Profit Recycling – Simpler Trading



Profit Recycling – Simpler Trading


The Profit Recycling Class is intended to help you learn about the importance of Risk. This class walks through Risk and teaches a strategy that is excellent at protecting profits while keeping in mind your capital Risk


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Profit Recycling

Create Weekly Cash Flow from 'Recycled Risk' (Indicator Not Included)

The Profit Recycling Class is intended to help you learn about the importance of Risk. This class walks through Risk and teaches a strategy that is excellent at protecting profits while keeping in mind your capital Risk. The strategy can be implemented on both swing style trades as well as intraday moves within the market. You do not need a 25k account to implement this strategy for intraday style trades. This class is excellent for any trader who has struggled with Risk in the past, or for those looking to grow small accounts while protecting their capital.

What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy: John Carter and Allison Ostrander

What: The Profit Recycling course is an Options Trading Strategy primarily used to take advantage of the intraday movements within the market. The Profit Recycling strategy also works well on Swing Trade setups. This strategy can be used by Traders with almost any size account, but it benefits those with a smaller account the most and can be used in any market type. However, it is an excellent strategy to use when markets become volatile and choppy. A high VIX can be a friend to you with this strategy. This strategy with trade setups is a good method to learn for those people that want to build up and grow accounts by recycling profits back into your account. You will learn how to create “free trades” or “bonus trades” by having capital recycled back into your account. When you have completed the course, you should have a full understanding of the Profit Recycling Strategy and how it could help you engineer exponential growth with limited risk. This method is a new way to trade volatile markets without being on the emotional roller coaster.

Understanding the Options Chain with Quiz – These sessions are designed to get you up to speed on the Simpler Trading way to profitable options trading. You’ll learn options basics, how to optimize which option strike and expiration you select for profitable trades. The Greeks are covered and how they affect your trades. You will also learn the basic trade strategies for Debit and Credit spreads, Iron Condors, Butterflies, Calendars and Diagonals.

Recycling Profits Strategy Class –

  • Create Weekly Cash Flow from Recycled Risk.
  • Learn how Allison turned a potential loss into $533 of profit.
  • Hear how Allison grew an account from $10k to over $47k in under three months.
  • How to day trade options with less than $25k.
  • How to engineer exponential gains by recycling risk.
  • Avoid blowing out accounts with Allison’s 25% rule.
  • Learn how to grow an account even if you have struggled in the past.
  • How it’s possible to almost guarantee profits.

Also Included:

  • Understanding the Options Chain: 3 Sessions with Quiz
  • John Carter’s Trader Psychology & Money Management Session: 1 hour
  • Recycling Risk Strategy Sessions: 5 hours
  • 2 Days Live Trading Sessions

Asset Class/Markets: The Profit Recycling Strategy and Indicators can be used on all market types and time frames and produces consistent trade results. Stocks, ETF’s, Indexes, Futures, and Options.

Skill Level: The Profit Recycling Course includes a checklist, technical setups, and strategies that can be applied to any level trader right from the start. The additional Understand the Options Chain class provides an Options foundation in a quick start method the newer traders. The Profit Recycling Course is designed to teach you consistent conservative capital risk management so you can grow your account regardless of your experience level.

Why Buy This Class: Allison is a more conservative-style trader, who likes to focus on growing small accounts by recycling the Risk Capital. She enjoys both intraday style trading (without the risk of day trading) as well as longer term swing trades. Allison believes that no matter what kind of market we’re seeing, there is a strategy that can be applied to grow your account. Allison has built out her Trading Toolbox to succeed at trading no matter what the market throws at her. She watches the Charts and Options Chain for entry throughout the life of the trade until the Capital Risk has been covered or the trade is closed out. If you are looking for a lower stress method of trading that keeps you away from the Dark Side and puts you on the right side of the trade, then you would benefit from The Profit Recycling Course.

Course Breakdown

  • Chapter 1: The 25% rule and Q&A: 39 minutes
  • Chapter 2: Profit Recycling and the Squeeze: 38 minutes
  • Chapter 3: Strategy, Spreads, and Entry: 31 minutes
  • Chapter 4: Recycle vs. Long: 43 minutes
  • Chapter 5: Daily Chart Analysis and Indicators: 51 minutes
  • Chapter 6: Recycling Profits Intraday: 68 minutes
  • Chapter 7: Swing Trade Ideas and Q&A: 36 minutes
  • 2-Day Live Trading Sessions


  • Recycling Checklist
  • Money Management Session
  • Course Slides, Notes, Chat Transcripts

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