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Discover How A Dead-Broke Auto Mechanic And A Broken Washing Machine Could Change Your Life…Forever

I think back to 1982 when I was a dead broke auto mechanic trying to make enough money to make ends meet. There was no such thing as disposable income around my house. It was all disposed of before I got it. Thirty-five-years-old and, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to be when I grew up; but I knew it wasn’t fixing cars in the hot Florida sun.

It was March 12, 1982, and it had been raining for two days. The weather was lousy and I remember lying awake into the wee hours of the morning the night before, worried sick about how I was going to catch up a huge stack of past-due bills.

I think what bothered me most was the big fight I’d had with my wife that evening because she wanted to buy a new washing machine and I wanted to fix the old one because I didn’t think we could afford a new one, a whopping $200 investment. We fought frequently about money, or the lack of it.

There I was, already married for 17 years, had 4 kids, our own home, and good health…shouting at each other over a stupid washing machine. All night long my stomach was in knots and I just lay there, trying to figure out how I was going to make more money when my job as a mechanic was already taking up 50 – 60 hours a week.

The next morning I was up at 5:30 reading the paper when I saw an ad for a seminar to learn how to buy houses with no money or credit. That ad really appealed to me because I had neither. I’d filed bankruptcy a few years earlier and all my income was spent, and my credit was shot.

So I went down to check it out the next night and three weeks later I had made my first check in Real Estate for $3,000, starting from scratch with no previous experience. Heck, I couldn’t even spell Real Estate. That was a whole new beginning for me and I came real close to talking myself out of it. I’m sure glad I didn’t.

I wasn’t a Real Estate agent, lawyer, or rich investor. I started out as a broke auto mechanic. Today, I’ve personally boughtand sold over 2,500 houses, worth millions of dollars…using almost none of my own money and still buying 2 – 5 houses a month! In the process, I’ve become a multi-millionaire and developed a System to buy and sell Real Estate quickly with almost no risk.

Well, Bev and I don’t argue about washing machines any more after 50 years of marriage, 4 kids, 9 grandkids and 7 great grandkids. Today our arguments are usually about who’s spoiling the great grandchildren the most.

Here’s a picture of Elaina, our 3 year old great granddaughter. We start them young.

It's So Easy…

A 3 – year – old can do it!

Many nationally recognized experts in the field of making money, and thousands of students who have taken my courses, consider me the foremost authority on these unique “Quick-Start” Real Estate deals. I’ve helped many people from all over North America…

It’s a business concept that’s creating a mini-revolution all across the country and giving thousands of people the ability to create their own wealth system right from their living room. This business will seem very familiar to you at first. But the truth is, it’s actually completely new, in so many important and exciting ways.

This system is being used by thousands of people who started with little or no knowledge of this new business. Yet, after learning and applying these techniques, they’re making more money than they ever thought possible.

Almost 30 years ago I stated looking for the perfect business…one I could do without sabosaging my time, my job, my marriage , or my friendships. I'd already looked at about every opportunity that cam down the line.

What I needed was a business I could tailor to fit me and my life… an opportunity anybody could take and mold to their own lifestyle. A business with a vehicle to carry it through high times as well as low times, not some shooting star that works great today only to have the parent company go belly-up tomorrow.

I have to admit, my requirements for a business were pretty strict. I wanted nothing like what I’d been suffering through for years, nor did I want anything to do with business concepts that looked like more trouble than they were worth. So, I created a kind of wish list for the business of my dreams… listing the things that would make a business fulfilling, pleasurable and, most importantly, financially rewarding. Before long, my wish list became a list of absolute requirements.

To My Amazement, I Found EXACTLY What I Was Looking For.

It was right under my nose… real property, real estate. Here was a business that could fulfill every one of my requirements. There was just one problem: all the stale, old, traditional approaches to real estate seemed to shut me out.

Everyone told me I needed lots of money and great credit…I had neither. They said the way to make money in real estate is to buy property, rent it to get the cash flow, and after a few years, get some profit from appreciation.

