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Q: Does Elliott Hulse offer personal coaching?

A: No… I’ve retired. But you still might have a chance, keep reading: 

Having been a strength coach for over 25 years, and a student of some of the greatest mentors alive, I say that 90% of so-called coaches today are garbage. 

First, I’ve recently noticed a major spike in the amount of smooth talking sales students hanging their “coach for hire” banner on Fakebook and spInstagram.  It seems that every chubby chump who lost twenty pounds, every introvert that learns a “pick up line”, and every trust fund kid who starts a business…. calls himself a “coach”.

I’ve also noticed that this new junk-food, drive-through coaching phenomenon rarely provides any real meat to it’s consumer.  Just like real junk-food junkies, the men who mistakenly ingest these “coaching programs” seem to walk away fuller, fatter, and broker than when they started… but rarely are they actually satisfied.

What can you expect though? 

Most of these pseudo-coaches haven’t had the years of experience, expertise, fuck-ups and failures it takes to gain the wisdom required for great coaching.  Instead they post teeth-rotting, diabetes-causing, sweet-bits of chocolate covered coaching candy memes on the internet, like a bad Halloween nightmare. Besides… 

Most people don’t know HOW to be coached.

As a young strength coach, I had great success training high school football players at my gym Strength Camp.  These young men were hungry, hard working and followed orders like Marines.   

Later in my career, I uploaded over 2,500 free coaching videos to YouTube.  Millions of young men watched my videos, took action, and grew stronger… all without any hand holding or babysitting on my part. 

All good… but when men and women from all over the world started showing up at my gym demanding that I “help” them with some problem, give them a “tip” to fix some lifting issue, or allow them to “pick my brain” for free… I literally packed my stuff and moved out.  I’m sure these people meant no harm, but their very attitude about my time and their demands were wrong.

Coaches can’t fix your problems.

Having been raised on a steady diet “mainstream mind trash”, most people are well trained to seek answers from authorities, books, teachers, YouTube, mommy, daddy and the government.  Rarely do they ever contemplate, discern or decide anything on their own. Pathetic, especially for men.   

They want someone else to think for them, to give them the right answer, to guarantee success, or do it for them. People today are more lazy and impatient than ever before.  They’re so lost in the maze of mainstream distractions, disinformation, miseducation, and entitlement that they think a “quick-fix answer” is going to solve their complex problems.

But, it’s my fault.

For almost a decade I spoon fed, tasty, compact, four-minute sound bites of wisdom to a generation of men on YouTube. “Yo Elliott” always had their answer, exactly when they needed it most. The truth is I am more like a mentor, big-brother, or father-figure than a coach or guru. So when young men meet me and they’re hoping to see the same “Yo Elliott” from TV, they’re usually disappointed to discover: the real Elliott isn’t always a nice guy.

When I give it to them straight, in-person, face-to-face they crumble. But these are the same men who think women should love them for “just being themselves”, or that all wealthy white men are evil. So, these days when I meet a fan in the streets and he asks Yo Elliott a question, I tell him… “No, I don’t have you answer.”

I don’t know what YOU should do.  I can’t fix your: knee, hip, back, mother, father, wife, women, work, financial worries, woes or problems. Besides, even if I could fix those things for you, I wouldn’t because that’s not what a good coach does.

Good coaches “open the door”, and good clients “follow through”. So, if you and I are going to work together, that’s exactly what I’ll expect from you. 

Get King – Elliott Hulse, Only Price $247

Real coaching requires: Time, Attention and Brutal Honesty. 

As a strength coach I’ve learned that: time, attention, and brutal honesty is what transforms an average every-day weakling into a respectable strongman.  

For over 20 years I’ve spent 60+ hour per week coaching men, training them in exercises, inspiring them to push harder, warning them about distractions, giving them feedback, cuing good behavior, mirroring their greatness, showing them by example and giving them a vision of victory in the gym, sports, business, family, love and life.

Many of these men would meet me at the gym several times per week, sometimes daily.  Some men moved to Florida to be closer to me, my gym, my office and my influence.  They discovered that the more time they spent with me, watching me, listening to me, taking my advice, and taking action, the faster they reached their goals. 

It’s like learning by osmosis.

I can’t take all of the credit though. Science says that inside every man’s brain there are “mirror neurons”.  These specialized brain cells are the reason the old saying “monkey-see, monkey-do” is 100% true. Mirror neurons are the reason you become like the top five people you spend time around, even without trying.  It’s like learning by osmosis; your brain is literally like a sponge that soaks up everything and everyone in your environment. 

100% attention on YOU: your mission, your vision, your hopes, fears, dreams and goals. 

Unlike group exercise instructors, online coaches, coaching groups, crossfitters and promiscuous chicks… I focus 100% of my attention on one person at a time.  When stupid distractions and other people’s problems take away your coaches ability to focus and concentrate on YOU, it’s time to get a new coach.  

