Profiting In Forex – Steve Nison



Profiting In Forex – Steve Nison


Imagine Having Such Incredible Confidence In Your Forex Trading That You Fearlessly Place Winning Trades Before They Become Obvious To Your Competition…

…And Skillfully Avoid Losing Trades That Can Take Months To Recover!


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Become a "Candle Master" of FOREX Trading…

Imagine Having Such Incredible Confidence In Your Forex Trading That You Fearlessly Place Winning Trades Before They Become Obvious To Your Competition…

…And Skillfully Avoid Losing Trades That Can Take Months To Recover!

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From the desk of Steve Nison

Thursday, 7:48AM

Dear Friend,

Not long ago, we first announced a pre-launch of our newest DVD Workshop for FX traders…

"Profiting in Forex: Using Candlesticks to Catch the Next Move™"

During the Official Pre-Launch Period , we sold out every single copy of "Profiting in Forex" that we received from our supplier.

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From now until midnight tonight, you are part of a very select group of traders who will have one last chance to claim your copy of "Profiting in Forex" at a substantial discount that is not available to the general public.

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With the skills and techniques you'll master in "Profiting in Forex," you'll be ahead of your trading competition in the daily battle for profits.

This is an excellent investment in your trading education!

Students who have attended one of my live seminars or viewed my recorded workshops know something very valuable — that candlestick charts are PROVEN tools to quickly improve trading profits!

And my methods will work for you, too.

Why This Focus On FOREX?

The other training materials I've created over the years have always been general in nature.

I've always taught that candles work in ANY market in ANY time frame. That's the beauty of them!

But when the FOREX markets became so incredibly popular, I began receiving requests to provide FX-specific training. 

Because of the "around-the-clock" nature of the FX markets, it presents some interesting challenges such as using candles to chart and anticipate price movement, and other unique situations.

With "Profiting in Forex," you'll be armed with the specific information you MUST know to properly use candles in your Forex trades.

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Even at this full price, this DVD workshop delivers a vast array of  profit-making tips, tricks, and techniques. Any trader serious about creating a steady flow of profits from FOREX should be able to recoup that initial investment very quickly. Often on the first trade!

But here's the great news — you can get "Profiting in Forex" now for just $497.

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Then sit back and get ready for the most eye-opening trading education ever!

SPECIAL BONUS GIFT #1: UNLIMITED Help Directly From Steve Nison ($2,000+ value)

When you receive your "Profiting in Forex" DVD Workshop, you'll also receive one of the most valuable email addresses you may ever possess.

It is Steve Nison's private email address from which he answers questions only from his institutional clients and a select group of students.

He does NOT answer questions from the general public. And trading firms pay $1,500+ to retain his services.

But when you order "Profiting in Forex" during this short Exclusive Offer Period, you'll have UNLIMITED access to Steve regarding any topics on the Forex DVD to ensure you are properly using candlestick charts with FOREX.

This bonus is is designed to further enhance your FOREX trading knowledge and ability, and to give you the help you need to continually improve your profits.

SPECIAL BONUS GIFT #2: "Steve Nison's Forex Trading Lab"

With your order of "Profiting in Forex," you'll also receive this super-valuable Bonus DVD.

It's called "Steve Nison's Forex Trading Lab" and it's loaded with a series of real-world FOREX case studies and charts, with DOZENS of questions and answers. We'll look at a chart, interpret what's happening, and then make a decision.

Then I'll reveal the real results to see how we did. It's a great way to test and refine what you learn while studying the workshop DVDs!

This is a fantastic bonus to really supplement your Forex candlestick education.

SPECIAL BONUS GIFT #3: Nison Forex DVD Quick Reference Guide

After you learn all of the insightful patterns and nuances Steve gives you in the DVD Workshop, you'll have this handy Quick Reference Guide at your side while you trade.

At a glance you'll be able to identify all of the most significant candle patterns.

Plus, the Quick Reference Guide explains how to interpret and understand the patterns to help you make sound decisions.

The Quick Reference Guide is yours absolutely free when you order! (Value: $98)

Here's An Overview Of What You'll Discover With Your "Profiting in Forex" DVD Workshop…

  • To begin with, this is a premium recording of my FIRST EVER full day FX-specific seminar (the live seminar sold out In just 2 weeks!)
  • And for the first time ever (and nowhere else!) I reveal the power of the Candlestick Screener™ — a strategy so simple, so unique, so powerful that you will be saying “WOW” time and time again. This one strategy alone will pay for your investment!
  • A never before revealed strategy showing how to use risk/reward analysis for setting intraday stops
  • How a Forex candle chart reveals TWICE the information of a bar chart
  • Rocket past your trading competition by using intraday Forex candles — whether you use intraday or daily charts
  • How to get in on a momentum trade How to trade box ranges
  • How to tell when a candle signal is false — and what to do
  • My 10 Simple rules for Disciplined Trading: your blueprint for Forex trading success
  • Discover when to use a candle to enter a new trade or when to use it to exit
  • Setting price targets with candles for smart money management
  • Combining candlesticks with your favorite Western technical indicators for even stronger signals
  • How to accurately determine market reversals and trend continuations to pocket maximum profits
  • Why candles allow you to make quicker decisions in the fast Forex markets
  • Save yourself from "false" signals
  • Discover how to combine candles with classic Western technical analysis techniques as your one-two punch for successful trading
  • Now that you have a candle signal what do you do with it?
  • Using all Forex charts
  • How different data providers influence your candle signals (and what you need to do about it!)
  • Knowing how and when to use different time frame charts to your benefit
  • The critical differences in doji, engulfing patterns, harami, and many other candle patterns between forex and other markets


Get Profiting In Forex – Steve Nison, Only Price $127

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