But I knew people who owned 20 or 30 houses and couldn’t even afford to go out to eat. Every time they had a vacant house, they were there all night long painting, cleaning, repairing the plumbing, or doing some other filthy work. And when I talked to real estate agents, they told me I needed to buy houses and sell them, but how could I afford two house payments when I could hardly pay the one I already had? Clearly, even though real estate was the right vehicle, the common methods being used to profit from it left me out.

That's When I Discovered A Whole New Perspective On Real Estate.

Instead, I learned an entrepreneurial approach. It’s a way of making money fast, amazing amounts of money, a method I pioneered and has brought me national recognition. It’s different from anything you’ve ever thought about real estate. In my opinion, it’s the perfect business for reasons we’ll discuss later.

You see, when I first started in this business, I quickly discovered I needed cash to pay my bills right now…not four or six months down the road. I needed a way to make real estate pay off in a matter of days, not years! And you know what? I proved it can be done!

Today, the business system I perfected is known around the country as “Quick Turn.” The trademarked name says it all. It’s the turning of properties (or the contract on a property) in as quick a time frame as possible. It’s the method, or methods, of getting in with as little up-front capital as possible (or none!) and knowing the profit you’ll receive before you even make an offer!

I didn’t invent quick turning, although I have personally closed over 2,500 transactions in the last 30 years or so …and I’m recognized as the leading expert in this particular arena. No, I simply copied the basic principles of businesses that deal with inventories.

Here's What I Mean

Think about companies that sell nuts and bolts, or salmon and sausages, cars and trucks, or oil and gas. Businesses like these don’t hold on to their inventory in hopes it’ll go up in value. Many who did are in deep trouble today. Their objective is to “turn” that inventory, for a profit, every so many days. The faster their inventory turns, the more money they make.

Feast On A Cafeteria Of Different Opportunities. You'll Find One That's Just Right For You!

Read This Very Carefully:

Within this business, there are different opportunities just right for different types of people. If you happen to have a background in carpentry, construction or remodeling, or if you’re in that kind of business now, there’s a perfect opportunity here for you, and you may make more in a few hours a week in this business than you do in your regular, full-time business.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and the last thing you want to do is get your hands dirty, that’s OK, too.

There’s a perfect “executive approach” to this business that’ll be just right for you. It’s working for professionals I’ve trained from all kinds of backgrounds such as Chiropractors, Dentists, Attorneys, Engineers, Real Estate Agents and a long list of others.

If you’re a sophisticated investor with money that should be working harder for you, there’s a “banker approach” to this business our Wall Street friends go crazy over. Then again, if you’re a working stiff, struggling daily to make ends meet, running out of money every month (that’s where I was when I started), then we’ve got a “no-cash, start-up plan” that can change your life.

Why Not Do The Same Thing With Real

There are actually lots of ways to accomplish this, and yes, the same business principles apply to real property as they do to any other commodity.

It’ll take a little patience on your part to gain an understanding of exactly how this unique business can work for you and get five figure checks coming your way and I can help make it happen if you let me.

While the concepts I’ve created are not widely known, they’re widely praised in the industry.

You Don't Have To Trot Down To Your Local Bank And Get A Loan To Buy Your Home, Regardless Of What They Would Like You To Believe.

I’ll show you several ways you can be in a lovely home in an area of your choice, with payments you’ll love, with little or no cash required, no banks and no credit: I don’t care if you have a negative net worth, lousy credit and are bankrupt or are not a citizen!

In fact, let me tell you about my daughter, Vicki, who purchased a lovely 2,500-square-foot “For Sale By Owner” home in a gorgeous area of Jacksonville. Now, that’s no big deal except for a few neat little goodies she got with the deal:

  • The seller financed the entire purchase price with a very small down payment.
  • No one ever pulled her credit report or attempted to qualify her for anything.
  • She bought the house for 70% of its market value.
  • She spent very little money on fix up costs and did what little work the house needed in one weekend.
  • She has no personal liability on the debt. If, for some reason, she can’t make the payments, the most she could lose would be the house, none of her personal assets.
  • She can sell any time she likes and let a new buyer assume her loan…without the seller’s approval. No Banks! This will make it very easy to sell when she’s ready.
  • From the time she found the house to the time she closed was only three weeks…and that was to give the seller time to move.
  • The monthly payments are $100 per month less than if the bank had financed the house.
  • She paid one-fourth the closing costs she would’ve paid if she had used bank financing.

