Inner Goddess Creation Power – LEVEL 1 and 2 – Lisa Michaels


Inner Goddess Creation Power – LEVEL 1 and 2 – Lisa Michaels


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Discover Your  Goddess Archetype and 7 Vital Creation  Team Players to Dynamically Increase Your Creation Power

6 Module Immersion Training

Bonus Q & A Session

And Two Powerful Bonus Activations!

Align Your Creation Team, Increase Your Creation Power,  and Impact Your Purpose, Prosperity, and Success Results Now  

From: Lisa Michaels, Manifestation Mentor

Dear Divine Feminine Visionary,

  • Are you ready to discover and enliven your unique goddess archetype?
  • Do you long to know how she and your other creation team players impact your prosperity, life-purpose, and passion?
  • Do you want to uncover how to align all the aspects of yourself so you can significantly increase your power to create results?

Anytime you create something, from prosperity to business success, the more you are in
alignment with your inner Goddess and creation team, the better your results!

In 1998, after I was introduced to the archetype of my inner goddess and creation team players, it revolutionized the way I understood my life purpose and creation ability. I began to see that all the different elemental archetypal energies that make up who I am form the team from which I create my life, my business, and my prosperity.

Everyone has their own unique creation team that can be understood based on the components that make up their elemental astrological profile. Before I was introduced to the archetypal way of looking at astrology, I didn’t grasp it much at all. I now know there is so much about your life you can learn from working with the elemental energies in this way, and I’ve found that simply understanding the very basic level helps people to create from their life purpose and personal prosperity much more effectively.

reveal the elemental archetypal energies of your inner goddess and all your creation team members. These archetypes dynamically influence your life-purpose, impact your prosperity, and determine how you uniquely create results.

As I’ve continued to explore my own creation abilities (and worked with hundreds of others on this topic) I see more and more how getting these energies working together as a team is vital to your success.

When I work with people they love learning this, finding out more about who they are, and how they individually create. Each person has their own blend of elemental archetypes they work with and based on that — people create differently. If you have a more grounded earthy creation team you are going to have a life-purpose focus quite different from someone with a fiery/airy mix.

Most people only understand the basics of their sun sign which is only the fuel you burn toward your dreams. There are 7 more essential components for you to connect with, especially your inner goddess. Each archetype impacts how you create everything in your life and business!

As you can imagine there are loads of combinations and therefore unique ways to create. Creation is not one size fits all — it is customized according to the energies you carry.

This program provides you with a potent step-by-step system for understanding your inner goddess and your creation team to help you develop moreprosperity, purpose, and creation power

Are you…

  • Secretly searching for the missing link to your life-purpose?
  • Craving to increase your creation power by connecting to your inner Goddess?
  • Wondering how to get all parts of you lined up for success?
  • Wanting to know how to activate your creation team?
  • Wishing you understood your unique relationship to prosperity?
  • Feeling stuck over and over getting the same results and need to uncover how to move forward?
  • Needing to make some decisions and want all of your energy united before you do?
  • Wanting to know how to work with your weak creation aspects and need a boost for your creation power?

If you said yes to any of these, or feel a strong resonance with finding out more about your Inner Goddess and Creation Team, then join me for this potent 6-module training, your Bonus Q & A  and Two Powerful Bonus Activations

Join me to Discover Your Inner Goddess Archetype & Creation Team to Uncover..

  • 8 vital archetypes (Inner Goddess + 7 other team players) that comprise your inner goddess and creation team so you can increase your creation power
  • How to enliven your inner goddess
  • Each elemental player’s skills, value, and contribution to the overall success of your creation team
  • Ways the elements each view prosperity and passion differently and find out what that means for your ability to thrive
  • How to get your creation team working together to increase your prosperity, passion, power, and capacity to generate results

Get ready to lead your creation team to a new level of success!


