Hypnosis Without Trance – Changework Applications – James Tripp


Hypnosis Without Trance – Changework Applications – James Tripp


Thank you for taking the time to check out this information on Changework Applications. The programme is simply and exactly what it says it is – the application of HWT skills and principles to the area of Changework.



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Where the Hypnosis Mastery Programme taught you how to alter realities..

Changework Applications teaches you how to change lives!


Over 4.5 hours of densely packed, high quality material teaching high-impact HWT change techniques, psychological subtleties and powerful changework principles…

Transform your ability to transform lives today!

Dear Agent of Change or Agent of Change to be…

Thank you for taking the time to check out this information on Changework Applications. The programme is simply and exactly what it says it is – the application of HWT skills and principles to the area of Changework.

When the HWT Hypnosis Mastery Programme originally came out back in 2010, a lot of people absolutely loved it, but were unsure as to whether the teachings applied to as well to Hypnotherapy and Changework as they obviously did to 'Street Hypnosis'.

Now, although I had used the elicitation of hypnotic phenomena – the altering of reality in a 'play' context – as the material through which to teach the skills and principles, my main profession at the time was that of Hypotherapist. And I was using the principles of HWT every day in my hypnosis Changework practice.

Unsurprisingly, I had a lot of people contact me with questions regarding how HWT applied to Changework, so in response to requests I created a Changework Applications one-day workshop to teach the applications, principles and psychological subtleties for conducting transformative work with HWT. This video programme is a recording of that workshop.

I attended the HWT Changework Application Day with my colleague.

As two highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners we expected that we may learn one or two ‘nice to know’ techniques.  What we didn’t expect was the quantum shift this programme can create.

[James] merges Hypnosis, NLP, Clean Language, Clean Space and Hyperempiria amongst other disciplines into a highly effective therapeutic tool box.  His execution of the techniques was a masterclass in elegance and effectiveness.

…if you are stuck in the trance induction and ‘hypnosis as a panacea’ school… James will challenge your preconceptions and demonstrate how his methods work effectively and without fuss.

This is a must to add to your therapist toolbox.”

Alan Cole-Wilkin DHP, Master Prac NLP, Fellow NLPPA

Yes I'm interested in Hypnotic Changework… What’s actually on these videos and how will it help me?

There really is a ton of stuff crammed into these 4 teaching videos, so it really would be impossible to go into it all in full detail detail. However, I can give you an overview of some of the key material.


Are you aware that most hypnotherapists are routinely 'recruited by their clients problems', and as such, very often make them worse?

It’s true – often times the outcomes that clients form are paradoxically part of the structure that holds the problem in place (and the ‘unconscious mind’ is not immune from this). Failing to recognise this means you will often be compounding problems whilst doing your very best to help.

On Changework Applications you will be learning this general principle in more detail along with 3 specific Paradoxes that apply.

And that, many hypnotherapists mishandle the framing of change in such a way as to badly undermine the process?

In an effort to ‘sell’ change and the power of their processes, practitioners often fall for the ‘Promise the World Trap’ – promising more than they can guarantee to deliver. This is especially true for those who come from an NLP background!

But how do you avoid doing so without giving the client unhelpful suggestions and putting them off working with you? Part of the answer is in orientating your client towards analogue rather than digital ‘assessment criteria’ (and getting ‘psychological commitment’ for that), part of it lies in the method of ‘slowing down to speed up’.

Or that changes most often have to be matured and nurtured to ensure they become truly permanent?

Many hypnotherapists don’t really do much to nurture and mature change, and as such clients are left with the “it was really good for a couple of weeks” story.  (Personally I have heard this story coming from clients who have seen other practitioners more times than I can possibly count, and I used to hear it from my own clients before I knew how to manage it.)

With Changework Applications you will learn how to grow changes and sow the seeds for their maturation.


Now… If you were to ONLY learn the above, what difference would that make to you?

And do really think about that answer – no more being recruited by problems, no more mismanagement of expectations, no more unnecessarily short lived changes.

What would THAT be worth to you in personal satisfaction and/or professional reputation?  …being able to help so many more people affect genuine lasting change?

Obviously I can’t answer that question for you, but if it is worth to you even a fraction of what it has been worth to me, then you should probably consider investing in these videos!

BUT there's more… you won’t JUST be learning those things!

In addition, you will also be learning:

  • Why Hypnotic Phenomena Positively Impacts?
  • Changework Vs. Therapy
  • Change and Learning
  • Why People Get Stuck
  • Tripp’s ‘How People Work’ Model
  • Worldview – Beliefs and Concepts
  • Toxic Outcomes & Being ‘recruited by the problem’
  • The Limitations of ‘Black Box’ Changework
  • The Cycle of Change
  • When is Change Complete?
  • Supporting and Maturing Change
  • Working at Different ‘Levels’
  • Simple Vs. Complex Problems
  • The Easy Paradox
  • The Confidence Paradox
  • The OKness Paradox
  • ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Hypnotic Subjects
  • Manoeuvrability in Changework
  • Setting Frames and Managing Expectation
  • The Promise the World Trap
  • Managing Challenges
  • Changework Set-Up for Hand-Stick
  • Tripp’s Visualisation ‘Hack’
  • Working Content Free
  • Personal Rapport versus Informational Rapport
  • Leveraging Out Change
  • Use of Gesture
  • Walking the Change
  • ‘Clean’ Future Pacing
  • Giving and Taking Time & Space
  • Slowing the Change to Speed it Up
  • Closing The Session

And the following specific processes demonstrated and explained…

  • Hand Stick Changework Applications
  • Hand Stick transfer to Rapid ‘Hand Levitation’
  • Letting Go – Releasing Stuckness Process
  • Ideodynamic Lever
  • High Impact, Easy Submodality Manipulation
  • The ‘Head, Heart and Gut’ Process

Plus additional discussion around…

  • Social Phobia/Anxiety
  • Anorexia
  • Learning Blocks
  • Drug Addiction
  • Smoking Cessation

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