My friend, for your own good, don’t even consider buying your next home without letting me show you how to do it the right way. You can do the exact same thing, get all the same benefits and live in the home of your dreams a lot quicker than you think…regardless of your financial condition.

I can show you how to make a darn good living in real estate even if you’ve filed bankruptcy or you’re not a citizen. It’s just not important when you know the secrets.

It’s all legal and moral, and you’ll be providing a service to your sellers and buyers that will make you look like a hero. In fact, you’ll even be helping out banks by saving sellers from foreclosure. Everyone wins. No one loses.

Take a look at the deal students, Kimberlee and Larry Frank, came up with…

“It got cold in Michigan, so we moved to Orlando, FL last year. Now we can go back and forth from Sunny Florida to our Waterfront Vacation Home on Lake Huron in Michigan that we took “subject to” with a whopping $250.00 down. That’s right $250.00 for a beautiful Lakefront home taken “subject to” just like you taught us. Here are the numbers: the after repaired value is $250,000, repairs $2,000 (paint and new light fixtures) taken “subject to” for $158,900. Seller had 3 house payments and was very motivated. Sounds like $90,000 worth of equity to me, Ron, and a vacation home we can pass on to our kids. Thanks, Ron. No credit checks or guaranteeing the debt. Simple, just like you taught us. Every home we have purchased was no money down, very little down or they paid us to take the house, just like you taught us. When you see the view, Ron, it’s like living on the ocean, except it is fresh water and they have fish there too. If people would just listen to more of Ron instead of the Morons, they would learn. We sound like you, Ron, the more of your words that come out of our mouths the more money, we make. Can you imagine that? We would advise anyone who wants to get into real estate investing to get Ron’s training as fast as you can. Beg, borrow or steal the money, nope, forget the stealing part, just get the training as fast as you can before Ron decides to retire and go fishing forever. Thanks again, Ron, for taking the time to share your life with others.”

There are a lot more details I can go into here, details about which I’ve written and taught extensively. Once you get into this System, you’ll be able to go out and find beautiful homes located in great neighborhoods, houses that the owners are having problems selling, and solve their problems! It’s a terrific feeling to make somebody happy while you’re making several paydays and putting thousands into the bank. But there’s another advantage. This business works everywhere and it’s the best time I’ve seen in 30 years to be in it.

Are you sure going back to work tomorrow is the best thing you can do for your family? Think about it! There’s simply no reason to put off your financial success any longer.

Once you’ve “got it,” you’ll feel like one of my graduates, Vicki Conley from Georgia, who wrote:

She Was A Dog Groomer

“It’s hard to believe that only 9 months ago, I was a dog groomer. Then I got your training, Ron. I got a house under an option for $590,000 and sold it for $660,000. This is after the house had been listed with a realtor for over a year, for $649,000 and it had not sold. Everyone says the market is soft and it’s next to impossible to sell houses right now, but they just don’t know the “secrets” I’ve learned from your training. This soft “buyers'” market makes it easy to buy houses at a steal and then sell them near or above full retail using the right methods. I hope this market keeps getting worse! You have proven that with the right training, you can make tons of money in real estate no matter what the market is doing. Someone else grooms my dogs now and, thanks to you, I now drive a convertible Mercedes, and last week, I bought not one, but two boats. I can’t thank you enough – you’ve changed my life forever!

P.S. I thought I should also mention a big problem you have created for me. I decided I should only date men who make at least as much as I do, so they can afford the nice places I can, so I don’t have to pay all the time. The problem is, not only does that narrow the dating pool down to almost nothing, but every week that goes by, I make more and more money, so the dating pool gets smaller and smaller. At the rate I’m going, I’m afraid I’m going to die alone. My only hope is to meet another one of your successful trainees! Fix me up.”