Real coaching, happens on a one-on-one basis.

My clients get ALL of me: my focus, my attention, my creativity, my expertise, and words of wisdom during our time together.  The more I learn about you and the better I know you, the more effectively I can help you. I want to know what makes you tick, what motivates you, what scares you and how badly you want to achieve your goals.

I’ll be 100% there for you, but I expect the thing same in return. I need your full concentration and commitment during our sessions.

I need YOU to be on your path.  I only work with with men on a mission, men with a vision, men with optimism, ambition, dreams, high hopes and goals.  Preferably fathers, father-figures or men wanting a family some day. I think men, particularly fathers, are destined to turn this world around.

I need you to be clear about why you’ve hired me, what you want to achieve and how you plan on getting it.  Real coaching is about YOU, my client, so you’ve got to be prepared to play, win, and dominate on our coaching day.

You do not need to be perfect though.  In fact, it’s better that you have a healthy dose of fear in the face of your goals.  I’ve found that without a sense of urgency and a willingness to get uncomfortable most men go under.  Men who are wounded, flawed, have fallen and failed a bunch of times usually have the resilience to keep going in the face of adversity. Some of us even enjoy the pain.

If you’re a battled tested beast, struggling student, husband, father or business man you know exactly what I am talking about.  

If you’re still young, still finding your way, clarifying your vision and taking the first steps on your mission you’re also in the right place.  With me as your mentor you’ll grow stronger in leaps and bounds, but I have a warning….

I’m so brutally HONEST that many men hate me.  

A short story to illustrate: 

Just a few weeks ago I had a session with a twenty-six year old man from Australia.  He traveled half way around the world to sit with me and gain insight on a big problem he was having.

Let me begin by saying that this young man was already very successful.  He had been watching my YouTube videos since he was a teenager. Today, he is in great shape and even trains his friends in the gym.  He is also a wealthy business man.  

At age twenty-one he was managing a company of over one hundred employees.  

By age twenty-four he was the founder and CEO of three large business… but he was stuck, his life was failing.

Even though he was not the kind of man to date lots of women and get carried away, he was making some BIG mistakes with women.  Specifically, a woman in his office who he started fucking a year earlier. She was an older woman (first mistake), and she was married (second mistake).

My opinion was that this woman was a snake, and that he was a weak man whom she easily manipulated with sex, for his money… but he couldn’t see it. 

He was blinded by sex, lust and power.

He honestly believed this women loved him, but it was all a hoax.   A married women who cheats on her husband with her wealthy boss, is a BAD woman… no matter how sweet her sex. My client was at fault too, and his life was falling apart as a result.  Not only was this cheating woman using him, she was turning him away from his family and trying to make him into a vegan! 

Most so-called coaches act like pseudo-therapists.

They listen to their clients dirt then offer a neutral “feel good” solution to end the session.  This is the number one reason most coaching does not work. The coach is usually more interested in being liked and making money than being honest.  So, they offer lukewarm advice and tolerate bad behavior from their clients, while comfortable cashing the checks. 

But, that’s not me…  I don’t tolerate BS, and I don’t need your money.

I shower my clients with “tough love”.  

I call it like I see it.  I’ll tell you exactly what I think and I hold nothing back.  Just like I did with our young friend and the bad woman he allowed into his life.  I gave it to him straight. I held no punches.  

I told him to,  “Drop her like a snotty rag, pray for her husband, and NEVER speak to her again”.

Was I being harsh?  Yes.

Was I being insensitive?  Yes.

Was I being inflexible, unfeeling, direct, dangerous and dare-I-say… toxic?  Yes, because thats exactly what was needed in the moment.

Did our friend take my advice? Of course he did.

Did he drop the woman, pick up the pieces of his life, and continue to build his business empire?  

Yes, but it was a close call. 

This one mistake almost cost him a lifetime of pain, dysfunction, degeneracy and decay… not to mention the millions of dollars he may have lost to this treacherous chick and her devious ways.

Get King – Elliott Hulse, Only Price $247

As my client, I would do the same thing for you… 

I will give you the cold hard truth, facts, and my strong opinion about you and your situation, because I want to see you win with:

your profession, 

your women,

your character,

your calling, 

your career, 

your training, 

your mindset, 

your lifting,

and your life, in the most dominant, care-free, alpha-male way possible. 

But there is one problem…

Most people today can’t handle that kind of honesty. 

Today people are too easily offended. They quickly become emotional about other peoples judgements and opinions.  They’d rather hate, blame or play victim than take responsibility for their life.  

What’s worse… when these “snowflake types” feel the heat of strong opinion baring down on them from an alpha male authority figure, they melt.  I even had one man’s wife call me and demand that I apologize to her husband… for telling him the truth. Pathetic. 

So, I don’t do “personal coaching” anymore.

I have code that I live by – I don’t do things I don’t want to do, with people I don’t want to be around.  I only surround myself with go-getters, men on a mission, willing to do what it takes to win… without whining, complaining or sending their wives to scold me.

