Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance (Dec 2018)


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance (Dec 2018)


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A Mindvalley Quest with Renowned Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer

Introducing Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance…Instantly Reprogram Your Subconscious to Create Abundance in Health, Wealth, & Love

Experience The Neuroscientific Technique Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer Uses With Olympic Athletes, Top CEOs, and The World’s Most Successful People To Effortlessly Receive Extraordinary Abundance

Does It Ever Feel Like You’re Always Just At The Edge Of What You Want In Life?

Like maybe you’re not destitute – but you’re still far from financial freedom, you’re not hitting your financial goals fast enough, and you still worry about money a little too often for comfort.

Or maybe you’re not horribly unhealthy – but you still struggle with fatigue, pain, excess weight, or premature aging, and it sometimes just feels like you were ‘born that way’.

Or maybe you’re surrounded by people you love – yet you still tolerate a lackluster romance, or yearn for something more real, or just wish you could end a stubborn conflict that’s been dragging on for too long.

If any of this describes you, you might sometimes wonder:

“What’s Really Holding Me Back?”

It’s not because you’re not working hard enough, or that you’re not lucky enough, or even that you’re too far gone.

It’s simply that your brain has been programmed by society – the media, your mentors, and even your parents – to pin you down in a comfort zone devoid of true abundance, fulfillment, and unconditional joy.

The truth is, it’s not easy to break through your own mental barriers and reprogram yourself to have it all (if it were, anyone who reads a personal growth book or went for a therapy session would be living their dream life).

But thanks to the latest breakthroughs in leading-edge neuroscience, that’s about to change for you forever.

Did You Know That Your Brain Can Reprogram Itself – And Literally Change Who You Are on a Cellular Level?

What you’re about to discover goes far beyond the typical tools of personal transformation.

Because while conventional therapy, personal transformation books, and practices like meditation can be incredibly effective

There is now an even MORE efficient, rapid, and lasting way to spark profound transformation from the inside out.

And it all lies in a scientific phenomenon that empowers you to shine light on every belief and model of reality in your mind

Erase the patterns that sabotage and pin you down

And reprogram yourself rapidly and with no resistance into the BEST version of you.

This is what you experience in the Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest: a 35-day journey towards life-changing new levels of financial success, health, and love all through hypnotherapist Marisa Peer’s remarkable approach to personal transformation.

Traditional Therapy VS 
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Traditional therapy sessions tend to only focus on the symptoms, which is why many people end up sacrificing years of effort with slow results.

For example, you might talk about how you feel financial pressure, a recent breakup, or why you perpetually feel sluggish and unmotivated.

And yet you wouldn’t dig deeper and explore…

How your upbringing caused you to feel that you needed to be ‘better than your parents,’ or ‘stop living paycheck to paycheck,’ or even to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’

You wouldn’t talk about…

How past trauma has led you to believe you’re unworthy of love, so you keep repeating the same relationship patterns that end in similar ways.

And you wouldn’t look into…

How a moment from your past didn’t turn out the way you planned, leading you to believe that everything you reach for will yield the same result, so your body reacts by responding that it’s perpetually tired of trying.

This is what makes the Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest so powerful compared to traditional therapy, and even to many other personal growth tools: it digs deep into your neurological programming and triggers profound changes from the inside out.

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Advantage

When you take the Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest, you’ll first be shown the root cause of your challenges (and this is often not at all what you think).

Then, those root causes are systematically deleted from every corner of your subconscious mind.

The part of your brain that is 10x more powerful than your conscious mind. That governs your choices, beliefs, and habits. And that can often work against you, by creating thoughts, emotions, and outcomes that pull you further away from the life you crave.

By engaging your subconscious mind (and the models of reality that control it), you can instantly eradicate the psychological programming that has caused you to unconsciously limit and sabotage your own relationships, finances, and even your physical health.

