IYCA – Resistance Band Instructor Course – Julie Hatfield



IYCA – Resistance Band Instructor Course – Julie Hatfield


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How To Dominate Your Competition And Develop Faster, More Powerful Athletes With The World's Most Popular and Versatile Training Tool – Resistance Bands

Your Blueprint for Learning the Top-Secret System of Effective Teaching, Training and Programming With Bands for Young Athletes

Dear Fellow Coach,

As a coach, your job is to bring the best out in the athletes you work with. Whether you’re trying to make them faster, improve their strength, or make them more injury-proof, you combine your coaching expertise with the right tools to get the job done.

But depending on your situation, the “right tools” may not always be an option.

  • Outfitting a facility with lines of racks and platforms requires an investment of tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Having a line of kettlebells to accommodate a group 25 athletes, all with different strength levels, is not only expensive but also cumbersome.
  • Carrying around a collection of bumper plates, bars, or ‘bells in the back of your car isn’t an option if you travel to train.

So what if I told you that a single tool had the ability to:

  • Build usable, real-world strength and power
  • Supercharge your athletes’ mobility and flexibility while eliminating nagging injuries
  • Dramatically improve speed and explosiveness

And this tool was:

  • Inexpensive: You can train an entire team with under $400 worth of equipment
  • Portable: You can transport your entire gym in a duffel bag
  • Versatile: With virtually no limit to the uses for this too, you’ll have no shortage or variety, progressions or regressions

By now, you’re probably on to the fact that I’m talking about one of the most popular training tools on the planet today: the Resistance Band.

Compared to virtually all other training tools, resistance bands are incredibly inexpensive, are conveniently portable, and are versatile enough to improve almost every aspect of your athletes’ performance.

It’s really no wonder that they’ve become the tool of choice for thousands of coaches around the globe who want to get the most out of their athletes.

With this growing popularity, there’s a rising demand for trainers and coaches to become educated and skilled on how to safely and effectively implement resistance bands with young athletes. However, to date there has never been a course specifically designed to empower coaches to use resistance bands with those young athletes.

Get IYCA – Resistance Band Instructor Course – Julie Hatfield, Only Price $47

Announcing The IYCA Resistance Band Instructor Course

We’ve enlisted the top Resistance Band Training Expert in the World to teach you exactly what you need to know to master the fundamentals of training young athletes with bands.

In this comprehensive IYCA Resistance Band Training Instructor Course, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of training with bands so you can dramatically accelerate your athletes results
  • Dozens of powerful band exercises so you can fine tune your athletes training approach and movement skills no matter if you’re training athletes 1 on 1 or entire teams
  • A complete toolbox full of beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that will empower you to design programs that will deliver maximum results in a minimum time for ALL of your athletes.
  • The difference between training with bands versus just using bands
  • How to safely integrate bands into your program design regardless what tools you presently use
  • A complete understanding of how to set up bands to support any program design you use and not force you to reinvent the wheel
  • How to choose the best band for your training goals and setting
  • The secrets to create band training progressions and regressions instantly without having to change bands
  • How to avoid the hundreds of mistakes that coaches make when using bands
  • How bands compare to free weights and why they are no longer an “alternative” but a “necessity” to getting better
  • A detailed, thorough and clear instructional approach to utilizing bands including templates and done-for-you guides and programs to make implementation easier

What’s Included in The IYCA Resistance Band Instructor Course?

4 Power Packed DVDs Covering Everything You Need To Know About Resistance Band Training For Young Athletes

You’ll be receiving 4 Comprehensive Training DVDs that will teach you the mechanics of effective training and programming with bands for young athletes. Together with your IYCA Resistance Band Instructor Course Manual, you will have the most comprehensive band training educational resource ever created specifically for coaching young athletes…and a distinct competitive advantage over your competition.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover in the Resistance Band Instructor Course 4 DVD Set…

Resistance Band Training For Young Athletes Manual

  • A 139 page manual outlining the scientific foundations and practical aspects of implementing resistance bands into training programs
  • A complete library of band training exercises so you can build optimal programs for any training goal
  • Includes athlete-specific training templates to help you implement your program quickly and efficiently

Online Exam To Receive Your Highly Respected IYCA RBI Credential

  • Complete the exam from the comfort of your own home or office
  • Instant Results – no waiting!
  • Available 24/7 – instant access when it’s most convenient for YOU!
  • Frame Worthy Resistance Band Instructor Certificate

Resistance Band Training Is Becoming Part of the Revolution in Youth Sports Performance Training…

Get IYCA – Resistance Band Instructor Course – Julie Hatfield, Only Price $47

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