" The Secret Of Success is To Recognize Opportunity When it Appears, And Act Upon It Immediately… As If Your Future Depended on it " – Ron Legrand

This business works, and works well. Because it can be tailored specifically to you, it can work for you, also. My 2,500-plus homes are there as verification of this, and if that’s not enough, today, I have thousands of students all around the country who’ll willingly share their personal success stories with you. In fact, you’ve already read some of these stories in this report. But just in case you need more convincing, read how one man’s life has changed…

I think back to when I was first learning the concepts I teach and use today. It was a long process because I had to pick it up a little piece at a time. I didn’t have a mentor…a source I could turn to for help. I had to get a little here and a little there. Then I’d practice each piece until I had it perfected and then go look for another new tool to put in my “tool kit.” There was no system for me to follow, no comprehensive, proven method that covered it all…I had to pull it all together myself. I discovered the hard way what works and made a lot of mistakes along the way!

Without a mentor to guide me, some of my mistakes were quite costly, not to mention a large pain in the behind, but everyone was another valuable lesson learned. The result has been a business that’s been very good to me financially, and a System I’ve organized and structured into easy, step-by-step formats.

You see, you don’t have to struggle to build an income from this business like I did. I can show you the right way to do it. I can guide you all the way. The only question to ask yourself is when you want to begin. There’s no other more complete or better-organized system for you to use if you want to make money in real estate.

Gosh, Ron, This Sounds Like It Will Take A Lot Of Time And I Can't Get Through All The Minutia Heaped On Me Every Day As it Is!

It can take a lot of time if you run the business like most people would and like I did when I started. Frankly, I hope you're busy because the busier you are the more you'll be forced to let my system work for you and not get in the way.

It's not about time. It's about doing only a few of the right things to get the right results.

If You Spend More Than Ten Hours A Week Buying And Selling Houses,

You're Wasting Every Hour Thereafter.

My trademarked motto and credo I live by is… "The Less I Do, The More I Make." It took me a lot of years to learn this and exactly 30 years to perfect it into real estate investing.

The last thing I want for you is to have a business suck up your life, just the opposite should be the case. A business is supposed to provide the owner with a strong income and free up your time so you can enjoy life…not suck out your life and consume your energy.

Everything I do and teach is on autopilot, built for busy and aggressive people who want to make a lot of money with a small investment of time. Follow my lead and almost everything is done for you.

If you’re a professional, my system can be implemented by one employee or family member. I have many doctors, dentists, chiropractors, attorneys, engineers, corporate executives and retired folks doing just that.

If you’ll make the commitment to devote enough time to learn the ropes my way, I promise you it will be worth it, and it’ll likely be the wisest business decision of your life.

I became a mega millionaire by doing what I teach. Perhaps, I’ve learned enough along the way to be of value to you, but you won’t know unless you let me try.

But, What If I Can't Sell?

One of the common things people fear about getting into real estate investing is they're afraid they can't sell the house and somehow they'll get stuck with it. I can understand why this would create anxiety for a beginner because they simply don't have enough facts to overcome the fear, especially in this market. But the truth is…

Selling Houses Should Be The Easiest Part Of Your Business, And I'll Show You HowTo Do It At Lightning Speed.

While others are whining about the slowing market, my students will know how to sell the houses as fast as they can buy them. I just don't see the big deal, but I guess that's 'cause I know how to sell and sell quickly. In an easy market, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to sell a house, but in a slow hard market, like today, it takes a unique selling proposition to move a property fast and furious. And I've spent a lot of years perfecting that system unlike anything you've ever seen before so we can sell the houses as quickly as we can acquire them.

Here's what I can do for you If you want to get stated

4-Day Live Quick Start Real Estate Training

The first component in my Quick Start Real Estate Package is my live Quick Start Real Estate Training. Only a limited number of people will be permitted to attend this closed door, 4-day LIVE training where ALL of my most prized, most powerful and most profitable real estate buying and selling techniques will be revealed… LIVE on stage… where you listen in as we put sellers on SPEAKER PHONE, so you hear EVERY WORD OF THE NEGOTIATION AND BUYING PROCESS and learn first hand EXACTLY what to say when you're doing it yourself!