When You Take This Quest You Will…

Create Wealth Abundance:

  • Erase negative money habits that pull the brakes on your financial goals – like overspending, impulse buying, and getting sucked into debt
  • Clear limiting beliefs about money that hold you back from getting that raise or promotion, or from taking advantage of financial opportunities around you
  • Break free from negative emotions triggered by money – like guilt, stress, anxiety, and a crippling sense of lack

Create Love Abundance:

  • Rekindle the spark in your romantic relationship, or gain the clarity to start a new one
  • Connect better with the people who matter – like your children, parents, friends, or co-workers
  • Resolve painful conflicts with your loved ones, even if they’ve been dragging on for years

Create Health Abundance:

  • Completely rewire your body’s cravings, so you only crave healthy food and activities, and effortlessly gravitate away from the bad stuff
  • Reinvigorate your body with youthful energy, turning back the clock on premature aging and ramping up your productivity and passion for life
  • Alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses, and accelerate your path to total healing of the mind, body, and spirit

How Does Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Work? A (Brief) Scientific Explanation

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance gives you all the instant benefits of years of therapy in just one session, by reprogramming the mind.

But there’s something specific going on when you rewire your brain, and it’s connected to your body’s neurons: the basic working units of the brain, designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells.

These neurons form a neural network, or a ‘brain map’ that directs your brain to tell the rest of you what to do, think, and feel.

Studies show that while these neurons control everything about our bodies, we can constantly create new controls through a bodily process called neurogenesis.

And once these new control systems are created, research shows that our brains then treat old neurons that aren’t “plugged into the new network,” like survival of the fittest.

Which means new neurons win.

But once these new control systems are created and plugged in, they need to be told what to do.

These new brain cells receive programming through neuroplasticity — it’s the brain’s ability to create the neural pathways that tell you what to do.

But these pathways must be intentionally set.

Once the old neurons are out, we have to create a roadmap for the new neurons to follow. Research suggests that in remapping, we can improve our choices, create new habits, and even possibly forget old memories.

There is no such thing as being born lucky or more successful in life.

In short, we can literally reprogram who we are on a cellular level, to not just change the flow of abundance, but change our habits, thoughts, and even our characteristics to create and receive abundance naturally.


1. Bergland, C. (2017, February 06). How Do Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis Rewire Your Brain? Retrieved from https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/the-athletes-way/201702/how-do-neuroplasticity-and-neurogenesis-rewire-your-brain

Meet Your Transformational Hypnotherapist: Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer, named the Best British therapist by Tatler and Men’s Health magazines, has spent nearly 30 years working with an extensive client list including royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs and political leaders.

As a hands-on therapist to her clients, Marisa uses Rapid Transformational Therapy™ to unlock the brain’s natural ability and help her clients literally rewrite their brains for performance, past issues, and capacity for abundance. In her work with champion athletes, stars, and the world’s top business leaders, she has noticed a recurring theme of maximizing abundance to virtually remove all limits and open the door to the lives they want in health, wealth, love, and more. For this reason, Marisa has chosen to bring abundance to the Mindvalley Community.

Marisa also lectures, writes columns and appears on television and radio all over the world. She’s written four bestselling books, on how transformational hypnotherapy can help people lose weight, get pregnant, gain confidence, and stay young.

In this Quest, Marisa will demonstrate the instant transformation that’s possible with her unique, highly personal approach to hypnother

What You’ll Learn

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest

Easily Cultivate Abundance in Health, Wealth, and Love

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest is an easy-to-follow process for reprogramming your subconscious beliefs – and creating fast, profound, lasting transformation in the most important areas of your life.

For 35 days, you join your hypnotherapist Marisa Peer in a series of simple 20 – 40 minute daily sessions, designed to simulate a private therapy session with Marisa (which normally costs thousands of dollars and has a waiting list booked months in advance).

As a result, you’re empowered to finally break through the self-sabotaging beliefs and mental blocks causing you to unknowingly reject wealth, wellbeing, and love.

Whether you’re holding onto financial beliefs carried from your childhood, struggling to overcome health issues, or trying to break unhealthy cycles of dysfunction in relationships, you’re able to beat these challenges to become a magnet for the best people, the best outcomes, and the best opportunities.

