Profit Recycling Strategy – Simpler Trading



Profit Recycling Strategy – Simpler Trading


Anyone trading stocks or options understands that all traders from beginners to seasoned veterans must embrace risk.


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Anyone trading stocks or options understands that all traders from beginners to seasoned veterans must embrace risk.

Risk is a fundamental part of trading and not as scary as one would imagine.

“Profit Recycling” is a low-risk strategy that takes advantage of intraday moves without technically ever triggering a day trade. That means you do not need a $25k account to target intraday style trades.

Allison Ostrander used this low-risk strategy to grow a $10k account to more than $43,000 in about 90 days. The key to her success is understanding the “25% rule” revealed in the course.

“Profit Recycling” is the go-to trading plan for one of the top traders on the Simpler Trading team — Allison Ostrander. She is the Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler.

Allison is the former theater major turned trader who was inspired to pursue trading by her dad’s success in the markets. Once she learned the ropes, she was so successful that she recouped her investment in trading education on her first trade!

Today, Allison is known for leading live sessions in the online trading room at Simpler. She has the grit to handle parenting responsibilities of her active daughter and tackle tough markets live before an audience of traders. She developed “Profit Recycling” as a way to trade in just minutes a day without having to even think about the market otherwise.

Allison answers from traders all the time…

“Can you actively trade options with less than $25k?”

“What’s the best strategy to rapidly grow a small account?”

“Is it possible to consistently generate $1k a week?

Profit%20Recycling%20Strategy%201 - BoxSkillAllison — like so many traders — began with a need to generate consistent income each week. And she wanted a low-risk strategy with big profit potential that could be repeated.

So she found a way to adapt and repeat the process — “Profit Recycling.”

Like this trade where she took advantage of sideways price action in the S&P and pocketed 204%…

“Profit Recycling” identified this trade and it played out over several weeks. The strategy maintains working setups in your ongoing trading plan.

And you can work in trades on a faster time frame because the strategy actually benefits from volatile conditions.

Profit%20Recycling%20Strategy%202 - BoxSkillAllison can show you how it was possible for her to make 182% in under an hour on a volatile day — even without having $25k in a trading account.

That’s right, Allison got into a trade and out again within an hour without being limited by the “day trading rule.”

As you’ll see, the “Profit Recycling” strategy is all about getting the best possible returns with strictly limited risk, just like Allison’s 1-hour trade.

Here’s more of what you’ll discover:

How Allison grew her first $10k account into $43,000 in less than 3 months

How to “day trade” options with less than $25k

How to consistently make $1,000 per week like clockwork

How to potentially turn a losing trade into a breakeven (or better)

The secret to risk-free and guaranteed profit option trades

And so much more…

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