Register quickly, so we can send you the information you need to bring leads on properties you're interested in purchasing and you can participate in the live pre-event calls where I train you how to prepare for the class and come loaded with deals.We'll go over them in class and decide if each home is worth purchasing and for how much!

Participation will be limited due to the live, one-on-one attention, question and answer sessions and individual mentoring, so it's vital that you read and respond to this letter quickly. Many students do a deal while in class learning how to do deals. Is it ok if you actually get a five figure check while you get trained? This class is not hype. We buy houses while we're there and then work with you afterwards to get them sold.

Studies Have Shown That Students Who Receive Live  Training Make Over 350% More Money In Their Ist Year!

What Makes This Training So Special?

You'll Leave Class With Offers On Every Worthwhile Deal You Bring…And You May Even Buy A House While In Class

Before you come, we’ll send you instructions on how to find these good prospects, as well as a package for class. We’ll process them all while you’re there, call your sellers for you and get as many deals as we can done for you before you leave…

In this incredible 4-day training, we’ll explore and learn dozens of ways to make money from these homes. Just look at some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to prescreen callers in seconds, so you deal with only the cream of the crop. We do this LIVE while talking to real sellers about real deals.
  • How to make huge profits on nice houses, even when you pay almost full retail price!
  • How to live in a house worth 3 times what your banker says you can afford and pay no more than you’re paying now!
  • How to create monthly cash flow that can surpass your current salary and continue whether you work or not!
  • Why only fools personally guarantee loans, and how you can avoid this unnecessary liability and risk forever!
  • How to take control of and profit from any house, regardless of underlying financing. Then you’ll learn how to structure the deal, so you can pass the house to any buyer without having to get them qualified for a new loan!
  • How to find the next home of your dreams for your family without worrying about qualifying for a loan or raising a big down payment, even if your credit is trash. Many of my students find a home while looking for deals.
  • How to tap into the Bank owned Property Bonanza in the middle of a recession and make a killing while you still can and where to get the money you need to pay cash for these houses and never talk to a bank even if your credit is shot.
  • How to protect yourself going in and out of real estate transactions so you can avoid costly problems!
  • How to get out of consumer debt within a year and start collecting payments instead of making them.
  • Learn a fast-track plan to ditch your job within 90 days.

All of this and more in an intense hands-on class with read live calls to sellers, genvine offers and time spent learning the right way to fill simple paperwwork.

Here's What You'll Learn About Selling Houses Fast In A Slow Market…

  • 14 reasons why houses don’t sell and why most are people problems easily fixed.
  • How to get a house ready to sell for less than one monthly payment so buyers fall in love with it at first sight, and where you can find stagers to do it for you.
  • How to set the house up to show itself with no human intervention, so you’ll never have to risk your life and waste your time meeting prospects there at 8PM.
  • How to match the house to the buyer and quit looking for perfect prospects.
  • Why cashing out immediately is the most costly exit you could pick and cuts your profits in half, and how to fix it and still have a huge cash flow.
  • I’ll hand you guerrilla marketing techniques you can use on a paupers budget to drive in a herd of buyers within 2 days. Your entire cost to sell a house should be less than one month’s payment.
  • How to capture all incoming calls and never talk to anyone until they’ve seen the house, fall in love with it, have been instructed how to buy and what to do next, filled out an application and submitted it to you by fax or online.
  • The three fastest, cheapest and best methods to find buyers. 
  • You may never run classified ads and still sell your houses fast. Running ads is at the bottom of the list. 
  • What signs are the most effective and why mine get three times the results of others. 
  • How to get all kinds of cool stuff free as part of the buyers down payment to you. A free Harley is better than one you pay for, and your wife will love you for all the new jewelry she’ll get that you’ll never have to buy. How about a new boat or RV? Some of my students and get a lot of free stuff.

This Information Is Priceless When You Consider You'll Be Selling Houses As Fast As You Can Buy Them!