5 Reasons You’ll Love The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy  for Abundance Quest

01. Lasting & Resistance-Free Abundance

This Quest reveals what’s really holding you back from the wealth, health, and love you crave. You’ll discover the mental barriers keeping you down, delete them from your mind, and trigger your brain’s ability to reprogram itself for extraordinary abundance. The result is lasting and resistance-free positive transformation – without the relapses or self-sabotage you may have experienced through other forms of personal growth

02. Gently Heal From Past Traumas

If you’ve experienced past trauma or pain, you’ll know how long it can stick with you. Mental scars can wreak havoc on various areas of your life, long after they’re inflicted – and it often takes an extraordinary amount of courage to get to the root of these challenges. That’s why Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance is designed to gently get to the root of your scars from the past – and permanently heal them from the inside out.

03. Quick, Easy & Profound Transformation

Diving into your subconscious and reprogramming who you are can be complicated – but Marisa’s technique dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process for you. Other forms of therapy can take months or even years – but Marisa’s is designed to trigger profound and lasting personal transformation in just 35 days, at 20 – 40 minutes a day. You won’t find a more effective or easy-to-use process anywhere else.

04. Treat the Root, Not the Symptom

Traditional therapy typically starts with what’s bothering you in the moment – for instance difficulty sleeping, or a bad break-up. But it can take a long time (sometimes years) to pinpoint why something is going on. And even more time after that to work through the beliefs that led you there. This Quest greatly optimizes that process by exposing the root causes of your issues – and erasing them permanently.

05. Trusted By Top Performers

Marisa is a beloved teacher in the Mindvalley community, with thousands of raving students and fans (including our own team members). And from CEOs to celebrities to top athletes – many of the world’s top performers rely on her techniques every day to be the best versions of themselves. This Quest is the single most affordable and accessible way to join these top performers, and elevate your life with the power of Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest 2018 Schedule

Part 1: Foundation For Abundance & Results

December 10 – 16, 2018

This is where you lay the groundwork that reveals up your innate capacity to rewire the neurons of your brain to create abundance and live the life you want. You will start simple, by understanding the mind’s primary function and how the rules of the mind control abundance.

Highlights include:

  • The hidden ‘Abundance’ Switch in your subconscious: follow these quick & easy steps to turn it from OFF to ON.
  • How to completely erase emotions and thought patterns that lead to crippling feelings of lack.
  • The secret to taking control of your subconscious mind… so YOU dictate your flow and your mind follows.
  • How to permanently lock the door on the negativity bias society tries to program you with.
  • Remember the sense of wonder and limitless possibility you had as a child? Do this to reclaim it in your present reality.

Part 2: Processes For Mindset Reprogramming

December 17 – 23, 2018

In this second part, you’ll practice reforming your brain on a cellular level. It includes, among other things, using neuroplasticity to rewrite your mental blueprint so you can receive abundance in a world where constant negative mental programming is the norm from parents, mentors, friends, and more. This is critical to your success.

Highlights include:

  • Stuck on the stairway to infinite abundance? Use this simple technique to instantly open yourself to greater prosperity and opportunities.
  • The single easiest way to trigger your brain’s neuroplasticity, so it reprograms itself for extraordinary growth and personal transformation.
  • Is a family member, friend, or coworker threatening your wellbeing and happiness? Use this simple mind exercise to shield yourself from negative influences around you.
  • Skyrocket your confidence and raise your self-love to new levels.
  • Give yourself a permanent “I forgive you” card and quickly release guilt with this simple technique.

Part 3: Mastering the Mental Power of Health

December 24 – 30,2018

This is where it gets exciting. You’ll dive into powerful strategies to switch your mind into a state of healing for your body. You’ll fortify your mind against thoughts that are wreaking havoc on your physical body.

Highlights include:

  • Blast through pain triggers and stop the ignition to illness to improve your body’s wellbeing.
  • Craving unhealthy food? Condition your body to only crave what’s healthiest for it and gravitate toward holistic wellness.
  • Pinpoint WHY illnesses are occurring in your body so you can catch the culprit before it strikes at your health.
  • Create a peaceful and permanent oasis of wellness in your mind to activate your body’s healing factors.
  • Kick addictions to harmful emotions, energy-sucking people, and other negative influences with this simple exercise.
  • Train your mind to whip your waistline, body mass index, glutes, and more into phenomenal shape.

Part 4: Cutting Through Mental Wealth Blocks

December 31,2018 – January 6,2019

This fourth part deals with advanced tools for mental mastery that cuts out programmed beliefs about wealth to bring you crystal clear abundance in your financial path forward so you’re automatically pulled toward your dreams.

