Qigong to Supercharge your Immune System – Lee Holden


Qigong to Supercharge your Immune System – Lee Holden


Right now, it’s hard not to feel stressed, worried, and vulnerable. Threats to our health are very real, and vitality can seem far from reach.



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Unlock your inner power to boost your own health — as you receive easy-to-do movements, meditations, and breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs and power up your respiratory system.

What would it be like to feel stress-free, energized, and vibrantly healthy?

Right now, it’s hard not to feel stressed, worried, and vulnerable. Threats to our health are very real, and vitality can seem far from reach.

And when stress goes up, your immune system goes down.

Yet where you have power is in tending to your own life-force energy — your own Qi. Because no matter what else is happening around you, you have an innate ability to access the inner medicine that Qi masters call true healthcare.

There’s never been a more critical time to access your own capacity for vitality and to harness the potent tools that are available within you to be abundantly healthy.

Qigong — which you might know as the ancient system of cultivating Qi — is also a preventative medical practice that’s been called “The Art That Prevents Disease and Prolongs Life.”

And it’s your Wei Qi field, according to renowned Qigong teacher Lee Holden, that’s your first line of defense against external pathogens.

Wei Qi translates to “Protective Qi,” and it’s part of the powerful energy field around your body. The stronger and more nourished your Wei Qi is, the healthier and more resistant you are to the external factors that cause illness.

Lee will be teaching how to cultivate strong, active Wei Qi in a brand-new, we-couldn’t-need-it-more-right-now online training program — to supercharge your ability to stay healthy and well.

Join together with students from around the world to cultivate your Qi through flowing movements and meditation — for greater health, stronger immunity, increased vitality, reduced stress, and much more.

Ancient medicine and modern science agree that stress takes a toll on your physiology, to say the least. But when you have the tools to clear emotional stress and physical tension from your body, your immune system gets a power boost.

The beauty of Qigong is that it takes you beyond “just let go” and deep into tools that work for actually releasing stagnant stress and tension. And when you do that, you harness an inner strength and a sense of peace you might never have felt before.

You tap into that extra resilience your system needs to fight off infection. You build strong, vibrant Qi — the foundation of health and the core of an ironclad immune system.

Step Into the Immune-Boosting Power of Qigong
Called “The Art of Effortless Power,” Qigong elevates energy, reduces stress, and helps you enter the flow state. Imagine being able to drop into effortless flow at will — to feel alive and connected to what you’re doing every day. To feel heightened energy, a lightning bolt of vitality, and the natural ability to live a healthy, resilient, joyful life.

Imagine training yourself to relax consciously so that when a challenge arises — whether it’s personal or global — you can respond with calmness, clarity, and energy rather than tension, worry, and stress.

Get Qigong to Supercharge your Immune System – Lee Holden, Only $57 

In this program, Lee will share easy-to-do yet powerful movements, pressure point exercises, relaxing guided meditations, visualizations, and breathwork for doing just that — and building ironclad immunity.

The lungs are connected to Wei Qi, so you’ll explore conscious breathing exercises to release negative energy, power up your respiratory system, and cultivate rich, nourishing Qi.

During each of the seven online sessions, Lee will guide you in grounding principles and elevated aspects of Qigong. You’ll then practice immune-boosting movements and postures, have a chance to ask Lee your questions in Q&A, and integrate everything with an empowering meditation. (If you’re familiar with Lee’s teachings and meditations, you already know how transformational this is!).

You’ll also find out how to create your own holistic Qigong routines, and how to harness your healing and preventative power with Qigong in your everyday life.

If you choose to take this journey, this program offers you powerful tools for strengthening your immune system and releasing stress in uncommonly difficult times.

In this video training with Lee, you’ll:

  • Energize your mind and body
  • Release stress and stagnant energy, harnessing your inner strength
  • Activate Qi with gentle flows of energy-activation movements to supercharge your immunity
  • Get out of survival mode and into your heart so you’re living a happy, joyful life
  • Massage your body’s 2 primary pressure points for boosting Wei Qi
  • Find out how to drop into the flow state at will — to feel passionate and present in your work, your art, your workouts, all of your activities
  • Receive an incredibly simple practice that releases positive, feel-good chemicals to boost your immune system
  • Experience meditations like Dissolve Into Qi and Release Stress & Increase Energy
  • Explore “Pathogenic Qi” versus “Righteous Qi” — why one person reacts one way to an illness and another doesn’t
  • Find out how to weave the 7 Principles of Qigong together to create your own holistic routine
  • Use the power of your breath to cultivate Zhong Qi, which nourishes your heart and lungs
  • Practice the Transform Stress Into Vitality Qigong workout
  • Master the 7 key acupressure points for self-healing
  • Use Buddha Palm Qigong, an ancient secret Taoist technique for healing hands
  • Explore new ways to help a friend or family member access their own strength and power
  • Learn movements, acupressure points and self-massage techniques, guided meditations, visualizations, and conscious breathwork
  • Discover THE stress-clearing life strategy
  • Find out how to use Qigong to create loving relationships that boost endorphins and immunity

You’ll discover how Qigong practices are like well-trodden pathways that you can navigate for yourself — with health, immunity, happiness, and fulfillment as your destination.