But I’m not done yet… You’ll also learn:

  • What works better than offering a discounted price.
  • When you should never put someone in your house. 
  • How to make your buyers the best source of buyers for your next house. Most of my houses are sold to friends or relatives of previous buyers. 
  • How to get a financial commitment from a prescreened buyer without taking your house off the market. You should never sign a contract with a buyer that binds you until you know it’s ready to close. A special agreement I use will allow you to process five buyers on one house with no commitment to any of them. You get to pick and choose the best. If I’d had this agreement 20 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grief. 
  • The 6 steps to getting your buyer to the closing table whether you’re selling for cash with new financing, lease purchase or owner financing. One piece out of place could cost you a week and maybe the sale. A buyer is not a buyer until you get the money. Every day that goes by costs you several hundred dollars and puts you at risk. I’ll help you…Get ‘er done! 
  • Why you should not be at the closing. 
  • Stupid mistakes to avoid when selling houses. Each one probably cost me six figures to learn. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy 3 or 4 houses a month and never get involved in the sales process and know your product is moving as fast as you can buy it? I will show you how to do exactly that and I’m not talking about listing with a Realtor.

The Bus Trip

You’ll climb on a 50 passenger bus and travel into the real world where we’ll go through several ugly houses, so you can feel and smell what a good prospect is like. You’ll be trained on what to fix, how much it costs, what not to spend money on, and all aspects of analyzing the art of estimating repairs and quickly forming offers on ugly houses. You’ll actually be doing it all.

No amount of classroom training time can replace this live experience and it’ll cut years off your learning curve. When you get back to class each prospect will be discussed, your repair estimates and offers examined, and all possible exit strategies explained. It’ll be a day you’ll talk about for years and never forget.

We'll Buy Bank Owned Houses In Class

Every class will have prospects furnished by local Realtors that have gone through foreclosure and banks own. We’ll process about 20 in class, make real offers and usually buy a few at every event or shortly after. Watch while we do exactly what you can do after the class is over. This session will be the difference of whether you pick the best prospects from the MLS and get offer excepted or waste everyone’s time, accomplish nothing and ruin relationships.

Auction Houses

Large auctions are a great source of bank owned houses in many areas. I buy 1-3 houses at every one I attend here in Jacksonville. You’ll learn how to select the best prospects, prescreen before the auction, bid properly and the after the sales…sale. This session alone can easily make you six figures a year with one small part of the business. I know it does for me. You’ll see my deals.

90-Day Real Estate Entrepreneur Helpline Service

The next component in my Quick Start Real Estate Package is my 90-Day Real Estate Entrepreneur Helpline Service. You’ll never be alone or miss another deal because you couldn’t get a question answered.

If you don’t remember what to say or you struggle with an offer, now you have help, and we’re providing it to you free for 90 days. That means you may pick up the phone during business hours, five days a week and call a trained advisor to help you with any residential real estate issue you have.

Your advisor has no other function all day but to answer your calls and/or return them as well as respond to your fax and/ or e-mail promptly. A $495 value.

Now we have a simple Program called ACTS…

That’s almost instantly doubling the revenue of my students and my own house business. It’s an amazing, instant exit for sellers who are over financed and upside down, and it’s a huge public service for all those millions of

  • You will never own the home
  • You have no cost
  • About 55% of all FSBO's (For sale by owners) fall into this neww program
  • You can do three ỏ four a month and make a minmun of $5.000 on each, and my friend that's not an exageration…if anything, an understatemant. (we're doing 2 a week here in Jacksonville)

buyers who can’t qualify for a loan.

When you see ACTS, you won’t sleep for three days when you see how quickly you can get a check with no loans, no banks, no repairs, no credit, no delays and very little work.

What is ACTS?

It’s a new day and a new time. Real estate investing is a different game now and requires new techniques to stay in it. One such new technique combined with an old technique will change our industry as we know it…and open new doors for people to enter the business and start profiting quickly…

And Never Buy A House.

No, it’s not wholesaling nor anything else you know. It does involve you being the middle man, but not on bank-owned or all cash houses, nor does it involve Realtors®, private lenders, raising cash, qualifying buyers, cleaning credit, short sales or any other costly entanglement.

