Momentum Factory – Jeffrey Gignac



Momentum Factory – Jeffrey Gignac


I created Meditation in Minutes as a fun learning tool that teaches your brain how to enter deep and profound meditative states so that you can access them on-demand, anytime you want without having to rely on the video technology…


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  • ​The entire Meditation in Minutes course (12 Levels, 12 Light and Sound Video Meditation)
  • Quick Start Guide and users’ manual
  • Bonus MP3 Versions
  • Private invites to exclusive Q & A Sessions with Jeffrey Gignac
  • Lifetime Support

With Meditation in Minutes, you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll experience the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your life.

Each light and sound video session is only 7 minutes short and its push-button easy!

Just load a Meditation in Minutes video session on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone and press play.

Once the video starts, simply watch the screen and listen to the sounds. 

As you watch and listen, the Passive Brain Fitness® technology goes to work by passively teaching your brain how to meditate like a pro.

During each of the 7-minute levels, you’ll receive light and sound frequencies that will gently guide you into ever deeper, blissful meditation.

Each subsequent level passively teaches your brain how to reach deeper and more profound states that you can access on your own.

I created Meditation in Minutes as a fun learning tool that teaches your brain how to enter deep and profound meditative states so that you can access them on-demand, anytime you want without having to rely on the video technology.

Passively Teaches Your Brain How To Reach 12 Profound Meditative States.

  • Level 1: Super Learning Alpha. Mind body integration. Stress Relief, calm and alert.
  • Level 2: "In the Zone" Alpha. Great for intuitive and creative thinking and solving problems.
  • Level 3: Creative Theta. Creativity for art, music and new inventions. Perfect for finding a BIG ideas and new directions.
  • Level 4: Healing Theta. Self-healing, self-visualization. 
  • Level 5: Energy Medicine Theta Part 1. This is the most prevalent state used by effective energy workers, healers and remote viewers. 
  • Level 6: Energy Medicine Theta Part 2.  This is the expanded range of Part 1.  
  • Level 7: Inner Guidance Theta / Delta Combo. Associated with self-knowledge, inner guidance and wisdom. 
  • Level 8: Self-Evolution Theta / Delta Combo. Associated with releasing fears, Self-growth and change.
  • Level 9: Shamanic / Zen Monk Delta. Wakeful dreaming, vivid imagery, deep healing pain relief.
  • Level 10:  Brain Healing Delta: Essential for improving memory and learning. Believed to activate subconscious problem solving.
  • Level 11: One With The Universe Delta: Developing and enhancing receptive channels and receptive gifts.
  • Level 12: Cosmic OM Delta / Sub-delta Combo. Deeper connection with everything. Physical and mental healing. Cell and organ regeneration.

Item # 2 – All Language is Hypnosis

Why Learn Conversation Hypnosis?

Some people want to learn conversational hypnosis so they can control, persuade and manipulate other people.
Some people want to learn hypnosis so they can elevate their social status by winning friends and influencing people.
You can do all of that with conversational hypnosis BUT those things are NOT the most powerful applications of conversational hypnosis.

"The most powerful application of conversational hypnosis is how you use it on yourself."

If you struggle with any of the below, It might be time to consider that how you run brain may be the root cause of your problems.

  • Negativity, negative thought patterns.
  • Excessive self-judgment.
  • The excessive judgment of others.
  • Anger.
  • Self-sabotage.
  • Uncontrollable thoughts that won't go away.
  • Trouble sleeping because you can't shut off your mind.
  • Difficulty changing the way you feel.
  • Getting stuck in bad moods or negative states.
  • Poor communication skills.
  • Lack of self-confidence.

The good news is that you can change ANY and ALL of the above with conversational hypnosis.


  • Instant and total access to the complete All Language is Hypnosis course. (12 Core Modules) Value $295.00 USD)
  • 10 Hypnosis / dream programming audios. Use these to help you learn and for your own personal benefit. (Value $195.00 USD)
  • 3 Bonus Modules to help you record your own self-hypnosis and dream programming audios. Includes sample script and special training. (Value $95.00 USD)
  • Lifetime Support

Total Value $585.00 USD 

Item # 3 – Momentum Factory!

I love creating momentum because once you get the “ball rolling”, it is easy to keep it going and growing!

Big obstacles become pebbles that get crushed into dust and the walls that were holding you back, they become paper thin.

Creating and directing momentum is not hard but there is an ART and a SCIENCE to it that escapes most people… AND, this is precisely why most people can’t do it.

