely set you up for failure from the very outset, and unintentionally make you work against your own aims.

Then you’ll learn how to flip the inner ‘switch’ that instantly gets you ‘out of your mind’ and ‘into your heart’ – so you can immediately begin to engage its humongous power using my simple yet profound Double-I Principle.

And with that, you’ll discover the simple question to ask yourself to ensure your heart’s energy is fully aligned to your desires and ready to haul in the outcomes you’re after… as opposed to being scattered and fragmented in a way that only gives you flaky results at best.

From this place of completely new clarity, you’ll be empowered to immediately cause a huge shift in your mindset and overall vibe

… plus you’ll have the foundation to stack the Heart-Core ‘power-ups’ of the other four phases to bring a fresh abundance of new energy and drive to your manifesting process…

… starting with what you’ll learn in Module 2…

Module #2: “Heart-Core Focus

With your new understanding firm in place, it’s time to laser-focus the power of your heart into a totally coherent, high-intensity energy field that fully aligns with your desires.

You’ll be able to do that once you discover…:

The only way to bring full coherence and alignment in the way you “focus on what you want”… and why most people – including many experts – get this all wrong.

How to get out of your own way: why the way we’re naturally inclined to think and visualize often limits our own results… and how to shift to a contrary approach that can – in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King – even “make a way out of no way.”

The 4-Step Previsioning Process: how to shape a vision that doesn’t block its own chances of coming to pass… but instead allows for engaging both the full power of your heart and the self-organizing forces of “life” and “the universe” to bring about the exact outcomes you seek – or something better. (The 4th step is crucial and hardly ever gets the attention it needs!)

The biggest ‘secret’ behind allowing the seemingly ‘impossible’ to manifest… and how it can totally make or break your results if you don’t give it its rightful place on the path to your dreams.

“Unfreeze your heart:” a little-known trick to build a sense of ‘flow’ in your Heart-Core Power process, as well as in the results it creates for you.

And much more

With your heart’s energies fully aligned this way, you’re now ready to tap into the vast new wellspring of ‘manifesting potency’ explored Module 3…

Module #3: “Heart-Core Potency

Shatter any sense of limitation about what’s possible for your life with this module’s “mind-blowing” epiphanies about the deeply-transformative promise of your Heart-Core Potency

… so you can finally leave the past behind and start living up to your true (perhaps still dormant) potential.

With this module’s knowledge under your belt, you’ll know…:

How to stop limiting yourself with that old, small-time view of your potential, and upgrade your belief system with the real-worldscientifically-backed magnitude and reach of your Heart-Core Power.

How the energy of your heart does much more than just rekindle that sparkling and possibly long-gone sense of vitality, inspiration and vigor you’ve been missing… but actually reaches into the very fabric of reality (really)!

How to instigate a true consciousness shift using ‘propagation waves’ that can trigger a true upward spiral in the exact area of life you seek to enhance – be it your finances, your health, your emotional well-being, your relationships, or just your overall efficacy in reaching your goals.

The secret of ‘hypercommunication’ and how it sparks, arouses and energizes your heartfelt connection with the whole of life, in order to facilitate even seemingly impossible, real-world transformation.

Another simple, yet apparently preposterous technique that instantly gets you out of your mind and into your heart… while quickly and positively transforming your own world and that of others nearly immediately(You can even put this one to work today!)

And much more

With new appreciation of the importance and potential of taking control of your heart’s energy broadcast, you’re now ready to make the process as ‘easy,’ ‘effortless’ and ‘automatic’ as possible with the tools of Module 4…

Module #4: “Heart-Core Flow

Banish self-sabotage and the need for will-power by using these proven techniques to bring ‘ease’ and ‘effortless flow’ into your application of the Heart-Core Power process.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

Finally forgive yourself for wrongly blaming yourself whenever you assumed that you just “didn’t want it bad enough,” “didn’t push yourself to the limit,” “wasn’t strong enough,” etc. – none of that mattered, and it was never your fault!

The key to ‘effortless flow:’ how to get yourself to do what’s necessary even at the most challenging of times, without having to force yourself

… so you can finally stop exhausting yourself from running in circles while never getting anywhere you haven’t already been.

Why consistently aligning and growing your Heart-Core Power no longer needs to be a matter of will, but now becomes a function of simple skill with the keys I’m handing you here.

How to overcome the ‘will-power trap:’ discover the simple science of getting yourself to focus on exactly the right things at exactly the right times… so you can save yourself all the energy that used to be wasted on constantly trying to keep your mind’s focus in check.

How to put yourself in total control, so that your newly-automated consistency in applying your Heart-Core Power skillset makes the wonderful effects that spring from it practically inevitable.

And much more

As you make your engagement the Heart-Core Power process a nearly automated certainty this way, it’s now time to channel even more power into it using the little-known techniques of Module 5…

Module #5: “Heart-Core Spirit

Boost your Heart-Core Power by applying this rare and virtually unknown strategy to invigorate your spirit and let your heart emanate its brilliance at its full, maximum intensity.