Your Master Teacher & Guide for Activating Qi

Lee Holden is an internationally celebrated Qigong master and a pioneer in bringing ancient Taoist teachings to Western culture. He’s helped improve the lives of millions with his popular library of DVDs, American Public Television programs, writing, and workshops during 30 years of teaching. His students consistently praise his clear, down-to-earth teaching style, and routinely report seeing tremendous changes in their energy levels, immune function, and wellbeing.

Having discovered the healing power of Qigong after sustaining athletic injuries in college, Lee made mastering and teaching the ancient practice his life's work. He’s also an internationally known instructor in meditation and Tai Chi, as well as a licensed Chinese medical doctor and acupuncturist, herbalist, and the author of 7 Minutes of Magic.

When you join Lee for his Qigong to Supercharge Your Immune System program, you’ll learn the key secrets of this renowned system of self-care that the ancients developed to harness their own power to fight disease, cultivate vitality, and live long, meaningful lives.

Lee has integrated the principles and practices of Qigong in a timely, unique way for this training, so you can navigate our global crisis with more ease and greater immunity.

It’s a journey of wholeness and self-empowerment, and by the end, you’ll have a powerful toolkit of practices you can apply for a lifetime.

Is This Course for Me?
If you’re looking to activate your Qi with simple, powerful exercises for a supercharged immune system, Lee designed this course for you. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or new to Qigong, you’ll discover deeper levels of healing and heightened practices for releasing stress and building an ironclad immune response.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules
In this 7-part transformational intensive, Lee will guide you through the crucial body-mind-spirit skills you’ll need to successfully clear stress and tension, boost your immune system, and increase your vitality.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Lee. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of practices, tools, and principles to release stress and supercharge your immune system.
Module 1: Navigating Your Path to a Supercharged Immune System

In this opening session, Lee will guide you to discover the roadmap you’ll need to prevent disease and build an ironclad immune system.

You’ll start by pinpointing where you are on your map right now, and how to get to the treasures you seek: less stress, more energy, abundant vitality, and supercharged immunity. Next you’ll take a quick look at the 5 Branches of Chinese Medicine and how they support your Wei Qi — your protective energy.

Then Lee will take you through a simple, elegant progression of movements to release stress and cultivate your Qi — so your immune system can function at its best.

During this class, you’ll:

Discover your personal roadmap for transforming stress into vitality
Experience an Inquiry Meditation to answer the question, Where am I right now on my path to greater health?
Explore the 5 Branches of Chinese Medicine — and precisely how preventative healthcare is true healthcare
Massage your body’s 2 primary pressure points for boosting Wei Qi
Do a healing-oriented flow of energy-activation movements, standing postures, and breathwork
Experience a Dissolving Into Qi meditation to shift your consciousness into the invisible world of energy

Module 2: The Qigong Keys to Preventing Disease & Prolonging Life

Qigong has been called “The Art That Prevents Disease and Prolongs Life.” In this module, you’ll dive into grounding principles and elevated aspects of Qigong to activate the innate healing power within you.

You’ll discover the primary factor that Traditional Chinese Medicine views as the root cause of disease. You’ll find out what lowers immunity in the Qigong view, and how to cultivate “Righteous Qi” so there’s no room for negative energy to come in and deplete your immune function.

Lee will also lead you through an Inquiry Meditation to help you navigate the next steps on your roadmap. And he’ll guide you through this session’s immune-boosting Qigong workout — as well as one of the simplest, most easily satisfying practices there is to cultivate positive energy within yourself.

In this class, you’ll explore:

Powerful postures to build and tonify your Qi
The relationship between stress — the root cause of disease — and immunity
How many kinds of Qi there are (more than you might think!), and how to optimize them to prevent disease
“Pathogenic Qi” versus “Righteous Qi” — why one person can contract an illness and another person doesn’t, or why one person who has an illness suffers greatly and another recovers easily
How to use the power of your breath to cultivate Zhong Qi, which nourishes your heart and lungs
An Inquiry Meditation into how to release stress and increase energy
The Transform Stress Into Vitality Qigong workout
The Inner-Smile Meditation, a powerful self-compassion practice for cultivating healing energy in your organs and boosting your immune system with feel-good chemistry
Module 3: Deeper Practices Part I — How to Craft Your Own Qigong Routine

With over 3,000 styles of Qigong out there, how do you know what to practice or which techniques you need in your life at this time?

