Nicotine Declassified – John Kiefer



Nicotine Declassified – John Kiefer


Here’s how it works: Order your copy and give the protocols a try. You’ll see results almost immediately, but give it time. Give it two months, in fact. And if by the end of those two months, you aren’t thrilled with your results, simply shoot me an email and you’ll get an immediate refund.


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If you’re interested in getting sculpted, ripped abs and sleek thighs—or you’re just looking to finally get under 10% body fat once and for all—but you’ve already tried just about every fat burning on the market with no results, I have news for you: This may be the most important message you’ve ever read.


You’re Going To Think I’m Completely Crazy!

I don’t care. I know what I’ve got here. And it’s just too incredible to keep this secret any longer. And if you’ll give me just 5 short minutes to tell you what the “insiders” already know, I believe you’ll be happy to have people call you “crazy” too!

All the fuss is about a new way to scientifically manipulate the way your body releases, burns, and stores fat. But this isn’t some new “Ephedra”-like supplement. Instead, it’s something that works like magic to change you at the cellular level into a “fat burning machine.”

Almost immediately:

  • You’ll feel a shift in your metabolism as fat is forced to dump out of your cells to be burned at an astonishing rate…allowing you to finally get rid of that spare tire or those saddlebags!
  • You’ll burn off body fat faster than you’ve ever experienced before…leaving your muscles etched and defined like an Adonis statue!
  • Plus, you’ll never experience the typical fat loss plateau. Finally, you’ll be able to have consistent, predictable fat loss week after week. Within a month, your friends’ conversations will stop when you enter the room, because they’ll be in shock at how amazing you look!

What I’m about to share with you is…

A Little Known Fat Burner That Is More Effective Than Ephedrine Without The Dangerous Side Effects…That Keeps Working Indefinitely

Now, what I’m not going to do is try to sell you a pill, poison, or powder.

I am going to reveal to you an off-label use of a very common compound. But before I do, I need you to promise to have an open mind.

Because this one molecule could easily be called…

The World’s Most Hated Substance

And like most things, it’s not the substance itself that makes it good or bad, but how it’s used. Even too much water could kill you.

Now, before I reveal what this substance is, let’s chat about how most common fat burners work.

Unfortunately, fat burners typically come with unexpected costs.

Take Ephedra for example.

There’s no doubt Ephedra works. It works so well that the U.S. Government banned it in 2006.

Most people have tried Ephedra at one point or another—either intentionally or because it was hidden in the ingredient list of your fat burner.

Even though Ephedra works, it typically made people feel…well…like ass.

Here’s How Most Fat Burners Work

On day one, you pop your first pills and wait to feel them hit.

You’re wired, jittery, and feel like utter garbage…

But that’s not the worst of it. Initially, they work amazingly well. You see the scale start to move a little faster. Initially.

You then rationalize using these fat burners…meaning, you just spent $50 on this bottle, so you might as well finish the bottle, right?

Then, it happens. The magic wears off.

You start getting headaches, you get tired early in the day, and you wonder if it’s worth the suffering to get rid of the fat.

You’re no longer burning fat, and you’ve also slowed down the cellular metabolism responsible for releasing and burning fat…and you simply feel horrible.

My friend, it doesn’t have to be that way. What I’m going to reveal to you is a naturally-occurring compound that is very misunderstood.

It’s extremely common, but it’s never been looked at fairly, in a purely scientific manner. When you see what I see, however, you’ll understand why it literally…

Forces Your Body To Melt Fat Like Butter In A Microwave!

It’s called Nicotine!

Now before you run off, this has nothing to do with smoking, chewing tobacco, or creating any addictive habits.


Nicotine: Declassified

This is about how to scientifically and safely use a naturally-occurring molecule (Nicotine) to mobilize fat, accelerate fat loss, and even preserve muscle tissue without the typical jittery feelings, downregulation, or dangerous side effects.

Here’s Why Most Diets Fail

It typically all starts like this: We wake up one morning and happen to get a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror.

Suddenly, we’re like, “Holy Crap…I’m FAT!”

The sad reality of your new, more porky body is right there in front of you. No longer willing to just let yourself go, you set out on a path to finally get rid of the fat.

You invest in workout clothes, diet programs, and supplements.

Monday morning, you begin the journey to the new you, but within a few weeks, something happens. Progress…slows…to a crawl.

But this is not your fault. This is the body’s natural process to protect itself and preserve much-needed emergency fuel stores.

What happens is that the once-unlocked fat cells that were freely releasing energy get locked up tight. This makes it impossible for them to mobilize to then burn that fat off your belly or thighs.

Here’s where Nicotine works its magic.

Nicotine affects fat cells in a very unique way. It’s literally like a master skeleton key to fat cells that forces them to begin dumping fat.

It’s so effective that no matter how much of a plateau you’ve had—or even if you’ve been using other fat burners—it will still work!

This is how you essentially “hack” into your fat cells and tell them to release the fatty acids. But here’s the best part:

Nicotine has this effect indefinitely. It never downregulates like Ephedra.