Momentum Factory is very different than anything you have ever seen or experienced in the arena of goal achievement or manifestation and perhaps that's why people have said that it is far superior to courses costing $3500.00+.

Jeffrey Gignac

There is no better feeling when you complete your transition from pushing the river to riding the wave. Momentum Factory can help you make that transition in record time.


  • Instant and total access to the complete Momentum Factory course. (6 Modules)
  • A very special technique for discovering hidden blocks and beliefs that are holding you back.
  • A special process for clearing blocks and negative believes that stop you from achieving your greatest momentum.
  • Lifetime Support

Value $295.00 USD

Item # 4 – The 10 Minute Turn-Around

The 10 Minute Turn-Around is powered by Passive Brain Fitness® Brain Training Technology. It includes 5 Life-Changing Packages that will help you achieve your dreams and live a beyond the ordinary life.

The first 10 Minute Turn Around was released in 2013 and it triggered a fire-storm response from the brain training community because it was the first time in history that we were able to see in real time, the awesome power of Passive Brain Fitness® light and sound brainwave videos.

Jeffrey used the 10 Minute Turn-Around ( Version 1) with his mother to remove her fear and anxiety. In your members area, you’ll be able to watch the entire process filmed live in Jeffrey’s office so you can replicate the same results.

Total Value $697.00 USD 


  • Trigger Eraser. Two Passive Brain Fitness® Videos + Special Trigger Eraser Protocol (Value $97)
  • Prosperity Accelerator. Two Passive Brain Fitness® Videos + Special Prosperity Accelerator Protocol (Value $97)
  • Belief Changer. Two Passive Brain Fitness® Videos + Special Belief Changer Protocol (Value $97)
  • Calming The Storm. Two Passive Brain Fitness® Videos + Special Calming The Storm Protocol (Value $97)
  • Strength, Endurance and Change.  (AKA the Bounce Back Formula) Two Passive Brain Fitness® Videos + Special Trigger Eraser Protocol (Value $97)
  • Bonus access to the 10 Minute Turn-Around Versions 1,2 and 3.  (Value $97)
  • Bonus access to pre-recorded webinar training sessions (Value $97)

Item # 5 – Chakra Manifestation and

Chakra Manifestation – The Next LevelChakra manifestation - BoxSkill - Get all Courses

Discover the "Divine Order of Manifestation" as Jeffrey downloaded it during a life-threatening fever that lasted 11 days.

Learn how to use yo​ur Chakras to infuse that which you desire with all 7 levels of creating energy.

7 Passive Brain Fitness Videos designed to open, clear and balance your chakras in just 10 minutes.

Use Passive Brain Fitness Technology to quickly tune your mind and energy system to the "Divine Neutral State" – The best place to manifest from!

​Total Value $345.00 USD


  • The entire Chakra Manifestation – The Divine order of Manifestation program and course. 7 Passive Brain Fitness® videos tuned to each individual Chakra (value $95.00 USD)
  • Learn how to move your desires through your energy system from the spiritual realm (energy) to the physical realm (matter).
  • The entire Chakra Manifestation –The Next Level. 14 Passive Brain Fitness® videos tuned to each individual Chakra.  You get the standard versions and the advanced versions. These new Chakra Manifestation videos are energetically charged at the highest level to help clear, balance, protect your chakra system so you can manifest with ease and grace. ($248.00 USD)


***These bonuses are only available for a limited time**

Bonus # 2
Life Response Frequencies

Bonus # 2
Access to a private Facebook Group


You'll get access to my Secret Facebook Group were we share ideas, Knowledge support each other and have some great conversations. – This is a beautiful community filled with love and light. – By joining, you are in the loop for all the new and amazing things to come.

You'll always be in the loop for all the wonderful bonuses, free training that Jeffrey releases

You are welcomed to ask for help, prayers and advice for just about anything.

Make new friends and share ideas with like-minded people

Provides a consistent source of positive energy that you can tap into anytime you like

Bonus # 3
Goal Factory

Goal Factory Formula is a step by step formula for maximizing your ability to achieve both short term and long term goals by using the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, NLP and behavioural sciences.

The Goal Factory Formula is a true, multi-disciplinary approach to creating and living the EXACT life you want to live regardless of who you are, the challenges you face and the goals you have.

While the science behind The Goal Factory Formula is highly complex, learning and applying this Formula to your life is FUN and surprisingly refreshing at every step. Everyone can learn this formula and begin using it and benefiting in days. – It’s easy and fun to learn because it starts working almost instantly.

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