‘Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series – Jonette Crowley


‘Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series – Jonette Crowley


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‘Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series – Jonette Crowley


This was our Monthly subscription that we are making available as a single product.  It includes all 7 chakra meditations.  If you enjoy these meditations, you should become a monthly meditation subscriber!

Quantum’ Chakra Clearing and Balancing Series for the Seven Chakras – We will cognizance on ‘quantum’ re-alignment and balancing of every of our 7 chakras. More than a novel clearing at a character level, our technique will circulate into the collective consciousness, unhooking us from ALL THE PATTERNS and luggage that has gathered for eternity and connected to our chakra gadget and imprisoned us in vintage energies! The end result is a motion past idea bureaucracy into the genuine essence and electricity of our chakras —as gateways to energy, interconnection and enlightenment!

Root Chakra, 1st Meditation – We start our outstanding adventure with our base or root chakra, shifting us from instinctual survival to genuine reference to Earth and existence pressure energy. It is the outlet of the gateway for the kundalini, the female shakti or electricity of uncooked creation!

Sacral Chakra, 2nd Meditation – We continue our process with our second or sacral chakra— known as the relationship chakra. This opens up our creativity, sexuality, abundance, emotions and connectedness.

Solar Plexus Chakra, 3rd Meditation –The third chakra that’s the middle of our identity, power, power and self-worth. Healing our karmic and collective 1/3 chakra problems releases us from the dance of controlling or being controlled. We are freed up to behave responsibly, making picks that are similar to our experience of self. Identity turns into extra authentic, permitting us to transport past both aggression or defensiveness. Deep anger and smoldering resentment start to be healed withinside the proper golden hearthplace of our sun plexus center. When we clean the hooks and barbs that others maintain onto us right here, we make room for ourselves. The empowered and wakened sun plexus chakra is genuinely wherein the radiant mild of our soul turns into seated and centered. When you’re cleared and open right here you can note the immensity of spinning doorways, permitting you get the right of entry to to different worlds. I actually have usually traveled out thru my heart, so I turned into surprised via way of means of the kaleidoscopic universe that offered itself to me as soon as I skilled this quantum chakra clearing.

Heart Chakra, 4th Meditation – Most of us are limited in our spiritual growth by the blocks in our Heart Center. We are disconnected, dissatisfied, numb or hurting… We’ve stuffed our emotions for so long we have lost our ability to truly feel. This month’s meditation opens all the gates, as our heart is our connection to the cosmos.

The Throat Center, 5th Meditation: Our ability to communicate, express ourself, feel creative, be heard, speak our truth without ’swallowing our feelings’ is all a function of a healthy, open, and balanced 5th chakra — our throat center—the center for trust issues.

Third Eye – 6th Meditation: Since the time or Lemuria our 6th chakra — the 3rd eye, our intuition center, and ‘ 6th-sense’ has been closed down. We are blinded by illusions and materialism, unable to use our full capacity of knowing, ‘shamanic seeing,’ and access higher inner wisdom.

Crown Chakra- 7th Meditation:  This meditation culminates our 7 months of work with our body’s chakra system. Experience yourself lifted through the doors of separation into communion with all-that-is as your thousand petaled lotus opens up. Feel transcendence and grace revitalize all your energy centers — leaving you radiant, balanced and whole!

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