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As featured in Forbes, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and the Boston Globe…

“Now You Can Get Trained as a Professional Coach Without Years & Years of Study or Spending Thousands of Dollars…”

“It’s Really Possible to Get Started and Be on Track

to Earning 6 Figures Doing Something You Love Without Having A Boss Yelling At You or Needing

To Wake Up To An Alarm Clock… Ever Again…”

Dear Friend,

Do you want to get started in coaching because you’re excited by the possibility of earning 6 figures while doing something fun and rewarding for a living, but, you don’t know how to get started?

Do you grow more excited about becoming a professional coach, the more you think about it? But inside, are you also a little scared at the same time. Perhaps you’re scared about leaving your current job, or afraid of starting your own coaching business. Are you worried about not having job security?

If you’re scared and excited at the same time, let me help put your mind at ease. First of all, you don’t have to quit your day job to get started as a professional coach. Although some people do, it’s usually a good idea to get started with coaching part-time. Then you can slowly grow your client load over time while stashing away these extra earnings for when you’re ready to make the leap to full-time.

Do you wonder if coaching is too good to be true? Can you really make good money as a coach? Can you really set your own hours, work from home, and take as much vacation time as you want? Will you really get phone calls and emails from clients that are excited about their successes? The answer is an absolute “YES”, but…

How Fast Can You Get Started Earning Money As A Professional Coach?

Make no mistake, having a coaching business will be a real challenge. I’d be lying to you if I told you it would be easy every step of the way. You’ll have ups and downs, highs and lows. But, you’ll be living life on your own terms. And, when your coaching business is successful, you’ll have much more financial security than a job could ever give you in today’s world of corporate downsizing and outsourcing.

How fast can you get you start earning money as a coach? Many people start earning some money right away. Some coaches grow their business to 6 figures very quickly (1 of my clients did it in 90 days), and others take a few years to ramp up to that level.

How fast will you grow your business? Again, that’s up to you. How much time you can put into it, your background, your determination, your mindset, etc. Some people will easily earn back the cost of this program before the program is over. One thing is for sure, when you become successful as a professional coach, you’ll be very happy you started this journey.

When you become a successful professional coach, here’s some of what you can expect. You will…

Enjoy working with people that look to you for support, advice, and a warm heart.

Earn a great living with no limits on how much money you make (the more people you help, the more you can make! – some coaches make 6 and 7 figure incomes!)

Get emails and phone calls from people thanking you for the difference you’re making in their lives.

Be in total control of your life because you have a completely flexible schedule (you can work the hours you want, take vacations whenever you want, and take time off anytime you want or need).

Call all the shots (most coaches have their own coaching business and are their own boss).

Wake up excited every day because you love what you do for a living (and because you don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock).

The 3 Keys To Becoming A Great Coach…

If you think you might be ready to get started with coaching, but you’re not sure where to start or what all it will take, then I have good news for you. There are just 3 important ingredients that you’ll need to get started.

Confidence: You’ll need to believe in yourself and believe that you can make a difference in people’s lives.

Competence: You’ll need to actually be able to make an impact on your clients; help them achieve change.

Heart: You have to have a strong love of helping people.

You probably already posses some of these ingredients. But, if you’re like most people, you may have the heart for it, and you may even have confidence, but if you don’t yet feel competent coaching someone to achieve their goals or make changes, then you’re not alone.

“I’m Making the Money I Want”

When I began looking into the coaching world in early 2006, I was overwhelmed with the number of coaching programs, schools, and “coaches for coaches” offering advice on getting started. But as an established communication expert with two master’s degrees, I knew one thing was certain: I was not about to take an expensive, drawn out 1-3 year program to learn how to coach when most of the material in those other programs was based on the exact communication principles I myself had been teaching others for years.

So I bought many books, hired my own coach, and went to work. Even with all that knowledge I found that as I was working with some clients, I had the nagging feeling that with some coach-specific training I could help them more effectively and efficiently. Because I teach confidence skills, I know one way to become more confident is to upgrade my skills. That’s when I found Christian’s Rapid Coaching Academy. It was the perfect program that I could complete quickly, giving me a firm foundation and helped me to boost my confidence about being a coach.