Highlights include:

  • Explore your personal relationship with money and discover how it’s shaping your financial success (no amount of sincere hard work will fully pay off until you do this).
  • Demolish negative money habits like gambling, overspending, or not budgeting.
  • Is your financial situation causing you stress or discomfort? Use this simple brain trick to stabilize your energy and return to a state of allowing.
  • How to fearlessly say YES to financial opportunities that come your way (no more feelings of unworthiness or guilt).
  • A step-by-step method to break free from negative past experiences poisoning your financial prosperity in the present.


Part 5: Improving and Strengthening Your Relationships

January 7 -13,2019

This fifth and final part is where you take the leap into shaping your all of the relationships in your life for positive connection, including the most important relationship of all, with yourself. Before that, you’ll remove the final barriers – and step into abundance.

Highlights include:

  • A mind exercise that empowers you to heal conflict with your spouse, children, or friends – and return you to a state of love and empathy.
  • How to rekindle the flames of your romantic relationship (or start a new one).
  • Is your next always similar to your ex? Stop destructive relationship patterns for good.
  • Quickly settle conflicts with your employer, coworkers, or even your employees and foster a stress-free environment for you and your team.
  • Finally exhale on childhood hurts – forgive your parents, family, and friends with this gentle mind exercise.

Plus 5 FREE Transformational Hypnotherapy Audio Tracks

Play These Handpicked Audios To Enter A Wonderfully Relaxed State Of Mind, And Switch On The Following Personal Transformations To Enhance Key Areas Of Your Life

Elevate Your Learning Experience On The Revolutionary Mindvalley Learning Platform

The Mindvalley learning platform combines the power of community, consistent daily or weekly micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before.

The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform

From philosophers like Ken Wilber and Alan Watts, to transformational teachers like Robin Sharma and Neale Donald Walsch, Mindvalley curates the wisdom of humanity’s greatest minds to elevate every area of your life.

Deep Transformation That Builds Over Time

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We’re All In This Together

The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. Imagine thousands of like-minded people from 100+ countries, supporting you, inspiring you, and holding you accountable to your highest success.

How It Works

1. Everybody starts together on December 10, 2018

One community, one start date: we’ll move towards the finish line together, as we support and uplift each other every step of the way.

2. You receive daily guidance for 35 days

From a supportive online community, to regular check-ins with your Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator on our private Facebook page – you’re never alone.

3. Quest is designed for micro-learning: 20-40 minutes a day.

20-40 minutes a week is all you need to watch your video lessons, practice your exercises, and awaken the power of Becoming Limitless in every area of your life.

An Upgrade For Your Entire Life

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest breaks you free from the beliefs, thoughts, and programming that have caused you to unknowingly reject your best life.

As you progress through the Quest, you’ll notice life-changing transformations that lead to more career opportunities, limitless spiritual growth, better business dealings, clear connection to your life’s mission and more.

This is the exact same process Marisa uses with her top shelf clients – including Olympic athletes, CEOS, celebrities, and many members of our Mindvalley Tribe just like you.

That’s how we know you’ll experience lasting changes in your mind, that lead to lasting changes in every area of your life.

Our Commitment To Affordability

Our goal at Mindvalley is to evolve the global education system. And to spread transformational lifelong education to every person on every corner of the planet.

Because we believe in elevating the lives of billions/helping others rock their greatest lives, we’ve designed the Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest to reprogram your mind for extraordinary success in your wealth, health, and relationships at a more affordable price than you’ll find anywhere else.

Ongoing counseling sessions with a licensed professional could easily cost you more than $400 a month… (if your insurance plan happens to cover even a fraction of the hefty cost.)

This means you’d end up spending thousands of dollars to only begin to scratch the surface of issues that you’re directly addressing and eliminating in the Quest.

But since the Quest happens online in a group setting (without sacrificing on the personal touch, thanks to our immersive Quests platform) – we’ve been able to drive that cost way down for you.

And so this transformational experience won’t cost you $3,000, or $2,000 or even $1,000; but just a one-time investment of $649 for a lifetime of abundance. You won’t find this complete life shift for this price anywhere else.

Get Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance (Dec 2018) – Marisa Peer, Only Price 87$

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