Here’s how this module helps you do that:

Learn how to overcome the biggest ‘manifesting paradox’ preached by all the gurus: how to “be happy now” when you’re not really happy… and what to do when the things you think will make you happy are supposed to only come to you if you are happy first.

(Hint: it’s probably much simpler than you think – and it has nothing to do with keeping a gratitude journal, counting your blessings, or other popular recommendations!)

Discover the unique power of ‘manifesting vitamins’ – the scientifically-proven psychological boosters that allow you to consistently feel abundant, happy and inspired… even when you haven’t manifested your desires yet!

The 3 simple questions that identify exactly which ‘manifesting vitamin’ you have a deficiency of… and how to easily resolve it to immediately boost your sense of abundance, happiness and inspiration right now.

How to make sure that what you say you want is actually what you really desire… so you can avoid the excruciating pain of wasting all your energy on walking down a road that ultimately leads you nowhere…

Discover the 3 core requirements that allow your heart to emanate its brilliance at its fullmaximum intensity… so you can experience its invigorating vibrancy, inspiration and zest firsthand, every single day!

And much more

All these instructions are so straightforward, you can begin to put the tools to work for you right after you learn about them, and notice the difference on your energy nearly immediately!

PLUS: You’ll Get Two Hot Bonuses To Enhance Your Results Even More:

I’m not a fan of the common practice of dumping some huge pile of “bonus gifts” on you… that often just proves to be a bunch of worthless junk that only distracts you from what’s really important – the Heart-Core Power™ lessons… However:

I really do want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to make this process a great success for you. So I decided to give you something truly special in addition to all the great Heart-Core Power™ training materials I’m already sending you today:

Bonus Phase #1: “Heart-Core Thrust

Light a fire under your Heart-Core Power process by swiftly mobilizing the heart-boosting power of ‘Implicit Gratitude’ and ‘Escalating Momentum.’

Here’s what we’ll cover on this exclusive videocast training:

  • Learn the 2 simple techniques that seamlessly work together to create an upward spiral of ever-increasing positivity and flow – without having to force it… so you can be sure you’ll always know how to shift to your next level of Heart-Core Power and never again come up empty or doubtful about what to do next.
  • Discover the 5-step method to build snowball-like, ‘escalating momentum’ until you literally become unstoppable on the process of manifesting your desires… so that you can flow from one triumph to the next and continue to grow even beyond your initial targets!
  • The deceptively simple ‘frame shift’ that generates an automatic sense of gratitude, without having to ‘fake it’ or ‘force it’ with contrived gratitude lists or positive affirmations…
  • Solve the riddle of how to ‘take action’ while also ‘letting go’ – one of the most paradoxical concepts preached by all the well-known gurus, yet without clear instruction for how to actually practice it…
  • Always feel fully empowered, abundant and appreciative – not by force, but paradoxically as a natural by-product of mainly focusing elsewhere… (And you don’t even have to spend hours in meditation for it!)
  • The easy technique to end every single day on a positive note… so that you can fall asleep satisfied and fulfilled, and wake up rejuvenated, inspired and ready to freely flow closer towards your goals… day after day.
  • And much more!

While it’s deceptively easy to put these techniques to work… within just a couple of days you’ll see for yourself that the payoffs are literally enormous! But you’ll get even more support in…

Bonus Phase #2: “Heart-Core Awareness

Whenever you feel stuck, learn how to easily identify the debilitating patterns responsible for it, so you can swiftly shake them off and tap into new rewarding opportunities for positive transformation and fast progress that reveal themselves along with it.

Here’s how this bonus manual helps you do that:

  • Discover the 2 innate faculties that are most crucial and fundamental to your ‘manifesting’ capacity… much more than any ‘special’ affirmation, fancy brain technology, or obscure ‘mind hack’ ever will be!
  • Take back 100% control of your Heart-Core Power: learn why you may not realize that your choices are often not really your own… and how to put the full ‘power of choice’ back in your own hands today, so you can stop unintentionally leaking your precious Heart-Core Power on things you don’t want.
  • Apply this 2-part ‘Fast Track’-process for a laser-sharp snapshot of your inner world… so that you gain instant clarity on what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to keep cultivating to drastically speed up the process of making your desires reality.
  • The ‘13th Floor Simulation’-exercise that helps you see through all your inner patterns… so you can finally free yourself from unconscious self-defeat, and swiftly get (back) on the ‘fast track’ toward your goals.
  • Discover new potential for growth, empowerment and improvement that may have been hidden in plain sight… as you uncover underused and underdeveloped qualitiesstrengths and capacities that you may have always missedneglected, or failed to exploit.
  • And much more!

The Heart-Core Awareness you’ll learn from this bonus is absolutely crucial to ensure you stay on the fast track towards manifesting your desires… or swiftly get yourself back on it whenever you get sidetracked.

Obviously, with these bonus lessons in your bag of tricks on top of the five Heart-Core Power™ lessons you’re already getting, you’re going to absolutely crush it on this process!

They’re yours for free, as my gift to you when you get started on this process today.


Get Heart Core Power – Henk Schram, Only Price $19

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