Module 1

How to Consciously Utilize Your Creation Team to Increase Your Inner Authority, Creation Power, and Prosperity 

  • Learn the basic step-by-step overview of your inner goddess and the 7 other vital archetypes that comprise your creation team and discover how they impact your life-purpose, financial abundance, and creation power. 
  • Uncover why you need to be sure your creation team can work together and not against each other to create results.
  • Gain simple strategies to align your creation team to increase your creation power, prosperity, passion, and success.
  • Discover how each of the elements impact your life purpose in unique ways.

Module 2

Discover How the Earth and Water Elemental Archetypes Work Within Your Creation Team So You Can Flourish

  • Develop an understanding of Earth’s step-by-step creation tools and why you need to knowhow to use and apply them to be successful.
  • Uncover why you need to utilize Water’s feeling flow to prosper.
  • Learn how the Earth and Water archetypes each create financial abundance in a unique way.
  • Find out the types of businesses, professions, and careers the Earth and Water archetypes love and thrive within.

Module 3

How to Utilize the Air and Fire Elemental Archetypes to Ignite Your Creation Power and Soar

  • Find out why you need to set intention and focus Air’s creative visionary tools to activate your success blueprint.
  • Understand why without Fire’s passionate energy your life-purpose light goes out. Uncover how to keep it burning.
  • Learn how the Air & Fire archetypes each create financial abundance in specific ways.
  • Discover the types of businesses, professions, and careers the Air and Fire archetypes passionately thrive within.

Module 4 & 5

Discover Step-by-Step All the Players On Your Unique Creation Team

  • We'll go one by one to help you learn how to identify all the players of your creation team and how to find them on your astrological chart.
  • These two sections are full of examples to help you understand other charts as well as your own.

Module 6

Tools and Strategies to Integrate Your Goddess Archetype & Unique Creation Team

"I wish I'd known Lisa Michael's long ago in order to have this much clarity sooner." 

 Discovering my personal astrological archetypes who make up my creation team has ignited and released new energies for creating and manifesting with greater ease. It has completely changed how I see myself and my business."

Lisa provided valuable insights that caused me to take massive action to stop, start, and keep doing certain things that honor who I truly am. I so appreciate this new information. I just wish I’d known Lisa long ago in order to have this much clarity sooner. Thank you, Lisa!”

Debra Marrs, Your Write Life


Easily Listen to Replays  for the Entire Program for a Full Year!


Find out more about your Inner Goddess Archetype and  Your Creation Team to Increase Your Creation Power Today!

  • Boost your creation potential & power
  • Find out the energies that make up your unique personal creation team
  • Discover more ways to work with them to align with success


Level 1 Inner Goddess Package Includes: 

  • 6 Training Modules
  • 1 Bonus Q & A
  • 2 Bonus Activations
  • All Handouts 
  • Access to the Replays for a Full Year
  • A Copy of Your Astrological Chart


Planetary Alchemy

How the Sacred Alchemy of the Outer Planetary Complexes Impact Your Inner Goddess Power. 

Module 1

Complex Alchemy Overview

  • Introduction to the Planetary Complexes and how they influence you.
  • Learn to locate complexes to discover more about the alchemy of your life purpose.

Module 2

Alchemical Influence of Saturn

  • Saturn reveals where you have the gifts of structure and form.
  • Discover the different ways Saturn can influence your life purpose.

Module 3

Alchemical Creation Influence of Jupiter

  • With Jupiter find out where you have the gift of expansion.
  • Discover all the different ways Jupiter can influence your life purpose. 

Module 4

Alchemical Creation Influence of Pluto

  • Find out how Pluto deepens your inner life purpose gifts.
  • Discover all the different ways Pluto can influence your life purpose.

Module 5

Alchemical Creation Influence of Neptune

  • Find out how Neptune invites the inner gift of merging with the Divine.
  • Discover all the different ways Neptune can influence your life purpose

Module 6

Alchemical Creation Influence of Uranus

  • With Uranus uncover how changes to your assemblage point impact you.
  • Discover all the different ways Uranus can influence your life purpose.

Module 7

Program Integration and Q & A


Easily Listen to Replays  for the Entire Program for a Full Year!


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