Quantum Healing 1.0 – 4.0



Quantum Healing 1.0 – 4.0


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Quantum Healing 1.0- 4.0 - Talmadge Harper CourseAs you know from my website www.talmadgeharper.com, I specialize in healing people who have conditions that cannot be cured by normal science. These range in everything from high blood pressure, diabetes, nerve damage,  and many other diseases and injuries. I use a special from of hypnosis to do this based upon Ultra Depth and Dolores Cannon’s quantum healing. I’ve taken the best of both them and combined them into a method I find works very well. This course will be 8 online/DVD lectures and a manual.

If you wish to get a certification from this course then you will need to complete a final assignment where you heal a friend, family member or stranger that has a condition that cannot be helped my modern science.

This is an experiment to see how the class goes. Because I wish to maintain the high quality of the class, I will only be taking 10 students. Each student will be able to speak with me on the phone and skype as I help to personalize the healing technique for their needs.

I did my best to keep the price reasonable,  I do not want to put this out of the realm of people who want to learn how to heal. I know what its like to want to learn something desperately but not be able to afford a $3000 dollar seminar. I’ve included videos from my clients that I’ve healed so you know that I walk the walk. I am not one of those people who teach something they can’t actually do.

If you take full advantage of the course, as I hope you do, you will be having the same progress from clients, friends and family.

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