You’re in and out in a few days with no closing costs to you, the seller or the buyer.

You don’t need the banks’ permission, can’t trigger the “due on sale” clause, and even attorneys will accept the technique…and it works best on houses 10-25% over-leveraged or more, and there’s plenty of them. If yours is one, you’ll learn how to make money on it and save your credit.

About 50% of the FSBO calls we get are leveraged well above their value. Until recently, there was nothing we could do with the houses, but now a new twist to an old technique has turned them into a whole new, sought-after business model.

Not only is it easy to quickly profit from these deals, you can do several a month and never buy a house, put up a dime or take risks and make $5,000 – $10,000 each

The Technique Is Simple!

Find sellers who need to get out, most over-leveraged, some not, and create some easy terms to pass on to a non-qualified credit buyer. Usually it’s a lease option to buy with rights to assign, but sometimes it can be owner financing.

Instead of buying or leasing yourself, you simply assign the contract with seller’s consent and full approval of a new buyer and let them lease the house for years until the equity returns.

Yes, it’s legal, and no, you don’t need a license if done correctly.

It works especially well with sellers over-leveraged for two good reasons:

1 They hace no other choice except to default or hang in for the long term until their equity return, which will take years many can't wait

2 The buyers can lease long tẻm, giving the equity time to return, so the current value verses debt is not a mảo factor. There's no pressure for an immediate refinance on an over-leceraged house.

Yes, I know this will take some getting used to; and your questions are mounting as mine were when I first heard of it, but they’re answered at this seminar. But think about it…The seller gets out without a default. The buyer gets in for the remaining debt plus your assignment fee, ($5,000 – $10,000) with no bank qualifying. The bank continues to get paid. Everyone wins.

Yes, it must be done right. There are some tricks and traps, and it won’t work on all prospects, but believe me, it will change your business. How many times are you seeing a $200,000 house with a $220,000 debt in excellent condition and reasonable payment? Now you can install a long-term tenant buyer, collect $7,000 and be out in a few days.

Come see how it’s done!

  • My two Cash-Flow Systems Manuals covering all the basics to buy and sell houses without money, partners or banks for both pretty and ugly houses.
  • 34 Disks which follow the Manuals, with complete explanations of all the materials, recorded during real sessions with questions and answers in a live classroom setting. You can plug these into your car CD player or listen to them on your computer. You only need to listen to the first 6 in the ugly house course and the first 7 of the pretty house course to get ready for class. You can listen to the rest later.
  • These systems are all new and tailored to operating in a recession. The older session sold for $1,997 without the other components here.

Plus You Get…

  • Free tuition for your spouse, significant other, adult child, parent or someone in your business.
  • For a full year after the event, you and your guest can repeat as many times as you want to for no additional cost! It’s a great way to keep your engine fine-tuned! We do 6 events per year across the country.

Okay, Ron, How Much?

Before we go into the tuition details, let’s first analyze spending money on training material because the truth is whatever your tuition is you’ll spend that much whether you purchase my package or not.

Your First Choice is to do nothing. That’s the path of least resistance, which many people take. And it’s why so many of them are broke. If you never launch your ship, it’ll never come back loaded with gold. By doing nothing, you’ll pay for my courses many times over in lost income.

Your Second Choice is to try it on your own, without proper training. I know from experience you’ll make mistakes, and they’ll cost you many times the price of my courses. It’s nearly impossible to avoid them! The “School of Hard Knocks” is the most expensive tuition you can possibly pay.

It’s Impossible To Learn What I Know Cheaper Than What I Charge.

If you pay a contractor too much to repair a house, how quickly could you exceed your tuition? In a heartbeat! If a lack of training makes you offer too much for a house, the difference will be in the thousands. What if you miss out on a single deal because you didn’t know where to look, how to prescreen or what to offer? Your loss will make my course cost seem miniscule.

Even if you only learn how to buy your next home for your family by eliminating banks, credit and down payments, that alone will be worth your investment. But, I assure you, you’ll get a lot more than that.

You'll Pay For My System Many Times Over If You Don't Order It.