I rather stay at home, I don’t go to an office like most people, my home is my office. I am a family man, I am a gardener, I lift at home, I eat at home, and for the right person I open the doors to my home… to help make him a stronger man.

Today I spend my days writing, reading, researching, lifting, gardening, building my home, being a husband, a father, and working on my mission to make men strong again through my Strength Camps and Grounding Camp. I don’t need more money, and I don’t have time to waste.  So, “personal coaching” in the traditional sense to me, is dead. I don’t do it any more.

Instead I only spend time with a select group of people.  Men who are on their way up, and are ready to receive my wisdom.  Im not interested in convincing, cajoling, or changing anyones mind. I have my own set of values and morals that I live by. I also realize that everyone is different. So, if you’re going to hang with me you’ll know exactly where you stand.

You get 100% truth and integrity, no fake smiles or bullshit from me.

As my client you’ll also get full access to me, my Time, Attention and Brutal Honesty during our time together. You’ll learn everything you need to be a stronger man, or a strongman, an athlete, a business man, a husband, a father, and the Alpha male leader in your community.

I am ALSO going to show you how to:

  • Take back control of your life, your body, your mind and your future. 
  • Gain influence over men, your friends, your family and associates. 
  • Command respect from women, your wife, your children and your peers. 
  • Have courage, confidence, charisma, and discipline.
  • So you can get more: money, power, adventures, women, opportunity, privilege, submission, access, and even knowledge denied other men. 

If you’re the kind of man who is not afraid to take action, to strike when the iron is hot, to act decisively when given an opportunity… then I might have something you’d be interested in.

A Life-Changing Meeting With Elliott Hulse:

King’s Day

King’s Day is a powerful full day of mentorship, with Elliott, at his home office / gym in Florida.


Here is what a typical King’s Day with Elliott looks like:

  1. Meet Elliott (8am) – Morning walk. I’ve found that this is one of the best way for us to get to know each other in an active but relaxed way. I take walks with all of the most important people in my life including my business partners, close friends and wife Colleen. So, I’ll want to use this opportunity to do the same for you.
  2. Morning session (9am – 12pm) – Focused work. Together, we will work on your most pressing issues.  We will mastermind together, or do “hot seats” if you came with partners / team / friends. This is where we get most of our critical work done for this day. Usually we fast through lunch, or take a short snack break… then get back to work.
  3. Afternoon session (1pm – 3pm) – Getting strong. In the afternoon we will either continue to work on your projects, or join me for a lifting session, stone lifting, strongman, sauna, ice bath at my home gym or Strength Camp.
  4. Home cooked meal (3pm – 4pm) – Eating together. Colleen, my wife, will have a home cooked meal prepared for us, or we’ll visit my favorite restaurant.
  5. Upon closing our session (4pm)– Conclusion. I will support you with any final feedback or assignments, and schedule your four free follow-up phone calls.

Like I mentioned before… our time together is like learning through osmosis. You’ll get to see, feel, speak, hear, think, eat, lift, walk, plan and participate in this powerful full day of mentorship with me. Your life will never be the same.

How much does this cost?

Personally, I’ve spent as much as $12,000 for a full day with consultants, teachers, mentors and men I trust. I typically spend up to $30,000 per year on education, classes, courses, books and programs. I make this investment to grow stronger as a man, but also to improve my value as a professional mentor.

Since 2015, hundreds of men have paid to sit with me for my famous $1,000 coaching lunches. I charge $1,000 per hour for my time whether I am coaching, teaching or speaking at an event. So, a full 8 hour day with me would typically cost $8,000. Also, in order to follow up on your success, and enforce compliance, I’ll also include: Four 30 minute “King Calls” ($2,000 value)…. for FREE.

Bringing us to a total value of $10,000 for our time together. But you won’t pay that… In fact, I won’t even require you to pay my regular day rate of $8,000.

To celebrate the launch of this KINGS DAY opportunity, I am offering a full day’s mentorship experience here with me in Florida…

For only $4,997 (50% 0FF – expires December 31, 2019)

Yes, this offer is for a LIMITED TIME only. On January 1, 2020 the prices goes up. So if you’re ready to take action, grow stronger and change your life forever, I suggest you act soon. My calendar fills up very quickly and I can only book a few sessions per month. Even if you can’t get on my calendar right away, book your session now to lock in the 50% off special, before it goes away.

Here is what you need to do next….

STEP 1: Click the blue button down below to pay your tuition and secure your King’s Day spot on my calendar.

STEP 2: Upon payment you will be directed to some online intake forms. Please complete this form in its entirety ASAP, as it will help me better understand and support you during our session.

STEP 3: Once we have received your payment and your completed intake forms, Colleen will email you to schedule your King’s Day session, provide travel support, and instructions on how to prepare for our meeting.


Get King – Elliott Hulse, Only Price $247

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