One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge – Kino Macgregor



One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge – Kino Macgregor


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Get 31 Days of KINO YOGA here. Join Kino's One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge to jump start your journey. You may have seen this course on YouTube, but you get to watch it here without commercials or annoying interruptions.


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Get 31 Days of KINO YOGA here. Join Kino's One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge to jump start your journey. You may have seen this course on YouTube, but you get to watch it here without commercials or annoying interruptions.


01. DURATION: 8 minutes, 6 seconds

Day One: Downward Facing Dog

Welcome to Day 1! Start your yoga journey off with this basic instructional video and practice based around Downward Facing Dog. Called Addho Muka Svanasana in Sanskrit, Downward Facing Dog is one of the more foundational yoga poses. Used in the Sun Salutations and in the transitions of most seated poses, setting yourself up for good alignment in Downward Facing stretches and strengthens the shoulders, releases the back and gives you access to a deeper forward fold and hip flexion

02. DURATION: 7 minutes, 55 seconds

Day 2: Plank

Welcome to Day 2! Plank is an awesome pose to develop strength in the shoulders and core. This video is the perfect place to build up good alignment and technique for a solid plank. Remember that yoga is an inner journey and that the strength is never just physical, it's always about the deeper experience. I wasn't naturally strong when I started and doing lots of planks has helped me build so much strength. Just start off easy with these basic planks and then continue the practice. Never judge yourself by the shape of your body or by the level of the pose, instead focus on the inner experience of strength. Remember, it's a journey! We designed this month’s challenge to be the perfect introduction to yoga, just like a 30 Day Yoga Course, but we welcome ALL yogis to join. 

03.  DURATION: 9 minutes, 9 seconds

Day 3: Chaturanga Dandasana

Welcome to Day 3! Chaturanga Dandasana, known as the Push-Up Position, is one of the most challenging and daunting moves in the yoga practice. But with these easy modifications you will be able to develop the strength in your shoulders and core. The most important aspect of the physical practice is that you have good technique as you're learning. Then, the most important part of the spiritual practice is that you have patience and tolerance and that you are very gentle and kind to yourself as you learn how to be strong

04.  DURATION: 12 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 4: Upward Facing Dog

Welcome to Day 4! Today is all about beginning your backbends with Upward Facing Dog. Called Urdhva Muka Svanasana in Sanskrit learning good technique here can set you up for success in much deeper backbends. Relax the glutes, firm the quadriceps, draw the belly in and lift the ribs away from the hips

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05.  DURATION: 10 minutes, 51 seconds

Day 5: Warrior One

Welcome to Day 5! Today you will learn the fundamentals of Warrior One, also called Virabhadrasana A in Sanskrit. Start off with the mindset of a spiritual warrior and train your hear to be open, your mind to be calm and your shirt to be bright. Physically, feel the power and foundation of your back leg as grounding. Press firmly into the bases of your big toes and activate the legs. Send the front knee over the ankle and then stack the torso over the hips. Lift the ribs away from the hips and stack the arms in line with the torso. Place the palms together and gaze up to the thumbs.

06.  DURATION: 9 minutes, 20 seconds

Day 6: Warrior Two

Welcome to Day 6! Today you will learn the fundamentals of Warrior Two, also called Virabhadrasana B in Sanskrit. Maintain the steady strength of a spiritual warrior by keeping the mind calm and equanimous. Align the heel of the bent leg to the arch of the straight leg. Keep both legs active and the quadriceps firm. Track the bent knee over the ankle and be sure not to go past the toes. Keep the lower belly tucked in to the inner space of the pelvis and lift the ribs away from the hips. Spread the shoulders and maintain the full breadth of your shoulder girdle. 

07.  DURATION: 9 minutes, 40 seconds

Day 7: Calm and Equanimous Mind

Welcome to Day 7! After six days of practice you can expect to be feeling sore in new places. Take today to focus on the inner journey and cultivate a calm and equanimous mind. Meditation and concentration are part of the journey of yoga. Sit in either a comfortable seated pose or lotus pose, Padmasana, if that’s easy for you. Bring your mind into focus on the breath and cultivate a strong, steady mind. Root your awareness down into your spiritual center and plant the seeds of peace deeply within your heart. Meditation trains the mind just like yoga poses train the body

08.  DURATION: 11 minutes, 14 seconds

Day 8: Find Your Balance

Welcome to Day 8! Today's practice is all about balance. Find your inner state of balance with the standing leg lift know in Sanskrit as Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. Take it step by step and break the pose down into easy to understand segments. Warm the body up for a complete practice build around cultivating a state of inner peace and balance. Yoga is a path to a state of equanimity.