Your Third Choice is to order the entire Quick Start Real Estate package today and put the tools I give you to work. When you make that choice, not only will the cost become insignificant, you’ll be getting a huge payback – all because you chose to take action. If you’ll do your part, we’ll do ours.

Yes, I know there are dozens of real estate courses on the market less expensive than mine. Most are good stuff, some are junk. Most of today’s teachers were trained by me.

I don’t have anything bad to say about any of my so-called competitors. Most are friends of mine. They’re all real people and most actually buy a house now and then.

I owe my competitors a debt of gratitude. They spend a fortune finding people who are interested in real estate and ultimately most make their way to PAPA before it’s over. Why? It’s simple. My stuff really works. I’m truly making millionaires and price will never compensatem for age and experience.

And Another Thing!

This event is not a pitch-a-thon. It’s pure training from beginning to end, I usually teach all four days myself with my staff.

FYI, anytime you see a training advertised for a few dollars, there’s always some content thrown in to prevent a revolt, but you can rest assured the true intent is to sell you other courses by other speakers, not focus on your education.

There Is No One Out There Like Me, I’m The Best In The World At What I Do
(quite modest too).

You’re not buying just a package. You’re buying into a family of movers and shakers all over the country that faced the same decision at one time you’re facing now…to pass or play.

If you honestly believe you’ll get a million dollar education from a $20 book or a $99 seminar, buy their stuff. It’ll look pretty on your shelf and at least you saved some money.

But, if you want to get filthy, stinking rich with a proven system that’s over twenty-five years in the making and has thousands of success stories…Come to Papa.

You’ll find the investment in my entire system on the enclosed order form. We are currently at 40% off what 22,000 people paid for a lesser package. I’m aware there’s a recession going on and we’re doing our part to help good folks come out of it better than ever.

And just to make sure you sleep good with your decision…

Well, I’ve made my case the best I know how. At this point, you’re either in or out. My life will pretty much go on the same regardless of your decision. How about yours?

Look, this isn’t a life-threatening choice. No one will die. Frankly, it’s just a small decision among many you’ve made today.

I’m making millionaires all over America, and I’ll continue to do it with you or without you. I learned a long time ago…only when the student is ready can the teacher appear.

Here is a recap of everything you get with my

Quick Start Real Estate Package

  • My 2 Cash Flow Systems ($1,997 Value)
  • 4-Day, Live Quick Start Real Estate Training ($4,995 Value)
  • 90-Day Real Estate Entrepreneur Helpline Service ($495 value)

A $7,487 real value but, you won’t pay anywhere near that amount and nothing if you don’t think the value is there…

But Wait!

Tax Deductible…Oh, did I forget to mention? This training course is tax deductible if this is your business. That means our good ole’ Uncle Sam, is willing to pay about a third of your investment. Check with your accountant on this, but what it comes down to is a 28% – 391/2% discount in tax savings since it’s a business expense. Isn’t that neat?

Should This Really Be A Hard Decision For You?

I honestly believe I’ve just offered you the fastest proven way anyone can earn big bucks with real estate…and I guarantee it. I started with nothing but determination and a will to succeed, and I was able to put the pieces together and make my fortune. If you’ll give me a chance to prove it, you can do the same thing, only much easier because you have me to smooth your path.

I’ve given you a lot of information here, and frankly, there’s a whole lot more. But you should know enough right now to decide whether or not you should dig deeper. I don’t know why you’d say no. Let us rush your pre-event System to you immediately. With our unique ironclad guarantee, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever.

Payment Options

You may opt out within 30 days and receive a full refund. You may also bring one guest free and add a third for $500 and you may return free for a full year. You may also add another guest after you register if you are not sure if you will be bringing a guest now. I’ll also give you all the fantastic bonuses, and you can also save $500 if you pay in full.

  • You can pay $1,500 down today & pay 12 monthly payments.

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this super offer today! Click the add to cart button below or call toll free 1-800-567-6128 ( M – F 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., EDT) to complete your order over phone.

“This Really Isn’t A Life-Threatening Decision? But This Much I Know With Absolute Certainty…It’s A Life-Changing Decision.”

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