What I loved about Christian’s program? In every session I learned something new that I could use and apply to my own coaching practice right away. Since I completed the program in February 2007, my business has grown in ways I could never have conceived of before I entered RCA. My coaching practice is full, I’m making the money I want, and I’m supporting my family—all part-time.

What I learned from Christian made all that possible. Thanks for listening. And if you want to boost your confidence and have your business blast off like mine is, sign up now for Rapid Coaching Academy—you’ll be so glad you did!

– Felicia Slattery


Can You Really Become A Great Coach In Just Four Months?

Becoming a great professional coach is like learning how to play a sport. Whether it’s baseball, volleyball, or kick-ball, you can get the gist of how to play in a few minutes. Then after playing a handful of times you’ll learn all of the rules. And, if you have a heart for it, you can spend the rest of your life working at getting more and more confident and competent. Becoming a coach is the same way.

You can learn the “rules of the coaching game” and start playing right away, but if you love it, you’ll likely spend the rest of your life mastering your craft. Honing and refining your skills over time is part of the process. There’s an art and a science to it. You’ll learn the science part in this program. The art is up to you to develop and put in your own imprint.

Each coach is different because everyone brings something unique to the table. Your past experience, your energy, your heart, and your skills, will all play a part in the *art* of your craft. It’s a life-long learning process. I’m still learning and I’ll always be learning.

You’ll be able to start practicing right away to develop yourself and your abilities. The good news is that having a coach is such a powerful thing that even an inexperienced coach makes a difference for people. Having you there will be great for them. And as you become a better and better coach, you’ll become more and more valuable.

Part of the value of coaching comes from the client’s own commitment to themselves and their goals. The minute they hire you, they’ll start feeling supported and be more committed to their own success. Even if you’re not the “world’s-greatest-coach-of-all-time”, people will still get a tremendous benefit from having you coach them.

“You can’t go wrong with this step-by-step process!”

“This is great information that any coach can take action on and get results. I like that you have the mp3s (audio files) and written documentation. It allows you to review the section.

I love knowing that I am on track with my coaching. I know that there is a process to coaching and if I follow it I will continue to achieve results. If you want to turbo-charge your coaching business, this is the program that will do just that.

Christian is a master at clearing the fog of coaching and provides a clear step-by-step process. You can’t go wrong with this program!”

– Warren Wandling

Academic Success, Inc


Become a Coach Now!

If you want to speed up the process of becoming a powerful, effective, and wise professional coach, then I have great news for you. You can now master the same coaching system that I’ve been using to get BIG results with my clients for the last 8 years.

If you want to get started in coaching, and feel you’d make a good coach, then this program is for you because it has exactly what you’ll want and need to always know what to do when you are working with coaching clients in each individual “coaching session” and over the long haul.

These are the factors you should consider when choosing the right coach training for you:

  • How long before I’m ready to start working with clients?
  • What is the time investment to “get up to speed”?
  • Can I review the materials anytime I want?
  • Can I go at my own pace?
  • Is this training “real world” based, or merely rooted in exciting sounding “philosophy”.
  • Does it fit into my budget?

This coach training program will be 3 things for you…

1) Your own personal growth work: You will learn a lot about yourself, about your goals, and about your own heart. When you graduate from the Rapid Coaching Academy, you will be on a path to your own Personal Legend -living a life more in alignment with your heart and intuition. You will be “bigger” on the inside than you were before you started and you’ll feel extremely proud of yourself for your accomplishments.

2) Your own coach: You will be setting goals for the things that you want to change in your life. You will focus on getting rid of the things you don’t like (unfulfilling career, extra unwanted body fat, unhealthy relationships, etc.), and achieving the things that you really want (higher income, new love, more energy, etc). You will coach yourself using the techniques that I will teach you. Using the cutting edge rapid coaching methodology™.

3) Your training ground: You will learn the skills and strategies that make coaches highly effective when working with clients. You’ll immediately be able to start working with clients and making an impact in their lives (or businesses). In fact, you will:

Be able to pick up on “underlying factors” that keep them from setting goals and following through with their plans.