09.  DURATION: 13 minutes, 14 seconds

Day 9: Grow Your Roots in Tree Pose

Welcome to Day 9! Continue your journey of inner balance and grow your roots in the Tree Pose. Find your spiritual center and maintain a calm mind as you gain the benefits of physical balance. In the Tree Pose, called Vrksasana in Sanskrit, you will be building cores strength, leg stability and good spatial orientation. Never worry if you fall or teeter over, just get back up and try again with the full faith that you will balance one day

10.  DURATION: 13 minutes, 1 second

Day 10: Inner Thighs in Trikonasana

Welcome to Day 10! Trikonasana, the Triangle Pose, is the entry into the external rotation of the hips. Engage the legs and focus your attention deep into the inner space of the pelvis. Stack the shoulders and reach the extended arm up in line with the shoulders

11.  DURATION: 10 minutes, 44 seconds

Day 11: Flow & Power in Utkatasana

Welcome to Day 11! Strengthen the legs and discover the power and flow through Utkatasana. Delve deeply into your strength and active the core muscles while keeping your spirit aligned with the deeper dimension of yoga. While this may look relatively simple Utkatasana is not easy. Get ready for your thighs to be on fire! Sink into the hips, draw the knees towards eachother and ground down through the bases of your big toes. Lift the ribs, send the sternum up and straighten the arms as much as possible. 

12. DURATION: 14 minutes, 26 seconds

Day 12: Folding Deeply Forward

Welcome to Day 12! Folding deeply forward is all about making emptiness deep in the center of the pelvis. Discover your inner space with solid technique. Don't rush or force, instead just build up slowly. This pose is called Prasarita Padottanasana C in Sanskrit.

13.  DURATION: 15 minutes, 54 seconds

Day 13: The Secrets of Core Strength

Welcome to Day 13! This is all about the core strength you can build with consistent daily practice. Please don't expect this to be easy from the first try. Expect to be challenged and then rise up to the challenge over many years of practice. Use this video daily to build core strength. Join this video as I break down some of the more mysterious aspects of core strength, like emptiness in the pelvic bowl

14.  DURATION: 15 minutes, 30 seconds

Day 14: Bakasana, Learn to Fly in Arm…

Welcome to Day 14! The journey of strength starts today with your decision to never give up. Arm balances are challenging and you might feel like you just want to quit, but remember that yoga is a personal practice and you never get "there". Instead you learn how to tune in "here" to the center of your heart and learn how to lover yourself, how to be gentle and kind, and how to develop the grit to pick yourself back up and try again even if it seems impossible. Bakasana took me years and I still feel that I have room for improvement after 16 years of practice. Take today's class not as a healthy challenge and expect to feel yourself pushed to new limits. Enjoy the challenge and don't judge yourself. Learn to be strong! The keys to Bakasana are all about stabilizing the shoulders, engaging the core and having a good body spatial awareness. Build u the strength slowly over many years of practice and learn good technique in this video.

15.  DURATION: 10 minutes, 45 seconds

Day 15: Detox and Cleanse

Welcome to Day 15! The challenge is getting harder. You may notice that some of the poses are not easy. Well, truthfully yoga is not easy. And this pose is difficult, no doubt. But as a beginner don't expect to be able to do everything. This is a very important lesson that you will learn along the journey of yoga. As a beginner it's important to learn how to try things that you will not succeed at on the first try and then develop the emotional, spiritual and mental fortitude to try anyway and accept the long road of the journey of yoga. You will succeed one day with patient, sustained effort and in the meanwhile you will learn how to be strong, how to love your perfectly imperfect self and be gentle and kind to yourself along the way. If it's all easy from the first breath then you have nowhere to challenge yourself to grow from. Forward bends are deep cleansing poses. As you draw the lower belly in and create emptiness in the pelvic bowl you will be move through a detox and cleanse of the body's digestive system. Take your time! Focus on the technique. Engage the quads, release the back and hollow out the pelvic bowl. 

16.  DURATION: 12 minutes, 15 seconds

Day 16: Love Your Hips!