This is why this…

One Little Trick Can Prevent Fat Loss Plateaus And Allow You To Finally Get That Ultra-Lean Ripped Look

With your cooperation, I want to get you an advance copy of my new fat loss manual…under a very special arrangement. You’ll be among the first people in the world to use this “insider” information to finally get rid of that stubborn body fat.

First, however, let me tell you who I am, and why I’m doing this: My name is John Kiefer and I probably know more about cellular energy systems and fat burning processes that anyone else on the internet. That’s not bragging—it’s just how it is. I’m a physicist by trade who specializes in body composition and remodeling, and…

I’ve Also Been Frustrated With The Fat Loss Process…Just Like You!

And also just like you, I’m sick and tired of all the misinformation, the lies, the rip-offs, the forced ignorance, the phony endorsements…all of it. Ninety-nine percent of the information and supplements out there are just plain bullshit! What’s a poor guy to do? Trust the magazines? Or the local GNC checkout clerk?

I continually take heat from all sides for my radical departure from the rest of the fitness community. But because I’ve spent years documenting my research—and have real-life success stories to prove everything I teach—more and more people convert from skeptic to believer every day.

There’s Just One Problem…

Until now, unless you were on the “inside” of a very small group of my private clients, you couldn’t lay your hands on the necessary details of how to use Nicotine properly to strip fat, preserve muscle, and stay lean.

And, even though the protocols are simple, they’ll only work their magic if you understand the entire picture—including the crucial little “twists” that make it so incredibly effective so quickly.

You get results FAST!

Time after time, my clients report watching the fat begin to dissolve within just a few days of using these protocols.

You’ll be amazed by the results these protocols provide. It gives you all the science—so you’ll understand everything. It also lets you “shortcut” your way to just the protocols so won’t have to read the whole manual to get results.

Best of all, it’s almost embarrassingly cheap…and it comes with a complete…

I’ve done 15 years of research on the subject of fat loss. My work has earned me the title of “expert” worldwide when it comes to using drugs, supplements, and diets to enhance athletes’ results. I get my information from science that I then prove in the real world. There’s no guesswork involved, and no blind reliance on laboratories at the expense of real experience.

And no moralizing, either.

I examine the verifiable results and measure the physiological side effects…and, when asked, let the individual athletes decide for themselves.

This is the only way to approach anything you put in your body:

  1. Get the facts from documented scientific research—and not the opinions of unqualified people who never see the whole story (this includes athletes with no science training).
  2. Compare the results from the laboratory with the results in the gym, and never take anything for granted until you’ve seen it proven scientifically over and over again (double-verified).
  3. Never discount the input of “over-the-edge” athletes who blatantly misuse and abuse drugs and supplements. Their experience tells the story of how humans react to individual ingredients better than any test on a lab rat. You can learn a lot from the “extremes” out there!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in Nicotine Declassified:

  • How to use nicotine to rapidly release and burn body fat, while keeping lean muscle (it’s almost impossible if you don’t know these secrets).
  • An often overlooked Nicotine source that is dirt cheap, readily available, and extremely safe. Plus, how to take it at the right time and the right does to maximize fat loss.
  • How to take advantage of this unique “window of opportunity” to burn more fat than ever before! This could be the end of plateaus and no-loss periods for you forever.
  • The one thing to never do if you’re taking nicotine. Do this, and you’ll end up fatter, not leaner. Don’t miss this important warning!
  • And a lot more.

Make no mistake, my friend…this report reveals the most cutting-edge fat-mobilizing protocol to be revealed in years! If you’re truly serious about finally getting lean and ripped, then you shouldn’t wait another minute to get your hands on it!

It’s The Most Authoritative Report Ever Created On Nicotine!

I wrote this report to prevent the misinformation out there in gyms (and the forums online) from causing serious problems with my fellow athletes. You can’t rely on what you hear from other people in the gym, because you’re getting bad and often just plain wrong information (which can ultimately destroy not just your fat loss goals, but your health as well). Plus, any news going around the gyms is about five years behind the times. It takes that long for the most effective supplements to filter down from the professionals to the average person looking to get results faster.

The reason for this is simple: When something works, the pros keep it a secret for as long as they can.

This is “cutting-edge” information—and because of the nature of this information, this report simply cannot be offered anywhere else. You can only get it here…with this special offer.

In return for all this, I want a small favor from you. All I ask is that you read the information I’ve prepared for you, then send me a short email with your opinion and results. This will help me triple-verify that I’ve made this report on Nicotine as clear and easy to-understand as all my medical friends tell me I have.

For you, it’s a chance to be on the “inside” for once, instead of waiting until the “elite” have already gotten ahead of you. To hell with elite athletes—it’s guys like you I’m interested in. The guys who work hard every day to get results without any input from trainers and high-priced coaches like me. You’re on your own…and I want to help.

So do this for me, will you?

Get Nicotine Declassified – John Kiefer, Only Price $22

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