Keep clients on track with achieving their goals and help them to speed up the process.

Dissolve the mental and emotional blocks that slow your clients down.

Be a better friend, or partner to people you care about because you’ll be able to “hear them” in a new way that let’s them feel more open, and anything you say will be better received.

“Where Do You Get This Stuff?!”


I’ve listened to the Rapid Coaching Academy program probably like 4 times over already.  I listen to it when I’m working out or while I pick up around my house.

Each time I get something new.  It’s really amazing! So for example, I’m now just now picking up on your languaging and how you plant ideas as to what you want people to expect.  It’s awesome!

I like the idea that everyone is right according to their perspective.  I like the part about the goal setting and how we should really go for our “ideal” and not just something realistic because that’s what will drive us.

I like the idea that just thinking about your future plans is part of the excitement of goal setting. Where do you get this stuff?  And I thought I read a lot of self-help books.

I like the part about not judging or getting upset with your clients when they don’t reach their goals.  We’re not the goal police…that whatever they do is okay as long as they’re comfortable with it.

I like the idea of checking in with the client to see how they feel about the plan or the goal to make sure it’s something that they are comfortable with and enjoy.  It’s just packed with so much stuff I could write a really long email here.

Anyway, thanks for all the good stuff you put together!

Kim Penaloza

The “Rapid Coaching™ System” is a proven, powerful way to:

  • Help potential clients see the value of coaching!
  • Quickly assess where your clients challenges are!
  • Know where to start your coaching with your clients!
  • Make sure you aren’t missing anything/letting things fall through the cracks!
  • Help clients become more participatory in the coaching process.
  • Win over more clients! (unlike other coaching schools, our training is based on the real-world demand for coaching that already exists, not just coaching theory.)
  • Maintain and increase value for your clients over time (so they want to keep coaching with you).

Who this program is ideally suited for:

  • People that want to quickly get started with coaching.
  • People that already have a background related to coaching (teaching, therapy, or consulting).
  • People who want to quickly get a feel for what coaching is, how it works, and how to start doing it with others.
  • Managers, business leaders, or small business owners that want to get more performance out of their important people.
  • Coaches that have trained at other coaching schools, but didn’t get enough real world, practical, usable, results-driven tools, and want to get that now.

Who this program is not meant for:

People who want a one-stop, all encompassing training program, that teaches you everything you need to know about human beings (no such program exists, by the way- though you may be promised this elsewhere).

People looking for a short-cut to become therapists by calling yourself a coach. This coach training program will teach you techniques to take clients through emotional issues that are keeping them stuck (such as fear), but this program is not about working through serious mental illnesses such as clinical depression, etc. If you want to do that kind of work, please become a therapist.

The Rapid Coaching Academy Includes…

COACH TRAINING: 26 CDs including…

The overview of the entire Rapid Coaching™ methodology.

How to get the coaching process started with new clients so that there is immediate client momentum, “buy in”, trust, and safety.

The 5 pieces of the coaching process and how to effectively facilitate each one of them.

How to help clients overcome their inner doubts, fears, and mental blocks that slow them down or stop them from moving forward toward their goals.

How to help your clients set goals and a new direction for their lives (or business).

How to create a “safe space” for clients to share what’s “really going” (if you don’t have a completely open and honest space, it will be hard for clients to keep producing the results they desire and they may be ashamed to be honest with you).

What to do when a client needs to “get better” in order to achieve specific results (like get better at sales, leadership, etc.) even if you aren’t great at them yourself.

Give your clients “x-ray vision” to see the hidden factors that can slow progress down to a snails pace.

The “real deal” about getting certified, being “credible”, the experience you need, etc. to be able to call yourself a coach and start getting clients (hint: after you get this program, you’ll be able to get started tomorrow).

Includes 3 Online Videos…

“Write Your Business Plan To Build a Successful 6 or 7 Figure ‘Coaching Business Empire’…”

Each session is between 60 and 90 minutes and covers every area of your business and you follow along in real time and work on your business plan right on the spot.

You can use them to plan your business from the start or refer back to them to plan again at the start of a new year or any time you want.

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