Welcome to Day 16! Congratulations on making it to the half way point. You are awesome for not quitting and for taking the time to believe in yourself enough to commit to the practice. Today's practice is all about Baddha Konasana, this bound angle pose is sometimes known as the Cobbler's Pose. You may feel intense sensations or tightness around the inner thighs and the lower back. Remember not to force or push too hard. Instead be patient and kind. If you feel any sharp sensations in the knees back off immediately. With all flexibility poses you can't force yourself, you can just show up everyday and learn how to love yourself more. Then the body will relax

17.  DURATION: 13 minutes, 10 seconds

Day 17: Power and Flow in Parsvakonasana

Welcome to Day 17! You've fully passed the half way point so great work on your yoga journey. Big congrats!!! Today's practice builds up to Parsvakonasana, Extended Side Angle. But first, ask yourself this: what is yoga? What does it mean to be a yogi? Patience, tolerance, kindness, gentleness, peace and humility are the qualities of a yogi's heart. Look inside and see you can find those seeds within. Look around at your world and see if you can see the fruits of your practice around you. . The physical part is only one portion of the yoga journey. For Parsvakonasana you need strong legs, a strong core, good hip rotation and external rotation of the shoulders. You have all the tools by now so put it all together in this sequence for a complete practice. And with each practice you will be nurturing the seeds of a more peaceful life, one breath at a time.

18. DURATION: 17 minutes, 13 seconds

Day 18: Yoga for Inner Peace

Welcome to Day 18! Today's pose is Janu Sirsasana A, but the real lesson is about inner peace. Find a place of calm equal center so deep inside that you will have unshakable faith. Let this be the real root of your yoga practice. To fold deeply forward empty out the pelvic bowl and active the core muscles. Align the sternum forward towards the inner edge of the knee and use that to center your forward bend. Then allow the external rotation of the leg to the side to pull in opposite direction as your forward fold. 

19.  DURATION: 14 minutes, 31 seconds

Day 19: Open Your Heart

Welcome to Day 19! Yoga is a spiritual journey that begins as a physical practice. When you get into backbends you will have to be brave enough to truly open your heart. Today's practice is build on Dhanurasana, Bow Pose. The basic technique, like all backbends, is to create and maximize the space between the vertebrae and lift the ribs away from the hips. Roll the shoulders forward and avoid pinching the shoulder blades together. Engage the legs and use the power of the quads to lift the thighs off the ground. Keep at least the bases of the big toes touching. Finally, use a nutation of the sacrum to tip the hips back and facilitate entry into the pose. Gaze at the nose

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20.  DURATION: 23 minutes, 2 seconds

Day 20: Yoga for Patience and Kindness

Welcome to Day 20! You're starting the last ten days. Don't give up now, it's like the rounding the corner to the finish line. You can do it!! Today's practice is based around the pose called Marichasana A, a seated hip opener dedicated to the sage Marichi. But really, the practice today is all about developing patience and kindness for yourself, and ultimately extending that same patience and kindness to your world. Every yoga pose is a journey that has the power to transform your world to a more peaceful place. Starting off in Dandasana, seated staff pose, bend your right knee towards the chest, leaving a hand's distance between your foot and your thigh. Reach your right arm forward and wrap your right armpit around your right shin bone, using an internal rotation of the shoulder. Bind the hands behind the back above the sacrum to prepare. Inhale and tune into the emptiness deep in the center of the pelvis. Exhale as you fold your sternum down towards the inner edge of the left knee. Gaze at the nose or forward to the toes. Eventually touch the forehead to the knee or the chin to the shin. 

21.  DURATION: 17 minutes, 40 seconds

Day 21: Plank it Out for Strong Shoul…

Welcome to Day 21! Get ready for some serious strength and shoulder work. The lesson of strength is never about brute force in yoga, instead, the lesson of strength is all about developing the spiritual fortitude to never give up. Side plank is the perfect place to plank it out and be strong! Start off with a good solid plank, strong shoulders and a firm core and then let your journey begin. Like all strength it takes patience and practice over many years with consistent effort so don't expect to get it on the first try. Return to this video regularly and continue your practice! Forward bends are deep cleansing poses. As you draw the lower belly in and create emptiness in the pelvic bowl you will be move through a detox and cleanse of the body's digestive system. Take your time! Focus on the technique. Engage the quads, release the back and hollow out the pelvic bowl.

22.  DURATION: 16 minutes, 10 seconds

Day 22: Strong Spirit, Quiet Mind

Welcome to Day 22! This day is going to be hard so be prepared. Don't expect to get it perfectly on the first try. Yoga practice is a practice, so return to this video often to continue your journey. Practicing yoga in this month's challenge is all about learning to make peace with yourself. Develop a strong spirit and a quiet mind through consistent yoga practice. Let the poses develop in their own time. Today's pose is called Digasana in Sanskrit and often known as Warrior 3 in more contemporary yoga classes. Either way, it's an intense standing pose that challenges balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. Start off slowly and be sure to listen to your body to stop where you need to in the many options gone over in this class