In this module, Lee will introduce the 7 Principles of Qigong to give you a deeper understanding of the practice. Exploring the “why” and “when” behind each element of a Qigong routine empowers you to easily craft a practice based on your own intentions and what feels nourishing to you.

This will also help you squeeze more out of the practices you’ve learned so far, and get clarity on what to include — and when to include it — in practices you create yourself to lower anxiety, increase vitality, prevent disease, and supercharge your immunity. As you’ll see, you can tailor health-boosting practices just for yourself, or for those you’re staying at home with too.

This session, Lee will show you:

The first few 7 Principles of Qigong, and how to weave them together as powerful components of your own holistic routine
An illustration of how Principle 1 (Breathe) affects your body, emotions, and spirit
How to use your breath — your quickest source to energy — to change your mood and posture
How to use Principle 2 (Activate) to increase Qi through your entire system
Why warming up is crucial to Principle 3 (Invigorate), and how to circulate energy when you’re warming up
Tips for weaving in stretches that focus not only on flexibility, but on strength and resilience too
How Principle 4 (Stretch) relates to the Water element
Module 4: Deeper Practices Part II — Tools for Self-Healing

Get Qigong to Supercharge your Immune System – Lee Holden, Only $57 

In this module, you’ll finish your dive into the 7 Principles of Qigong. And you’ll delve further into how to rev up your self-healing powers when you create your own routines (or practice any set of routines).

Self-healing is a resource everyone should have access to. Modern medicine is full of frustrations — from the long waits in doctors’ offices to the distressing side effects of pharmaceuticals. But with your body’s tremendous healing power, you possess a wise and intelligent system that knows how to self-regulate.

You’ll explore:

The 7 key acupressure points for self-healing
Buddha Palm Qigong, an ancient secret Taoist technique for healing hands
How to harness your inner potential for self-healing with self-love and compassion
Ways to help a friend or family member gain access to their own strength and power
The importance of Principle 5 (Flow) for cultivating healing power
How to stay mindful of Principle 6 (Posture) in every practice
How to integrate your practice and activate self-healing with the essential Principle 7 (Meditation)
Module 5: Get Into the Flow Effortlessly

As you’ve explored, flow is a key principle in Qigong — and Qigong is one of the only forms of exercise that focuses on flowing, water-like movements.

Of all the elements, water is the most flexible. It’s both soft and powerful. It teaches you exactly what the ancients meant when they described Qigong as “The Art of Effortless Power.”

This session, by mirroring the movements of water, you’ll wash away stress and stagnation and develop your inner healing power even further.

You’ll also find out how to create moments where you’re in the flow state, where you feel heightened energy, less stress, connected to the activities you do, and better able than ever to live in a healthy, resilient, joyful way — in deep compassion for yourself and the rest of life, no matter what’s going on in the world.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

Move your body like water and release tension
Effortlessly drop into the flow state at will for peak performance — in your work, your creativity, your workouts, all of your activities
Allow the flow state to elevate your energy, which supercharges your immune system
Feel alive and connected to what you’re doing each and every day
Benefit (again and again) from the Ice to Water, Water to Steam meditation
Module 6: Postures of Power

Now that you’ve explored flow in depth, this module will show you how postures are the banks of your river of flow. When the banks are intact, the water flows. Without strong banks, the water leaks out.

In this module, Lee will take you through postures that provide structure for tapping into your healing power. As you’ll explore, your body is like an antenna, a conduit of energy and information. By holding postures with the correct intent, you’ll plug into healing energy and power up your entire mind/body system.

This session, you’ll explore:

Powerful postures to build and tonify your Qi
The best postural alignment for the strong flow of energy
Muscle-, ligament-, and tendon-strengthening postures to release dormant energy, bringing forth your inner strength
How to tap into Source energy
The 3 Fundamental Energies: Universe, Earth, and Nature
An integration meditation
Module 7: Qi Living

In your final session with Lee, he’ll share how to sustain your practice and integrate its healing and preventative power in your everyday life.

You’ll pull out your roadmap to see how far you’ve come — and you may notice that you’re moving with greater ease, you’re feeling a new sense of peace, and your body feels stronger, more relaxed, and better able to protect itself.

You’ll also find out how to keep creating the life you truly want with the energy that requires: energy of mind, body, and emotion. You’ll come away with practices you can use for a lifetime to support a supercharged immune system and a healthy, joyous life.

In this closing session, you’ll discover:

A replenishing-energy strategy for embodying your innate healing power every day
THE stress-clearing life strategy
How to use Qigong to create loving relationships
How to use Qi to manifest a state of health and a way of living that you love

Get Qigong to Supercharge your Immune System – Lee Holden, Only $57 

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