23.  DURATION: 18 minutes, 3 seconds

Day 23: Love Your Body

Welcome to Day 23! Learn to love your body through the practice. So many people think that they don't have the right body to do yoga. But really the effect body is the one you have. Today's pose is Ardha Matysendrasana, Lord of the Half Fishes Pose. By twisting and folding the digestive system, toxins and impurities contained within are removed. Deep twisting postures are often used in the Ashtanga Yoga system to literally twist into your center so that the core strength is actively engaged, helping the spine find stability after deep back bending. While Ardha Matsyendrasana comes in the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series, it helps reset the spine after the deep backbends and can relieve stress, improve digestion and release the shoulders. It is not a resting or relaxation posture, instead the deep work contained within the twist equalizes the back muscles and neutralizes any stress placed on the intra-vertebral discs. There are many different levels to Ardha Matysendrasana, so be sure to stop at the place where you find your challenge. Remember that yoga is a journey, not a destination and never judge yourself for how well your body makes a certain shape. 

24.  DURATION: 17 minutes, 23 seconds

Day 24: Be Brave in Backbends!

Welcome to Day 24! Backbends are really powerful poses so don't be surprised if you feel really challenged. Once you move into backbends you will awaken a powerful inner fire of purification. That fire will cleanse your body and your mind. Ustrasana is the backbend focus pose of the day. Start off kneeling and align the knees with the hips. Allow a gentle internal rotation of the hips and ground through the inner edges of the knees. Engage the pelvic floor and draw the sub-navel in towards the spine. Lift the ribs away from the hips and maximize the space between the vertebrae. Send the sternum up and forward and then reach the hands back to the feet. Align the heels of the hands with the heels of the feet. Roll the shoulders forward to send the trapezius up to sup

25.  DURATION: 41 minutes, 20 seconds

Day 25: Backbend Madness

Welcome to Day 25! This is the longest practice so far. Get ready to sweat and delve deeply into backhanding madness. The pose of the day is Anjaneyasana. This deep present lunge will unlock your hips and psoas and give you access to your lower back. One of the most common reason people feel crunching sensations in the lower back in backbends is because they haven't taken the time to fully open the hips and release the psoas. If the front of the hip is tight it will literally pull the joints of the lumbar vertebrae down and create a feeling of compression. Use today's class to really dig deeply into the inner space of the pelvis. As an extra challenge the class ends with Natarajasana, in its easiest form. Enjoy the combination of backhanding and balance. Remember you don't have to get it right on your first try, just keep the faith and keep practicing

26.  DURATION: 29 minutes, 5 seconds

Day 26: Reverse Plank

Welcome to Day 26! Today's practice is a full 30 minute session building all the way up to Reverse Plank so don't miss it. Called Purvattanasana in Sanskrit, this powerful pose is a perfect mix between strength and flexibility. Roll the shoulders internally and allow the trapezius muscles to come up to support the neck. Lift the sternum and expand the chest. Draw the lower belly in and be extra-careful to keep it sucked in during inhalation. Internally rotate the highs, send the hips up and forward and point the feet.

27.  DURATION: 28 minutes, 40 seconds

Day 27: Unlock Forward Folds

Welcome to Day 27! Today is all about Paschimattanasana, deep forward folds. Balance strength and flexibility with a complete practice. Start to put it all together for a more complete practice as you move through this one month beginner yoga challenge.

28.  DURATION: 30 minutes, 6 seconds

Day 28: Conquer Headstand and Be Strong

Welcome to Day 28! Conquer headstand in its easiest and most accessible form. The tripod egg might look hard but I promise it's pretty easy. You will find a great way to build up strong shoulders, a firm core and a stable mind. Keep your peaceful center while you move into to today's full practice.

29.  DURATION: 30 minutes, 36 seconds

Day 29: The Playful Dolphin for Stron…

Welcome to Day 29! Dolphin pose!! Seriously see if you can spot the dolphin in the background 🙂 Dolphin Pose is all about strong and flexible shoulders. You are now ready for a more intense practice and you will explore new levels of strength in your body and mind. Congratulations on making it this far in the Beginner Yoga Challenge. Don't give up now–you're almost done!

30.  DURATION: 33 minutes, 33 seconds

Day 30: Beginner Ashtanga Yoga

Welcome to Day 30! Ok you're ready for the Beginner Ashtanga Yoga flow. Now is the time to take over the practice and transform it into a daily discipline and there is no better way to do that than in the Ashtanga series.

31.  DURATION: 8 minutes, 44 seconds

Bonus! Day 31: Let It All Go, Just Relax

Welcome to Day 31! This bonus day is all about relaxation, stress relief and just letting it all go. You did such a great job. Congratulations for making it through the full month practice! Now take the mantle of yoga and make it a personal practice

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